storage heater

  1. UKMeterman

    Electrician Jobs Storage heater swap out first floor flat Didcot

    I am looking for an Electrican to do a swap out of a storage heater in a first floor flat in Didcot.
  2. L

    Economy 7 rewiring problem for storage heaters

    I recently got my flat rewired. It had old storage heaters and we plan on putting modern storage heaters in. The way the electrician did the rewiring means that there is only night time supply for the future heaters, although now I’m looking at buying heaters, I realise that all modern heaters...
  3. P

    Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater replacment

    Hi all, I have an Economy 7 storage heater Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater + Convector ( there not available anymore) that dos'nt work and needs replacing. What can I replace it with and does it have to be another storage heater or is there other alternatives ? Thanks
  4. J

    Storage Heater with one dial

    Hi! A storage heater in my home has two switches on the wall, two on the heater and one dial. How do I operate the storage heater?
  5. M

    Can someone explain how these storage heaters were wired via the contactor?

    Been round to a house to quote to replace some storage heaters for new panel heaters and came across a strange (to me at least) way of wiring the old storage heaters via a contactor in the board, as usually I see their own off peak consumer unit which powers up at night via economy 7. From the...
  6. littlespark

    Storage heater teleswitch

    There was always talk of teleswitch transmitters being switched off. Does anyone know if that is a thing, or whether it’s been done? I was at a local holiday cottage on Monday, owner said 2 out of 3 heaters weren’t working. I found one burnt switch, which I replaced, but nothing wrong with...
  7. W

    UK Storage heater help needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of assistance please from those that know more about this stuff than I do. Currently in a rented flat and there's an old style Breda (beige /grey) storage heater in the living room with an input and out put dial. When I used the heater in the winter last year I'd...
  8. P

    How to identify if the sunhouse storage heater has asbestos in it ?

    Hi I’ve recently got my first home I’m not entirely sure when they were built I’m thinking possibly 60s or 70s? My problem is the storage heaters as I would like to remove them and change them to something modern, they are sunhouse SSH18A-79352s my main concern upon opening it up to take the...
  9. T

    Dimplex CXL 18 Storage Heater - Resistor Question

    Hi, I'm just a DIY're but I'm OK with basic electrics. Grateful if anyone could help me with the location of where the double resistor is wired to. I had to replace the control panel on the convector side of the heater and decided to also replace the elements as one had stopped working over...
  10. G

    Creda 79151 Storage Heater

    Morning I just wanted post this information for anyone that may come across these Storage Heaters as I have struggled to find any relevant information regarding asbestos and removal of the heaters I contacted Creda directly to ask if these contain asbestos and confirm date of manufacture...
  11. G

    Connecting a Sunhouse SSHE070 storage heater

    Hi, My electrician removed an old Creda storage heater connected to only 1 off peak supply and installed the SSHE070 but as the power is off peak he cannot set it up. He connected it up but it has not come on over the off peak period. Has he missed something? He asked me to contact Dimplex but...
  12. O

    UK Storage heater rawl plugs

    Hi all, 37 years ago when I installed storage heaters for Norweb, believe it or not, we used fibre rawl plugs. If you know you know..chewed the end to splay it out...:) Fast forward 37 years and I'm about to replace an old Elnur for a new Creda heater. Does should a product still exist...
  13. J

    Storad Storage Heater Not Working - Unusual Charge Controller

    Hi, I have a customer with a Storad SR140-3 storage heater (in the bathroom), which does not work. The resistance of the elements is ok. There does not appear to be any onboard controls but situated outside the bathroom door is the charge controller (I think). I have never seen one like this...
  14. C

    Reconnect old storage heater

    Hi. I'm having an issue with an old style storage heater. A workman disconnected the storage heater to lay new flooring under it . For some reason the installer removed the wiring completely, rather than keep it wired in . He then re wired as originally done. . Since then the heater...
  15. C

    Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater - School Lock

    Hi all, I have a Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater displaying the message "school lock". None of the buttons are working as a result. Any ideas how to rectify this? Thanks!
  16. P

    Storage heater question.

    Hi. I've been asked to install a Dimplex qm150 storage heater for a customer. There is a suitable existing supply for the off peak element. Someone has installed a switched fused spur to supply the boost functionality. This has been taken from a nearby socket circuit. However the property has...
  17. Roger H

    Vermiculite board in storage heater

    Can I use Vermiculite board in storage heater for a repair for front board broken in move? Does not touch heater elements
  18. S

    Dimplex Quantum storage heater 150 - keeps melting 20amp double pole switch

    Had a quantum (qm150) installed for 8 years - no problem. Couple of weeks ago the switch (usually always on except when on holiday) stuck and no power to heater. Had a look at switch and saw it was melted where the N wire goes in. Bought an exact replacement (B+Q) and replaced myself with the...
  19. I

    Storage Heater Repair

    Hi, We have an old storage heater (FGS Storad COH 972A). Guess it's around 30 years old. It's a dual rad - storage and convector heater. Stopped working last winter. I opened it up (after turning off the power!) and noticed one of the cables was burnt and snapped). Also, noticed one of the...
  20. A

    Electrician Jobs looking for an electrician in Oxford/shire

    Hello, would someone please be able to recommend an electrician in Oxford/shire who is familiar with electrical wall storage heaters -could look and fix the broken ones I have at home? Any suggestions?


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