1. N

    UK Metal-plated sockets and newly plastered walls

    Quick question to electricians - I want to add metal-plated sockets to newly plastered walls. The electrical wholesaler advised that newly plastered walls need 6 months to dry and thinks that the sockets will corrode if installed at the time 2nd fix. My builder and electrician don't think they...
  2. timhoward

    Old sockets having a party

    I was off duty, but this was a nice collection all in the same place: The 5 amp and 15 amp are obvious. The 4 pin one? 3 phase? It has Red B and Y scratched on it. I seem to remember the name Rayrolle and BS196 but it doesn't seem the same? Thanks!
  3. C

    Sockets fitted pipe chase

    Hi I’m getting a new kitchen fitted, there’s a existing socket outlet fitted into a pipe chase, for the rewiring of new socket outlets is it still ok to have a flush socket fitted into the pipe chase, the pipe chase contains a soil pipe from the bathroom above. If it does or doesn’t what is the...
  4. D

    Issue with lighting after lifting sockets to paint

    Hey, I lifted a few sockets from a wall so I could paint without having to cut in around them. I haven’t lifted any light switches yet. When re-fitting them I noticed one was a very tight fit (3 cables stuffed in to a shallow 25mm knock box. End of the ring and an extra socket coming off it?)...
  5. V

    Moving sockets upwards from skirting boards

    Hi All, This might be a bit of an odd question, I would really appreciate your thoughts. I am trying to up-date my mum's home, before putting it on the market for her as she has moved to a care home. I've changed the boiler, consumer unit, the kitchen has been rewired, I've added insulation...
  6. C

    Sockets keep tripping

    Hi, I moved home a few months ago and the electrics RCD keep tripping. Sometimes it will happen every few days and sometimes will be fine for a few weeks before happening again. I have identified the problem is coming from the utility room sockets. When it has happened before I have unplugged...
  7. P

    office sockets different phases

    Hello All done an EICR on a small office around 5 years old someone has added extra socket circuits from new to suit layout. they have added extra sockets on different phases next to each other less than 100mm between them so 2 phases powering same desks. Im possibly over thinking it but is...
  8. Z

    Lights and sockets on one circuit?

    Hi guys. I had an inspection yesterday, where the lighting and sockets are in one circuit for each floor. There are 3A fused spurs for the lights. I also need to replace the consumer unit with 18th edition one. How would you code that? Any advice on the consumer unit would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. gjgjedi

    2 our of 3 sockets in 5 amp circuit not working

    Hi, Flat recently gutted and rewired from scratch. Livingroom has two switches, one controls the main light, one controls a 5 amp circuit with 3 sockets (3 round pins). Only just got round to testing it (a year later...) and 1 socket is working, 2 aren't. Any ideas what could be the issue? Not...
  10. J

    Garage extra internal and external sockets help please

    Howdy, I'm looking for help with my plan to install an extra internal double socket and an external double waterproof socket to my garage. I believe its a radial circuit at the moment, with mains electrical supply coming from the house to a fused circuit board, 30A fuse to current double...
  11. archee

    Loft sockets question

    Hi fitting a a couple loft sockets on a radial circuit. I only have 2.5mm cable and really don’t want to buy a reel 4mm2 is it ok to use on 32A mcb if I put a fcu before the sockets as it will never exceed 13A and the cable is rated for 27A. Or is it better to add another separate 16A breaker...
  12. S

    Live & Neutral swapped on sockets?

    Hi Recently my son complained that he was getting shocks from his laptop when plugged into the mains in his room. I checked the socket and the others in his room and the wiring looked fine - red to live, black to neutral and firmly connected. I then used a plug-in Ring Main tester which...
  13. S

    Add extra 13A sockets to Cooker circuit.

    There is a severe lack of sockets in our kitchen. We have a cooker control switch with a single socket in it, but no cooker connected. Would it be possible to run extra 13A sockets off the cooker control circuit? If so, would this need to be done by an electrician to be complient with regs...
  14. Q

    UK Can you add additional sockets to non RCD protected circuits via RCD spurs or sockets?

    Evening all, If a socket circuit is not RCD protected via an RCD/RCBO and there isn't the option of fitting an additional RCD enclosure or fitting RCBOs, is it permitted to add additional sockets to the circuit via RCD spurs or additional RCD socket outlets? (type A of course)...if the sockets...
  15. C

    Worth getting sockets with safety shutters?

    Having a rewire done with Click Mode sockets. Doubles being CMA036 (BS 1363-2: 1995) PDF I saw this about safety shutters...
  16. F

    Extra sockets in garage

    Hi diyer here, I'm wanting to add two extra double sockets to my garage / workshop. Currently have two double sockets wired with 4mm t+e with a 16 amp breaker In the consumer unit. It looks like a radial circuit as it doesn't loop back to the consumer unit. Can I just continue the circuit with...
  17. W

    Smart sockets / lighting?

    Hey So I'll say I'm not a qualified sparky however I know how to wire up a replacement socket or a replacement dimmer (but I couldn't add a new one) I'm looking at Lightwave products for smart sockets with energy monitoring. Are these any good good? Would I perhaps need anything in addition...
  18. C

    UK Limiting power from sockets

    Hi I have an Airbnb and some guests are charging their cars off of power sockets in my kitchen. So not only is this outwith my insurance coverage it is costing me a lot of money. Are there sockets which can either 1) limit current? Or 2) time out automatically after 30 minutes or so I can...
  19. Adawkins1

    UK Both sockets in one bedroom are spurs

    I've noticed that both sockets in one of my bedrooms are spurs, they both have just the one cable going into them. I checked the nearest socket in the bedroom next door but that only has two cables going into it, so they can't be feeding off that? Anyway to tell if these two sockets are safe and...
  20. W

    additional sockets of insulation backed plasterboard

    So I have inherited a small job in a commercial clients own home. they want extra sockets in a bedroom they are renovating. The walls are insulation backed plasterboard. I would guess around 25mm insulation on 12.5mm boards. To add the extra sockets I was thinking of just chasing out the...
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