1. M

    IP66 outlet sockets in garden area

    Hi everyone, I am an industrial Electrical Engineer and I need some help of which is the best method of connecting IP66 outlet sockets in the garden area. The power will be taken from a Ring socket inside house using an FCU 13A. The FCU can be outside or inside. If outside, it will be IP66. As...
  2. B

    Normal and USB sockets for home

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice re: putting new sockets and usb sockets in my home. Someone will be rewiring the entire house but I have been asked to provide the sockets whatever I want to put in. The current sockets and switches are old style plastic ones with screws in front. What...
  3. C

    Moving cables and sockets/switches over insulation

    Hi, I'm about to reroute cables and sockets/switches from the ceiling down to the socket height after insulating a wall. I understand this will derate the cable, so what it the best way to do this please? EDIT: Should be in DIY Camerart
  4. M

    Wago Question for Sockets

    Hi All, As a householder I'm keen to add a double socket further along a wall to extend access in a different corner of the room. I'm connecting with current cabling to pre-2004 cabling (1995 house) and wondered whether I can use Wago connectors and whether I need to enclose them in a plastic...
  5. S

    Attic sockets in ring main uk

    Hi all I would like to put some sockets in the attic and keep them on the main house ring main. Am I right in saying I can pull one of the legs from the bedroom socket and create my ring of sockets and the last socket connect it back to the bedroom socket
  6. O

    UK RCD sockets on RCBO protected circuit

    hi all come across a new build commercial office where radial circuits feeding electrak power track was protected by 32A RCBO at dist board and the electrak tap off leads terminated into RCD under desk sockets why install RCD sockets when circuit is protected by 32A RCBO is this install correct...
  7. Connor Lyon

    how to find ib when calculating sockets?

    Im currently in my apprenticeship and completing an assignment that involves cable calculations. Im currently stuck on how to find the design current for my socket circuit that has an unkown load. Do i just use the on site guide or is there a calculation i can do ?
  8. T

    Solar changed old sockets I noticed one of them had voltage on even with mains off

    Hello All and happy new year. Over the holiay I have changed all of my old sockets to some nice new ones and added a couple with usb sockets for good measure. I am very picky to ensure I isolate any circuit I am working on and I had one last socket to do on the first floor which was a double. I...
  9. C

    CU change where sockets can’t go on RCD

    Hi, I have a job for a customer, the consumer unit is an old 3036 board and there are several holes in it giving access to live parts, I can change the consumer unit but when put on an RCD the sockets trip. IR readings on the sockets are low but the customer isn’t in a position to have them...
  10. R

    How to fill gaps around sockets installed on uneven natural stone tiles ?

    Not really come across this issue before , not as extreme anyway . Installing new sockets on natural stone tiles and they've got large gaps around them due to each tile being different . What's the best solution to fill these gaps ? Stone coloured silicone ? Caulk ? Or some sort of gasket...
  11. R

    most sockets show live neutral reverse

    just had a new meter fitted,tells me most sockets are faulty and not to use,all sockets apart from two show live neutral reverse. going to egypt for 2 weeks tomorrow,so can't get an electrician right now,must have been like this for years so assume it is still safe to use? any thoughts on the...
  12. L

    Installing plug sockets in steel furniture.

    Hi all, Figured I'd come straight to the experts with this one because I don't have a great deal of electrical experience. I'm a designer at a furniture manufacturing company. We manufacture furniture almost entirely out of folded sheet steel profiles. Currently I am working on designing a...
  13. M

    External sockets from garage

    Hi, just helping someone out and apologies for the long winded post. Would like install a couple of weatherproof double sockets on the patio. 1 double socket for a bar fridge 1 double for a 2.4KW plug in wall mounted heater. Unfortunately the house consumer unit has no spare ways and the...
  14. N

    UK Metal-plated sockets and newly plastered walls

    Quick question to electricians - I want to add metal-plated sockets to newly plastered walls. The electrical wholesaler advised that newly plastered walls need 6 months to dry and thinks that the sockets will corrode if installed at the time 2nd fix. My builder and electrician don't think they...
  15. timhoward

    Old sockets having a party

    I was off duty, but this was a nice collection all in the same place: The 5 amp and 15 amp are obvious. The 4 pin one? 3 phase? It has Red B and Y scratched on it. I seem to remember the name Rayrolle and BS196 but it doesn't seem the same? Thanks!
  16. C

    Sockets fitted pipe chase

    Hi I’m getting a new kitchen fitted, there’s a existing socket outlet fitted into a pipe chase, for the rewiring of new socket outlets is it still ok to have a flush socket fitted into the pipe chase, the pipe chase contains a soil pipe from the bathroom above. If it does or doesn’t what is the...
  17. D

    Issue with lighting after lifting sockets to paint

    Hey, I lifted a few sockets from a wall so I could paint without having to cut in around them. I haven’t lifted any light switches yet. When re-fitting them I noticed one was a very tight fit (3 cables stuffed in to a shallow 25mm knock box. End of the ring and an extra socket coming off it?)...
  18. V

    Moving sockets upwards from skirting boards

    Hi All, This might be a bit of an odd question, I would really appreciate your thoughts. I am trying to up-date my mum's home, before putting it on the market for her as she has moved to a care home. I've changed the boiler, consumer unit, the kitchen has been rewired, I've added insulation...
  19. C

    Sockets keep tripping

    Hi, I moved home a few months ago and the electrics RCD keep tripping. Sometimes it will happen every few days and sometimes will be fine for a few weeks before happening again. I have identified the problem is coming from the utility room sockets. When it has happened before I have unplugged...


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