1. P

    Earth resistivity testing in wet ground

    Hi. The question is..... can saturated ground affect earth resistivity testing equipment? Some days there's an unacceptable earth reading, another day it'll be perfect. The only variable seems to be the weather - ie very wet. I've asked northern powergrid to convert to a PME system but they say...
  2. R

    5 amp earth leakage?

    Hi all Suggestions please. I’m working on a 3 phase shop install with a bunch of typical circuits. As each cct is energised the earth leakage rises to around 5 amps! It’s a PME supply via SWA with main earth coming from the armour. I’m pretty sure it’s not the individual ccts or appliances...
  3. S

    Lots of earth leakage from ovens

    Hi all, There's 2 single fan ovens in the house my mother recently moved into. Posh elecronic AEG units. It's been sat empty for a year, so the oven elements will have had a chance to accumulate some moisture. There's a dual RCD consumer unit, the ovens are on separate RCDs. One of the ovens...
  4. S

    UK Amtech/Trimble - Excessive Earth Loop Impedance on SWA cables

    Hi All, I'm new to Amtech/Trimble and I've been asked to review a model. I'm looking at circuits that are SWA cables using the armour and an internal conductor as the CPC. There are various earth loop impedance errors listed where the Zs at the load end is too high, but what I can tell, Amtech...
  5. qwea44

    Switched earth to relay?

    Hello folks, So my van got found after being stolen ;D Now I'm installing my own alarm on the van which is triggered when a door is opened. Im stuck with this though; for the open door trigger i need a 12v when the door is opened (Or 12v when door is closed) I attached the switched earth cable...
  6. P

    Should this fitting be bonded to earth

    I have had these lights installed by a contractor whose work is normally very good. He has not connected the earth in each fitting as there is a class 2 sticker on the metal back plate. He argues that it does not need to be earthed. The manufacture did not supply a bolt for the Earth terminal...
  7. E

    Smart Switch without Earth Terminal

    Hi, I've bought a "yagusmart" smart switch from Amazon and it has no earth terminal. Although there are no metal facing parts I would think the device itself still needs an earth? Or if not, where do I put the earth cable? It is a plastic back box with no earth terminal. There is no indication...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Why on earth is this happening?

    A friend's partner has an interesting fault, if it is a fault. She sets the shut down timer on the cooker and when the timer goes off (which in turn stops the oven from working), the TV screen in the other room turns black. This happened perhaps 2 times out 10 when trying to re-enact it. The...
  9. K

    No flex earth only fly earth in metal light fitting

    Hi, I do basic electrical DIY like changing light fittings and have got a light to put up that only has a fly earth and no flex earth (see pic). I’ll be buying a junction box but just wondering why I’ve no flex earth? Do I just use the fly in the junction box alone? TIA
  10. T

    Is there any advantage to installing a ground rod instead of the combined earth to neutral in my CU

    Hello All I was pondering an idea recently regarding the ground connection to my property. At present it has a combined Neutral to earth at the point it enters the building from overhead cables and immediately prior to the meter the earth from the CU joins what looks like a Henley type block...
  11. A

    No earth electrode visible?

    Hi all, Carrying out a periodic inspection at a domestic installation. Semi- detached house on a row of houses. I cannot for the life of me locate any sign of the earth electrode inspection chamber. Just wondering how you would number this? A 1,2,3 or a 4? Thanks
  12. K

    UK RCBO indicator , short circuit or earth fault.

    Anyone know of an RCBO manufacturer, apart from Chint,that includes an indicator in the RCBO to indicate if the trip is a earth fault or an overload.
  13. N

    LED mirror has double insulated symbol & earth wire - what are your thoughts?

    I recently bought a bathroom mirror with LED & Bluetooth speakers (from Amazon). There is a double isolated symbol on the back of the mirror yet there is also an earth wire connection. Is this unusual and should it be a cause of concern? It has not been installed yet - just wondering what your...
  14. D

    Plumbing earth bonding

    Disclaimer: I'm not going to attempt this job myself, I want a professional to do this job properly since I consider it non-trivial and need it safe as poss. The reason I'm posting it in DIY is because I want to understand it properly. I believe our plumbing is not bonded/earthed. Quite clear...
  15. S

    No earth in old lamp

    Thanks in advance for any help. I've got an old lamp (inherited from my gran) that I want to add a switch to and lengthen the wire. It doesn't have an earth and I was wondering whether that's okay? I've read about double insulated appliances but I think this lamp was probably built before they...
  16. E


    I have carried out home wiring for 60 years as a competent person, for the last 20 years, I employ a local electrician to check my work and sign it off. My new partner’s dimmer switch failed, the push button would not push, so I purchased a new unit. I turned off the MCB for First Floor Lights...
  17. newfutile

    ANPR metal housing not connected to electrical earth

    As above the chest level from ground ,metal ANPR housing has no connection to earth ,it has monitors modems and a camera inside with a 230 volt supply run from out totem pole lighting . Its on a 6 amp rcbo. the ZS measures 1.93 ohms cpc to metal case measures 158 ohms so its an extraneous...
  18. M

    Is this TN-C-S or TN-C, also earth bonding size.

    I've tried to understand one way or another but this seems to be connected to the DNO fuse/cutout, and then loops down (out of sight) and comes back up to connect to the outer sheath. The bonding looks like 6mm^2. And the connection point looks like that's the max it will take. As I understand...
  19. P

    Can earth electrode resistance values be too good/artefactual?

    Hi all, Would like some advice on the below. Context: Rural French domestic installation TT system Earth rod is situated inside the property, buried in the concrete subfloor Distribution transformer (overhead supply) is very close, on a pole approx 40 metres from the property I did some 3...
  20. ak247fox

    Can i use 6mm twin and earth with wago 5 way to wire up a double plug

    I had to replace a surface plug socket box after the plasterer destroyed the old stuff. It has black, red and earth wire, 3 of each and look quite thick (the earth wire looks like it should be used for barb wire abd isn't covered) Sticking all of that into a new faceplate isn't working so well...


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