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  1. D

    Fuses blow when I put phase and ground wires in contact even when light switch is turned off

    Hello to all, I stumbled upon a strange problem this morning. I wanted to change the light bulb socket in my bathroom, when I noticed that when the ground and phase wires come in contact,the fuse-box trips even though the light switch is turned off. So I took a pen voltage tester and tested all...
  2. dmitry1

    help to identify contact

    i have a contact (for power) that goes into ARINC-600 connector, it has only two color bands, i am having problem identifying its part number...., if someone recognizes it please let me know 1) type: contact. color band: red, orange 2) type: contact. color band: blue, orange these go into...
  3. Dan

    Contact Lou or Myself via Whatsapp (during working hours!)

    We've enabled Whatsapp for you to use to contact us directly if something is important. We can block people on a per person basis. So no dodgy messages please. You may risk getting your account banned. :)
  4. Dan

    How to contact forum staff

    How to contact forum staff. :) We have a new forum category now, that only yourself and staff can see the threads that you create in there. So if Uncle @Pete999 needs help doing something, he can start a new thread in there. And only...
  5. B

    Verifying your non contact voltage tester, the American way.

    I just saw this on r/electricians, which is an electricians subreddit but is populated mostly from guys from the US. I have to say, I appreciate Fluke's warnings : electricians - My mind...
  6. P

    Fluke t6 tester, non contact voltage reading?

    Anyone got one of these yet? I’ve got the older t5 version and the fingers on the end are really handy with ac current detection. The new one supposedly gives you non contact voltage reading as well. Was in eddies and there was one in a stand on the counter to try out, it wouldn’t work when I...
  7. T

    New 3 phase and rayfield - who to contact?

    I'm a property owner who needs to have a single phase supply upgraded to three phase with a ryefield distribution board added. I've submitted a preliminary application with UK Power Networks and they have now sent me a list of things I need to provide them (see attached in red). My question is...
  8. GBDamo

    Note on Cert to contact DNO to renew cutout, AIBU?

    Simple enough job, three additional DSOs in existing ring to avoid the use of extensions and multi plugs. First things first quick Zs on socket, 0.31 Ohmos, lovely.... ...Check cut out and main fuse, IS there anyone on this forum who was alive when this was installed? No tingle using the...
  9. Pete999

    Non contact voltage pen proving unit

    Gmail - Anyone seen it yet
  10. T

    Non contact bathroom light switch

    Hi all,working on a bathroom refit and the customer wants some sort of non contact light switch in the bathroom. No pull cord or light switch on the outside,any of you guys had any experience with these types of thing?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. alasdairp

    Arcing contact problems and voltage measurements - some thoughts

    Hi folks I am retired and only tend to read the weekly summaries. I read the long-winded thread re. the storage heater and MCB tripping (thread now closed) and wished to make a few different comments. (a) measuring voltage on an arcing supply using a normal multimeter (even a true RMS Fluke)...
  12. B

    Gun cabinet door contact

    Hi, Could do with some advice on using a door contact on a Gun cabinet, I sceptically tried a normal magnetic door contact to see if it would work but it thinks it’s always alarming no matter whether the door is closed or open. Does any one have any suggestions or recommendations on how to get...
  13. UKMeterman

    Fluke non contact volt meter

    Fluke have brought out a non contact volt meter, looks quite usefull, anyone tried one in the field? T6-1000 | Fluke T6-1000 Handheld Electrometer, 200A ac 1000V ac 1000V dc | Fluke -
  14. M

    BLACK surface door contact

    How do all, does anyone know where I can purchase a black door contact from, my customer has just had a new door fitted and is insisting on a black contact.. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. A

    Veritas R8 Pre 2000 Magnetic contact problems

    Hi all, I've just replaced the keypad on a veritas r8 pre-2000 system as the old keypad had few worn buttons which weren't working correctly. The new keypad seems to be working fine yet at the same time I also replaced the magnetic contact on our front door as it was very hit and miss, think it...
  16. Davisonp

    Is this a switch in the neutral instead of the live?

    I had an odd one today. I was investigating a problem with a light that was not working. As it turns out, it was multiple loose connections causing the problem. The circuit is wired in old unearthed two core cables making the contact voltage tester a waste of time. At the light fitting there...
  17. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for electricians mates commercial projects London

    Looking for electricians mates commercial projects London
  18. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician/electricians mate needed london

    Electrician/ mate needed north London and Watford areas. Immediate start
  19. C

    Looking for advice on how best to become a spark

    Hello there, I'm 16 yrs old, going to be taking my gcses next summer. After school I would like to become an electrician. Now, there are a few different options Available in order to get the qualifications. So I am looking for some advice. Do I go to college and do a course? If so, should I...
  20. S

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate needed. Watford/london

    Looking for electricians mate/improver. We are based in Watford so ideally located within reasonable distance. Jobs running in Finchley Road and Acton also. Must have some basic experience of first and second fix domestic works.
  21. C

    Electricians Mate Looking for Electrical Labourer/Mate Work in London

    Hi All, Looking for any roles in assisting electricians as a labourer or a mate. London is preferable but willing to travel further. I have limited experience in electrical work, which is helping family friends out in fixing and installing electrics. Qualifications include: 17th edition, C&G...
  22. D

    Electricians Mate Electrical improver/ electricians mate work needed Preston North west

    Hello everyone I have my level 3 city and guilds 2330 in electrical installation and the 17th edition wiring regs. I have a full clean driving licence with van driving experience. Domestic newbuild , extension, and rewire experience as well as the normal circuit extension work etc. I am no...
  23. B

    Why Am I Having Problems Detecting Current At Wall Outlet With Gs38 Probe?

    Hi, I have purchased a Kewtech KT1780 Voltage Tester. But I can't get it to do a double pole test. The instructions show the user inserting the probes into the wall outlet. But I don't get any indication when I put the probes into the wall outlet. Is it because the probes are too small? I...
  24. T

    Domestic Honeywell ADE Optima Compact G4 will Not Set

    Hi Everyone I hope you can help me on this issue. I installed the above panel in my partners house and it has been working fine for 8 months until last night. She tried to set the system rom rkp and it just goes to unset on the LCD Display then back to day date and time display On the panel...
  25. G

    RCD requirments

    When were RCDs mandated in the regs? Im thinking mid to early 90s?
  26. happyhippydad

    Best way to bond metal framed building?

    Evening.. I have been trying to think of the best way to attach a bonding clamp to a steel structure and could do with some opinions please. At present I am thinking of a bolt through one of the steel columns and attach the clamp to this, but I'd rather get the clamp on a smooth surface...
  27. G

    hot fuse issue

    Hi just joined the forum, was hoping to get some advice on my old camper van, it's been running fine for years but noticed peculiar smell driving back one night. So checked all the switches this morning and noticed the main fuse is getting hot when I turn the headlamps on, have CHECKED all the...
  28. telectrix

    CK 25% discount

    as title. Midshires Electrical are offering 25% off all CK tools.
  29. K

    companies for trainees edinburgh

    Hi my name is kevin im 31 years old and currently looking to change my career and become a electrician,and im just currently doing a pre app electrical course at Edinburgh college so looking for companies in edinburgh and lothians that are good for adult trainees??. Any help would be gratefully...
  30. driverman

    PVC Door alarm contacts

    Hi Guys, Burglar alarm question regarding fitting surface door contacts onto PVC doors. I've fitted a few surface standard everyday type contacts on timber doors and PVC doors before. The doors when in the closed position have been flush with the door frame. Therefor,the contacts are side by...
  31. M

    Part P For Solar?

    A friend of mine is starting up his own solar panel installation company. He has asked me to wire up the installs for him. I am not part P registered but am a time served maintenance electrician with 17th edition. I would like to get my part P in order to do this job and hopefully more. As I...
  32. S

    Domestic MEM MCB 45a Push button fuse needed with horizontal pins - obsolete.

    Hi, I need a replacement push button MEM MCB 45A push button fuse. Can anyone help? Please let me know if you have one for sale or know where to source one. Here are a few pics to help identify it.
  33. T

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib

    Hi Does anyone know what the rules are in line with the jib for rest time following night work or call outs etc? I believe there is a point at which the operative then qualifies for full day off Many thanks
  34. ray-bentos

    Continuity on lighting circuit - weird results?

    Hi Running a quick test on a lighting circuit today, was doing R1 + R2 on downstair lights. Everything seemed OK, but upon trying to prove polarity by using switches obviously upon switching off the circuit goes open but when tried switching on again and testing again I got a wildly...
  35. 2

    Hi, just wanting to know does anybody have a contact number for as i need to contact but cant find a number anywhere on the net. thanks jonny
  36. H

    Alarm door contacts Help!!!!

    Hi I have no experience of alarms, I have just bought an alarm kit for my own house, it is a Honeywell accenta G4 mini panel, anyways I want to wire two door contacts to it, 1 for front and one for back doors, but I haven't got a clue on what connections are required at the contacts as there are...
  37. VoltzElectrical

    Megger 1553 error, what's the problem?

    Testing a lighting circuit today in a house. R1 R2 fluctuating readings, so tighten up earths in ceiling rose terminal and get a steady 0.36 ohms. Power up and on no trip setting (RCBO) the meter gets half way through the test then bleeps and says ERR. I'm at a loss now, any ideas people...
  38. L

    replacing crabtree C50 board!

    Hi, looking for some advice... ...I have been to look at a job where the current consumer unit is an old Crabtree C50 flush mounted type! The customer would like this replacing with another flush type consumer unit! Now I know wylex do a consumer unit which actually fits inside the old C50 box...
  39. G

    not heard from ELECSA

    I booked and paid for my elecsa assessment last thursday but have still received no response. Do you think i should contact them ?
  40. K

    really struggling with this volt free contacts :(

    im really struggling to get my head around this volt free contacts etc :(. i think im thinking too hard into it, is there any other really easy explanation to explain what it exactly means, as in for say a boiler or that?? please
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