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ring circuit

  1. marconi


    Over the last few days I have been stuck indoors because of the rainy weather. To pass the time I cobbled together my simple idea for a FRC live conductor break detector, ie break in L or N. I also have a working demonstrator for detecting a break in the cpc but I will/may post that another...
  2. KeenPensioner

    De-rating a ring circuit

    Hi, I'm not an electrician but have worked as a mate and I'm studying in my own time - I know my limitations. I watch a lot of videos (John Ward and others) and have come across an issue I don't understand. An 80A 30mA RCCD has 4 Type B 32A MCBs hanging off it and the sparky () talks about...
  3. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  4. Z

    Question regarding signing off 32a ring circuit with broken CPC ring continuity

    I installed a kitchen ring recently. Went back to test after the builders had finished and found that the CPC is broken somewhere inaccessible, everything else tests normal. I’ve got continuity on live conductors, and even with the broken CPC, each socket is connected to the CPC and tests with...
  5. V

    ring circuit for a submain?

    trying to find answers in the reg book, but is there anything to say you can't install say a larger ring circuit for a sub main? to reduce volt drop / cable size etc. Normally you would obviously install a large enough cable, but would this be acceptable , whats our thoughts?
  6. Y

    Ring circuit cable length

    Hi all I have a ring circuit with 13 sockets. 2.5 mm 3 core cable. My floor area is 60 sqm My question is what is the maximum wire length for a single ring circuit? I used 92 meters of wire for the whole ring circuit. Also I only had a c type rcbo available at my local electrician. Will this...
  7. L

    Extending ring circuit

    Morning all, i plan on extending ring circuit, installing additional 13A socket in the room. Plan of action was to install black 30A junction box under floorboard to one of the legs. However after some research on this forum, junction box must be easily accessible and not suitable for the job...
  8. N

    Ring circuit fault issue

    Hi. Had a guy in yesterday to look at the tumble dryer and he told my wife he couldn’t work on it because the ring circuit of the house had a fault showing on his meter of over 2 ohms. Wasn’t quite sure what this meant but I’m taking it as neutral to earth leakage??? I don’t really have any...
  9. A

    Calculating Cable Size for Ring Circuit

    Hi All, I'm needing to calculate the cable size for a long ring main. Cable type will be SWA/LSF. The ring is feeding 5no Twin Sockets, on a 32A Type B RCBO, kicker is the length out and back is 300m. Using cable calculation tools can i half the length, 150m, half the current, 16A and allow 20%...
  10. M

    Ring circuit or radial . Is this positive

    I was talking to 1 of the QSs today and was told that in amendment 1 of the 18th he thinks it will say about going back to doing radials rather than ring circuits. I'm not sure how true this is but the guy is friendly with NICEIC people and seeminly this was discussed at a recent road show (...
  11. kkkkk

    Socket ring circuit 6mm to 2.5mm - interesting!

    Hi all Working on a site with a general builder who planned on doing all the electrical work - total rewire - on the job, and is miffed because the home owner decided to call in a qualified electrician and get his certificates - builder has run some lighting cables, any old cable he had lying...
  12. N

    Ring circuit question

    Hi, first post. I was hoping for some advice. I have just brought a property and the electrical side needs updating. I have one ring main for the whole property, so why I am doing up the kitchen I have decided to put a separate ring main in for the kitchen, my issue is what should I do with the...
  13. KeenPensioner

    Crossover in ring circuit

    HI, as my profile says I'm not a sparky and know my limitations. I'm trying to learn (for the sake of it only as I'll never do it) what tests for "Ring Final Circuits" are. I understand how the Tests 1, 2 and 3 are done but in one of the videos I watched the presenter (John Ward) mentions a...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Lighting Ring Circuit, Why???

    On a job today to work out plans and discuss options with customer for a series of down lights in dining room and kitchen. went to do a few tests to check existing cables were okay and I open up the CU to discover lighting circuit installed as a ring using 2.5 T&E. This is on just the downstairs...
  15. J

    13a Fuse Spare spur from ring circuit

    Evening! I've got a 32amp MCB under an 30mA RCD supplying a ring of sockets in the basement. There is an electric heater that the client wants hardwiring in (still needs to have a switch). My logic would be a Fused Switch. Can I take the spur from a near by double socket into the input?
  16. PLW


    Does it matter which method (method 1 or method 2) you use when testing for continuity of the circuit protective conductors? Or is each method dependent upon which the type of circuit you are testing on ring or radial? I have been told that test method 1 is used for lighting and radial...
  17. PLW

    Continuity Tests

    Is the continuity test for circuit protective conductors, the same test for ring and radial circuits or is there a different test for each type of circuit? Also what is the difference between testing for cpc continuity and testing for continuity for ring final circuit conductors?
  18. PLW

    Continuity Tests

    Is the continuity test for circuit protective conductors, the same test for ring and radial circuits or is there a different test for each type of circuit? Also what is the difference between testing for cpc continuity and testing for continuity for ring final circuit conductors?
  19. B

    Kitchen Mains Circuit?

    I live in a dormer bungalow, we only have one ring main which supplies both upstairs and down. We are about to installing a new kitchen and initially got a quote from B&Q, the installer came round and said that B&Q will insist on making the kitchen into its own ring circuit (to secure the...
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