1. B

    Help with earthing bathroom mirror

    Hi, first time poster. I’ve tried looking everywhere for a solution to this, so hopefully someone can help me. I’m trying to wire my led bathroom mirror, but there are only positions for live and neutral but none for earth (the supply is a typical cable from the wall with live, neutral and...
  2. R

    Earth bar clamps?

    Hi Do any sparks know of a product that will clamp better to earth bars at consumer units and accessories. I’m getting tired of my croc clips slipping off when testing, especially when trying to zs a light 3 plate. I’m thinking there must be something that will grip around the screw that I can...
  3. A

    Hi new member after advice! Help apreciated

    Hi everyone I'm new to the page, just needed some bonding and parallel earth path, small issue I cant understand if anyone could help? Thanks a lot Sam
  4. R

    Earth bonding - checking safety for my mum

    Hi everyone, So, I live a long way from my mother (8/9) hours... And so I only get to see her intermittently. She has had a fair bit of work done by whom I believe to only be a 'handyman', who is also her friend so it's a sensitive subject to bring up, and I want to ensure if I am right to be...
  5. OnlQQker

    TN-CS Combined With TT Question

    So I've just watched this and the chap explains all the different Earth arrangements used in the UK. He mentions about how in a TN-CS earth system if the neutral was broken just before it came into your house then this would be very dangerous. So I was just wondering if a TT system combined...
  6. Marcus Vaughan

    Coding question - Twin and Earth Tails

    As above really. First time I have seen this but its basically 16mm twin and earth connected straight into the outgoing side of the meter, and into the consumer unit. Quality. Couldn't quite get a picture of the external MET but can confirm an additional cable has been added to bring the size of...
  7. S

    Lighting keeps blowing don't think it's wired right. The Bott blue cable is a earth cable.

    What have I wired up wrong keeps blowing when switching on or off? Thanks in advance.
  8. Electron

    Best EV Charger without Earth Rod?

    Plan to offer installation of EV Chargers, but not interested in using Earth Rods. I can only find two products, Zappi and Podpoint. Are there any others? Who would other EV installers recommend?
  9. Midwest

    Earth Rods - pointy one

    I need to buy a 5/8 earth rod. Picked one up from my local wholesaler, but it’s threaded both ends. It appears my wholesaler only stocks the 5/8 in an extendable version. I’ve seen online ones with a pointed end, are they readily available, i.e. pointed one end thread the other? Screwfix only...
  10. C

    Where on Earth sells 10m RGBWW LED strips (preferably smart enabled)??

    I can't for the life of me find anywhere that sells 10m RGBWW led strips that don't cost an arm and a leg. I can find lots of 5m options, would it be just as simple as getting two 5m reels and a doubly powerful power supply then soldering the reels together? Why does smart capability seem to...
  11. D

    low voltage to earth

    Hi guys need help to stop me me from having no hair left. Been pulling it out for 2 days. Routine inspection RCD not tripping. But further checks show the voltage I'd too low. Old lead cable supply Ze 0.22 Only getting 1A fault current and voltage 193 volts to earth. Any ideas?
  12. Z

    Fluorescent light fittings earth leakage

    Hi everyone, I have measured an earth leakage on twin Flo light fittings (2x58W fittings) in open plan office. Office has 18x twin Flo light fittings which are divided into 3 separate circuits, and 3x (10A) RCBOs for each circuit. I have reading of 3mA at each light fitting. 2x circuits are...
  13. Dan Carroll

    Old lamp, no earth.

    Hi all. A friend has asked me to look at this old lamp. It's of metal construction. Currently 2 core cable. I'm thinking rewire the 2 core with 3 and earth it to the brass screw that goes into the body. I did think putting on a transformer, but it seems cheaper to get 230v bulbs. Any other...
  14. F

    Earth Bonding In A Bathroom

    Hi Electricans, I am a homeowner with an earth bonding question I am receiving conflicting advice upon and hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. A few years ago I had a full bathroom replacement via my insurance company and a bathroom installation company they supplied...
  15. S

    Broken "earth"

    Firstly, I deliberately use terms like earth instead of cpc and ring main instead of ring final circuit etc to make it clear if its not already that I am not a spark. So doing some plastering in the kitchen and removed a single socket adjacent to an FCU for another socket below. I haven't...
  16. R

    Extending twin and earth, non maintenance....

    We had this discussion in lecture this week... Extending 2.5mm twin and earth underneath non accessible floor boards...had loads of mixed opinions.. Experienced professionals...whats your thoughts on this? Jb? What ones do you recommend etc? Thanks
  17. J

    Touch voltage to earth

    Can somebody explain if you had a 230v to earth fault the variables that determine touch voltage of a person to earth and is this voltage less the closer you get to the MET of an installation. Thanks guys
  18. N

    Fire Alarm- Earth Fault on Loop (XP95)

    Hello, Would welcome any advice- We have an earth fault to a fire alarm loop, everything connected is XP95 and there are isolators in many bases and call points.. Is there a hints/tips way to find this, without having to gain access everywhere. Would splitting the loop, powering the half that...
  19. S

    UK Dead short neutral to earth

    Hi. I am after a bit of advice if anyone can help. I got called to a job due to RCD tripping. Ir circuits and fault was on cooker. Disconnected cooker and fault gone from DB. The landlord tried to get the cooker fixed , but appliance engineer couldn’t fix, so he brought a new cooker. Today he...
  20. UKMeterman

    UK DNO transformer + switch missing HV earth

    An interesting sign has appeared on a local DNO distribution transformer, earths missing from Transformer and HV switch. Is this what is meant by a hot site?