1. H


    Is earthing stakes mandatory here in Australia, for mobile lighting towers in mining?
  2. A

    Accidental connection of earth

    I inadvertently connected earth wire to L in bathroom pull cord switch as well as the live wire, I connected the other wire to L1, when I switched light on it worked ok but when switching it off and on again it tripped the breaker as it should, however when I reset breaker light came on and was...
  3. OnlQQker

    So There I am Looking Out Over Hadrian's Wall..

    When I notice one of those new lodge sites. A bit like the old caravan parks but way more modern. Composite cladding, plastic ridged rood tiles, double glazed french doors etc. So me being me instantly loses interest in the old Roman wall and trying to work out if it was actually built to...
  4. H

    What’s the point of earth loop if your rcd performs ?

    Hi guys was having a conversation as a apprentice I’m still not sure and was wondering why earth fault loop impedance is important if you’ve proved your earth because the rcd trips proving your rcd performs ? Can anyone tell me thanks so what my question is in short what’s the point of it if...
  5. timhoward

    Extending earth rods making minimal difference?

    Today I found a 466 ohm Ze. That's actually a new upper record for me. I assume the rod was completely corroded through. So started to bang in some new 5/8ths rods. 1 rod - 180 ohms. 2 rods - 95 ohms. 3 rods - 93 ohms. Hmm. 4 rods - 92 ohms! Grrrrr. I gave up then as I'd run out of rods. I...
  6. D

    Earth cables in light pendant

    Hi all, recently changed a metal light fitting back to a pendant all went well with the help of others on here but I have a question that has been niggling me. All the earths were twisted together then sleeved in earth sheathing is this ok or do they need separating and sleeving individually ...
  7. B

    Positive earth understanding

    This is really embarassing i cant get my head round Positive earth So have a classic with spotlights that are relay switched at the the loom i have -12 volts so would it be as simple as grounding the other wire after it passes through the bulb So is it -12volts like a negative potential of 12...
  8. F

    4 black 4 red wires 1 earth

    Hi. I’m changing a ceiling light that is part of a 3 way switch. Stupidly I didn’t take a photo, I just can’t get it working properly. I’ve put the reds in a box out the way and the earth where that should go, but the 4 black wires are confusing me. Any help would be great
  9. Calebp43

    Why a separate earth for caravans

    I am an apprentice and was just wondering the reason why you have to put a separate earth into a caravan? My friend has asked me to do a hobble and bring a supply to his caravan from his board. I do need to earth the caravan separately right?
  10. Pretty Mouth

    Is this a genuine earth rod?

    Is this earth electrode a genuine, made-for-the-job earth rod, or is it something improvised? With the 2 nuts clamping the earthing conductor, it's different to anything I've seen before, though I don't come across TT installations often. As you can see, it's very corroded, and returns a Ze of...
  11. B

    monitoring of earth cable

    We are planning to run a earth cable for a distance of 500m. Is there a way to monitor the cable if it was to be stolen? We need a type of alarm or warning device to tell us if the cable is missing. Thanks
  12. M

    Main earth after cut-out replacement

    Hi all, After months of waiting, the fused neutral cut-out at my parents house has been replaced but I am concerned about the main earth. I believe it to be a TN-S as the main earth is attached to the back of the main incoming cable. In December, I got the CU replaced and isolator fitted and...
  13. HappyHippyDad

    Adding an earth rod IN ADDITION to a TN system

    I have just watched one of John Ward's interesting videos - It all makes sense apart from one of the final points involving adding an earth rod to an existing TN system. Not making a TT, but using the rod in addition to the TN system. This part is at 20 minutes and 8 seconds if you want to...
  14. H

    Earth cable in kitchen - purpose?

    Hi, I had the house re-wired in 2018. I have taken the kitchen out and have found a new earth cable was installed but is not connected to anything. What purpose would this have? Is it for earthing the plumbing? Thanks, Hadley
  15. S

    Would it be ok to replace an earth nut on a ceiling light with a cable / cable and loop?

    I am replacing my ceiling rose with a metal 4 spot light bar, the cables are to short to be able to secure them unless I release the block from the light it’s self. I can then wire it with ease but can’t get the block back into the fixed earth nut. Would it be ok to replace this nut with a...
  16. S

    Is it safe to wire separate plugs to two devices previously wired to the same plug?

    I have an old hifi system that has a record player stacked on top of an amplifier. Weirdly, both are wired to the same plug. I don't know whether they came like this or whether somebody did it post purchase for some reason (I inherited it from my grandma). I want to pass the record player on so...
  17. M

    Bypass PIR Motion Sensor for Earth in Clean Manner

    I’ve got a basic PIR motion sensor that I’m wiring into my garage just before the ceiling light. I’ve fitted it all fine and it works, however the light fitting requires an earth but the sensor doesn’t have a space for it in its terminal blocks. This is no problem and I’ve just joined the...
  18. B

    3rd Floor Flat Lost Main Earth

    Hi All 3rd floor flat has incoming supply via Conduit which was being used as the earth. Conduit at some stage has failed leaving the property with no suitable earth. Would it be necessary to run a new sub mains and renew the supply also or is it within the regulations to run a separate...
  19. timhoward

    Maybe use copper Earth tape?

    I'm installing a new supply to a ceremoniously dumped welfare cabin. I can't see any legitimate reason not to apply section 717, welfare units are specifically mentioned and the thing is a mobile/transportable unit. In turn this dictates that it shouldn't be connected to a TN earth as to my...
  20. R

    Did it really need an earth?

    I was away at the weekend & the electrician came round to fix something. While there he decided to condemn an outdoor electrical light as he said it didn't have an earth. My wife didn't know better so she agreed to pay him. It is a lamp post 8ft tall made entirely of aluminium with a single...
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