1. M

    AM2s results question

    Hey all, First post but have read up a lot over the last few months as I have been prepping for my AM2s which I sat last week and thought I done well on, Good news is that I only failed on 2 sub sections of my install, the ring circuit and the heating system, neither of which are circuits I do...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    More on the 3 phase question.....

    So, the actual job is on a farm. I think I'll keep things simple at the moment and just ask about voltage drop. I'll come on to earthing and bonding a bit later or on another thread! We have a 3 phase supply (100A p/phase). From supply to first barn (we'll call it Barn A) is 70 metres. For...
  3. sythai

    Another fire alarm question (sorry!)

    After my previous post.... just covering my @ss as have a large refurb coming up! 250m footprint. Have asked the question to LABC what system they requred for this one ? Come back with : Grade B / LD3 (new one for me) Can any one give me an idea of this may require, done quick google but...
  4. J

    Voltage drop question

    I have a run of conduit 172ft from a 12x12 box which branches out to parking equipment with runs about 50ft from the box. My voltage drop calc requires me to run #10s to the 12x12 box. My question is from that box can I size down to the respected size of wire my machines need (#14awg) to branch...
  5. T

    USA My question about the lightning rod

    There is a lightning rod on the house. But is it safe to use? Lightning can cause damage to, for example, a tree, destroying it completely. It's not stupid to attract lightning to a house with a lightning rod. In addition, the power of the lightning is so great that it is unlikely to be...
  6. S

    Regulations Question UK outdoor socket

    I guess there are a thousand question like this, but I couldn't quite get if I can do this myself or need an electrician. I have a garage separated from the house that has it's own supply (a big armoured cable that comes from the house) that goes into a 10A RCBO (exactly this guy: GE DP100...
  7. O

    Inspect and Test Question

    Hi all, Probs a simple one here but when testing a 3 phase board for ze as part of a periodic inspection plus part initial verification of a small db supplied by this board should I note the main 3 phase ze within the supply parameters section of cert and then the small db as zdb within the...
  8. fanito

    Simple question about converting 240v to 120v

    Hey guys, need some advice, please... this is probably a dumb question but hey, want to make sure.... I am going to replace an electric cooktop that is 240v to a gas cooktop that runs in 120v for the "minor" things. Anyway, since I don't need the 240 jbox (no proper outlet but it is under the...
  9. B

    question about battery capacity

    I have a electric wheelchair that is 24V 55AH (12 55AH X 2 in series). i have 2 X 12V 45AH that i want to add to it. what is the best way to add them to the circuit. please explain to me why the way you suggest, is the best?
  10. C

    Automotive question here.

    Looking to have a on/off switch for a set of 6 wires. 12 wires in all. These sets of wires dont need power but just to connect one side to the other. Brown brown, Green green, Blue blue etc. Im adding small amplifier to the sound system for my 23 Buick. Problem is it has a Active noise control...
  11. Sara Davies

    Question for a new product: uni student. What jobs are done on the floor / kneeling most?

    Good day I'm a university student on a product design course. To create a product around electricians day to day work making your lives easier. My main question is what work do you conduct most on or near the floor? What tools are used in those jobs? lastly what are your issues an...
  12. D

    Car battery question

    I have just bought a new battery for my car. It's a Varta battery. Before fitting to the car I tested it with my Topdon BT50 tester and was surprised to find that the health was only 69% 689A. Charge was 100% 12.65V. Should a new battery have a health of 100% ?
  13. B

    USA Can I get help with the question

    Hey so I need help understanding this question and understanding it in the NEC.The service to a multistory building is 277/480-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire. There are 125 120-volt, duplex, general-purpose receptacles to be installed on each floor. A 3-phase, 480-volt primary, 120/208-volt secondary...
  14. M

    Tricky Starter Circuit Question - 2001 Toyota Celica...

    I have an interesting starter circuit issue on a 2001 Toyota Celica (that won't start). If I have the starter out and have the main positive wire connected, then, run a jumper wire to the solenoid directly, if the starter is grounded to the engine, vehicle fans come on etc. when I set the...
  15. mikeysmith

    Garage buildout Question

    Hey all, I bought a big garage that I’m going to subdivide and rent out. I am going to hire an electrician to do all work. This is not a DIY question. I just wanted to ask for advice here before hiring an electrician, so I know what I’m getting into. Thanks in advance. The space is 2500 sqft...
  16. M

    Maximum permitted Zs question

    I am a lecturer teaching electrical installations and in reading through the on-site guide to prepare a lesson I have come across a section I have not seen before. On page 146 near the bottom, the OSG talks about applying an ambient temperature correction factor to the maximum Zs values given in...
  17. A

    Newbie question 240v

    I have a welder that takes 240v. I just wanted to know an appropriate wire size I should use and breaker size. I had been recommended 10-4gauge with a 30 amp breaker but am pretty sure that’s not enough power I’m using an Eastwood mp250i I know I’m not an a electrician
  18. A

    Apprentice Xmas lights question

    Good evening I’m still learning at college and curious as Xmas just approaching regarding Xmas led string lights and there power supply transformers. My questions is: For an example a set of lights we have says 4.5v dc/ 3.6va output. My question is what happens if: The voltage output on...
  19. Shaun H

    Came across this, classic example of question no fused neutral

  20. S

    Question re 3rd party certification

    An apprentice ran my cabling and fitted socket covers works signed off by a third party certification - any issues with this?
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