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  1. J

    UK I was wondering what other Sparks offer standing out from other local competitors? Be good to hear and share to better ourselves 🤗

    I h e been installing emergency lights with Fuseboards that’s are in cupboards, under stairs or just anywhere awkward, on the same lighting circuit as the floor the boards located. many years now on kitchens I’ve been installing all fused spurs into the back of one kitchen cupboard leaving...
  2. B

    Ethernet/Power SWA cables - can they share space ??

    Hello all...…. I would appreciate some advice please as there is lots of conflicting opinions on the interenet. I wondered if anyone new the actual UK rules and regs or sensibilities :) with regards to ethernet installation alongside power cables in a trench ( I appreciate the whole high...
  3. C

    Can two car chargers share the same TT rod

    Can two car chargers installed outside next to each other use the same earth rod? My thinking is yes ?
  4. S

    Made me laugh - had to share

    Whilst driving in Buckingham this morning, I got stuck behind "the poo lorry" Zoom in to the sign on the back.
  5. Joshua

    Electricians Working Rights Initiative: Sign the petition

    Sparks link : Electricians Working Rights Initiative - Please can you take a minute to sign and share this petition. It's been well known for years now...
  6. A

    Andy from Derby

    Hi Guys, I'm Andy and I'm a domestic electrician in Derby and I work mainly in the Midlands and only really do domestic work,maybe 5% commercial if that.
  7. akwoody2

    Sharing Cpc - Two Lighting Circuits

    Hi Chaps, Carried out a condition report today and found two lighting circuits using the same CPC, 4mm single. Seems the lighting never had a CPC and someone has added the 4mm at a later date. From what i understand the 4mm is ok but is it ok for two circuits to share the same CPC? Thanks in...
  8. M

    Hanergy Solar in trouble Shares drop 47% in one day With article claiming "unproven technology" panels Ikea will be pleased
  9. D Skelton

    Save our trade!

    Sick of 5WWs? Sick of scam schemes? Sick of laughable training providers? We as fully qualified electricians deserve better. The public deserve better. Get on here, start hitting the like button, share share share and spead the word guys!!! We are boycotting the schemes, they can shove their...
  10. T

    pricing prestige homes

    Evening all, would like to gather other sparks views on pricing large Victorian town houses in sort after areas in London worth 6m plus, I usually charge 200-250 per day in Kent for your average house adding a few days in case of problems or changes etc, I've been given the opportunity to price...
  11. S

    Industrial Digs in Central London

    Hey guys your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!!! I''ve been offered a months work in Cavendish Square but am in desperate need of digs for first couple of weeks - anyone know of anywhere/anyone willing to put me up for £100 a week? sofa will do!!!!
  12. R

    Main Fuse ID

    Hi guys . Got a main 80amp fuse with just BS 1361 -1978. Type R Wondered what the rated KA is for one these? Is this a type I or II ? even though it says Type R.. Never seen one before... hope you all well and good.
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