1. C

    UK Can a 10mm2 Shower feed and a 1.5mm2 switched live for the lights be in the same wall chase?

    Hi, I'm installing 10mm2 cable into the wall to the loft from the downstairs consumer unit ready for an electrician to terminate both ends. Previously the shower isolator was a switch on the wall but my intentions are to change this switch to a light switch and instead put a pull cord for the...
  2. C

    Sockets fitted pipe chase

    Hi I’m getting a new kitchen fitted, there’s a existing socket outlet fitted into a pipe chase, for the rewiring of new socket outlets is it still ok to have a flush socket fitted into the pipe chase, the pipe chase contains a soil pipe from the bathroom above. If it does or doesn’t what is the...
  3. M

    Existing chase and permitted routes

    Hello Was wondering what the professionals thoughts are with regards to moving a fixture and permitted routes. In this particular instance, I have moved a light switch about 15cm so that it's facing the room/door side as opposed to being around a corner. Additionally, the plan is to build a...
  4. T

    Can i tap in to same wall chase for lighting?

    Hi, in the middle of having my house re-wired I've chased the walls myself and laid the cable for the new sockets (nothing connected up) When it comes to the lighting, in some of the rooms a chase runs close to the light switch, can i tap in to that chase and do a horizontal one to the light...
  5. F

    Running electrical cable in plastic D-Line trunking

    Hi. I am planing on building a (not sure what to call it) U shaped storage solution which goes either side and above the headboard of a bed. I want to install a couple of reading lights either side. A mixture of me not being bothered and running out of money means I cant run cable on the...
  6. HappyHippyDad

    Running cat5e and coax in same chase?

    Morning.. I'm having an ethernet point next to a tv aerial socket. Is it ok to run the cat5e and coax in the same chase. As I understand it I just have to keep LV 50mm away from ELV, so as these are both ELV its ok? Cheers all.
  7. N

    UK Drilled into a light cable.

    I have stupidly managed to drill into a light switch cable. I’m trying to keep cost down as much as I can. Would chasing them wall out ready help?
  8. telectrix

    Is this the purrrfect chase?

    little info. socket on right was an existing single, mounted on a 16mm box!.left socket is new. ideally I'd have raised the existing socket to the same height, but cable is in steel conduit. didn't fancy cutting that with a cable inside. trainees note that the change of height was done in the...
  9. HappyHippyDad

    Which capping do you use in a wide chase down to consumer unit?

    I haven't done many rewires and have not come across the scenario where I need to bring all the cables down to a consumer unit in a chase. I expect there will be around 10-15 cables of varying sizes. I can find 50mm capping but is there a better way to cover a large amount of cables in a chase...
  10. N

    Filling Wall Chase............

    I’ve chased out two channels and I’ve applied bonding as a rough coat and im wondering what you all use to finish it off for a smooth joinless finish. Would multifinish or dob and dab adhesive achieve this finish?
  11. M

    Chase junction box in wall

    Hi Guys, I'm tweaking the layout to my garage and I'd like to put a cabinet against the wall right where my conservatory sockets are fed from. Due to this I need to recess a junction. I had planned to mount an adaptable box in the wall and chase a channel out for some conduit, however I'm not...
  12. T

    Can anyone estimate for this ?

    put in two ring circuits (18 D/so) and do dead tests, connect into consumer unit, do live tests A visual inspection of the lighting circuit with tests Dead and live and record loft with boxes and boarded (Lim) but some wiring in sight A risk assessement and method statement/Toolbox talk affix...
  13. T

    What regulation does L shape chase come under

    I am told a chase I did was dangerous and should never be done in this way. My thinking was considering all things it was in safe zones and is not dangerous. I would appreciate opinions on the matter please. The other part of the picture is where the client claims a scratched pipe when drilling...
  14. uksparks

    Depth of chase

    Hi, another house im working on at the moment, plumber was there today, he was just going when I arrived. he has put some pipes in, but to be honest I think he has gone a bit in the deep side, I said to the customer it looks a bit deep, he brought it up. Basically its 9" brick, and has taken...
  15. C

    to Chase or not to Chase that is the question

    Hi has anybody got any pictures of wall mounted cables on the outside of a house to serve lights. i wanted to get 3 up/down lighters on the outside of the house, the easiest least distruptive way was to have cable clipped to the outside. however, i wonder if it would be an absolute isoar or...
  16. M

    The Chase

    Anyone see the case tonight. Got a Sparky on and Bradley asks him about his Job and he says he trained in 8 weeks. The contestant asks Bradley if he needs a Sparky and good old Bradley replies not sure.....didnt think you could be qualified in 8 weeks! do people trust you ..............Good...
  17. D

    Quoting for a plastering job...

    You lot may think I've lost my mind, but I need to know this! Learnt the plastering trade over the years and can skim a wall/ceiling as well as anyone. Mentioned this to a guy at a company I do occasional work for and he said he asked if I could drop by and quote for a job. Job is dead...
  18. T

    SDS drill options

    Looking for my first SDS for chasing out etc and looking for some advice. Definitely going corded route, domestic stuff with capability for handling brick, concrete and stone. First query is how much difference does the kg make? ie some say 2kg, 3kg 4kg and even 5kg. I am guessing each is a step...
  19. S

    My Ongoing Domestic Questions...

    Me again ;) Ok, oval conduit... 13mm 16mm 20mm or 25mm? I'm going to get my hands on a wall chaser so depth shouldn't be a problem, so therefore I'm torn between 16mm and 20mm as I presume 25mm isn't really that necessary. I know some may say don't bother with capping but I want to use it as...


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