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  1. sanasanasana

    Could my meter be wired up wrong?

    Hello everyone In September 2023 I rented a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with all electric supply, no gas powered appliances. I noted down the initial meter reading which was 81677. This was on the 23rd of September. On the EPC rating certificate I was given by the lettings agency, the...
  2. R

    Is my boiler wired right?

    Just looking at my boiler wiring out of interest, and just wondering if it's wired correctly. So perma lives, neutrals and earths in the right place, but i can't figure out the switch lives to the controller. If i follow the circuit it seems like the earth of the 4 core is acting as some sort...
  3. JBW175

    Best way to get wired internet to an outbuilding?

    Good afternoon legends, Just after some advice on what the title suggests really as I don’t do much data work. I’m about to start a garage conversion for a client, and they’ve asked for a data point so they can get internet in there as the garage is detached, and the wifi ain’t that great...
  4. W

    Extending Wifi and wired ethernet points to garden room

    I am wiring a garden room which will be a home office, customer wants wired ethernet points and wifi down there from the house router Its too far for wifi to reach from the house I have run an SWA cat 6 from the house router to an RJ45 socket on the wall of the garden room Can I get a kind of...
  5. S

    What might this wired object be?

    The house was built in 1977. I noticed at least two of the pictured objects secured to the attic ceiling. I don't know what they are and that leaves me frustrated. What are these wired items attached to the ceiling of the attic?
  6. W

    Home UPS wired incorrectly?

    When I use certain outlets in my home, while the power is not out, it drains the UPS battery and triggers the dead battery alarm on the UPS system. Why is it not only using the power from the grid until the power is out and then the UPS system? Context: I live in Pakistan and can guide an...
  7. S

    Wired Doorbell Problem

    I installed a doorbell where the button to activate it is 70 feet from the chime. I thought 14 gauge would be enough, but when I pressed the button, no chime. I realize what a mistake this was. I've attached a diagram showing the ridiculous distance in number 1. Would it make a difference if I...
  8. J

    Can any electrical oven be hard wired?

    We do not have an outlet in the area behind the oven. Our current oven is hard wired. There is an outlet just above the counter near the oven area. Can a new oven be plugged in that outlet? Can any oven be hard wired if we choose to do that? Is it easy to install an outlet behind an the...
  9. R

    Blink doorbell wired

    I'm having issues with the new Blink doorbell that I Installed today. Basically, unless the doorbell is wired, it will default to a VERY basic use and run on batteries only which is not what I want. It states that it needs to be between 16-24V and maximum of 40VA. Now I bought a bell...
  10. C

    3 gang light switch issues, is it wired incorrectly?

    Hello all. For years now I've used Phillips Hue smart bulbs in my 3, ceiling mounted lounge lights and have therefore never needed to switch them individually. I've recently redecorated and moved to a light fixture that cannot take Phillips Hue smart bulbs, so I have decided to go from a 3...
  11. B

    Solar wired into CU breaker, why should it use the solar power & not pull from the grid?

    Hi, Really just for info. not a problem or anything. (to be honest also wanting to be sure it is taking from solar as much as possible & can you be sure of that?) I assume the new solar meter is actually what is being drawn from the array so is an accurate indications of that. Grid tied 4kw...
  12. NellyManjaro

    Hard wired smokes with CU change?

    Hopefully an easy one without much debate but I've just had spoke to someone who has had an electrician go to his rental property and say it needs a new CU which I'd agree, all sockets to be replaced as they don't have switches which I would personally but didn't think this was actually a...
  13. M

    cross wired sealed plug

    I tested an IEC lead that was crossed L--N . Both ends were sealed, so I cut the cable & the plug was cross wired. I am posting this because somebody may be churning out hundreds of cross wired sealed plugs, & how is anybody to know? Best regards.
  14. F

    DPDT switches wired together

    Hello, could someone please explain/diagram how to wire two switches (I think DPDT switches are necessary) together so that the electric window in my car can be operated by either switch at any time? (Like when the passenger window of a car works from the driver's switch or from the passenger...
  15. J

    Removing old wired stat for new hive system

    Hi Firstly if it wasn’t for this forum I would not have been to able to wire my hive controller so quickly so thank you ! Still sort of on topic of my hive I need to disconnect my old wired stat. I believe two of the wires will need connecting together to complete the circuit. Could anyone...
  16. M

    Fire alarms must be hard wired?

    Hello, I applied for a retrospective completion certificate for kitchen relocation. The work was done about 7 years ago. The building standard surveyor says that I need to install interlinked smoke and heat alarms to comply with the new fire regulations. I got in touch with different...
  17. A

    Ring Video Doorbell Wired Install Advice

    Hi All, Apologies, I know this question has been asked a bunch before but as I’ve read in most of the previous threads there is that many different setups and doorbells I wanted to confirm (or not) that I was on the right track. Plan is to power via current chime. Not sure what make/model but...
  18. kierandgaf

    DIY Thermostat installing Honeywell wired T3

    Hello I’ve just purchased a Honeywell Wired T3 thermostat to install. I’ve ran into an issues I have Drayton thermostat in the hall wall which I’m going to replace but I also have Drayton programmer upstairs in main bed room which only controls heating not water the boiler is located downstairs...
  19. D

    Ring Wired Doorbell Transformer Chime advice

    Hi, I have purchased a Ring Video Doorbell in the UK, and am looking to install it. I live in a New build property and the transformer to the Chime is within the Chime unit. Looking at it the wires come through slightly differently to the installation video, and I'm trying to confirm how I...
  20. got1878

    Wired Ring Floodlight Cam - On Existing Motion Lights

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can kindly advise on an issue I'm having. I had an Electrician install a couple of these hardwired ring floodlight cameras this morning; https://en-uk.ring.com/products/floodlight-cam-wired-pro We have a handful of old motion lights on the property. The...
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