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  1. Z

    Fluorescent light fittings earth leakage

    Hi everyone, I have measured an earth leakage on twin Flo light fittings (2x58W fittings) in open plan office. Office has 18x twin Flo light fittings which are divided into 3 separate circuits, and 3x (10A) RCBOs for each circuit. I have reading of 3mA at each light fitting. 2x circuits are...
  2. Dan Carroll

    Old lamp, no earth.

    Hi all. A friend has asked me to look at this old lamp. It's of metal construction. Currently 2 core cable. I'm thinking rewire the 2 core with 3 and earth it to the brass screw that goes into the body. I did think putting on a transformer, but it seems cheaper to get 230v bulbs. Any other...
  3. F

    Earth Bonding In A Bathroom

    Hi Electricans, I am a homeowner with an earth bonding question I am receiving conflicting advice upon and hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. A few years ago I had a full bathroom replacement via my insurance company and a bathroom installation company they supplied...
  4. S

    Broken "earth"

    Firstly, I deliberately use terms like earth instead of cpc and ring main instead of ring final circuit etc to make it clear if its not already that I am not a spark. So doing some plastering in the kitchen and removed a single socket adjacent to an FCU for another socket below. I haven't...
  5. R

    Extending twin and earth, non maintenance....

    We had this discussion in lecture this week... Extending 2.5mm twin and earth underneath non accessible floor boards...had loads of mixed opinions.. Experienced professionals...whats your thoughts on this? Jb? What ones do you recommend etc? Thanks
  6. J

    Touch voltage to earth

    Can somebody explain if you had a 230v to earth fault the variables that determine touch voltage of a person to earth and is this voltage less the closer you get to the MET of an installation. Thanks guys
  7. N

    Fire Alarm- Earth Fault on Loop (XP95)

    Hello, Would welcome any advice- We have an earth fault to a fire alarm loop, everything connected is XP95 and there are isolators in many bases and call points.. Is there a hints/tips way to find this, without having to gain access everywhere. Would splitting the loop, powering the half that...
  8. S

    UK Dead short neutral to earth

    Hi. I am after a bit of advice if anyone can help. I got called to a job due to RCD tripping. Ir circuits and fault was on cooker. Disconnected cooker and fault gone from DB. The landlord tried to get the cooker fixed , but appliance engineer couldn’t fix, so he brought a new cooker. Today he...
  9. UKMeterman

    UK DNO transformer + switch missing HV earth

    An interesting sign has appeared on a local DNO distribution transformer, earths missing from Transformer and HV switch. Is this what is meant by a hot site?
  10. L

    Ireland Should I have voltage to my earth rod?

    Hi, I bought a house which I renovated. I stripped out all wiring, all of it. new fuse board, 2 rcd, which I set as up stairs and down stairs. I’ve a ring for; sockets up, sockets down, kitchen white goods, kitchen sockets, lights up, lights down and a single cable to the boiler, one to the...
  11. H

    Earth wiring in Belgium

    Hi, I have recently bought an apartment in Brussels and I realised once I moved in that not all the sockets in the place are earthed. Apparently before 1986 it was only a legal requirement for the Kitchen and Bathroom to have earthed sockets. I would like to earth some of the other sockets in...
  12. mak

    Trainee Is there a max Zs for lighting circuits?

    I can't find anything related to this in the regs so I probably misunderstood the question. The way I see it the max Zs for any lighting circuit depends on the circuit breaker for that circuit. Say we have a lighting circuit with 100x36W ceiling lights which gives us a load of 16A, we choose the...
  13. W

    Earthing woodworking machine question

    Hi, I am replacing a “fizzing” start /stop switch on a metal framed woodworking machine , with an NVR switch with emergency stop. The machine itself is mounted on nylon castors which presumably insulate the machine electrically from ground. My question is therefore, where do I attach the earth...
  14. N

    Neutral to earth voltage

    Favour for a mate has turned into a nightmare. Really appreciate any comments on the below! Was asked to look at some sockets which have apparently been "sparking"....... 17th edition board. 100amp/30ma RCD as main switch and only additional protection for 11 circuits. Unsure if that conforms...
  15. C

    Earth loop testing in Europe

    Hi, I have a Martindale EZ165 and have used it previously to do basic earth loop test on sockets in the UK. I want to carry out the same operation in italy- it's a rural house on a TT system, I want to know if the approximate Zs reading is below 200 ohms and that the sockets are all correctly...
  16. J

    16mm twin and earth grommet

    Any grommet recommendations for a 16mm Flat Twin & Earth sub-main feeding into a fused switch?
  17. R

    Light Switch 2 Gang 2 Way, light switch crackling & Earth Wire question (DIY)

    Hello everybody, I was experiencing some crackling when turning our kitchen lights on (2 gang 2way). I opened up the light switch to see if there was any obvious issues such as loose wires and I noticed the one loose earth wire. One earth wire to the light switch was wired to the casing and...
  18. I

    Neutral and earth bonded together

    Hi All, apologies for a long post I'm currently in my in-laws house abroad and while having some break I also fixing electrical issues as it seems to be quite few. It's a farm estate and wiring quite old with some DIY involvement over the years in Ideal world I would rewire whole thing but it...
  19. P

    Concreting Swa & earth fly leads???

    So I have a job of installing an old cast iron lampost which will need to be buried into the ground about 600mm deep due to its weight. I am planning on drilling a hole at an angle from the patio area (next to the hole) into the hole to pass the 1.5mm swa into. Once the cable is in, I’m planning...
  20. R

    No earth wire on wall light?

    On my newly purchased wall light there is only a blue and brown wire and no earth. The connection from the wall however has brown, blue and an earth wire. My question is can I just cap the earth wire off and tuck into the light base? If so what is the safest way of doing this? Attached light and...
  21. R

    Earth bonding to gas in a large block of flats

    Hi, just doing an inspection on a large block of flats. All the gas metre are in a single store cupboard on the basement floor. All are 10mm bonded there within 600mm. There is no earth bonding to the pipes entering the flats themselves. Is additional bonding required within each of the flats ie...
  22. S

    Earth Fault at 240V Single Phase System

    Hi... I am Shamsul from Malaysia I have a question regarding to earth fault current if occur inside 240V single phase customer house/building 1.May explain how the earth fault current flow route 2.If got local earthing was connected from ground to 11kV 3phase DEAD line, is it the fault current...
  23. F

    Neutral to Earth

    how many ohms can you have neutral to earth without opening a 30mA RCBO. My thinking is If=V/R so, If=230/0.03 = 7.6Kohms So 7.7kohms will keep it closed
  24. J

    Is it ok to run an extractor fan in a bathroom in Twin & Earth if client wants it Independant from the bathroom lighting?

    Basically, the room in which i am talking about has a twin and earth feed from a switch downstairs which was originally for an outside light. The client would like to take that feed and use it for an extractor fan in the new converted bathroom. The cable used is twin and earth. If i were to make...
  25. GBDamo

    Brown/Brown twin and earth.

    Looks very professional when used for switch drops but... And I am braced for impact.. :eek: How do you know which is feed and return? Installed a 12 gang grid switch and used Brown/Brown and when wiring up the switches was wondering if there is a trick to knowing which is which. Was a bit...
  26. N

    Which is the best earthing scheme suitable for worst/large value of soil resistivity in order to get earth resistance value below 5 ohm?

    i don't the exact value of the soil resistivity as no survey of soil sample is carried out at the site .However Copper earthing electrode 50mm diameter of 2.5 m is driven where its circumference were filled with chemical compound power to the height of rod and earth resistance was found to be...
  27. E

    UK Puzzled by electrician comments about earth fault.

    Hi, Our house has just had an electrical safety check by a qualified electrician. He said he had found an earth fault but was called away on another job and can't return for three weeks. Meantime, I am left wondering about his comments and would like to get a better understanding. He said we...
  28. S

    earth bonding in shower room.

    Hi everyone ,thanks for letting me join. A little about myself first, only do part time work now as getting to that age 60+;) been in the trade for 3o+ years doing contracting ,council,shop fitting and factories. Yes there has been a lot of changers since i was on the tools, some good and some...
  29. U

    PME earth "disconnect gadget"

    I understand there is a gadget on the market to disconnect PME bonding. I/We are quite concerned about this and I would be grateful if a member could quote the Regulation number for this. Thanks in advance. Regards, UKPN
  30. Pip

    UK Earth Rod Connection

    Is this an acceptable connection to an earth rod? And is the water bond really necessary? (New duel RCD board recently fitted)
  31. P

    Do you test the suppliers earth conductor for continuity??? (Initial verification)

    Hi guys, QUESTION: Do you test the suppliers earth conductor for continuity??? The guidance note 3 2.6.5 refers to regulation 643.2.11 which requires a continuity check be carried out on all protective conductors including: EARTHING CONDUCTOR, CPC's and bonding conductors. I am aware of the...
  32. D

    Domestic EARTH ROD or EARTH TAPE

    I've just fitted an earth rod and got a pretty dismal test reading. Has anyone fitted an earth tape or mat? I've never fitted one before and was looking for a chat about it? I'm guessing it going to make a huge imrovement.
  33. J

    Earth bonding

    A friend may put his house on the market. He had a new CU fitted 8-10 years ago. Double RCDs. An earth cable goes from the incoming supply to the CU. The CU is under the stairs. I noticed that the gas outlet pipe is bonded to an adjacent water pipe that disappears under the floor in a cupboard...
  34. E

    UK Earth leakage issues.

    Hi all. Im looking for some help regards a massive earth leakage issue in a new i installation Its a little more complicated than this but its hard to explain. New board 16 way tails splits due to old board still i operation for new few weeks. Large 4 bed house. Pme system. Earth verified...
  35. E

    Hi guys. To those in countries with TNC-S. What are your requirements regarding installation of earth rods for domestic installs?

    Hi Guys. Firstly, am glad to join the group. Secondly I am very curious to hear from those who have TNC-S as their electrical supply I have 2 questions (1) Are you required to install an earth rod (stake or mesh) on the homeowners property? and (2) what are your regulations regarding its...
  36. S

    UK Electric supply to new shed.. The main property is TT earth system.

    I propose to use a redundant shower supply that terminates in the attic. This will be connected to swa 4mm 3 core cable and run 45m to a new shed with a separate consumer unit with rcd and 1 6a and 1 20a breaker. I'm not proposing to have any high consumption equipment in the shed. My questions...
  37. M

    UK Earth bonding on a gas meter

    Evening all, new to the forum. I have a question regarding the location of the earth bonding clamp on a gas meter, I know it is supposed to be within 600mm of the gas meter but the problem is the CU is located in the kitchen in the rear of the property and the GM is located diagonally opposite...
  38. D

    What happens when current flows through the earth? Does it trip?

    Supposing I fit a metal light fitting, and I do a terrible job - and the live comes out from the terminal screw and hits the fitting, but it's well earthed - current will flow through the earth cable (hopefully) providing a circuit with less resistance than if I touch it. When this is happens...
  39. P

    Twin and earth used as meter tails

    So i went to a job and i came across this the house is 19yrs old and apparently this is how it was when they moved in from when it was built its the twin and earth that runs to the consumer unit I am looking at there is some 10mm earth to the gas meter that has been fitted at a later date.
  40. F

    Ireland ET101 earth bonding - mechanical protection

    Good morning, I'm looking for answers to these two questions about Ireland ET101 standards, since I can't seem to find specific indication: - Should the metal frame of a plasterboard wall /drywall positioned inside a room of a building be earthed as a main equipotential bonding? - Wirings...
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