1. R

    I hav e 2 sockets that are inacessable in my flat, I have an inspection in a few days

    Two sockets totally inacessable, council electric inspection in a week. Most sockets are accessible
  2. W

    upstairs telephone sockets not working

    Hi There, wondering if anyone can help/assist in my problem, we bought a house 1 year ago, and i believe the house is 5-10 years old, quite a modern house, problem is all upstairs phone sockets do not work, no dial tone, router wont work in them, i have taken some pictures in hope someone might...
  3. Dartlec

    Sockets on a lighting circuit - C3 or C2?

    Fun EICR at an HMO today, which was installed new 5 years ago (not particularly well!) Lots of niggly things that I'll sort, but in the kitchen cupboards were two unswitched sockets which confused me for a while. Turns out they are connected to the lighting circuit, switched by their own...
  4. R

    6mm to 2.5mm for sockets

    Hi I've got a job that i've been asked to quote for and i'm struggling with how to do it the best way. It's a summerhouse and the customer only wants a couple of double sockets and a light in it. My issue is that it's a fair distance from the house where the supply will be taken from. I've...
  5. highlanders317

    Advice for home pc area and extra sockets

    Hi All, I am having fibre to the premises fitted tomorrow, much earlier than expected, supposed to be another month or so. I looking for some advice on what to get to replace the current 1x4 sockets with 3 extension leads for pc, tv and always on. I am not looking doing the work myself, just...
  6. Josh555

    Blowing sockets and popping RCD

    A client asked me to add two sockets in their bedroom I took power from two sockets in the lounge which is behind the bedroom wall. I ran a cable out of each socket for the new socket The problem is it now is tripping the RCD and blowing the old Existing sockets and light switches But the...
  7. D

    Circuit Breaker Tripping - Sockets

    Hi guys, I'm a novice, so be gentle. Ok, I've attached a photo. 1) I've come home to find none of my sockets working. I've checked my circuit breaker box and as expected the 'Sockets' switch is off. 2) I flicked the switch back to 'On' however the main switch to the right will not go to 'On'...
  8. Richardcavell

    Backboxes and power sockets

    Hi. I live near Blackpool in the UK. I don’t know anything about being an electrician. I’m retired. I’ve asked a man who does home improvements to consider doing some work here. We’ve negotiated that I’m going to choose the hardware that gets installed. He is speaking as though he wants to...
  9. brokentechie

    UK Any reason why sockets can't be installed on a horizontal surface?

    As title suggests, is there any regulation that prevents sockets from being installed on a horizontal surface? Think floor sockets but installed on a flat plasterboard surface which forms a recess shelf. For clarification, I'm not doing this myself, I just wanted some information before I go...
  10. N

    Some sockets not working but no fuse blown

    2 sockets in bedroom and 2 in utility room have stopped working. No fuses have blown
  11. spectredubs

    How do I safely use a 16A 250V EU subwoofer at home with UK wall sockets?

    Hi folks, new member here. I am a DJ/electronic music producer with basically zero experience in advanced electronics. I recently bought the Presonus Eris Sub8 subwoofer, I need help using this safely at home. The appliance came with an EU plug (two circular rods) and it says 16A 250V on it...
  12. JamieD93

    Wiring Two Double Sockets

    Hello everyone, Hoping someone can help me! We are currently re-wiring our property in the form of the labour intensive element (wall chasing, installing back boxes etc.) and our family electrician will be connecting everything and installing the new consumer unit later this month (I believe...
  13. R

    UK 13A Sockets keep latching in "on" position

    Hi All, I have a random issue where switches on 13A switched sockets keep latching in the "on" position. Once it happens the sockets are kaput, with the switch contacts fused together. After removing the socket there is no change. This has happened so far on two different circuits. First...
  14. littlespark

    Modular sockets like this one….

    Been asked to fit a few double sockets. In a cupboard, but he wants the same as others in the house… they are unswitched, on numerous radial circuits… (kit house, imported from Germany and assembled here) I can’t find anything similar. ( didn’t take them off to find a maker) Same house. They...
  15. R

    Category for lack of RCD on sockets in 27 year old building

    There is a difference of opinion in that a testing company carrying out an EICR has classed lack of RCD protection as a C2 where I understand this type of fault to be a C3 according to Guidance Notes 3 Table 3.5. Their opinion has been formed in reference to a publication called EICR Code...
  16. Rednblack

    Where can you put sockets in a Utility Room

    Hi everyone, I have recently had an extension built with a new Utility room. The electrician has put the sockets for the washing machine and tumble dryer in the cupboard under the sink. This is fine, except the tumble dryer lead does not reach and is currently plugged in via an extension lead. I...
  17. S

    Cooker supply to 13 amp sockets

    I will shortly be having a range cooker installed that requires 2 x 13 amp supplies. Maximum power required is stated as 3 kW and 2.85 kW respectively. I have a redundant cooker supply on its own circuit, probably 30 amp. I would like to convert this to provide the power for the new cooker. Can...
  18. N

    is there a minimum number of sockets on a radial

    Fault finding today, no continuity on a FRC turns out to be 1 complete leg of the ring is simply not there. cant run new cable in due to decor/tiled floor I was going to split the remaining sockets into 2 radials which would mean 1 radial with 3 sockets and 1 radial with only 1 socket this...
  19. W

    BG Nexus flush sockets

    Anyone ever fitted these sockets? Was fitting them today and the back boxes weren’t straight, was absolutely no play in the sockets what’s so ever.
  20. P

    UK Adding additional sockets

    Hi, Forgive me for my ignorance, I'm looking to add 2 additional double usb sockets under my desk at home, the electrican I have had the quote from said he will wire them off the ring main, as you can only spur once off a socket. Is this safe and within regulations? Also he says that he will be...
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