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storage heater

  1. P

    Peak Supply for Storage Heater

    Hello, I am replacing my old storage heaters (single supply). I have two choices either buy replacement ones which require only off-peak or buy the more modern type which require peak and off-peak supplies. I am wondering if an electrician will be able to create the new peak supply by running a...
  2. Charlie_

    Storage Heater Recommendations?

    As part of a conversion from a town house to a kind of HMO I have been asked to quote for all electric heating + electric showers (5). Qualifies for ‘comfy heat tariff’. I have put forms in to upgrade from 1 to 3 phase. I’m looking at the Dimplex Quantum range, because it’s a brand with a good...
  3. L

    Storage Heater- ASBESTOS????

    Hi, I’ve been asked to replace some old storage heaters from a flat - they seem very old and I’m a bit worried they contain asbestos. I couldn’t find any make or model numbers on them. I’ve attached photos , it’s a long shot but if any storage rad experts out there and knows please help.
  4. robbacrap

    Advice on mystery old storage heater

    Hi everyone, we have in our rented flat a quite old storage heater. Up to now we only used it when required without using the "storage" feature, as we are unable to understand how the input/output controls work. It does definitely work when we turn the switch on, but it seem we cannot regulate...
  5. James Harrison

    Unidare Storage Heater with Under floor air flow broken

    Hi, I'm trying to help my elderly dad who has a Unidare Storgae system with underfloor air circulation. The motor appears to have stopped working. Can anyone help. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. Many thanks in advance.
  6. happyhippydad

    Night storage heater, how easy to remove bricks?

    I need to get a night storage heater up the stairs. I was planning to get a helper but I just wondered how easy is it to take the bricks out? Is it just a few screws on the front cover or is it more time consuming? Its one of the older types if that's any help at all. I haven't got a picture...
  7. J

    creda storage heater

    have creda bathroom storeage heater last week put in a new thermal fuse it worked for 4 days then stopped checked meter cuboard and nothing tripped please help thanks jim
  8. U

    storage heater or not?

    Evening chaps usual Thursday evening dumb question coming up but I would appreciate a little help as Dr Google is not cooperating. An electric boiler (heatrae sadia amptec C900) running wet system radiators(normal rads) Would the radiators be considered to be storage heaters? may be more of a...
  9. M

    13amp socket for old storage heater

    Taking a old storage heater off the wall for my brother who would like a single socket in its place. It has it’s own circuit in the fuse board (b16 breaker) I know a little about electrics but don’t know if a standard 13amp socket will run off the breaker safely. Thanks in advance
  10. codger

    Replacing storage heater

    Good morning chaps. Needing some guidance if poss. Looking to replace an existing storage heater in a living room with a panel heater, but looking for something which will give max heat but with max efficiency too. The room is 5m x 5m x 2.5m. Thinking 2.5/3kW possibly, or equivalent. Can anyone...
  11. S

    Totally stumped. Night Storage Heater tripping out MCB, but ok on daytime circuit.

    Please help. I have a basic understanding of electirics, but 5 Electricians are stumped and I don't know where to go next. My mother in law heats her house by 4 Night Storage Heaters, all of which are wired to a Economy 7 supply/fuse board, with no RCD just MCB. The largest of the Night...
  12. E

    Why are all storage heater replacements on the top floor?

    can anyone answer me this riddle?
  13. R

    Storage Heater Recommendations

    Hi Guys, Been asked by a family friend for advice about what storage heaters to go for. They've got 4 in total in the house and have said only ones working properly so want them all changing. What are people recommending when being asked by customers to change all storage heaters? I'm currently...
  14. L

    Storage heater / Oil filled radiator / Ceramic radiator?????

    I’ve just bought a 1 bed apartment with storage heaters from the early 1980’s with no thermostat. The apartment is electric only and I’m trying to work out what is the best replacement for the old storage heaters. I have economy 7 What I can’t work out is am I best to go for: 1. Storage...
  15. Sparky_marky2

    Storage Heater with 4 wires

    My mum bought some storage heaters with in built thermostat and I noticed there were 4 wires, live, neutral, earth and a black cable. I've wired storage heaters before and they didn't have this 4th black cable. How is this 4th cable wired? She has Economy 10 in the house is it possible to wire...
  16. A

    Storage heater identification

    Can anyone help to identify this Dimplex storage heater that am removing? Have looked everywhere but can't find a model number.
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