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  1. S

    Things done by habit that you have to think about

    Just sitting here and thought of this. New combi boilers. What size cable do you run for them? Been putting them on a thier own separate radial circuit for years but I automatically run 2.5mm but I guess a 1.5mm is fine these days as only a 3amp is needed on the old fuse spur. Anyone else...
  2. G

    Hey Grandma, this is how you suck an egg.

    Using YT2 lid to pull cables. I regularly use this but my last success was epic, had to pull a HDMI and Electrak tap in (cable end with the 20mm thread and lock nut, not the plug silly) up a double boarded and insulated partition wall 40mm gap. Spent about half an hour with the above, as it...
  3. M

    So im not the only one who notices these things........

    Knew i couldnt be the only one to look in the background
  4. Pete999

    Stupid things you have done whilst away working

    Got sent to the Seychelles for a job once, yes more like a holiday, heard it all before, anyway where are the Seychelles? smack dab in the middle of the most Shark infested Ocean in the World, used to go for a dip in the mornings, got odd looks from the locals, wasn't until the barman warned me...
  5. Pete999

    Things must be getting tight in the training arena

    TS4U are offering a prize if you apply for the 18th I think
  6. Pete999

    AFDDs and SPDs has anyone read up on these things yet?

    I only ask because there is some useful bits printed in the New OSG which may be useful, if anyone has seen these information snippets it would be nice to see your thoughts, only if you can be bothered that is.
  7. happyhippydad

    You've got to turn these things into a positive!

    I'm all set to fit my 8 downlights at the customers house. I texted the builder the night before to make sure he wouldn't be in the way, he's already said he wouldn't but I wanted to double check. No reply so I assume all is well. I get to the job and he's plastering right were I need to work...
  8. Dan

    May find a bit of forum lag while I'm updating things

    I'm updating a few things, including the anti-spam systems which clearly weren't working. I had changed the settings a few times over the last few weeks but it seems they're humans physically filling out the registration forms and then using bots to post. So I've completely changed the spam...
  9. Marvo

    10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

    Thought it might be nice to help other members get a better mental picture of the other reprobates they're sharing the forum with. Obviously in the interests of privacy and security keep any info you post non-specific in nature.... I'll start; 1. I was born on Gibraltar, lived in West Germany...
  10. Adil

    New build property, need a few things doing by an electrician

    I've purchased a new build property in Manchester (M29 - Tyldesley). I need a sparky to sort out the following for me: 1) installation of 3 external lights with seperate switches (front, rear and side of property). 1st fix wiring is already done. 2) installation of a hard wired alarm system...
  11. pirate

    Things even a monkey would know!

    Thought you would all like this! The comments are absolutely priceless! Her attitude to earthing is...interesting. And all so she could switch her outside light off from her mobile phone without getting off the sofa... Pity she's in America, I coulda gotten her to do my MOT next week...:(
  12. Doyley

    Turning things on stops 3D printer

    Hi all, So in my mancave I have a lot of things running from extension leads. I'm looking for a better solution to this and made a different post. In the meantime I have a frustrating issue. I have a 3D printer and often prints can take many hours. Sometimes if something is printing and I...
  13. B


    Hey all, I'm a qualified electrician and have been for 20 years now (Although not on tools right now). I'm in the process of putting together a course that guides/helps/coaches and provides systems for people to conquer their pain points. I've experienced the long days, then getting home and...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Some things i have learned about the 18th

    Had my niceic assessment this morning and got round to talking about the 18th. The assessor says hes been told at the niceic assessors meeting the additional earth rod on pme thing has been pushed into the long grass as there has been a lot of industry protest and also practical issues.... It...
  15. P

    Things shop assistants say!

    Many years ago I was passing our local Comet shop. (told you it was many years ago). In the window was a small b&w tv, which I thought would be ideal for use with my BBC computer for packet radio. The conversation went like this. "I'd like one of the small tvs in the window". "Certainly, I'll...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Things you can claim for on tax returns

    Just been discussing what you can and can not claim for on your taxes with a customer whose house i was at this morning. Hes a retired book keeper and it came about because of a article in the daily mail he read today. It makes interesting reading, obviously check with your accountant but it...
  17. G

    Newbie to all things electric

    I've been lurking on the forum for a while but have decided to say hello. Background is mainly in IT and telecoms - a mixture of software development and hardware installation and support but now working for an electrical equipment manufacturer. Just started the level 2 installations course to...
  18. J

    Dangerous? Plug switched off at wall but still powering things!

    Hi all, I'm new here but wondering if anyone could tell me if I have a dangerous situation or not? I have a double power socket attached to the wall that I've turned off...however it's still powering my phone charger...So whether it's on or off at the wall it makes no difference. Only one side...
  19. ED17

    The Things Your Workers Get Up To

    These days I mainly work one my own doing the day to day jobs and get subbies to help me on bigger jobs. Many moons ago I used to have up to ten cards in lads working for me. One of the lads used to go out looking at smaller private jobs that needed pricing, bring the requirements back to the...
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