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  1. D

    PA Question

    Hi Guys I seem to have an issue with voltage coming back from a QTX 15 pa I was getting a lot of hum (I have a pair and confirmed it's the same on both) so I purchased a Di box so far do good the box has a hi z input 1/4 and a low z xlr output it has a ground lift feature my issue is when I plug...
  2. Marvo

    Medical Question

    I have a medical problem. I can't stop buying tools. If I see a well engineered or well manufactured tool I can't help buying it. It doesn't matter if I know I'm never going to use it. It doesn't matter if I already have a good working version of the same tool. It doesn't matter if I can't...
  3. H

    Probably a bit of a thicky question but...

    Hi, firstly appologies if my terminology is wrong but I know very little about electrics and have no idea why this is happening - I have 2 portable solar panels (I use for charging a Motorhome Battery), when I test them with an amp meter I get different results. So, From Amp Meter to Solar...
  4. M

    Meter Swap over - CT Question

    Morning all, Really hoping to get some advice / confirm what a few of us are thinking about a job in the future. Back ground - We have to swap over existing 3 phase meters on DBs throughout a building, however due to the nature of the clients work we are unable to kill the supply to each board...
  5. J

    Question help needed - C&G 2391 - 52

    Hi - Just joined the forum as I'm making a career change and am training up. I've come across some mock papers online and am concerned that either I'm way off or they're wrong, so would love some input. (Exams here) Given that the resistance per metre of 2.5mm² cable is 7.41mΩ/m at 20°C ...
  6. I

    Odd E.V. home charger question

    I will describe my problem in as much detail so you guys might be able to answer my question. I am never home, my Electric bill is $ 28 to $30 a month, has been that way for years. I recently bought an E.V. so I had an E.V. Charger (Emporia is the brand) installed, hardwired by an Electrician...
  7. C

    Supply question

    Hi, just looking for advice. Ive been to look at a Fire alarm install job. While checking where i will take my supply from. 3 phase sub board, i wanted to see where its supplied from and origin etc. It turns out the Electrician has wired the sub mains board from an old redudant 3 phase power...
  8. G

    To pass or not to pass? that is the question

    45metre 1.25 mm 3 core extension reel with a 1362 13A fuse well known manufacturers uk RCD just your standard moulded plug from factory let the fun begin!
  9. N

    Consumer unit question

    I want to know if my consumer unit (together with the digital meter) which is in a special metal container let into an outside wall near the entrance door is acceptable for the 5 year house test? It has been like that from when the house was built. Thanks, Nick
  10. M

    Wago Question for Sockets

    Hi All, As a householder I'm keen to add a double socket further along a wall to extend access in a different corner of the room. I'm connecting with current cabling to pre-2004 cabling (1995 house) and wondered whether I can use Wago connectors and whether I need to enclose them in a plastic...
  11. MichaelCassidy

    LifePo4 addition to boat battery bank question

    Hi, advice please if this would be fine and not cause issues with either the batteries or the inverter. I have read that LifePo4 batteries aren't compatible with older alternators. So is this workaround ok? - Leave existing leisure batteries as they are (2 x 100 AH) connected parallel, charged...
  12. G

    UK Quinetic switch question.

    Hi everyone :) my first post here. Quick background I'm a newly qualified installer of somewhat advanced years whose just starting out in the trade. The reason I'm posting is because I've been having a puzzling issue with Quinetic light switches, I can't seem to get any sense from Quinetic...
  13. Screamer

    Help please 2365 question.

    Hello everyone, I will be completing my 2365 diploma level 3 soon and I have an opportunity to go and do the 2393 level 3 & 2392 level 2 as well. Would this be a waste of time and money or should I do them anyway? Kind regards.
  14. B

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Level 2 and level 3 2365 question

    Firstly, I’m sorry if this has been asked before - it’s just that with a thorough search I can’t find the answer anywhere. I’m looking at options to become an electrician at the moment, and some providers are telling me that I can become an electrician and sign off on domestic installations...
  15. Adam_92

    Click plugs question

    Can these click plugs be hidden in a ceiling or do you need an access hatch to get to them.. can’t find any regs on them Building is a container and it splits for transport? Thanks in advance
  16. Moley

    Fluke 1653B question

    I saw a Fluke 1653B on Gumtree local to me being sold as faulty. Fault was stated as no continuity between 'N' and 'PE' ports on the resistance range. 'L' and 'PE' were fine. He said he'd been using it and the fault has just happened. He got in touch with Fluke and they gave a stupid price just...
  17. L

    Hi All - UK based question regarding EICRs since the 2nd amendment

    Hi All Happy new year to all! First post but long timer lurker, so thanks for all the previous help! Just wanted to clarify something I have been given some conflicting advice about, from two separate QS's for the NIC. I was advised by one, that since the recent amendment the NIC no longer...
  18. I

    TT Install with Solar - RCD question

    Hello Need to replace a distribution board in the next few weeks to allow for more circuits to be installed in January. Existing is a TT system with a solar installation fitted. Current install has a 100A TP incomer, meter, C63 TP MCB, solar install, 100ma RCD, distribution board fitted with...
  19. S

    6 20 outlet question

    20 Amp outlet (240v) appears to be connected to 30 amp breaker. Is this safe? Was hoping to use the outlet for an EV Charger. I am new to the house. thanks
  20. J

    Volt drop question and advice

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a volt drop query we have in our office. I'll explain the scenario and I would really appreciate any opinion's and advice. We were asked to wire a 3ph 100A supply into a barn, that would later be used to feed a new build house. The meter and supply comes...
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