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  1. R

    Fuse box question

    Can someone tell me what the middle white fuse would be used for? We have an issue where we lose power to everything to the left of it (downstairs lights, upstairs sockets, heating, downstairs sockets) and we think everything to the right works, I know oven and upstairs lights do. Nothing...
  2. A

    Trainee 5 Pin Relay Question

    Hi, I have an aftermarket ignition coil harness utilizing a 5 pin relay, the relay is corroded and doesn't work. It's also discontinued by Denso and they don't have a wiring diagram for it (P/N 056700-7240). I managed to source a similar harness from a later model which has a slightly...
  3. G

    Domestic Yet another induction hob question

    Hello I have a new AEG induction hob rated at 7.4kw max using power sharing but AEG do not specify a cable size or mcb rating nor will they answer the question I submitted to them by email. I think their position is that it is down to the electrician to decide. The configuration is as follows...
  4. C

    Domestic Difference in amperage though household meter question

    Hi, I have just joined as I have a non urgent but nagging question...hope you guys can give me peace of mind! Thank in advance. I have just checked the amperage coming in on the meter tails prior to the meter (Between the main fuse and the old style dial meter) this is 0.85 amps. However the...
  5. Archy Styrigg

    PME or not PME, that is the question?

    Noticed this near me ... I've got to assume it's a pme rod, but not connected. Maybe an old one that they are going to connect to the forthcoming branch off.
  6. C

    Domestic PV Generation question

    I listened to an article on the radio about solar panel owners who were receiving payments for electricity generated but were not benefitting from lower electricity bills as a result of their main meters being incorrectly set up on installation in some way. I am wondering if this could be...
  7. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  8. M

    Service Cable to sub panel theory question.

    Going to be running a sub panel underground 100+- ft to new steel building will be running a 2-2-2-2 Aluminum SER Cable. (Planning n 100amp svc even thought I doubt I will EVER need it.) If the #2 SER Cable is 2 (+) 1 (-) 1(g) Why am I running a ground all the way back to the panel...
  9. M

    Which Aerial CoAx Connectors? And a question RE couplers

    Hi again Having decided from my previous post to go with Webro WF100 (100m for £40 on Amazon), now I'm trying to find out what connector to use . I just need a CoAx to connect to the TV. Any recommendations please? At the aerial, the cable connects via screw terminals so nothing needed there...
  10. M

    Oven supply question

    When our Victorian semi was tarted-up in the 1980s, the cooker circuit to the kitchen was ripped out but fortunately since we moved in in 2000 the oven we've been using (with the gas hob) has been OK on a 13A plug. That oven is now well past its best before, and the replacement the wife wants...
  11. 4

    Oven / Cooker Hob Diversity Question

    Hi, I would appreciate some views on the following issue I have. The Cooker radial in a house has been wired in 2.5mm T&E, to save the expense of a larger cable. Without boring with the detail, I cannot pull out and replace the existing cable, nor wire in a new 32A circuit using another...
  12. M

    Rcd rating....may be a stupid question

    ....what mA is this rcd??
  13. H

    Eicr sample size question

    Good afternoon Was just wondering when a sample size is set for an EICR Say 50% would the remaining circuits have to be identified for schedule purposes. I'm training to becoming an electrician and it's something that I'm unsure about. Thanks Harry
  14. Ian Rogers

    Oven installation question.

    Hi, I have a scenario I would like some opinions on please. I have 2 ovens, one on top of the other. Oven 1 – 3.5kW (not yet installed) Oven 2 – 3.5kW Each feeding into a common heavy duty Bakelite Junction box. Each using the cable hardwired to the appliance by the manufacturer (So I assume...
  15. Bob Geldoff1234

    Part 'P' notification question?

    If notification under Part 'P' is a legal requirement for a consumer unit change, then if a person changed the unit,issued a non scheme EIC and didn't notify Building control then would the installation be deemed illegal? I thought Part 'P' was to make sure that the installation was done to a...
  16. W

    2365 305 design question

    Hi all, im new the the forum. Curently doing the city and guilds 2365 level 3 course. Got a question regarding the 305 design assignment. When filling out the table to calculate the voltage drop and calbles sizes, do i use the design current etc before or after the diversity factor?
  17. M

    Domestic Armoured Cable Colours Question

    I need to run an SWA cable to get power to a cabin. I have a 4mm 3 core cable, cores are brown, black and grey. Is that OK, live brown, neutral black and earth grey with green/yellow sleeve over. Thanks Mick
  18. happyhippydad

    Working on electrics with 2 supplies.

    I have little knowledge of PV. When working on circuits supplied by a domestic CU, is it fine to just have the main switch off in the CU or should you be isolating the PV as well? The stickers all over the CU's in this example all say to disconnect both supplies.
  19. Doomed

    Just a quick question

    In a large yard, incomer in corner, TNS, feeds some switch gear and then a long length of SWA to garage in other corner of yard about 100m away. By garage I mean a big garage, water canteen and all. Readings are good at the garage sub board. There is a bit of me that wants to TT the garage, but...
  20. E

    Domestic courses question, don't beat me.

    Hi All I'm new here and need some guidance on training to compliment my job. I'm a self employed kitchen fitter that's looking into the hated domestic course so I can do my own electrics and sign off. I have a few reasons for this which I won't bore you with. I fully understand that I will be...