1. R

    UK Old cable in dwelling light circuit

    We are currently renovating an old house after recently moving in. Whilst purchasing the property we received written assurances that the original 1920/30s wiring had been fully upgraded and subsequently tested. After removing all of the downstairs ceilings, it is clear than new electric 2.5m2...
  2. R

    Light socket question

    I was switching out a bulb in my basement overhead light socket and noticed the hot terminal looks a little deformed.. Its an old light fixture but is this some sort of problem?
  3. D

    Can someone tell me if I can make an indicator light come on when a clip on fan comes on?

    Can someone tell me if I can make an indicator light come on when a clip on fan comes on?
  4. O

    DIY two gang light switch LED issue,

    I have an electrical problem. I've a two gang switch and have just replaced some old 70s lights. I've matched the wiring but has an issue. Switch two works and switches light two on and off. Switch one however only dimly lights the first light. I've no idea why. I've not touched the switch in...
  5. S

    Downstairs lights taking very long to light up

    Hi all. My downstairs lights are taking very long to light up after I switch them on….can take 20+ secs for the light to actually light up after pressing the switch. Any idea why and how to resolve this please? Thanks
  6. D

    Recessed Can Light Problem - help needed

    I have a recessed can light (Halo H7ICT) that recently stopped working. I checked the breaker, tried a new bulb, and ended up replacing the socket with a new one but none of that worked. I have another light that is on the same circuit I think, same fuse, that is working just fine. I'm wondering...
  7. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic 8 gangs of 2 way light switches - wiring

    If you were wiring 8 gangs of 2 way light switches. Would you wire 8 independent circuits, so 8 no. 3 core between switches. Or would you run a live, and loop all the L1's together, then just run 8 no. 2 core between switches ?
  8. Neptune

    Wall mounted light switch in bathroom

    Is it within the regs to have a wall mounted light switch in the bathroom? It would be away from the shower and opposite the toilet. The MCB is RCD protected.
  9. J

    Light bulb identification

    Hello, I have some outdoor solar lights, the box shows they are IP44 rated LED. They appear to be E27 LEDs. There is no indication on the bulb, nor manual. I've narrowed it down to festoon light type, however the bulbs I see on Google are quite small and not like what I have. Equally, it's...
  10. littlespark

    Solutions to light switch dilemma

    Hope you can understand this... i really should have taken photos... OK, bedroom lightswitch. Don't know if its neutral loop at switch, or at ceiling rose... but shouldn't matter. A joiner has made some built in wardrobes, where the end panel is now coming out from the wall between the doorway...
  11. D

    Light switch in toilet

    Been asked for a light switch to go in a small room with a toilet and no basin, there is a door but you have to go through the bathroom to get there, hence no basin. I’ve said I don’t think this is best and am trying to find other solutions but I’m not sure it’s actually against any regs...
  12. R

    Can I install a new light switch from a 3amp fused box

    Want to install a new permanent fixed wire light into a 3amp box. Box has my new combi running from it and that's it. It's a wardrobe cupboard where the old hot water cylinder lived. Box is wall mounted and 3amp fused. If I ran a 1.5mm twin and earth from it to a new light switch and then...
  13. O

    Domestic Fluorescent Bathroom Light Issue

    Hi all, I've been having some issues trying to fix a fluorescent light in the bathroom. Here's the steps I've taken so far after it suddenly stopped working: 1. Replaced bulb with identical spec part (Philips TL5C 40W). Let's call the original Bulb A, and the new one Bulb B. No response when...
  14. J

    Light Switch Wiring for a forklift

    Good Morning, I apologize if this post is out of context, I could not find a better fit for it. I am replacing a light switch in a Hyster S40XL forklift. The light switch turns on the spot light in the front of the lift as well as the red light in the back. The new switch I have is a...
  15. pierrerio

    2 bulbs light speratley

    Right now I have two ceiling lights that light together from a single switch. Now I would like to make them light seperatley, How can this be done please? Thank you
  16. E

    Lighthouse spinning light

    Hi guys, I’m looking for advice. I’m trying to figure out how to replicate a rotating light in a customers lighthouse. Had a look at spinning beacons but obviously they would be too fast. The lighthouse is glass fibre and hollow up the middle with just over 300mm diameter in the Perspex head to...
  17. S

    Ceiling light wiring

    I have just moved into a flat and the 1 ceiling light is broken and another just isn’t there. I have taken the cover off to look at the wiring and my ceiling rose goes straight into the ceiling and isn’t connected to the cap. When i have looked on forums/youtube everything is attached under the...
  18. E

    Led security light query

    Hi all, I have just replaced my old broken security light with the light in the following link. FEAHRZEUG 30W Security Lights... When I wire the light up with the old lights wire it is very very dim. When I wire the light into...
  19. m3770man

    This is the mess we got stuck with when we moved into our apartment.

    I want to put a new light up, but can't tell which wires go to the switch and which ones I even need for the new light, let alone which ones were originally what color.
  20. J

    Changing to a 3 Gang.

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. In our outdoor cabin we currently have a 1 gang switch controlling two ceiling lights and an outdoor motion sensor light that is permanently on. I want to change them to a 3 Gang, 1 way switch. I have attached a couple of photos of the current setup. The...