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  1. D

    UK Two 240 volt sockets overheated in kitchen

    Hi. Please let me know if you need more Information. In my kitchen one socket fused and will no longer work. The only thing plugged into it was a tasting coffee maker. The double wall socket had a kettle on the other plug. And that works fine. The switch on the tasting plug no longer switches...
  2. L


    Is it still ok to mount sockets on skirting boards , I know the regs state 450mm off the floor, if customer says they don't want them that high in there home , is it ok to go with the height that they want them at , cable is to be surface mounted in trunking . Its to be a new radial circuit in...
  3. L

    Outdoor lights and sockets

    Hi, I’ve been asked to install some outdoor sockets and lights for a decking area where a hot tub is being put in. There is a garage which has a 2.5mm armoured cable into a fused spur with the load side feed garage lights on a 3a fuse and the supply side feeding some garage sockets. I was...
  4. F

    Adding extra sockets

    I'm not a qualified electrician, just diy. I need to add 4 double sockets above the workbench in my study. The total load isn't going to exceed 13amps. I considered just using a 5m 8 gang extension lead from the existing socket on the other side of the room and pinning the cable to the skirting...
  5. A

    Hi guys new to electrical but I was wondering how can I feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house

    Hi guys New to electrical but I was wondering how to feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house, has a outside rotary isolator switch thanks
  6. P

    Choice for RJ45 network sockets

    Looking for network sockets to match domestic outlets, only need 1 or 2 per single back-box size, in white to match MK Logic Plus ideally. I see that MK do the K5864WHI "RJ45 CAT6 Euro Module" to match their grid range which is the obvious choice, except its pretty expensive and not many stock...
  7. S

    Moving Sockets

    Hi Guys and Girls Fairly new to the trade trying to level sockets in a finished apartment but the back boxes have been fixed using a spit gun. Do I have to remove the spits to make the sockets level. Just don't want to make a mess ??
  8. F

    what type of armoured cable for outside sockets & lights

    hi all, i was directed to this forum by my neighbor seeking some advice and help at present, I'm having my front garden dug out so I can make a driveway for my mobility car. i was wondering, one day I will be getting an electric car, so if I have opportunity to lay cable now before they put...
  9. B

    Ten plug sockets broken on front slice of the house

    My house is Victorian and spread over three floors. The plug sockets through the front slice of the house across all floors don't work from this afternoon. The fuse box situation is pictured. None of the buttons has tripped - I switched each one off and on in turn to confirm they are still...
  10. M

    Need to add plug sockets

    Hi I have recently moved and I have only 1 plug socket in the living room where i need 8! I'd normally call on an electrician to sort it but I'm reluctant to do so at the moment purely due to covid19 so want to tackle it myself as I've currently using 2 fused extension leads in the1 wall socket...
  11. S

    UK Sockets in skirting boards

    Just been watching the daily briefing from Downing Street and was amazed to see sockets and accessories mounted in the skirting. Perhaps it needs a rewire.
  12. C

    EICR code for sockets on an upstairs lights

    Hi guys hope you’re doing ok with all this going on. Anyway recently I was doing an EICR for a family member and to my amazement came across 5 upstairs sockets that were connected to the upstairs lighting circuit. The properties wiring looked quite on the older side but there was a new amendment...
  13. B

    Why does the UK use rings for sockets?

    I take it you're allowed to use radials for sockets? So why does anyone bother with rings, seems like extra hassle to me.
  14. C

    UK Changing single sockets to doubles?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to change a couple of single sockets in a bedroom to double sockets?
  15. H

    Help adding more wall sockets in bedroom

    Hi guys, I have a double socket in my bedroom already but its not really enough and would love another double socket... i have the socket itself and have the tools to do it, i have the 25mm double earth wiring , i wanted to add a spur from the socket thats already there but when i undid the...
  16. E

    trendiswitch sockets

    TrendiSwitch. Read the thread on the 3 way switch and my sparky had the same problem. eventually they sent new ones but he spent ages trying all the combinations first. Any way, I have another problem and wanted your feedback please. Just built a new eco-house and wanted a really stylish...
  17. MarkRibbands

    13A and 16A sockets on the same 20A radial. OK or not?

    I’ve just had a ‘robust exchange of views’ :) with a visiting engineer about the 16A sockets in my workshop. These, together with local 13A sockets, are run from radials in 2.5mm, protected by 20A RCBOs. I say it’s fine to have say a couple of 16A interlocked sockets, and lots of 13A doubles...
  18. G

    UK What kind of socket

    My appartment building has hallway plugs with a different fitting to every day plug sockets - it's the same as a normal uk plug socket except the distance between the top hole and bottom two is considerably shorter. What kind of socket is it?
  19. M

    Sockets on Skirting

    Hi, is there any Regulation for old properties in regard to the Height of a socket? Seem a bit confused not sure I've heard of any of this on 2365.
  20. E

    Kitchen sockets

    Am redoing the kitchen and need some of the sockets moving plus there are far to many. Th redundant ones am unsure how to handle them. Would it be okay to remove them replace with a connection box and bury under the plaster or, more easily, just replace with new faceplates knowing they will...
  21. R

    wall sockets not working

    Please help.. last week the wall socket on my fridge stopped working and the electricians said they could not find where the circuit was connected to so they would have to come back another time.. today i woke up and all of the wall sockets had stopped working. I live in a one room studio. Only...
  22. S

    Non switched sockets

    Hello, we are in the process of trying to sell our flat, the buyer has had an electrical survey and the report stated that having 2 sockets without switches was against regulations. Is this true and if not can someone please point me in the direction of the standard that proves it is not true...
  23. M

    Antique Electrical Sockets, Switches, Joint boxes fuses boxes

    Good afternoon As my username implies I'm a mad collecter I collect vintage electric items such as Sockets, Switches, joint boxes and fuseboxes, especially from the 1930s and 1940s Please could any electrician help me Instead of throwing them into a skip, please could you throw them in my...
  24. I

    UK Kitchen appliances & sockets, switches, isolation etc.

    Hi, First post so go easy on me. Looking for some advice on kitchen appliances (washing machine, dishwasher and fridge/freezer) because I have to move some of them in a kitchen redesign happening soon. At the moment, I have above bench fused switches for each appliance, then below bench...
  25. stidge

    Commercial kitchen sockets

    Hi all, I undertake maintenance at 3 x pub kitchens ( that’s what I tell the wife anyway) . Every 6-8 months I get called back to change sockets as scorched, cracked, brittle . Obviously these are already fitted too close to fryers etc , and all in white plastic dado trunking . The design is...
  26. S

    Sockets FFl ?

    Hi Guys I was given the finish floor level for brackets for tray at 2425 and took 1000mm off and installed at 1425 just want to know if in apartment you are given Ffl do you hold your tape on the metre mark and mark down 450mm and that were the bottom of the socket is ?? Thanks
  27. DRM

    UK Where should sockets be fixed for integrated fridge and freezer?

    Happy new year anyone reading this! First thing on the agenda this year is a new kitchen which is being fit by ikea. Part of it is a free standing breakfast bar that has integrated fridge and freezer and I'm wondering where the sockets will need to be mounted for them because there's no wall...
  28. C

    Lights and sockets on the same circuit

    Ring mains aside, why aren't lights and sockets on the same circuit in the residential UK? And why so rare in Europe? In the US its typical for 15 and 20 amp 120 volt circuits to feed both lights and outlets. Exception is the Kitchen counter top and washing machine- those must have their own...
  29. B

    Earthing sockets in Bulgaria

    I am about to install new wiring for a kitchen here in Bulgaria. I will be using a 2.5 ring final circuit for the sockets and 6 mm radial for the cooker. Wiring to sockets here in Bulgaria is done by using twin cable (no earth line). The earthing is done by connecting the earth and neutral point...
  30. H

    Downstairs sockets keep tripping

    Hiya, I am wondering if I could get some advice please? I know nothing electrical speak so I apologise lol For the past 2 days the downstairs sockets keep tripping. Lights all on everywhere and upstairs not effected. Only thing that goes is the sockets. Nothing new been plugged in, nothing...
  31. JK-Electrical

    UK Five-bed £1.3m home for sale plastered in plug sockets leaves house hunters feeling ‘ill’

    :eek: WTF? Bizarre to say the least.
  32. P

    How many more sockets?

    A customer has asked me to quote to fit some more sockets in the room pictured below, and I suggested another 4 doubles just to ensure they have enough. Do you think another 4 doubles Is sufficient?
  33. Gavin John Hyde

    Far too many sockets!

    Just seen this online.... what earth was the owmer doing to need so many sockets? A grow house? Only house i have seen like that is either a aninal collector or aquarium for the heaters, pumps etc.. Anybody want to own up for installing them...
  34. westward10

    Rcd sockets.

    Just come across this in Connections magazine.
  35. P

    UK Sockets not working in 1 room only

    Hi everyone, Firstly thank you to all on this forum who helped me to track down the problem with the plug sockets not working in 1 room of my flat - i came across this website and the comments helped me immensely! I have registered and joined this group so i can share my experience and...
  36. B

    Spacing between clusters of sockets and switches

    Evening, is there a standard gap to put between clusters of sockets and light switches? Eg if you have a couple of double sockets, a tv socket and a lamp socket grouped together, how much of a gap would you put between them. Also if you had few light switches grouped together what sort of gap...
  37. M

    Is there anything I can do to get my sockets working

    To Qualified Electricians: I have this iron with a torn wire that I fixed by twisting the wires together. This solution worked for weeks until today I accidentally allowed the two separated wires in the cord electrical plug to come into contact. This formed a spark in the cable and now all of...
  38. G

    Shaver sockets and (unnecessary (?) isolation switches)

    Hi all, just a simple one, when fitting shaver sockets, (on lighting circuit) do you connect them via a switched fused spur, and if so why? (assuming mi's dont ask for one)
  39. R

    Crackly amp in certain sockets

    Hi, My house is about 30 years old and I have been here for 17 years. Before we arrived, the previous owner had an extension done which included a new dining room. I now want to use that room to play music, so I have moved a guitar amp and a small PA but when I plug them in, they crackle like...
  40. FatAlan

    Kitchen refit - sockets moved from wall to units?

    32amp rfc supplying two gang sockets in wall behind kitchen units. At present horrible holes have been cut in the back of the units to get access to the sockets for appliances. New units going in. Whats the best way of extending to a pattress in the back of the unit? In essence Im looking for...
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