1. O

    Gas and Water Bonded together

    Just finished an EICR and there were multiple bonding conductors in the CU, when I tried to work out which was which using continuity with a long lead, I had one that didn't seem to be connected to anything, one that showed a terrible reading to the gas and one that had a great reading to both...
  2. happyhippydad

    Does this metal post need to be earthed or bonded or neither?

    I have 5 x 6m metal posts sticking out of the ground used for 200w floodlights to light up a manege. This is a domestic stables. The posts test as 35ohms to earth. The installation is TNCS and has 30mA RCD protection on all circuits. The floodlight will be earthed and in doing so the post will...
  3. F

    Domestic Gas & Water bonded to 1 x 10mm cable?

    I have read this previous thread (2012): gas and water bond, can i use 1 x 10mm cable? - I have a situation where the gas and water enter the building parallel to each other. The gas meter is some 3...
  4. D

    Should a giant steel framed human aquarium be earth bonded?

    I have a large, portable steel framed tank. approx 6m x 2m x 2m. It is used for actors/models to perform in for a variety of productions. For many years now, I have had conflicting advice about whether or not it should be earth bonded. The initial response is "it's a giant steel structure, bond...
  5. R

    Bonded external wiring to gas- should this be boxed in

    Besides finding a slug in my bathroom this morning- via the hole in the wall for the bonding.. should this earth bonding wire connecting my gas box be boxed in or is it ok outside as it is? Many thanks
  6. K

    Low Earth Voltage in bathroom from bonded fittings

    I have a hot/cold feed power shower in bathroom, shower frame and a radiator near by. I'm measuring the voltage difference between the three things and getting the following and wondered if anyone could help. Had two sparky's out who have not thrown any light on it so far. Shower hose (metal) to...
  7. SparkyChick

    Domestic remodel - Sanity check on a couple of things

    Hi all, Currently quoting for a fairly extensive remodel of a kitchen diner, and I have a couple of things I'd appreciate a sanity check on. 1. Structural steel bonding - My brain is telling me based on what I've read and understood that I don't need to bond the new structural steels. They...
  8. R

    Communal heating bonding

    Hi all, need to do main bonding in a flat that has none at the minute. It is on communal heating and the hot water has two entry points. Also the heating pipes enter the flat in numerous positions in the rooms and leave to feed other flats. My question is do all these need bonding? Thanks in...
  9. C

    Dishwasher need bonding?

    Hello Ive just fitted a new dishwasher and after finishing the tedious job of fitting the door cover etc The second manual states that it must be bonded. So I pulled it back out and there is a screw on the back in which to earth. My questions are, does the dishwasher actually need bonding as...
  10. yellowvanman

    EICR remedial

    Just done an EICR on an outbuilding that is habitable (kitchen/wetroom etc). Supply is taken from henly block in the meter cupboard, via 2 core SWA to building. At building SWA is glanded into a metal box but the box (earth) is not connected to the plastic consumer unit which sits right next...
  11. P

    Bonding Gas Supply in an Outbuilding

    Hi Guys Doing an EICR of a property. The client has an outbuilding with gas and water supplies. It has it's own CU fed from the main CU in the house. The water is bonded but the gas is not. The water supply is underground from the house in plastic and then changes to copper which is bonded...
  12. G

    Eicr Code

    6mm singles from 100a TP 60947-2 in a main panel to an adcent enclosure to a 16a 60898-D Tp, then 6mm leaving this to air con units. Would you code 2 the 6mm singles from the 100a 60947-2? As exceeds current carrying capacity?. Or because the 6mm singles are less than 3 metres to the enclosure...
  13. G

    What code for Eicr

    If the bathroom lighting circuit is not protected by an rcd/rcbo,and the supplementary bonding is not evident,what code would be adviseable on the EICR.Your thoughts please?
  14. S


    Carried out an EICR today few things noted down to do,there is a 10mm equipotential bond on water and gas services. BUT the gas is bonded at the meter under the stairs and 2 inches down it enters the solid floor. also in the lounge there is a small gas pipe that comes out the wall to the fire...
  15. S

    PIR question

    First of all I'm not even sure if this needs to be marked down or not! I'm about to do a PIR on a friends property and whilst checking out another bit of work needing done I noticed that the main water service has just been bonded with a 10mm earth linked off the gas pipe and linked between all...
  16. G

    Metrel TEK118 Earth Bonded Metalwork Lead

    Hello everyone, I'm after some help. I have a Metrel MFT which I bought second hand & has a number of extra bits & pieces with it. One of these extras is a TEK118 Earth Bonded Metalwork Lead. It's a 4 pole plug which plugs into the MFT, and has 2 leads coming out of it. One lead has a standard...
  17. N

    Bonding Question Please PIR

    Hello all, I had to carry out a PIR today on a new loft extension, original builder went bust no EIC. The loft is being fed via a new RCD CU which is fed via a Henley block leaving a very old Crabtree non RCD protected board feeding the rest of the property, the loft contains one simple room...
  18. G

    Bonding commercial kitchens

    I'm working in a new build school kitchen at the moment and am bonding. We have taken earths around all the pipework and fan canopys but what about stainless steel tables, shelving, etc? Would this need to be bonded? Also, tables and racks which are on wheels? Obviously being on wheels you'd...
  19. A

    Commercial kitchen tables

    we have a site where in a school kitchen there is a stainless table with just a sandwich maker on it, we are being told enviro health officer said it wants bonding is this correct? the socket is rcd protected.
  20. R

    Moving bathroom water pipes under floorboards - earth bonding req`d??

    In my bathroom & toilet I have unsightly hot/cold copper pipes above floor. There is no earth bonding on them. If I move them to under the floorboards, do I have to have them earth bonded? Do I have to use a qualified electrician to do them if so? Thank`s.
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