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  1. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge on a 32amp breaker. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to a double gang socke

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  2. J

    Needing to add 2 separate 50 amp double pole breakers to my service panel???

    Want to know if I can add two 50 amp breakers to my 100 amp service panel that already has 2 x 15, 8 x 20 amp, 1 x 30dp amp, and 1 x 60dp amp breakers Source URL: Electrical Forum -
  3. L

    RCD tripped by central heating which is on a separate circuit

    My central heating is on a dedicated RCBO. The house has two other RCDs, one including the fridge, freezer and cooker. The other RCD is tripping virtually every day after the central heating has been on for 40 minutes or so. It will then often trip again after a few minutes. It can be reset...
  4. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  5. E

    Is it okay to have a light switch and SEPARATE dimmer on single lighting cct?

    Is this a common requirement for a dimmable light switch?... I know there's push on/off dimmer switches, but it seems inevitable to me that the dimmer setting changes a little (i.e. the knob rotates a bit) whenever it's switched on/off. I want the lighting level to be controllable (i.e...
  6. M

    Underfloor heating separate thermostat

    we have a conventional heating system and underfloor heating recently installed by the builders plumber - it’s all wired up (pump, valve, thermostat receiver etc..) but both the electrician and builder seem to be at odds with the connection at the boiler. currently the boiler just has LNE and...
  7. T

    Combing two incoming municipal electricity supplies

    I've an interesting problem. I've got an potential client. It is a commercial property that used to be two separate businesses each with a separate 60 Amp single phase electricity municipal electricity supplies to the same building. The one company has gone bust while the other one has grown...
  8. C

    Separate feed for Cooker and Induction hob

    Evening gents After a quick question about a kitchen rewire (Im an industrial electrical engineer, not been a house basher for a good 15 years) Im moving the cooker from one side of the kitchen to the other and running a brand new supply from the consumer unit. Im also moving from Gas hob to a...
  9. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  10. P

    Domestic One main electrical feed and two separate meters

    Hi All and thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I am hoping that someone can help. I refurbish property but have never had to deal with this situation before. I have bought a house that was converted to 2 flats and I am now putting it back to one dwelling. It has one main electric feed...
  11. F

    Help with installing 3 way switch to control lights on three separate floors

    First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Faysal and I reside in East London. By profession I am a Operation Manager within the NHS but have a patient to do home electrical DIY project. I picked up basic electrical skills from a young age, tagging along my uncle who was a...
  12. G

    Shower on Ceiling Light Flickers - advice needed please

    Hello, I am not an electrician. I don't normally post on forums but I'm at breaking point with this situation and require some advice please. Our new shower was installed earlier this year. Since it was installed when you press the new shower on the ceiling light in the bathroom flickers...
  13. P

    Microwave tripping circuits on two separate CUs

    Hi All Bit of a strange one... My mother in law decided to poach an egg in the microwave, and whatever she did, the egg went bang and knocked out the kitchen sockets. Strange thing is, it looks like this also tripped circuits on a separate CU which feeds external sockets & lights etc. It...
  14. R

    shower supplies

    We have been asked to supply 2 new 10.5 kw showers off a memshield 2 3 phase DB. Looking at prices for rcbos we are looking at 90 a piece for mcb and pod. Anyone got any cheaper suggestions? With the highest mcb being 63a sph I cant run an rcd main switch db off for these./
  15. D

    Supply to static permanent residence caravan

    Hi, looking for some advice for supply to static permanent caravan at bottom of garden. My House supply is TT. From what I can gather from previous thread s, is this acceptable. House end, SWA terminated into plastic and l+n tails into non RCD side of cu, from suitably rated MCB. Armour...
  16. J

    Installation test following rewire

    I've recently carried out a full rewire of a domestic property which had a supply to a garage by use of an armoured in ducting run underground. I have taken a new feed to the adaptable box that said armoured is terminated into and have tested the armoured itself and all is ok. My question is, as...
  17. S

    Van Proximty Alarm

    Hi Guys, I've been looking for an alarm for my work van that will chirp out an audible alarm if someone walks up to it. I want to prevent someone trying to break in, rather than fit extra dead locks, etc... I need it to be: - separate to my standard alarm - on its own separate fob - I'll...
  18. S

    Two, yes two 13A cookers off 6mm

    Hello All The wife wants not one, but two, yes, two of those NEFF slide n hide ovens you see on Great British Bake-Off. Not cheap at well over £500 each. Anyway...can I run two off the 6mm cable coming from the consumer unit currently with a 16A breaker. I was thinking of changing breaker to a...
  19. 123

    Consumer Unit Changes, options for Customers

    Hi all, does anyone have any fact sheets, flyers or the like for Customers...Explaining the benefits of an RCBO Board over a Dual RCD Board?
  20. A

    4 submains with one common CPC

    I have a query. 4 distribution boards, each fed by 25mm2 double insulated tails (approx 30m away) in a roof void. Only 1 16mm2 earthing conductor for all 4 submains. The earthing conductor is then connected at the first board and looped to the other three boards. Is this acceptable? I thought BS...
  21. I

    Ring circuits one per floor pre mcb

    I am rewiring a house and I am running through just one socket on the ground floor to access the first floor ring. So the first floor ring circuit would include a socket on the ground floor. Is this wrong as I have read I the building regs separate floors, separate circuits, with their own mcb
  22. J

    Domestic Cooker and Hob Installation

    I am currently renovating my kitchen and am considering swapping my standalone cooker for a hob/single oven combination. Would it be possible to use a dual appliance output plate on a 32A ring? The hob = 4.6Kw The oven = 3.65Kw or would they need to be on separate circuits? Thanks
  23. P

    RCBO keeps tripping - without explanation

    The wiring in the house is split into separate circuits each with their own RCBO for 3 for lighting (separate for ground floor; upper floor; and basement) 3 for power (again as above) 1 for cooker 1 for shower 2 for fridge/freezers The problem exists only on the ground floor power circuit...
  24. R

    Five days without solar power

    Five days without solar but guess I haven’t missed too much yet, thanks to the grotty weather. I’ve had my solar installation since June 2011, SMA SB4000TL inverter and 16 sanyo HIT panels, total 3.67 kWp. We have been really pleased with the installation and the installer, recommending them...
  25. T

    3phase breaker made of 3 single phase breakers

    Hi guys, Is there a difference between 3 single phase breakers next to each other (with a linking bar) and 1 3 phase breaker? Does the 3 phase breaker have anything special in it or is it just 3 single phase breakers stuck together with a bar in the switches? Cheers, Tim
  26. L

    3 phase help please

    My mate has just taken over a a small garage that's attached to a shop. At the moment the supply to the garage is fed from the shop but the tenant in the shop won't switch it on because he will get billed. The shop has a 3 phase supply and a big 3 phase board. At the moment there's only a single...
  27. S

    Query Regarding 2 Systems On 1 Building

    We've been approached to install 2 small systems on a new build development - 2 flats contained within 1 building, but independent supplies. The available roof space is limited and the builders are asking if we can install the 2 systems in a continuous run - eg so they appear to be one system...
  28. Midwest

    PME supplies to emote buildings

    I've previously posted about doing a CU replacement for my assessment. I will also have to re-supply a small garage CU (20a radial + 6a lighting), which has been answer for me, thank you. The property has a TN-C-S supply, which will be fed with new 25mm tails, 16mm EC. The garage is link...
  29. A

    A quick question on certification and notification to Part P scheme.

    For example you have a ryefield board with 3 phase incoming cable split into 5 fuses for each meter. 3 meters are 3 flats, 1 for communal area and 1 a small shop unit. Now does ryfield board counts as a shared supply between all of them and therefore should be 5 notifications of each property...
  30. N

    Metal conduit as earthing - is that OK

    Hi, Just been to a block of flats - 1920's - testing the landlords lighting (that's all that there is communal area run off a timer, no switches for users). There's no earthing to the lights - although they're all out of reach - but I got excellent Zs reading as I guess all the earthing is...
  31. MarkRibbands

    2 x Main 2P RCDs in Split-phase DB: Weird tripping behaviour.

    Two phases supplying two 2-pole RCDs in a consumer unit reconfigured as a small DB (with an external 3-pole main switch). Common Neutral. In an outbuilding supplied by 10mm 4-core. TN-C-S ‘exported’ from main house by 10mm bonding. Local TT as an option in progress, awaiting tests before...
  32. P

    single ring circuit and oven wiring concerns

    Hi, I am looking for some opinions before I get an electrician in so that I am a bit more clued up on the situation. We have recently moved to a house built in the 60s, it was meant to have had a partial rewire and has had a modern CU fitted. It is a 3 bedroom house on 2 floors and from the CU...
  33. P

    installation on one roof, multiple connections, any issues?

    Hi all, We are possibly looking to install PV on an industrial unit roof which will feed 2No separate units (2 meters) within the same building. Are there any issues with having one array on the roof, earthing it to a new rod (TN-C-S system already existis) and feeding the two separate points...
  34. J

    Kitchen Circuits

    In a "average" kitchen (say Washer, Dishwasher, Fridge/Freezer, say 4 doubles (which may be used for normal appliances, kettle/toaster/micro). What circuits do you normally put in? I guess most people put the Freezer in is own 16a radial, and the rest on a FRC, although if all the appliances...
  35. R

    Branching 3 phase 380 to single phase

    I have a question regarding the distribution of single phase 220 VAC branched directly from a 380 VAC 3 phase supply. I have done some research on the web, however have not been able to find a formula that exactly explains my situation, at least not clearly enough to make a solid decision. I...
  36. C

    help needed with non standard heating system

    hi, system has CH & HW Zones system also has back bolier system has no motorized valves so there is 2 zone time clock 1 room stat 1 cylinder stat 1 pipe stat (on back boiler flow pipe) what i need to happen: CH turned on = fire Boiler & Circulating pump HW turned on = fire Just boiler Back...
  37. S

    3 phase supply + 3 seperate ground mounted systems = 3 systems (3 FiTs)

    We have a customer that wants three seperate ground mounted systems. It is a farm which has a three phase supply with each phase supplying a seperate dwelling. With it being a farm the it is only on one set of deeds. The set up is that the father lives in the main farm house with his sons...
  38. S

    Periodic Inspections

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the last Bank Holiday befor the Christmas rush starts !!! Anyway, just a quick question to clarify if possible. So, there are 5 flats converted in a big house. 3 phase supply, then into a meter for each flat, then out from each meter into an isolator for...
  39. E

    two inverters connected separate or parallel

    I have two inverters wired to two strings. Do I need two separate wires from each inverter to an individual mcb. Or can I dual up the supply so only using 1 isolator at the generation meter end. I will still have 2 isolators in the loft adjacent each inverter. Or is it best practice to run 2...
  40. S

    PV on ex-agricultural building

    Hi, I have been invited to prepare a quote for a building which used to be an agricultural building. It has a 3 phase supply so a can easily take a 10kW system. The owner of this building owns the hotel literally across the road from it. At this point I don't know if the building has a...
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