1. A

    Apprentice Xmas lights question

    Good evening I’m still learning at college and curious as Xmas just approaching regarding Xmas led string lights and there power supply transformers. My questions is: For an example a set of lights we have says 4.5v dc/ 3.6va output. My question is what happens if: The voltage output on...
  2. Shaun H

    Came across this, classic example of question no fused neutral

  3. S

    Question re 3rd party certification

    An apprentice ran my cabling and fitted socket covers works signed off by a third party certification - any issues with this?
  4. C

    UK 50 Amp RCBO blue wire size question.

    I have a 50 Amp RCBO by "FuseBox" My device is part number RTO65030B From a layman's point of view the blue neutral cable looks very feeble for a 50 Amp maximum load. Also there seem to be some RCBO's on sale with the bottom clamp terminal...
  5. LouiseSJPP

    Near off-grid system: question on grid input

    My little house in Spain sits in the forest and has a little wire from the electricity supplier, 20 amps max. It's a fragile link, caught up in trees which fall down regularly. I'm planning to renovate this house with lots of PV on the roof, and make it is independent as I can of the grid...
  6. K

    18th amd 2 question?

    Hi I am 18th edition qualified but can I issue a 18th AMD 2 certificate without taking another exam? Thanks 👍🏼
  7. B

    AC Adaptor amperage question

    This isn't really DIY as such, but I need advice regarding a replacement power adaptor for an electronic device. The device requires an adaptor rated 24V and 3.3A It has a bit of an unusual connector so it's not so easy to find but I have seen two possibilities on eBay. There's a quite...
  8. A

    Site Temps earthing question

    Hi Currently on a job at a hospital where we are installing temporary site supplies to canteen toilet block and office. The supply is Tncs from hospital but the hospital electrician and contractor doesn’t want us to install earth rods in case of services below ground and they’re not prepared to...
  9. R

    Simple Hobbyist question

    hobbyist question: If I'm running a pelton wheel generating x watts, is it enough power to pump out the same amount of water used to create current?
  10. K

    NICEIC assessment question

    Hi all, I have my NIC assessment on Tuesday and only job I've been able to get access to so far is a board change I've done recently as NIC only phoned me Friday to arrange. Question I have is that there’s no isolator in place at the property so wasn't sure if they'll accept a job where ive...
  11. N

    Decommissoning Switched Fused Spur

    Extremely newbie question here. I'm looking to remove a redundant electric fireplace heater - it's wired into a switched fused spur on the wall, which won't be used again after the heater's removed. The spur is always switched off, and I don't want to remove the actual box it's housed in. Both...
  12. N

    Sub Panel Question - Panel Size/Breaker Size

    I am looking to add an 80 amp sub panel for my detached wood shop. The smallest sub panel I can find has a 100 amp main breaker in the panel. Would it be ok to use this panel, and just connect to an 80 amp breaker in the main panel? Thank you!
  13. itln_boysparks

    AC Motors & Transformers Question

    Hey guys, First time user here. 2nd year electrical apprentice down under! Need help and guidance with a question i've been tasked with here. Don't neccersarily need the answer to the question but any guidance into it would be helpful. Question is 'You have a three phase induction motor (415V)...
  14. Pretty Mouth

    Caravan diversity question

    What allowance for diversity, if any, would you apply to caravan hookup sockets? The circuit will have just one hookup point, with two 16A sockets. It's a fair distance from the CU, so voltage drop is going to be significant. It would be good to keep the cable CSA down if feasible.
  15. K

    Question about Zs and PSCC needs some clarification thanks

    Hi everyone Recently I have come across an advert of someone selling Afdds C type and the person mentioned the need to sell because Zs was too high so he was considering changing the circuit breaker back to B type as it allows enough Zs to meet the regulations. As Afdds is also combination of...
  16. M

    WECA HW Question Help

    What is the total current draw on a 120v system with recessed fluorescent luminaires rated 768W/806VA? I got the question wrong with an answer of 6.4 (768/120=6.4). The right answer was 6.7 - assuming 806/120?) Amps = watts divided by volts. What am I missing? Thanks! This is a self paced course...
  17. P

    Air compressor wiring question

    Greetings! I'm currently in a jiffy, and taking all precautions and safety to account, I want to properly screw all pertaining wires to their corresponding areas, As illustrated in the images, the compressor wires are 5, 2 black, 2 blue, and 1 green, my problem is that I don't know which goes...
  18. R

    Light socket question

    I was switching out a bulb in my basement overhead light socket and noticed the hot terminal looks a little deformed.. Its an old light fixture but is this some sort of problem?
  19. J

    UK smart light switch wiring question

    I purchased a no neutral smart switch to replace my current light switch, but I’m not sure if I’m able to wire it up safely... The existing switch has 3 wires: L1, COM and Earth. The new switch only seems to have 2 wire slots: L and L1. (photos attached) Am I able to safely wire up the new...
  20. R

    Loop testing question

    Hi All Whilst carrying out some testing today I had the following messages on my Kewtech KT64DL. L - N >20ohms - this was on the ring on only one socket, all others tested fine. Could this be a faulty socket? n-pe hiv - this was on the upstairs lighting circuit. Was testing in the loft where I...
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