1. J

    din rail mounted bell transformer - earth?

    hi i've bought a hager st303 din rail mounted door bell transformer and a 2 module wylex ESE2 enclosure for it to fit in. i was going to run this off a 3A FCU. i can't see any earth connection on the transformer from the photo - it haasn't arrived yet - and there's nothing to earth in the...
  2. driverman

    UK Dummy Bell Box required

    Hi Guys, I'm after a realistic outside dummy alarm bell box to cover Sky cable. It's a new house that's wired for Sky, but not used. I'm thinking of an empty bell box to house the Sky cable in case required for later use. Thanks
  3. D

    Back lit bell box

    Hi all can a bell box be made back lit thanks
  4. D

    Abacus control panel. To bell box

    Hi all I have a abacus panel I want to put new bell box in It’s a Texecom premier odyssey 1e. Can anyone please help has anyone got instructions for wiring please. Also. 2nd question can I use any keypad with the abacus panel. I have a Texecom panel is it ok to use if so looking...
  5. L

    Domestic Please the end of my tether with transformer/Ring

    Hi guys, Really hoping for some simple advice after a 2 year battle with my Ring Pro doorbell. To cut a long story short, and spending £ on several plugin transformers and multiple replacement Pros, I have decided to use the 24v bell transformer supplied from Ring. So, (and excuse incorrect...
  6. D

    IP67 Push Switch to replace plastic outdoor light switch and bell

    Hi Guys, Please can I have some advice on IP67 switches. I would like to use outside to replace bulky plastic switch boxes available on the market. One will be used for a light switch and another for a door bell. I plan to use a stainless steel push switch mounted on the face of a small sealed...
  7. G

    Bell 801 Entry Phone System Wiring help

    Morning all, Hope you’re all well. I have replaced my entry phone system for the same one just a fresher one as have been decorating. However, the dummy I am, I didn’t take a pic of where the wires go and now I’m lost. I’ve got the sound working when someone pushes the buzzer downstairs, but...
  8. P

    Supplier for Bell Systems door entry system

    I am trying to find a supplier to supply a slightly customised Bell door entry system i.e. not exactly one of their standard kits. I used to deal directly with Bell whose sales dept is excellent but now they say they won't supply direct. I need a supplier who is at least capable of understanding...
  9. T

    Continuity testing help

    Hi, I created a thread on ultimatehandyman (yes I know) but I feel like I'd be better off posting my question here, you're welcome to have a look at the thread for full details however (Continuity testing. - I fully expect part...
  10. danzor

    Bell box and CCTV (need 20 characters for title)

    Hi, security isn't really my field. But I'm looking at going down the smart home system for indoors. I'm looking at Loxone, I'm after a good sounder for outside (research has come back with Rapier?). Also a good CCTV that will work with Loxone (although most will anyway). Thanks
  11. buzzlightyear

    some body bang on the door some body ring the bell

    having been to a hotel with a fault on a lights and open and close system on a circuit .I had fixed the fault in which was the lighting .and Elvis left the building. about 1 hour after me left the building . the customer rings up the entry will not work .well it work for going out back to...
  12. S

    Does this bell transformer have overload protection?

    Hi Folks I bought one of these Door Bell Transformer | Stevenson Plumbing & Electrical Supplies - as it's SELV and supports illuminated pushes, but can't find any...
  13. S

    Of to Bell and Colvill tomorrow

    in West Horsley for an open day, book the Subaru Legacy in for a health check and a test ride for myself and the girlfriend in an Evora 430 GT should be fun, some concessions made as off the the Devils Punch Bowl afterwards...... ;o)))
  14. S

    CSU Mounted or DIN Rail External 24V Bell Transformer

    Any recommendations?
  15. A

    Adding a wired bell (with transformer) to a 2 way intercom

    Hello folks, I'm just your standard 'diy'er! I don't seem to be able to achieve the above, can anybody give me some pointers? We have an existing 2 way intercom which goes to only one part of the house. we want to add a wired doorbell (Byron 766 inc transformer) so the rest of the house gets a...
  16. M

    Swapping over alarm bell box

    Hi there. I swapped over my bell box a couple of days ago with an AG6. The terminations were slightly different from the old one. The bell is working as it should. What I have noticed is happening since I changed it over is sometimes when I open the back door which has a door contact on it...
  17. crooksy88

    Accenta G4 external siren only sounds on bell test

    Hi, I have an Accenta G4 8SP399A with a single LCD keypad. Everything seems to be working correctly other than the external bell doesn't sound when the alarm is triggered, the strobe lights do light up though. If I do a bell test via the engineers menu the external bell does sound. Would...
  18. tharetard

    Transformer from CU to door bell (Ring Pro)

    Hi guys I need some advice with cable routing. I'm planning on buying a Ring Pro doorbell ( and installing it on a new build house. There is currently no doorbell installed (it was a completely insane cost to get...
  19. S

    Attached bell wire to rendered external insulation

    Hi. I'm pricing up a job. I need to run bell wire up the outside of a newly rendered and externally insulated house. Never touched this before and I'm worried the clips won't fix in securely or will damage it. Is this the case? Any one got any experience /tips? Thanks.
  20. M

    Home Control panel & Bell Box

    hello would just like to say thank you to all for your help, being doing electrical work for years now retied which i like even better, now just playing with trains, anyway would like a bit more help please. I have now sorted my sons alarm out now working great, his next door neighbor has got me...
  21. M

    Can I wire up a Honeywell AG6 Alarm bell box with only 4 cores?

    Replaced panel and would now like to replace Bell box. Using Existing wiring, it has two cores from bell box wire to an individual zone, so only 4 Spare cores available at bell box. I cannot even find the possible 'zone/pir/panic button' to check the wiring at it. Can anyone help me...
  22. T

    Eicr None Labelled Consumer Unit.

    How much do most people allow per circuit for an EICR. Normally houses and small offices. Also where do you stand on labelled consumer units. Went to an office the other day, had about 7 ring mains, 10 lighting circuits, radials. NONE Labelled. How long do you spend trying to find which...
  23. W

    External Bell Box Not Sounding

    Hi All I moved into a new property last year which was fitted with an accenta g3 house alarm however the previous owner damaged the panel and it was on tamper lockout. I went online and made a few enquiries before purchasing the accenta g4 panel and lcd keypad. I took photos of the old panel...
  24. E

    Newbie: Bellchime Question - Help Required

    Hi There, I just moved into a new-build house and changed the 6v bell chime and transformer to a Wired Belron 776 with built in 8v transformer. (pic attached) 1 Having now got an 8 V Transformer Set Up. I want to now upgrade my doorbell to the Ring Video Pro. I learned today that this...
  25. S

    How much capacity of a labelling machine is good?

    How can we decide that the capacity is good of labelling machine? what should it be?
  26. C

    connection a odyssey 1 bellbox to a paragon control panel

    could anyone give me some advice on connection of a odyssey 1 bell box to a paragon super alarm panel. odyssey connections are, A 12v B Bell C tamper...
  27. S

    Spot light install above a pot belly stove

    Has any one installed spots lights above a pot belly stove ,my fear is the heat will affect the led spots and even to a certain degree the cables may get affected above the ceiling Im installing a small mf ceiling to allow for spots I have attached a pic of setup minus mf celing which I will...
  28. R

    PAT Test MInibelle mixer?!

    Hi All I have recently qualified as a PAT tester, for doing in house stuff for a building company. Does anyone know how to PAT test a cement mixer with a magnetic start? I was told on my training course that you could buy an adaptor for such purposes but I have drawn to a blank where to get...
  29. N

    Wireless Fire Alarm extension bell

    We have an extensive fire alarm system here, regularly maintained, and we're seeking to add an extension bell to our camp-site, where it would be useful to wake people up in the event of a fire in the house. This is not a statutary requirement just something that it would be handy to have. This...
  30. A

    Labeller recommendation?

    I'm looking to purchase a labeller for labeling Consumer units, patch panels etc.. anyone reccomend a particular model? thanks
  31. G

    Alarm bells

    There is a company south of London who we are bidding against. There website says that they only employ 'time served' electricians etc... The person at the top tells everyone that he is a company director since 2006. According to companies House this company has never filed accounts and has...
  32. L

    Commercial Labelling

    Hi Regarding labeling of DB's. I have been informed that stickers are not to be used on DB units and that plastic/ traffolyte labels are to be screwed on. Are these regulations or just a preferred method. This was whilst working at a train station. Thanks in advance
  33. N

    Doorbells and Voltage drop

    Hi All First posting to the forum so I hope that I've posted in the correct place. I'm looking to install a doorbell at my home in France. The distance between the bell push and the location of the bell/chime is about 40 m. I originally wanted a battery operated unit but I've been warned that...
  34. J

    Installing a doorbell, help thanks in advance

    Hi there, and many thanks in advance for some assistance. I recently purchased a Door bell and a Byron 1210 Wired Underdome Bell, and a Byron 7770 Transformer 220/240v - 8v 1 amp. My question is the power source> Is it possible to wire the transformer to a standard mains plug. I...
  35. uksparks

    Bell Transformer

    Hi, Anyone know which bell transformer I can get to fit in this board?
  36. G

    Domestic Consumer unit labelling

    What labelling needs to be on a new CU? Ive got the RCD/date of inspection/circuit info labels, I know i need a label for different coloured conductors. Do I need a label on the MET? Also, the supply is through a DP isolator, does that need a label? Ive got an Elecsa assessment shortly so...
  37. cprfenom

    Labelling sockets

    I have been asked to carry out an EICR on an installation that has 1 main board and 2 sub boards. The question I have is, is there any reg that states the sockets should be labelled up with the information of the supply board and circuit number? Thanks in advance Chris
  38. A

    Commercial DB labelling?

    Afternoon all, I have gone to look at installing an extra Socket on a radial circuit in a local cafe and the new DB which was installed by the another Electrician does not have one single label on any of the circuit breakers. The installation only took place in April and I cannot see any...
  39. imago

    Door bells

    Are any of the wireless ones to be recommended? All I've ever heard of them is negative, but a school I do work for needs one to cover one door and it would be the simplest solution. They have the usual entry system with comms and coded keys, but the need a bell/buzzer for one door. It's for an...
  40. A

    Domestic Alarm bellbox

    I have posted another thread a while ago about a burglar alarm but unfortunately still don't have it sorted- did leave it for a while so the point is, i have a Honeywell Ag6 Bellbox to an Accenta mini G4 panel but it doesn't seem to stop sounding when i type the code in on the keypad. my wiring...
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