1. cliffed

    Cpc no continuity on pendants

    EICR picked up no continuity on cpc on 3 pendants fittings in a grd Floor Flat. Zs measured @ other pendants & complies. Different opinions on the coding personally a C2 for me..but others are saying C3 mainly because of the code guidance in code breakers. I think this statement relates to no...
  2. Marvo

    Flat twin cable with sheathed CPC.

    I see they're introducing a new type of flat twin cable with a sheathed CPC. In my location there's no requirement to sleeve CPC/bonding conductors and you never see it done. We just install and arrange wiring in enclosures or DB's in such a way that there's no realistic chance of the...
  3. S

    UK Amtech/Trimble - Excessive Earth Loop Impedance on SWA cables

    Hi All, I'm new to Amtech/Trimble and I've been asked to review a model. I'm looking at circuits that are SWA cables using the armour and an internal conductor as the CPC. There are various earth loop impedance errors listed where the Zs at the load end is too high, but what I can tell, Amtech...
  4. S

    UK TNCS CPC not used

    Hi All, As mentioned, I’ve got what looks like a TNCS system but CPC is coming via an earth rod???? Not tested TNCS system yet to see if earthing is acceptable
  5. 2

    16mm T&E cable on distrubution circuits - The 6mm CPCs are a limiting factor no?

    Hello all, I wonder if I can get some opinion on my deliberations on an old TPN installation with numerous 1P sub-boards wired up with 16mm T&E cables from a TPN distribution board. It's getting well beyond it's time for the wiring but the client (commercial) needs to eek things out for...
  6. W

    CPC break - share another?

    Hi! DIYer here. I have an MCB running to a cooker isolator switch. The RCD connected to this set of MCBs is tripping and isolating the cooker MCB is the only way to stop it. So, clearly a fault on this line. I‘ve disconnected the cooker and the same fault exists. I’ve tested the cable for...
  7. F

    SWA and separate conductor as CPC

    Evening all, Having a debate with a colleague about using the SWA armouring and a separate conductor both as CPC's for a circuit. So in theory bringing down the Zs of a circuit due to using both as CPC's. I'm swaying to thinking this is wrong however, I'm struggling to find any regs to express...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Solution to a C2 - No CPC on lighting circuit

    I've tried to research and form a plan without asking on here, but I'm just going around in circles. Just completed an EICR. The wiring ranges from new metric colours to old imperial cable. There are 2 lighting circuits, both containing class 1 fittings. Most of the fittings have a CPC, but...
  9. P

    Using conduit as a CPC

    A recent discussion on conduit choice wandered over to pros and cons of the 'conlok' style and a link was posted to one of the Efixx videos in this post: https://www.electriciansforums.net/threads/which-conduit-holders-for-metal-conduit.206954/page-4#post-1821665 The related video showing them...
  10. archee

    2.5mm2 on with CPC cut off to 32amp mcb Is this normal ?

    Hi, A question to all the sparkles out there who could explain this mess to me please. Bought a house built in 2000’s found this 2.5mm2 cable running to loft for radial sockets via FSU ( they had 3 amp fuse in there lol ) connected to mcb 32a as you can see for some reason they decided...
  11. T

    Voltage N to CPC causing Fan timer to continuously Run

    Hi All, Bit of a tricky number. I have recently installed lights / fans /toothbrush chargers and shaver sockets to a bathroom and En-suite. The house had been rewired a few weeks before(not by me). I tied into the existing lighting circuit and everything works fine apart from both extract fans...
  12. Z

    How the CPCs are connected? How would you code the fuseboard?

    Hi guys. Can someone explain what is this? Where are the CPCs connected? I think the black cable connected to the MET have something to do with it.How would you code that?
  13. M

    Is a separate CPC required ?

    Hi Guys, I've just been looking at a job that has been installed by another company. One thing I've noticed are the feeds to 2 BMS / Plant panels. They have run in 2 x 150mm 4C and doubled up on the main switch in both panels. No separate CPC has been installed and the banjos aren't earthed...
  14. I

    Suitability of SWA armouring as CPC

    https://gadsolutions.biz/regulations/swa-as-the-cpc Anyone know how reliable the tables on this website are for determining whether the armouring of a cable can be used as it's earth? Not too sure how old the page of the website is so could have changed since it was made or could have been...
  15. Z

    Metal electric wall heaters - no cpc present.

    I all 4 bedrooms in a rented property, there are cheap metal electric wall heaters. By design their cables are made of two wires - no cpc.They are plugged into a socket circuit with 32 A MCB.How would you code that? AThe heaters are not part of the installation, do i need to put that in the report?
  16. timhoward

    CPC common to 2 circuits...

    When I checked out this job I had a false sense of security from a recent competent looking EICR and two new CU's that looked to be fitted to a high standard. Most of the property does have a CPC on the lighting circuit, it's just this one room with a flat roof above that doesn't. This is where...
  17. Michaelwgroves

    Lighting accessory borrowed CPC code.

    I have a light switch where the CPC has been used for a lighting circuit and sleeved. Previously I would give this a C3 (411.3.1.1) and leave a sticker on the Consumer Unit to advise no CPC at accessory, only use class II accessories. However, the CPC from another switch the other side of the...
  18. W

    Borrowing cpc from local socket for lighting joint box

    Wonder what’s peoples thoughts on this, upstairs lighting has no cpc throughout, 2 bedrooms on ground floor on same circuit have cpcs. Cables are wired using joint box method, Found joint box for upstairs lights with cpcs cut away, reterminated this joint box but still not getting a cpc on the...
  19. N

    Cpc connection wylex

    Hello can anyone advise what they would do in this situation please. I have a wylex 100amp switch fuse that has an incoming and out going cpc connection which takes up to a 16 mm cpc. I have 16mm incoming and outgoing cpc, however how do I then earth the enclosure and the banjo as the cpc...
  20. Raptor0014

    UK Had a weird CPC reading today

    Doing an EICR today and had an odd, lower than expected, resistance reading on a ring final CPC. r1 = 0.21Ω rn = 0.21Ω r2 = 0.18Ω R1+R2 = 0.09Ω I was expecting around the 0.35Ω for the CPC but was quite surprised to see the reading I got. As this was the supply to a kitchen ring I could see...


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