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  1. L

    Contactor question

    I need to replace a standard contactor 25a That is used to pull in a 3 phase extraction fan. I called a wholesaler who said just put a 63a one in it will be fine. Surely I would be in danger of over current with this ? I've not used many contactors so want to make sure it's installed correctly...
  2. A

    Charge controller question...

    Hi all. I'm after some help and probably a quote. I posted a while ago but no response so hopefully this time I might get an answer or two. I have a 4kw solar system running through a solax hybrid inverter into the house and I have a 48v lead acid battery bank (8×6v leisure batteries) giving...
  3. A

    How do I ask a question in the DIY forum?

    That's the question.
  4. Matt

    TT and Isolated power supply question

    Hello, This might be a daft one, but hell. I recently spoke with one of the qualified sparks on my site. He was installing an ISP (isolated power supply) cabinet for a bunch of circuits. As I never seen one of these before I became interrested and asked him about what it was and how it works...
  5. W

    Selectively question

    Hi I was just wondering an irons flex had been twisted until the line and cpc is visible there was said to be a bang and I can see it’s burnt between the two. my question is the 13amp fuse is fine but the rcd tripped and the mcbfor the circuit was down also. i understand there was a earth fault...
  6. P

    duplicate protective conductor question

    Is there a requirement stipulating a final circuit supplying only one socket outlet should incorporate a duplicate protective conductor?
  7. B

    Replacing switch on a domestic heater - DIY question

    Hi. I want to replace a faulty switch on a heater circuit but need some advice - photo of circuit attached. Heater has 2 simple on/off switches - one turns a 1Kw circuit of heaters on, the other a 1.5kw circuit of heaters on, both can be on separately or together to give a possible 3 levels of...
  8. S

    Smart meter question

    Is this a smart meter? Just bought a house with it already in, and I don’t want a smart meter! We’ve changed suppliers and have to provide them with readings so not really sure? Any advice appreciated
  9. D

    UK 3 Phase PME to domestic building?

    Good evening all.. I have recently installed a new 100amp 3 phase supply for a domestic premises with outhouses. The incoming 100 amp supply is PME and approx 30 metres from the main dwelling, a new metering cupboard was built for the new head and meter. I installed a small sub board and two...
  10. Bear

    A Question from the 2392/52

    Morning all, Am studying for my multiple choice questions next month, and my brain does not seem to get these type of questions? Want to now if am doing it right and understanding the theory correctly. The question below and then the way i got my answer. A radial socket outlet circuit is...
  11. J

    Outdoor TV antenna grounding question

    Ok Hello all and thanks for having me. I need some advice and joined this forum hoping to be pointed in the right direction. First off I am not an electrician and dont know the first thing about grounding or wiring. I will try to explain it the best I can. I recently moved to Middle Tennessee...
  12. M

    Cooker question

    I am rewiring a house I recently bought and have a couple of questions; I have a lead water pipe coming into the kitchen and it is not bonded back to the MET. The supply looks like an old 16mm2 cable. I take it a 10mm2 earth is sufficient. Is there any requirement to bond anything else in the...
  13. S

    UK Fitting an spd random question

    Morning all, I’m hoping someone could give me some advice on what’s the correct way or the done thing when fitting an spd. I’ll be fitting a new Hager 40 way consumer unit to my house following an extension and I’ve been out the loop a bit with the domestic side of things over the past few years...
  14. T

    PFC measurement question

    Hi folks, I'm carrying out an EICR on a 3-Ph board which cannot be isolated fully - only certain circuits at certain times. Supply protected by 3x 88-2 fuses. When carrying out PSCC/PFC, I'm getting a small spark at the probe on the neutral bar/MET intermittently. Can anyone explain this? The...
  15. S

    UK Spur in kitchen question

    Hi, I have a question about a kitchen spur. Currently fitting a kitchen for my brother, he is having a built in microwave in a wall unit and I took a spur from a double socket off the ring and ran it to a single socket in the wall behind the cupboard above the microwave. Now he tells me he also...
  16. C

    PV roof tile fixing question.

    I have a system to fit to a cement fiber slate roof. The problem is, the roof tiles have been fitted on 19mm battens (instead of 25mm) for some reason. To make matters worse, they've used over large galvanised nails. Any attempt to rip the nails out with a slate ripper tends to split the batten...
  17. M

    Hello everyone:) quick self introduction and question.

    Hi, I've come across this forum, started reading it and couldnt resist to not share my point of view and ask the question. About me: I was always interested in electricians trade. I've worked 3 years as an electricians mate in Poland, 3 years in France, then I come to UK. And I've...
  18. A

    3-Phase question - industrial unit

    Hi Hoping someone knowledgeable can give me an idiots guide to power for an industrial unit we are leasing. Please bear in mind I have close to zero electrical knowledge. We need 3-Phase power 400V connections for around 6 drilling systems we run on an intermittent basis, no more than 2...
  19. S

    PV Immersion heater question

    Hi I have fitted a PV Immersion heater to heat a single element in my tank when there is daylight. The installation seemed very simple and it appeared to generate some energy when I first fired it up, but a very small amount, since, it has not switched on the heater. The control box is...
  20. Z

    PFC test theory question

    Hi all! I'm at the start of a long road to become a sparky's mate, and I'm tryina wrap my head around something that might seem really basic. It's to do with the prospective fault current test. Let's say I get a reading of 1.2ka, and the main cutout fuse is BS 1361 type 1 which is 16.5ka. This...
  21. B

    solar pannel nickel-iron system question!?

    Ok, so I am a little stuck on one thing for a while now. For a nickel-iron battery bank of 24 volts, each cell is 1.2 volts and has a charging voltage of 1.65, so 33 volts is needed when for optimum charge. The 24 volt, 100Ah battery bank requires a optimal charge rate at c/4 (25 amps for a 100...
  22. Sue1

    Question from a wetpants

    Can someone please clarify if a plumber with part p and 18th edition who isn't registered with any governing body can change a shower with the same kw as long as the cable is the right size and the fuse, the rcd works and the shower has an isolating pull switch. Cheers. Seems like a lot of...
  23. M

    UK Nest e thermostat wiring question

    Hi just bought a nest e thermostat . Ive included a picture of the wiring for the old thermostat and the connections for the new nest thermostat. I just want to make sure it’s compatible before I get someone to install it. Which wire goes to which connector for want of a better question ?
  24. C

    14-50R ground/neutral question

    Question: Do I tie both the ground and neutral to the same bar in the panel (on the right in the photo)? Explanation: I am installing an outdoor 14-50R receptacle to power a travel trailer on my property. The previous owners had one installed but the receptacle and UF wire was removed by the...
  25. A

    GFCI question connecting to 40 amp line

    I am a DIY, but not sure if my current problem is DIY solvable given my limited electrical knowledge. I recently purchased a home that has a 40 amp line that runs to a non-working (always displays fault light) GFCI receptacle in a bathroom and then shares the current with two other bathrooms...
  26. DevonLady

    Tv aerial question

    I found this on my lawn, under the aerial on the roof. My tv is absolutely fine, should I get someone out for this or not bother?
  27. dmitry1

    question re DTX (next fail)

    if i have DTX results fail. on next HDTDX has large spikes at both ends and have very marginal to failing results. on Insertion Loss results all wiring below limit line. Cable does test marginal at low frequencies (reflection loss) but not too badly… QUESTION: does this look like bad...
  28. J

    Led spotlight question

    First of all, I am trying to learn basics of LED tech strictly as a challenge, so I'm starting with basics. I've gotten several LED devices. First one is non working LED spotlight. . Going to try to fix it. Checked power supply. 110 in, measured dc v out of power supply is 167. Yes, 167...
  29. Pete999

    Another housebashing question

    When wiring New Builds, and positioning lighting points, is it a case of fitting your own noggins between joists/rafters, or is this down to the builders, is it a case of as close as possible to the nearest timber joist or rafter, and get the boarder to cut the hole in the Plaster board, I'm...
  30. J

    Career path question

    So I'll give you a brief catch-up, I will be starting college next month and contacted a lot of sparks,companies about work etc I managed to have a chat with a lighting company that does floodlights, streetlights, schools, football stadiums etc. They have offered me work one day a week around my...
  31. J

    Another coding question

    What code would you suggest for uncovering a power circuit wired in copper cable less than the csa stated in table 52.3 provided the ccc of that cable wasnt effected. Thanks Judd.
  32. TonyMitchell

    Current Clamp Question

    I have a Megger MFT1741 with current clamp, also a Fluke 117. As the MFT can't record min/max, I'm using the current clamp with the Fluke multimeter, following Megger's instructions and understanding the 1000:1 step down ratio. Just taking some basic readings on known values, the results are...
  33. A

    Initial verification question

    So I've got my 2391... and was always taught and was under the impression that when carrying out R1+R2 tests on all circuits you must carry out the test at all points on the circuit, not the furthest point or a selection of points, I thought the test was to A. Prove a earth path that is suitable...
  34. happyhippydad

    A question about how current travels through the real earth?

    When testing Ze on a TT the only connection between the line and the earth rod is the actual ground. When you do a Ze is it actually sending a small current through the actual ground from the earth rod at the house to the earth rod at the transformer? Also, related to the above, I have 2...
  35. P

    New kitchen electrical safety question

    I've just had a new kitchen fitted and the installer came out several months ago before work was due to start and checked out what needed doing and at that time he never advised me that I needed extra power plugs. He started the work last week and advised me that I would need to purchase a 5...
  36. D

    Domestic Earthing a PV system question

    I am fitting up a small PV system on a porch roof using a small (Plug in Solar) 4 panel rig just would like to know if its lightning earth grounding wire can be threaded under tiles to emerge as required at its brackets (to be neater), or would it need to be topside. Figure there are rules for...
  37. C

    6mm earth tn-s question

    Hello guys After doing the adiabatic the 6mm will be fine as the main earth on a tn-s 60a 16mm tail fuse board. Is there any reason past the Calc this may not be ok as running a new earth may be tricky
  38. R

    Fuse box question

    Can someone tell me what the middle white fuse would be used for? We have an issue where we lose power to everything to the left of it (downstairs lights, upstairs sockets, heating, downstairs sockets) and we think everything to the right works, I know oven and upstairs lights do. Nothing...
  39. A

    Trainee 5 Pin Relay Question

    Hi, I have an aftermarket ignition coil harness utilizing a 5 pin relay, the relay is corroded and doesn't work. It's also discontinued by Denso and they don't have a wiring diagram for it (P/N 056700-7240). I managed to source a similar harness from a later model which has a slightly...
  40. G

    Domestic Yet another induction hob question

    Hello I have a new AEG induction hob rated at 7.4kw max using power sharing but AEG do not specify a cable size or mcb rating nor will they answer the question I submitted to them by email. I think their position is that it is down to the electrician to decide. The configuration is as follows...
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