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  1. electric al

    Labour leader - prospective candidates

    Just read a news article about declared and also prospective labour leadership candidates. They are all pretty much lefties and in their own bubble . I think they are finished as a political force unless they get real anytime soon . Not good for the country having no legitimate opposition.
  2. P

    Labour Manifesto

    Had a glance over it, pretty ambitious for sure. Struggling with how they plan to nationalise utilities and stay in europe's rule set (no gov subsidies) - i think it will be a short mtg with Brussels over the manifesto and EU negotiations Sadly for the thousands and thousands of small...
  3. L

    Anyone requiring free labour this weekend?

    Evening, looking for experience so offering my services free of charge. Within 1 hours commute from derby. So far I have experience on domestic/ commercial sites. 2330 level 2+3.. 17th edition Ecs labouring green card Own Power/ hand tools and transport
  4. D

    Labour breakdown

    Chatting to a builder about a small rewire and he wants it done in a day (dint ask and nobody mention the 1 day rewire bloke) I said it would be minimum 6 days for me on my own which he seemed to understand it Would take 6 man days labour. so I said I will get me and 5 other guys in which would...
  5. 1

    Suggestions / advice / help.....

    Hi all, me again. Hopefully this is the right thread if not I'm sure it will get moved. As some of you may know from my earlier post I am offering free labour in return for experience. For those that don't know, in a nutshell I was leaving the military, completed the domestic installer course...
  6. 1

    Free labour in return for experience?

    Evening folks, The ones that remember from my previous post remember the predicament I was in. In short, was leaving the military, was half way through the domestic installer course before realising it was not the best route to go down. I've decided to hold off leaving for another 11 months...
  7. M

    Cheap labour in offer in exchange for basic training in electrical installation

    Mature adult wanting to gain some on job experience. Willing to work as part time labour for any electricians in and around the SE-SW London, I would happily accept a £60 day rate for any one willing to show me the ropes. I’m enrolling into college in September for my level 1. I understand...
  8. E

    Offering free labour to any electricians....

    Hello all, new member here. My names Paul im 39 from Salford and have decided to change my career. I have completed a fast track electricians course with option skills which has left me with paper qualifications but very little practical experience and I am in desperate need of an electrician...
  9. L

    Free labour for your knowledge and expertise, 40 hours a week.

    Good morning. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. Having already done 2330 level 2/3 and 17th edition. I have some knowledge but would need refreshing. Working with someone with experience I'm sure I would recover knowledge. I'm more than happy to come and see you. Happy to start...
  10. S

    Pricing for labour only tips

    Hi, I've been given some flats to price for labour only and have quite a lot of experience in working on flats on price but never actually had to price them my self. Have you guys got any tips on pricing it? Don't want to come under and screw my self up. Do you work out your time etc then add...
  11. E

    Quoting for jobs ?

    Hi folks please go easy on me ;) i've passed my elec courses, but i still lack quite a bit of knowledge. one question that is bothering me is not doing the job, but how to quote for a job. if anyone could give me some tips, etc. i'd be grateful. i guess a lot of it will come down to experience...
  12. S

    Domestic Some opinions/advice on pricing this 5 bedroom rewire would be helpful...

    Hi, I have been offered the 'opportunity' to rewire an unnocupied, empty of furniture and carpets 5 bedroom semi-detatched house. It has been extended and now has the following rooms: Bedroom 1,2,3,4 and 5. A Bathroom, Wet Room and En-Suite. A Hall and Landing. A Reception room and Lounge. 2...
  13. whinmoor

    Conservatives omit solar from 2015 manifesto

    The Conservative Party has omitted solar from its 2015 election manifesto and pledged to stop support for other renewable energies, prompting criticism from industry and environmental groups.... Conservatives omit solar from 2015 manifesto | Solar Power Portal
  14. D

    New build pricing

    Gents majority of my work is house bash however I've got the opportunity to tender for 8 new build flats, 1x 2 bed, 7 x 1 bed & communal area, just wondering what prices people charge labour only for new build? Work is within the m25 belt Appreciate there are bundles of variations however...
  15. O

    Amazon, the EU and Corporation Tax

    Read this and make up your own minds: BBC News - Amazon faces European Union tax avoidance investigation This bit caught my eye: "Most of Amazon's European profits are "are recorded in Luxembourg but are not taxed in Luxembourg", said EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia." Lets...
  16. G

    The tories policies are working

    Mr Cameron must be proud this morning, the no benefits situation is working, one less mouth to support, well done David. David Clapson?s awful death was the result of grotesque government policies | Frances Ryan | Comment is free |
  17. S

    Spons or Luckins guides

    Just wondering which and why folk are using?. Am aware plenty of folk don't use them... Am interested in labour times, wastage etc. Fine on material costs. Have an old Spons book - 2006 - i presume labour 'time' should still be comparable? Also, after a quick google i only saw Amtec selling...
  18. T

    scariest job ever

    I've worked at height, at depth, on live HV etcetera etcetera but nothing is as worrying as me missus just going into labour ! Let the electrical gods watch over me
  19. Clark3169

    New cooker circuit.

    Hi guys, I am wondering on a quote I gave recently. The job is:- Provide new cooker circuit 6mm cable approx five meter run from cu to new cooker switch then plate. It's short but it's an awkward run. Just out of interest what would be the ball park figure you would quote? I know it's tough...
  20. O

    Blue Book Site

    What a farce! Irish running the show hardly any local labour or British labour. Does anyone know what the rates are for nights because from what the agency are telling me is that after 38 hours you go onto the same rate as the people on days. Doesn't seem right to me?? Also health and safety is...
  21. S

    Job Quote

    Just been pricing up a job to provide lighting onto a buliders yard roughly 50msq and supply from SWA ran from garden centre to yard, SWA has already been put in perviously. What are your opinions on costing? I have priced to connect up power from the main garden centre to your yard via a...
  22. H

    Troublesome Customer

    I have a customer who asked me to split labour and materials costs on quote which I did....I recieved a voicemail today saying she wants every single material itemised plus cost!!! Does she think I just sit round with all this free time? I've already done something I don't normally do because...
  23. P

    Customer wants to supply material

    what do you say when the customer wants to buy the materials after you have given them an estimate? Do you let them?
  24. L

    Estimation and pricing techniques

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone would like to share a few tips on the techniques they use when working out quotes on domestic jobs * working out lenghts of of cable required * methods of calculating labor * etc etc. I tend to use the technique Number of points multiplied by the...
  25. J

    Price for work!

    Hi All Can any body give me a rough price what they would charge for labour for the following work. Installation of New Distribution Board New light in walk in wardrobe. New 10.5kw shower plus new priority unit for shower selection ensuring only one electric shower can run at any time...
  26. J

    Pricing help

    Can anyone help with the basics of pricing,im thinking of setting up as i've been offered my old bosses contracts.The problem is i've never really had to price for a contract or a big job.Their are a couple of Fire Alarm & Emergency Lightings contracts for Apartment blocks and Public...
  27. M

    Help with pricework

    Had a meeting today with home improvement company/developer.He wants a couple of electricians as subbies to work on various contracts he has coming up.When i do price work i normally provide materials and make decent money.£50 a socket /switch ,set price for consumer unit and bonding...
  28. P

    Sole Trader-Taking On Extra Labour

    As the title reads, how do you employ someone to help at busy periods. Are there any forum members who can offer some guidance on how to hire temporary labour, I am a sole trader so seeking advice on insurances, payment and any other points that are required etc. Any advice would be grately...
  29. J

    pricing the install of modular wiring install

    I am pricing the labour only install of a modular, wiring system, i have never priced or installed this before, what is the best way to price ? i was thinking per point but not quite sure? any tips ?
  30. Bromd123

    Pricing Query

    Hi Guys I've been with my uncle to price a job but i think he's overpriced it, I wonder if you guys would give me an idea of what you would charge. ITs a new kitchen extension the way that he wants to do it is take a 10mm SWA from the meter through tail splitters along the outside wall and...
  31. S

    shower price

    How much would you guys charge for a shower change? 7.2kw supply and fit to be kept on the old 6mm cable. supply and fit of mini RCD shower consumer unit + split tails. supplementy bonding through airing cupboard in the bathroom.
  32. D

    minor works certificate ( prices)

    just after some guidance here please, what would be the average price you would charge for issuing a certificate ? not taking into account the labour and materials, what is the price (average) for issuing the cert after doing all the relevant tests :confused:
  33. ses

    Pricing new builds

    Hi, I have been asked to price up 15 new builds. 3 storey houses labour only. I have not priced a new build before so no idea how to price one up. I have done a couple when i worked for someone else. Done plenty of rewires etc. Im trying to work out how long it will take to first fix one etc...
  34. D

    First Private Job

    I am a 2nd year apprentice and am about to do my first private job. Just wanted some help on pricing it up and wanted to know how much should i charge for labour for the following works, as i havent done this before? - Change over 2 bathroom lights. - Change over 2 double sockets. - Put in 2...
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