1. M

    WECA HW Question Help

    What is the total current draw on a 120v system with recessed fluorescent luminaires rated 768W/806VA? I got the question wrong with an answer of 6.4 (768/120=6.4). The right answer was 6.7 - assuming 806/120?) Amps = watts divided by volts. What am I missing? Thanks! This is a self paced course...
  2. P

    Air compressor wiring question

    Greetings! I'm currently in a jiffy, and taking all precautions and safety to account, I want to properly screw all pertaining wires to their corresponding areas, As illustrated in the images, the compressor wires are 5, 2 black, 2 blue, and 1 green, my problem is that I don't know which goes...
  3. R

    Light socket question

    I was switching out a bulb in my basement overhead light socket and noticed the hot terminal looks a little deformed.. Its an old light fixture but is this some sort of problem?
  4. J

    UK smart light switch wiring question

    I purchased a no neutral smart switch to replace my current light switch, but I’m not sure if I’m able to wire it up safely... The existing switch has 3 wires: L1, COM and Earth. The new switch only seems to have 2 wire slots: L and L1. (photos attached) Am I able to safely wire up the new...
  5. R

    Loop testing question

    Hi All Whilst carrying out some testing today I had the following messages on my Kewtech KT64DL. L - N >20ohms - this was on the ring on only one socket, all others tested fine. Could this be a faulty socket? n-pe hiv - this was on the upstairs lighting circuit. Was testing in the loft where I...
  6. harvirsingh

    question 6 in current design

    calculate the desgin current of the radial circuit suppling the air compressor ( circuit BR4) i need help with this ASAP please
  7. M

    Sub panel question from a DIYer

    New/old house. There's some indication that the electrician was drunk, or the owner just had his/her own way of doing things and knew the inspector. Every time we try to turn off a circuit, my hub goes through every breaker in the main box. None turn off that circuit. Next stop, the sub- panel...
  8. T

    USA MV Electrical Stress

    I'm trying to find a simple way to answer some stress related questions in regards to MV termination to apprentices not engineers...this is what I came up with so I don't lose anyone going down a rabbit hole of terminology. "Electrical stress is when voltage is trying seek a path to ground...
  9. OnlQQker

    A Calibrated Question (Multi Meters)

    I have a Kewtech KT63 which I picked up a couple of years ago for testing stuff in the shed. It has just run out of calibration and I'm not sure whether to contact Kewtech and ask them who to calibrate it or what? I know on Ebay people are calibrating but you have to package it up and send it...
  10. R

    L & T Energy meter question

    Hello everyone I am programming L&T make WL4000 energy meter. When I change the CT Primary to 400 the LED K is on meaning the meter reads in kWh. When I change the CT primary setting to 630 the LED changes to M meaning the meter reads in MWh. CT sec in both cases is 5. How can we set the meter...
  11. L

    Trimble modelling question

    Hello, I have a question regarding modelling on Trimble. If we have an MCCB that has LSI protection but has a separate earth fault relay can this be modelled on Trimble as an LSIG MCCB? Thanks
  12. L

    Basic noob question about outlet wiring

    I tested a non working outlet with receptacle tester and it said open neutral. Turns out that the neutral wire was loose. BUT, in order to shut off the power I had to turn off 2 circuits. Inside the box was only 2 wires, black and white. So the open neutral is fixed but how many other problems...
  13. P

    Question about Electronic 7 Horstmann

    Hi everyone! I just moved a new flat last week and this is my first time using boiler heater. And I am confused with the use of that timer. I have never looked into it until hot water running out yesterday. After pressing 'BOOST' (Pic 1), I got the hot water after awhile. In the next day, when...
  14. Samfuturesparky

    Question for an apprentice relocating to Scotland

    Hello forum I am an apprentice in Southern California trying to relocate to Aberdeen Scotland (girlfriend lives there) How can I go about become an electricians mate?
  15. A

    Multicore cable domestic question

    Need some advice. I have a 12meter 24Vdc cable run…. Current 3Amps. I require a 1.5mm cable 6 core for supplying led strip lights outside due to volt drop. The cable will be passing through stud work with rock wool insulation fitted. What 6 or 7core can I use in this install, are there...
  16. SJD

    A gas question (sorry)

    Apologies that this is a plumbing question, but I'm sure there will be people here who can answer this. Working in a house today that is in the middle of a total refurb (gutted, rewired, replumbed, etc). The gas supply is currently disconnected inside the house (in the hall), about 2m after the...
  17. G

    Hi guys l just wanted to ask a question

    Hi everyone, does any one know if its ok to use flat white twin and earth in domestic properties? Thanks
  18. M4rtyj

    EV grant question regarding motabilty claim

    Evening all, I wonder if someone could help with a little info on the EV Grant scheme, I have a customer who wants an EV charger installed at their property but this customer has revealed tonight that the car is a motability car in which the registered keeper is at a different address as He is...
  19. M

    Shortcut cutting a wire question

    Hi All. For a reason wich requires a long explanation I cut a bipolar wire connected to pressurizing pump with a pair of scissors. I burn the pump capacitor, I changed it and it works. But the wire supplying power doesnt supply anymore. The wire goes into the wall of and old house and I cant...
  20. P

    PCB In Line Fan Timer Question

    Dear All, The back story is too boring to tell !!! Could someone please tell me if this PCB in the photograph has an adjustable time function ? It was sitting in its own white back box on the wall close to the fan and was wired to a set of bathroom lights - it was supposed to operate the...