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  1. happyhippydad

    Night storage heaters or electric heaters?

    I have a customer who wants to change her existing night storage heaters as they are around 20 years old and she fears they are no longer efficient. I'd like to get peoples views on if new electric radiators are likely to be more or less costly to run than night storage heaters? I realise this...
  2. W

    Electric radiators on one circut?

    Hi everybody I'll try to put it as simple as possible. I'm rewiring my two bed flat and want to hard wire all electric oil radiators on one circuit. There'll be 6 Harmoni Lugo oil rads 1x1540w, 3x1100w, 1x660w, 1x500w: all together 6000 watts. One electrician told me every radiator must have...
  3. P

    Over door fan heaters

    Hi, Could anyone advise please, we only have electric in house, I am thinking of using a Over door Air Curtain, 3kW, in a bathroom to dry towels, The spur box would be in hall outside bathroom and it would be 1.5m outside zone 2. Has anyone tried it and would I be breaking any regulations, I...
  4. B

    Contactor for outside heaters

    Hi looking for some advice, looking to put some outside heaters (in my garden) 2 x 2500w, now I want a time delay switch but this can only switch 16A, so I’m looking at putting a contactor in as I already have one, but I’ve only ever used contactors twice before, is this the best way to set up...
  5. bigspark17

    Smart electric panel heaters

    What makes are people installing? I install haverland ultrarad atm but finding the heater almost impossible to control for users that dont own te property ie holiday lets. Look forward to replies
  6. D

    Dimplex Quantum RF heaters

    Has anyone installed on of the newish RF wireless Quantum storage heaters - are they able to connect to the same Dimplex controller or are they stand alone via wifi?
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for plinth electric heaters

    Got a customer who wants to install some electric plinth heaters under his kitchen cabinets. Had a look and there are many choices... Any body got any recommendations on makes/models etc... looking at max of 2KW one each end of kitchen. Suggestions welcome....
  8. MarkRibbands

    Timer and local thermostat control of 3 x heaters on 3 phases. Wiring logic help please!

    I'm fitting oil-filled panel heating into two rooms of a remote workshop, with (currently) a 20A x three phase supply. Control, for occasional use only, is needed as follows: 1. A wall-mounted and easily-adjustable mechanical timer to set all the heating to come on an hour or two before people...
  9. E

    Storage heaters

    Got a question regarding storage heaters and economy 7. Customer wants 7x storage heaters (Elnur Ecombi High Retention) installed in a HMO. Each room has its own 4 way consumer unit per room (basically small studio flats) the only thing is the storage heaters require a 24hour supply and economy...
  10. haptism

    Are modern storage heaters more efficient than old ones

    Would a brand new storage heater would be any more efficient than an older (circa 1970's) model ? I have not looked at any to compare as yet, but as they both heat up concrete blocks cant really see much difference tbh, anyone know ?
  11. rolyberkin

    Replacement for Storage Heaters

    After some recommendations for a replacement for a 2.5kw storage heater, was thinking along the lines of an oil filled rad, any recommendations?
  12. C

    Water heaters in new school

    thoughts on this,on drawings, water heaters are on a ring main circuit,dedicated to the heaters,there are 4 of these. Listening to spark ninja this could prove a problem with the overloading & balancing of this ring. Why would consultants decide on a ring ,instead,like the good old days,all...
  13. D

    infrared ceramic heaters with PID controller

    I'm looking for confirmation or otherwise, that the following bits of kit will go together to create a temperature controlled heat source for a curing application via a standard 13a plug fitting. - 2 x 400W ceramic elements in reflectors (1 fitted with Thermocouple) - PID temp controller, 1...
  14. UKMeterman

    Electrician 2x Storage heaters supply and fit didcot

    Hi, I am looking for either replacement front covers for a dimplex CLX24 C series or supply and fit of a new storage heater and a similar smaller one. 1 st floor flat didcot, also swap over a few socket outlets to look modern. Any interest?
  15. D

    Dimplex Quantum storage heaters

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with working on this model ? Had a job today to inspect one that wasn’t heating up. Ive worked on hundreds of storage heaters over last few years and never had problem fault finding and repairing, but this one got the better of me today ! Never worked on this...
  16. S

    Storage Heaters input timer

    Hi Any Storage heater experts out there? I have been asked to identify suitable storage heaters for a single metered supply but with night discount. I've identified two possibles; Elnur HHR & Dimplex Quantum. Interested to know your opinions and help me out with a related question; Elnur gives...
  17. I

    Industrial electric powered heaters

    Hi folks, I'm pricing a job which includes a heating solution for a former small warehouse. The area that requires heating is approximately 400 square mtrs with suspended ceiling at around 2.5 mtrs high. the space is going to be used for light manufacturing where the workers will be sitting at...
  18. R

    Any recommendations for Electric radiator/panel heaters?

    Good Evening. I have a couple of jobs which I am currently quoting for that require panel heaters, one being a garage conversion and the other a log cabin. I just wondered if anybody had any good recommendations for 2/3kw panel heaters with built in thermostats? One customer did also mention a...
  19. Michael Russell

    Should I get Electric Storage Heaters?

    I have just bought a 1 bedroom flat in Cambridge. It's all electric, gas is not an option for me - no gas to building at all. The flat comes with an economy 7 meter and old storage heaters that I will need to replace as they smell and look awful. So do I stick and buy modern storage heaters or...
  20. P

    Can tubular heaters be mounted vertically?

    As in title, can a tubular heater be mounted vertically? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, but it would settle an argument if some one could answer.
  21. M

    Caught out with new storage heaters...

    During a flat renovation i removed and skipped a very old and battered storage heater and ordered one of the new super expensive (customer nearly had a heart attack) storage heaters, assuming it would go right in place. Only discovered earlier they need a dual ----ing feed!! Its not really...
  22. E

    Electric Heaters Advice

    Hi Looking for some advise I currently only have a log burner in my house for heating and wanting to invest in some electric heaters is there any that anyone can recommend, want something i can ideally set to come on/off and cost efficient? Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  23. S

    Electric Immersion Heaters

    Hi everyone I have just moved into a new house that is all electric. The previous owner had started transitioning from Economy 8 to a new system by removing some of the storage headers and replacing them with electric radiators. Currently they have a Economy 8 meter (from SSE) and an Economy 7...
  24. V

    3 phase immersion heaters in star (no N) or delta

    Hi all Been to a micro brewery today . They have 2 water boilers with 3 phase immersion heaters in them (ie 3 x elements) Originally they were wired to run single phase will all the lives and neutrals linked out and a 32A single phase supply connected to them. Now they are wired in a star...
  25. S

    Hot Water cylinder and 2x immersion heaters

    Apprentice electrician (coming towards the end of my 1st year) here and looking for some help and understanding. I have moved into my flat and I have both a normal CU running 24/7 and an off peak CU. The flat has no gas and all electric. I have a hot water cylinder which has 2 immersion...
  26. TonyJohnson

    How many electric wall heaters can you have??

    A domestic property with no gas supply so we are looking at wall heaters.. 80Amp Bullett, 100A main switch to 80AMP/30Ma RCD to 50A Cooker 40A Shower 32Amp Full house ring 20Amp Emersion 6Amp Up lights 6Amp down lioghts Using a 3KW/13AMP wall heater as a sample and fitting them on individual...
  27. exdevonboy

    Advice on old Timer/Programmer for Electric Heaters please

    Hi, I have been asked to replace some old electric panel heaters with some new Electric radiators. I have found an old programmer/timer on the Kitchen wall for the old heaters. All the old heaters are on their own circuits in the CU but there is also a seperate fuse/circuit for the old...
  28. R

    Ficher Storage Heaters

    Hi all. Does anyone know anything about Fischer Storage Heaters? Someone asked me if a quote from them seemed ok, its to remove 2 Storage heaters and install 4 of these heaters in a top floor flat and it came to £6000+VAT. Obviously haven't seen the job, have been told loft is empty so access...
  29. hazymat

    Why are 2x 2kw heaters not blowing the fuse?

    I've set up a workroom in our building site, but because there are walls missing in the basement it's ruddy freezing. So I'm going to burn some energy whilst I work here in the evenings. I'm about to tell you that I'm breaking every rule in the book, and you're about to tell me to stop behaving...
  30. A

    Osily ceramic core heaters

    I recently got these installed and dumped the instructions by accident for setting up etc. I seem to use alot of electric as I have them set to 18 degrees so they maintain that temp all the time. Does anyone know where I can get a user manual to re asses the set up? My sparky is a nightmare at...
  31. C

    Old economy 7 heaters

    Hello guys I need to replace a load of storage heaters for the modern oil wall heaters, i need to do away with the economy 7 side as client want the new heaters on a standard 24hr tariff . It looks like a simple swapping out the economy 7 circuit and wiring it into the standard tarrif DB. My...
  32. D

    2015 built nursery building with no RCD protection to undersink water heaters

    Evening all, I was doing some repairs to emergency lights in a school and when I went into the switch room to find the fuses for the lights I found the heating board by mistake, reading down the chart I soon realised my error but then saw that there was no RCD protection to the 15 or so heaters...
  33. S

    Query on Storage Heaters

    From these photos can anyone tell me if these storage heaters are manual or automatic charge and are they fan assisted ??
  34. H

    Working out how many IR heaters

    So when I get back to the school I plan to make my office a bit of an experiment room. Swapping the 1200x600s for 600x600 LED panels and the likes. One of my ideas is to install IR heating panels. I've never actually encountered them, they are meant to be all the rave, and I think they would...
  35. J

    Heater temperature stopping

    Using to a heater to heat 5L of water. 1. How can I stop this heater at 70C without a thermostat? 2. Will a potentiometer work?
  36. J

    Dry ceramic wall heaters

    Are dry ceramic wall heaters a modern version of storage heaters, i've just got an old cottage that i'm going to renovate, it has old storage heaters in each room aswell as an open fire (coal type). There's no gas supply to the area as it's in the country and i didn't want to go down the route...
  37. A

    Room Sensing Stat

    Could you please explain this to me? How does it work? How can you identify if its faulty or working? ... I am talking about the sensor which has long wire and a tube in the end. Its shown in the following link: Dimplex 86661 TSB Room Sensing Stat (Storage Heaters) -...
  38. B

    Electric Radiators versus Storage Heaters

    Hi, has anyone got any experience of replacing storage heaters with electric radiators? all the adverts say they will be cheaper to run, but i cant find any real evidence. this is in a 2 bed flat, exposed on 3 sides, sea front, so pretty challenging, The tenants work shifts . i am nervous about...
  39. S

    BN Thermic Pew Heaters

    I am based on the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire border and have a Church that is looking to fit BN Theric Pew Heaters. I suggested them after doing research on line but have never fitted any. The Church Wardens would like to go and see a church that has had them installed and to find out how...
  40. sparksburnout

    A Moral issue?

    Been asked by a local pub to look into/improve some space heaters in the "smoking shelter". Seems a bit irresponsible to me this day and age, just wasting the earths resources trying to heat up the atmosphere while some people attempt to hasted their demise. What do you think, I thought...
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