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  1. M

    Weird RCD Issue...

    We have a race trailer in which runs off both single phase and 3 phase. A contactor for each, which activates when plugged in, with the single phase all phases linked. The DB has a 100ma upfront RCD incomer, then 30ma Europa RCBO's. In 99% of scenarios there will also be a 30ma RCD on the...
  2. J

    Weird light switch wiring

    I've recently moved into an 80s built house and i have some questions about the wiring i've found. I was looking at replacing the downstairs switch to the upstairs landing (2 gang, 2 way) for a white switch like for like. At this point id say the switches for this light work as expected and...
  3. 1

    Weird box in bedroom any ideas what it is

    it's got three cables going into it and I has a fuse, possibly German, it sits in a cupboard in a bed room any ideas
  4. S

    Weird problem with reverse light

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem with a reverse light bulb. I replaced the bulb with a new one as it didn't light up but it still didn't work. I've tested the bulb and it works (tried several new ones as well). I've tested the socket with a meter and get 11.8v. To rule out potential bad...
  5. H

    SWA (Surprisingly Weird Arrangement)

    So I’m an inexperienced novice and I accept I know two ninths of four fifths of FA but when was this arrangement ever ok? Installing like for like replacement garden lights, currently connected to a run of 4 core 1.5mm SWA emerging from ducting under patio. Somewhere further back it’s joined...
  6. J

    Weird IR results? At a Switched Fcu in RFC

    So I am doing an insulation resistance test on a new flat and I get a dodgy L-E reading on the IR. I won't go above 20Meg and it fluctuates. Identified where the problem is and its a switched spur. When cables are removed all test +299 including the load which is 2 sockets. When all are put back...
  7. telectrix

    weird fault. baffling

    doing a shower room installation. in the room were (apart from lights and fan) a rfc terminated in a JB. this was used to spur off to an outside socket ( by me). a second rfc fed a shaver socket point. the 2 cables were then terminated in wagos to preserve the ring. this ring overnight became...
  8. Soulsurfer

    Weird callout for later on Gremlins abound !

    Just had a text from a regular client but is a weird one and nothing I've heard before, just wondering if anyone has heard anything like this ? Kitchen weirdness: Last night extractor was very hot to touch so I turned all the sockets off overnight. Now the big oven won't work. The microwave has...
  9. Soulsurfer

    IR Test ? Weird issue N-E only

    Hey all, just doing some tests on a small extension and have a weird issue with IR on lighting circuit, all switches left open as nightmare to strip all lamps, fittings etc.. L&N to CPC not ramping up over 7-15V DC then resetting test ! L-N on 250V or 500V 31-32 Meg L-E 32.6 Meg N-E won't go ...
  10. P

    Virgin Media Assessment day review

    Hi all Has anyone been to virgin media assessment day and what are your experiences
  11. B

    Antique vintage electric skin stimulator curio weird thing

    Found this on ebay (dont ask) anyone know what it actually does??? antique vintage electric skin stimulator curio weird thing | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/antique-vintage-electric-skin-stimulator-curio-weird-thing-/252593548868?hash=item3acfbfae44:g:Mz4AAOSwmLlYB35O
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