1. S

    Sockets FFl ?

    Hi Guys I was given the finish floor level for brackets for tray at 2425 and took 1000mm off and installed at 1425 just want to know if in apartment you are given Ffl do you hold your tape on the metre mark and mark down 450mm and that were the bottom of the socket is ?? Thanks
  2. DRM

    UK Where should sockets be fixed for integrated fridge and freezer?

    Happy new year anyone reading this! First thing on the agenda this year is a new kitchen which is being fit by ikea. Part of it is a free standing breakfast bar that has integrated fridge and freezer and I'm wondering where the sockets will need to be mounted for them because there's no wall...
  3. C

    Lights and sockets on the same circuit

    Ring mains aside, why aren't lights and sockets on the same circuit in the residential UK? And why so rare in Europe? In the US its typical for 15 and 20 amp 120 volt circuits to feed both lights and outlets. Exception is the Kitchen counter top and washing machine- those must have their own...
  4. B

    Earthing sockets in Bulgaria

    I am about to install new wiring for a kitchen here in Bulgaria. I will be using a 2.5 ring final circuit for the sockets and 6 mm radial for the cooker. Wiring to sockets here in Bulgaria is done by using twin cable (no earth line). The earthing is done by connecting the earth and neutral point...
  5. H

    Downstairs sockets keep tripping

    Hiya, I am wondering if I could get some advice please? I know nothing electrical speak so I apologise lol For the past 2 days the downstairs sockets keep tripping. Lights all on everywhere and upstairs not effected. Only thing that goes is the sockets. Nothing new been plugged in, nothing...
  6. JK-Electrical

    UK Five-bed £1.3m home for sale plastered in plug sockets leaves house hunters feeling ‘ill’

    :eek: WTF? Bizarre to say the least.
  7. P

    How many more sockets?

    A customer has asked me to quote to fit some more sockets in the room pictured below, and I suggested another 4 doubles just to ensure they have enough. Do you think another 4 doubles Is sufficient?
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Far too many sockets!

    Just seen this online.... what earth was the owmer doing to need so many sockets? A grow house? Only house i have seen like that is either a aninal collector or aquarium for the heaters, pumps etc.. Anybody want to own up for installing them...
  9. westward10

    Rcd sockets.

    Just come across this in Connections magazine.
  10. P

    UK Sockets not working in 1 room only

    Hi everyone, Firstly thank you to all on this forum who helped me to track down the problem with the plug sockets not working in 1 room of my flat - i came across this website and the comments helped me immensely! I have registered and joined this group so i can share my experience and...
  11. B

    Spacing between clusters of sockets and switches

    Evening, is there a standard gap to put between clusters of sockets and light switches? Eg if you have a couple of double sockets, a tv socket and a lamp socket grouped together, how much of a gap would you put between them. Also if you had few light switches grouped together what sort of gap...
  12. M

    Is there anything I can do to get my sockets working

    To Qualified Electricians: I have this iron with a torn wire that I fixed by twisting the wires together. This solution worked for weeks until today I accidentally allowed the two separated wires in the cord electrical plug to come into contact. This formed a spark in the cable and now all of...
  13. G

    Shaver sockets and (unnecessary (?) isolation switches)

    Hi all, just a simple one, when fitting shaver sockets, (on lighting circuit) do you connect them via a switched fused spur, and if so why? (assuming mi's dont ask for one)
  14. R

    Crackly amp in certain sockets

    Hi, My house is about 30 years old and I have been here for 17 years. Before we arrived, the previous owner had an extension done which included a new dining room. I now want to use that room to play music, so I have moved a guitar amp and a small PA but when I plug them in, they crackle like...
  15. FatAlan

    Kitchen refit - sockets moved from wall to units?

    32amp rfc supplying two gang sockets in wall behind kitchen units. At present horrible holes have been cut in the back of the units to get access to the sockets for appliances. New units going in. Whats the best way of extending to a pattress in the back of the unit? In essence Im looking for...
  16. D

    Just designed and launched a range of Switches & Sockets

    Thanks to forum in the early days, and speaking to loads of local tradesmen I've launched 3 ranges of switches & sockets. Development cost was fairly significant in the tens of thousands £. All of you guys have very strong opinions on product after using it (why the hell's it like that?!), but...
  17. A

    Ring Main with sockets not working

    Hi, I recently went to look at a house with about 10 sockets not working. Checked the continuity on the ring main ends - all good. I turned off all other socket circuits in the board just to make sure no crossed circuits - still the same, about 5 sockets working and the rest (about 10) not...
  18. J

    Where to put sockets?

    As part of a kitchen refit I am trying to work out where to put the electrical sockets for my freestanding appliances. If I have the sockets directly behind the appliance then they will just out. If I have them in the unit next to the appliance, I will have to get the back of unit cut out. I...
  19. KevinH

    Floor sockets + Building Regs

    I am 1st fixing an extension and in one area there is no wall space (glass walls like a sun lounge) for any sockets although customer insists he wants a power point in the corner. I suggested a floor socket as the floor is due to be insulated and screeded. The customer sounded happy with that...
  20. P

    Checking sockets - where to start?

    Hi. My RCD tripped yesterday evening. I identified that the problem is on the Ring Main (Everything unplugged). When ring main set to on the RCD is triggered. Left all other circuits on over night with no problems. I've got up this morning and just switched the ring main on. No trip...
  21. S

    6kw appliance - 3phase warehouse 13A twin sockets

    Hi Lads, You might think i'm a di*k already from the forum title but I desperately need some help. I've got a small business and if I wasn't skint, i'd obviously have an electrician come to advise me. I added some kitchen equipment to the warehouse - most of the equipment can plug in to the...
  22. happyhippydad

    Is there a standalone weatherproof timer?

    I am looking for a weatherproof timer to switch a 2 gang socket on/off. I can find plenty of single sockets that incorporate a timer but I cannot find one with with 2 sockets, or just a separate weatherproof timer (suitable for sockets, 16A) that I could then use to switch a standard 2 gang...
  23. J

    Push wire switches & sockets

    With push wire connector blocks, and mostly every light now coming with a push wire connector, is there switches and sockets with this built in ? Or can you see it being done in the future ? Or is there reasons why it cant be done? I had a look and cant see anything Just some tuesday night thoughts
  24. C

    Sockets in oak panelling

    Just looked at a re-wire Job where I need to re-wire an oak panelled room. The sockets are currently mounted within the skirting boards, moving them up won’t reduce the fire risk so what should it do?
  25. X

    Domestic Using an old 32A shower circuit for new sockets.

    Nearly fifteen years ago I moved a bathroom in our house, and repurposed the 32A electrical shower circuit to power a pair of double sockets - which then had multiway adaptors powering all my office hardware (i.e. low overall power). Not exactly complex or risky at the time, and the MCB has...
  26. B

    Back box size for sockets

    Afternoon one and all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with fitting chrome 2 gang sockets to 25mm back boxes. I bought a pack of 5 LAP chrome double sockets from screwfix but noticed that the listing online says a 35mm back box is required. I have measured mine and they are only...
  27. P

    Appliances tripping sockets

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone has an idea what this could be as I've had two electricians round and they've not been able to sort it out. Various things are causing the sockets in my house to trip, from the fridge door and cooker hood, to the on/off button on the coffee machine and reading lamp...
  28. J

    Domestic Help with plug sockets in cupboard

    Morning everyone... I posted on here last week regarding an earth wire I found in my cupboard and got some really good advice which work... Essentially... Pulled a floorboard up and got some slack to tack it to the wall.. Which has worked a treat. My next problem is 2 socket plugs on either...
  29. B

    no discrimination in sockets & lights

    I have came across a problem where the sockets and lights are run on a same circuit and it's done in a way where the person have put probably junction boxes in the walls which are not accessible and only 1 cable is coming to sockets , light switches and lights. I can't put fcu to discriminate as...
  30. RutlandFox

    Industrial Quick Question(s) - BS4343 Sockets - switched/interlocked or not?

    Hi all. I am looking to fit a couple of blue 230V single phase 32A sockets for a portable welder in a workshop. Indoors. Though the welder has the option to be outdoors on a long flex. Two sockets as it gets wheeled around and used in two locations and the current long extension flex gets in...
  31. simpson93

    415v 3 phase sockets and rcd protection.

    Afternoon all, Looking for a little guidance, other than doing sub mains in armoured I don’t do much three phase work. I’m looking to install some final Circuits for some three phase cooking equipment but I find myself stuck on a few things, as the sockets will be over 16amp they will need to...
  32. J

    Domestic Extending Outdoor Power with 2 double sockets

    Hello, would appreciate a steer please for extending power further into the garden. Fuse box has a dedicated fuse (see pic) for Garden providing 16amp. Had an electrician that has previously connected armoured cable from existing double socket in garage into new shed providing a double socket...
  33. stuarth

    Domestic USB sockets earth leakage question

    I have a customer who has been providing all the accessories for their renovation a real mix of manufacturers and styles, we arrived to second fix and swap existing faceplates to find that every single socket both single and double had usb ports. My question is will these USB ports all...
  34. J

    What has been done with the sockets behind my oven?

    Hi, I have revently ordered a new Range and before i contacted an electritian to book installation i thought i would pull my current oven out and check if there was a seperate 32A socket so the job of hardwiring the new cooker in would be relitivaly straight forward, however, When i pulled my...
  35. A

    Sockets arcing - baby socket protectors?

    I was called to a house today where the home owner had experienced arcing (enough to cause scorching on outside of socket) on 3 sockets on the same ring with 3 different appliances causing the MCB to trip on each occasion. I took socket fronts off - no loose connection, continuity good on ring...
  36. A

    Best way to add new sockets in existing stud wall

    hi all, My house is a typical 1930s semi. Seems that the partition walls between each room are stud walls. There is only one single socket in each bedroom which is clearly not ideal therefore i want to add more. The upstairs sockets are fed off a 4mm radial so I am thinking of ripping it out...
  37. Susie Nathan

    Sockets & Sinks - The Law?

    I'm renting a flat and just before I moved in the landlord got some cowboys in to tosh up the paint work, lay some cheap vinyl flooring and a new kitchen was installed. However, the kitchen wiring is a concern. In summary, fridge, washing machine, oven, hob and extractor are all running from...
  38. loplug

    USB sockets testing

    does anyone test these in any way if so what do you use. Or do you just test the 13a sockets and make an assumption that the usb skts are working ?
  39. L

    Industrial Diversity allowance on sockets based on OSG

    Hi, Reading the on-site guide it’s states for socket outlets appendix A table A2 row 9 that 32A ring sockets in an office it can be 100% of the largest circuit and then 50% of the remaining circuits. However I have came across a calculation were the original designer has assumed that they know...
  40. G

    USB sockets and IR testing help...

    Hi all, I have seen somewhere recently that one particular brand of USB socket is good for 500v for IR testing, but I can't now remember where or which brand. Is this now the standard for these things? Has anyone come across any brands which are ok to do this on? Help appreciated...
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