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  1. J

    Volt drop question and advice

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a volt drop query we have in our office. I'll explain the scenario and I would really appreciate any opinion's and advice. We were asked to wire a 3ph 100A supply into a barn, that would later be used to feed a new build house. The meter and supply comes...
  2. M

    Water cylinder thermost question

    I have a customer who has an 18" thermostat in their water tank which periodically requires resetting. I went to replace this but am unable to put a new 18" one in as the tank is very close to the ceiling and the thermostat is withdrawn in an upward direction. I can get the 18" one out by...
  3. the pict

    UK lathe and plaster holesaw question

    Where can I get a holesaw for lathe and plaster jobs
  4. S

    satisfactory unsatisfactory

    Hi Guys. If carrying out an EICR you are unable to find a UFH circuits spur, is the EICR still passable under some type of limitation? Or is there a code involved. Thank you! Smarky
  5. S

    Retractive switch question

    Hi all, Hopefully just a quick one, but I can't seem to find a definite answer. Will a push to break/make (ie not momentary) 2 way retractive switch work correctly with a standard 2 way switch and an intermediate switch? So 3 way switching with one of the 2 ways being a retractive type? The...
  6. J

    Outlet wiring question

    A simple outlet, 110v a single (2) outlets on the left side of the box, a spst switch on the right, with a single cover, covering them both. The switch on the right controls an overhead light, and is unaffected since it's wired by itself. It merely shares the same box. The outlet on the left...
  7. Adamstc222

    Fast Track Course Worries

    Hello, for a while I’ve wanted to become an electrician and have applied to every apprenticeship possible and have never been successful and it’s sowmthing I really want to do so I’ve decided to do a fast track course however I’ve seen tons of people saying that it’s frowned upon and I’m just a...
  8. Jimmy1234

    Looped Supply Question?

    Am I right in assuming this is a looped supply and therefore the end to my ev charger dreams? https://ibb.co/QYm7Btv
  9. P

    2 Way Light Switch - Smart Relay - Wiring Question

    Hi folks, I’m new to the forum and it’s this issue that lead me here. So first things first. I was looking to wire in a Smart Relay at the rose of my hallway light. It’s got two switches. Now I thought I had “ok” knowledge when it came to wiring a socket / light switch / rose. However...
  10. M

    Technical question for IR testing

    So I’m an apprentice and I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the science behind this because the electricians who have said it have been quite vague and not properly explained. Recently testing L-E for a circuit which was 0.02 ohms and the electrician said I will have to remove...
  11. J

    Bathroom fan wiring question

    Hello, I currently have two switches in my bathroom. One controls the lights above the sink and the other controls a light above the toilet and also a fan. I want to separate the switch from the fan and have that separate. I got a nutone fan that has a wireless remote, so I don't need wires to...
  12. KeenPensioner

    DIY Question - Is this SWA? or Hi-Tuff

    My sister has a cable feeding an outside boiler (see image). I want to tidy it up by adding a new piece of cable as shown. I can't see any ends of the existing cable to determine whether it's SWA or Hi-tuff. Is there any way of determing whether this cable is swa?
  13. C

    BS 7671 18th edition amd 2 question?

    Hi Guy's, I'm revising for my 18th amd 2 and came across a question that has me a little confused. I think its probably the question is badly written and I think the answer is also in correct. Can someone clear it up.. Q as written A circuit connected to a TN system, max permissible earth fault...
  14. F

    Bonding RSJ question.

    Hi all, I would like some advice on a scenario currently at my workplace. I am replacing a Sub main DB and replacing the wiring to sockets/lights in one of our storage buildings. My question is regarding bonding. The main bonding is 25mm, which from the sub mains EMT, my plan was to bond the...
  15. M

    LED spotlight question

    Hello. I am in the process of redecorating our bathroom. I ordered some GU10 led spotlights which came with the bulb socket and wiring. For some reason they do not work. They are replacing MR16 bulbs. I've attached photos showing the cable coming out of the ceiling, the old MR16 bulb and the new...
  16. Mishmelly

    Question on installing a dimmer?

    The ground wire comes into the box and wraps around the green screw and continues on outside the box. Can I cut that in half and piggy on another ground wire for the dimmer?
  17. H

    302 question help please

    A motor has a synchronous speed of 50rps and runs at 2850rpm when connected to a 230-volt 50Hz supply. Calculate: a) per unit slip b) percentage slip.
  18. H

    Anyone here able to help me with 302 exam question . Tia

    Does it make sense to anyone ?
  19. O

    question regarding supplementary bonding.

    Curious about supplementary bonding, I have these two 4mm Cables loose and not connected to anything in my parents house. I presume they are for the hot and cold copper pipes, my questions is do i need to join/make a connection between the hot and cold pipes? I work as an electrical improver...
  20. M

    RCD Tripping times question

    A few 30mA RCBO's that i have tested recently are tripping lower at x1 than they are at x5, e.g 13.1 x1 13.8 x5, I know both these results comply but im curious does any one know why the 1 times trip is lower than 5?
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