1. R

    Daisy chained earth bonding cables

    The earth bonding cable has been daisy chained to 3 gas meters (the conductor has been cut at each earth strap). Is this satisfactory?, will it pass an inspection ok ?
  2. T

    Cu change in a flat earth size

    In my flat the main earth is the cable pictured below it has 7 strands any idea what size this is? And if it would need to be upgraded for a cu change The bonding is in 6mm but is easy to change to 10mm but I guess that's irelavent if the earth is 6mm? The conduit system the 16mm tails come...
  3. M

    Using armouring as earth and RCD protection

    Hi, If an SY cable is used to supply a consumer unit, and there isn't a guaranteed depth of 50mm for the wall it is in, would using the braiding as the earth negate the meed for RCD protection of that cable? Thanks
  4. N

    Earth Cable Submerged in Water - How Serious Is This?

    Hi. I know very little about electrics but this can't be good. I recently noticed that a hard-to-get-to drain at the back of my house which takes rain water and runoff from washing up and clothes washing has become blocked and now seems to be almost constantly submerged (please see attached...
  5. G

    No historical earth found

    No historical earth fitted in a block of 6 flats attached is an email from 3 years ago is this illegal Thanks for any advice
  6. G

    Historical earth issue

    Hi I have a flat in a block of 6 flats found out there is no correct earth I have attached an email from 3 years ago as my electrician signed off an electric cert is this allowed now Thanks for any advice
  7. C

    UK Earth to Live Voltage - 206v

    I've been fault finding an issue in a domestic property, the situation is as follows... RCD spur that is protecting outside sockets, This spur is on the downstairs 32A ring, the sockets directly on the ring pass RCD tripping test. The cables coming into the spur won't trip when tested...
  8. I

    UK Rcd tripping, 77v on earth bar

    So to start off with i’ll tell you i’m a young electrician, 23, I am qualified but obviously will always be learning. Was carrying out an eicr early last week. During the eicr I went to disconnect what I thought were the earths for the (switched off) kitchen ring, as they were in the...
  9. HappyHippyDad

    What are the dangers of poor insulation resistance results between neutral and earth?

    What are the dangers of poor insulation resistance results (i.e <1Mohm) between neutral and earth? If all other tests are ok, what are the dangers of the above? My thoughts are it may indicate a breakdown of the insulation somewhere. However, what are the dangers of this breakdown between...
  10. J

    Two NICEIC installers failed to spot the lack of earth

    Agent contacts me with an urgent request for a CU upgrade in Camden. They send over an EICR done the previous month and I have a quick skim. All seems pretty simple, CU needs an upgrade and some basic tidying of fixtures etc. Only 3 circuits so I'm not overly bothered about doing another EICR...
  11. S

    Should a shed have an earth rod?

    Hi everyone, I've been asked to install a consumer unit in a summer house with circuits for light and power. The owner has already laid SWA, buried it, the 20m from main consumer unit, in 6mm. It won't need anything like that though, it'll be supplying a few DIY power tools, maybe a heater and...
  12. M

    UK TN-S Looped supply - earth upgrade. Need to isolate neighbour/refer to DNO?

    I have come across what I think is a looped supply - like a normal incomer but two of them coming up side by side. It's a TN-S arrangement with an earth cable looped between the two incomers and on the the consumer unit. Trouble is it's only about 1mm, although I got a decent ZE of 0.35. It...
  13. R

    Using metal staples on earth cable

    Can you use metal staples to secure an earth bond cable to skirting
  14. Z

    UK Installing earth rods should be totally buried

    I read a couple of references to ground rods and both stated that they must be buried in the ground but one said 3 inches visible and the other said less than 12 inches visible. I thought they had to be fully buried and even covered . Please confirm I’m correct z(for once!)
  15. R

    Using one cable for multiple Earth bonding

    HI all, I've had 3 x additional gas supplies installed in a building. Can i use one 10mm bonding cable and link these new supplies (keeping the cable continuous by stripping the sheath and clamping into earth straps) or do i have to run 3 new earth cables? Also can i use a staple gun (metal...
  16. R

    Earth leakage high on oven but no trip?

    Morning, Customer has a intermittent trip which I am trying to locate. 4 circuits on rcd. Two rings , cooker and hob and one I cannot find actually powers anything as yet. Rings test fine and cooker circuit is okay continuity and I/r. I have put my earth leakage clamp on tails and when I go...
  17. E

    No earth wire in wall light fitting?!?

    I live in an ex council house in manchester which I imagine was built around the 1940s. Upon renovating the severely outdated living room, I removed two ceramic wall fitted lights that had switches and were independent to the main light fitting in the room. I didn’t really pay attention to the...
  18. T

    Live earth fault on every leg of the ring

    Brief run down for you all Checked end to end of ring that’s sound Meggered LN sound NE sound LE 0.03 Split the ring same stuff Split it again same stuff again Long story short stripped all sockets off on the ring and every single leg has a LE fault Was rewired 2010 Only logical thing I can...
  19. R

    Does a ring with RCB protection need a designated earth or can it terminate through the conduit?

    Hello I am adding a couple of sockets to an old industrial installation. I am replacing the existing sockets and adding two more into the ring. The installation is earthed through the metal conduit and an RCB has been retrofitted to the circuit after the old style fuse board. Is it...
  20. E

    Parallel earth paths and design

    Christmas crew, hope you all enjoying yourselfs. Ive been reading a thread on another forum about parallel paths. In certain installations, namely industrial/ some commercial, where the use of metal conduit, SWA, and steel framed building prevails. In such installs there is really is no way to...