1. R

    Pump wired in 2.5mm on a shower circuit 10mm on Type B 40 acceptable ?

    Good evening all, I’m currently part way through my apprenticeship and we are working on IB, IN, IZ and IT and volt drop today. And it got me thinking I have seen a circumstance at work, where: A shower has been wired in 10mm T+E on a 40A breaker. But then from the shower isolator switch a 2.5mm...
  2. T

    Ring wired doorbells (again!)

    I’m trying to install my Ring doorbell (2nd gen) and I’ve discovered that the transformer feeding my Freidland isn’t producing any power. I suspect that I connected the jumper lead between the wrong wires (thanks to Ring’s really confusing instruction!) so I now need to replace it. I don’t want...
  3. L

    UK Wired doorbell power source

    Hello, I would liked to install a Byron wired doorbell with built in chime and 8v transformer. I'm struggling to get power source. I have a light close to the front door. Would it be ok to use this the light cable as a power source? I would have to put some kind of switch and have it...
  4. P

    Putting UK plugs on hard wired appliances

    I purchased a new-build apartment 10 years ago, which came with a fitted oven and microwave. Both appliances are described by the manufacturer (AEG) as hard wired. I recently purchased a new hard wired microwave, but the installer discovered that there was only a socket behind the microwave. He...
  5. P

    New oven has a plug, old oven is hard wired

    Hi, My current oven is hardwired to a fused connection plate with a 13Amp fuse inside and power switch. That is then connected to the MCB labelled kitchen. The MCB switch labelled cooker is actually connected to the hob. Could I cut the hardwired cable and connect an unfused plug socket, which...
  6. MaintenanceSpark

    Extension lead wired into 63A TP+N MCB/Main Switch

    Hi guys, We’ve had a new CNC Machine from China arrive this week. It came with a monitor and a tower to run the software. The monitor and tower were already plugged in to an extension lead that was wired through the slotted trunking, I took all the lids off and traced the extension lead cable...
  7. sanasanasana

    Could my meter be wired up wrong?

    Hello everyone In September 2023 I rented a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with all electric supply, no gas powered appliances. I noted down the initial meter reading which was 81677. This was on the 23rd of September. On the EPC rating certificate I was given by the lettings agency, the...
  8. M

    Can someone explain how these storage heaters were wired via the contactor?

    Been round to a house to quote to replace some storage heaters for new panel heaters and came across a strange (to me at least) way of wiring the old storage heaters via a contactor in the board, as usually I see their own off peak consumer unit which powers up at night via economy 7. From the...
  9. S

    Newly wired ceiling light blinks

    I am adding a light fixture in a room I am restoring in my 160 yo house. I have ran a new 12-2 w/ground wire from the ceiling box to a junction box where I am tapping into an existing wire that goes to another room. In the junction box, I have attached all white wires together, including the...
  10. D

    Ring Video Doorbell Wired Installation Setup 3rd Party Accessories

    Hi, So I ended up with a Ring video wired doorbell instead of a Byron video wired doorbell as B&Q were out of stock (had ordered online) and they gave the Ring one at no extra cost (nice of them). Not what I was after but will have to make and do. I don't really want to fork out and buy the...
  11. J

    Ring wired - Help bypass Underdome Bell? Friedland 743 transforma

    Hi, I bought a Ring wired bell thinking, easy, just replace the current doorbell. Now I'm hunting down how to bypass the chime but am unsure of how given this underdome bell system? Please see photos, Friedland 743 transforma is separate with chime on wall, I can't see anything else and do not...
  12. R

    Is my boiler wired right?

    Just looking at my boiler wiring out of interest, and just wondering if it's wired correctly. So perma lives, neutrals and earths in the right place, but i can't figure out the switch lives to the controller. If i follow the circuit it seems like the earth of the 4 core is acting as some sort...
  13. JBW175

    Best way to get wired internet to an outbuilding?

    Good afternoon legends, Just after some advice on what the title suggests really as I don’t do much data work. I’m about to start a garage conversion for a client, and they’ve asked for a data point so they can get internet in there as the garage is detached, and the wifi ain’t that great...
  14. W

    Extending Wifi and wired ethernet points to garden room

    I am wiring a garden room which will be a home office, customer wants wired ethernet points and wifi down there from the house router Its too far for wifi to reach from the house I have run an SWA cat 6 from the house router to an RJ45 socket on the wall of the garden room Can I get a kind of...
  15. S

    What might this wired object be?

    The house was built in 1977. I noticed at least two of the pictured objects secured to the attic ceiling. I don't know what they are and that leaves me frustrated. What are these wired items attached to the ceiling of the attic?
  16. W

    Home UPS wired incorrectly?

    When I use certain outlets in my home, while the power is not out, it drains the UPS battery and triggers the dead battery alarm on the UPS system. Why is it not only using the power from the grid until the power is out and then the UPS system? Context: I live in Pakistan and can guide an...
  17. S

    Wired Doorbell Problem

    I installed a doorbell where the button to activate it is 70 feet from the chime. I thought 14 gauge would be enough, but when I pressed the button, no chime. I realize what a mistake this was. I've attached a diagram showing the ridiculous distance in number 1. Would it make a difference if I...
  18. K

    UK Old 8.5K shower wired to 30 amp fuse with no RCD. Is it still safe & ok to use?

    8.5K shower unit is wired to plastic box consumer unit to 30 amp cartridge fuse with no RCD It’s the original shower installed when the house was built around 1995 The shower is still fully working after all these years, never blowing the cartridge fuse before Am I right to presume RCD wasn’t...
  19. gcrawley02

    Ring video doorbell wired bypass advice

    I have the following transformer/chime and need to install the bypass cable. Can anyone advise how this should be wired up?
  20. B

    Landing double switch incorrectly wired

    Hi all. Newbie here and hoping someone can help. Some time ago I replaced the landing double light switch. Wires must have come loose as it stopped working. Put them back in what I thought was the right place but its not quite working properly. Its one of these thats connected to the one at the...


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