1. P

    Can earth electrode resistance values be too good/artefactual?

    Hi all, Would like some advice on the below. Context: Rural French domestic installation TT system Earth rod is situated inside the property, buried in the concrete subfloor Distribution transformer (overhead supply) is very close, on a pole approx 40 metres from the property I did some 3...
  2. ak247fox

    Can i use 6mm twin and earth with wago 5 way to wire up a double plug

    I had to replace a surface plug socket box after the plasterer destroyed the old stuff. It has black, red and earth wire, 3 of each and look quite thick (the earth wire looks like it should be used for barb wire abd isn't covered) Sticking all of that into a new faceplate isn't working so well...
  3. O

    Are solar panel inverters tied to earth?

    I'm in a questions asking mood tonight. I briefely looked at a job today and I need to recommend a board change but need to justify it. Firstly there isn't any main switch, just two RCD's. Looks like an old 16th ed board and someone has replaced the old main switch with an RCD and then looped...
  4. yowie7860

    Australia Solid Core Earth in multicore

    So, according to AS 3000 5.3.2 Earthing conductor material and type Conductor material Copper conductors Copper earthing conductors shall be of high conductivity copper and shall be in the form of— (a) stranded conductors; (b) circular braided conductors; or (c) solid...
  5. W

    What is an example of functional earth?

    Doing some college work atm and come across a question asking me to provide an example of functional earth. I asked my boss at work but he doesn't even know what it is. The regs says " Earthing of a point or points in a system or in an electrical installation or in equipment for purposes other...
  6. Conan The Librarian

    Earth to Neutral Continuity - Advice Needed

    Hi all. Reasonably competant non electrical engineer homeowner here. I have a question for the experts: I recently replaced a horrible above-ceiling downlight connection with a proper Hager junction box. Whilst checking things generally I found my multimeter was reading a continuity between...
  7. S

    TN-C-S earth and Island mode inverter

    I am installing a Victron Quattro in an island mode configuration (in the UK, the DNO is the NG). I will be adding a stand-by generator. My property has a standard TN-C-S (PME) earth arrangement. I am an electrical engineer (testing) not an electrician. The regs state the DNO earth cannot be...
  8. T

    size of earth on 16mm mains tails

    Hi I have a domestic installation to rewire and the main incoming fuse is 80 amp so i am using 16mm double insulated tails, is the main earth size with this 16mm or 10mm ? Thanks
  9. Y

    Alternative retro fit earth tag options for SWA?

    I'm working on a system that has been installed incorrectly. It's a 3ph Hager board with 8 swa cables glanded into the bottom entry panel. The install is fine except the earth tag (banjos) haven't been fitted and they have relied on the metal plate as an earth. My question is, can you get a...
  10. Cankeredlamentations

    What to do with distributers earth after conversion to TT & advice on where to place the rod

    Afternoon all I am looking for some advice as on what to with the suppliers earth after a conversion to a TT system. Current issue is earthing arrangement is TNS, reading was nearly 60 Ohms, reported issued to DNO, they are effectively washing their hands of it as the (based on what the...
  11. UKMeterman

    Single wire earth return used at 500KV

    Hi, you might like
  12. Mark Wright

    Light fitting no earth terminal and metal

    Hi, the new lights I have are metal and the earth connection doesn't connect to anything. I noticed the light that was there before someone had connected an earth to one of the bolts of the metal frame using a fork crimp. What would you do?
  13. B

    Regarding TT earth system

    Hi How do i access the earth rod to service it, where abouts will it be located and does a tt system have upfront rcds which will be probably in another enclosure? cheers B
  14. O

    Earth Bonding requirements

    What are the regulations requirements on Earth bonding ? I am currently planning a 1st fix re wire I have the following setup Gas Meter Mains water after stop tap whole house is plastic. Combi Boiler Thanks in advance
  15. TonyandCheeny

    Strange voltage on earth wire

    Hi, I've got a light with a ceiling rose in the kitchen. While rectifying some faults in the house I came across to the light and measure Neutral to live: 240 volts (which is fine ofc) however when measuring earth to live I'm getting 150 volts. I have checked for any touched wires with my Fluke...
  16. snowogu

    Hi just found light without earth connected do I need to do anything with it. The case is metal.

    Hi does the earth need to be connected?
  17. R

    UK Class II enclosure + gland recommendation for divorcing SWA armour at TT outbuilding/shed?

    As the title says, I am looking for a recommendation for an enclosure and gland arrangement to electrically isolate or divorce the earth/armouring of a two core SWA supplying an outbuilding/shed. The supply to the property is overhead TT, so DNO provide phase and neutral only, a sub 20 ohm rod...
  18. J

    Are these earth wires connected to neutral?

    I found a picture online of a standard UK connection in a block of flats. Where I have circled blue, would those earth clamps around the orange cable somehow cut into the neutral wire to connect within the orange sleeving? Or are they just clamped to the sleeve for some arbitrary reason?
  19. S

    Undersized main earth on eicr

    Hi all, just looking for guidance on how you would code a 2.5mm main earthing conductor on a property with 10mm line conductor. Basically on a massenette the one below has the incoming supply, and the one above I'm working in is looped supply off it the one below, 10mm tails in conduit with...
  20. T

    Induced voltage on twin and earth cable

    Why would I be getting 94v between cpc of twin and earth terminal at DB? Connected into rcbo with the other end 3 cores separated, nothing connected.
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