1. T

    UK Repairing Christmas light projector

    I disassembled a Christmas light projector to try and identify the cause of why the images from the projector weren't moving at all, when they used to. Looks like a couple of wires have come loose between the board and the motor wires. I'm not sure which points they need to be soldered back on...
  2. littlespark

    Can’t figure out how to repair this light

    Sorry no photos, but I’ll explain best I can. Turn on the switch, I’m not getting any light. Apparently a new fitting. Description…. A white circular base screwed up to the ceiling, then a much thinner white flexible part… then another part at the bottom. Inside this bottom part is two...
  3. Splitty

    UK How to shorten a light stem

    Hi all, how easy is it to be able to shorten the drop tube of a semi flush light fitting ? Essentially what tools would I need for cutting the threaded stem if I shorten the tube ? i.e. if the light hangs down too low and I want to raise it up closer to the ceiling. I've threaded plenty of...
  4. oosti_1

    12v Solar camp light setup

    Hello, I'm new to this and I'm looking for someone to review my wiring diagram. I'm not sure if I need a fuse block because I'm using an XTM branded kit that includes 4 LED light strips. They advertise that this can connect directly to a battery with alligator clips. XTM 4 Bar Light Kit -...
  5. M

    VW Passat 2012 TPMS light on

    My passat had an incident where Battery acid leaked and it damaged ABS Module, various light on dashboard switched on. Auto hold, cruise control, tpms all stopped working. I found a used ABS module and got it replaced, also had to replace a sensor close to one of rear tyres that works with ABS...
  6. L

    Anyone around hackney : Job sorting out poor light connections in loft .

    I am stuck on another job for next 2 months . Friend has maybe 14 max down lighters and maybe 2 pendant points . Wiring in loft space is a bit "meh`" with a few melted cable connector blocs etc . probably needs new LED down lighters (GU10's ) and the cable runs sorted out . Let me know if...
  7. D

    Adding a new feed from a single light switch

    I have a single wall switch powering 1 light and I want to add a separate light and change to wall switch to a double to power them both separel;y, how do i do this please?
  8. R

    Connect Led fixture 2 wires, to ceiling light with 4 wires.

    I have 2 lights connected to 1 switch. I installed a led light fixture on one light, it had one red wire and one black wires. It was easy to match the wires to the led light fixture. The 2nd light has 2 red and 2 black. Because the 2 lights are wired together. How do I put a led light fixture on...
  9. S

    LV Light in Shower?

    I have some 12VDC LED fixtures that I would like to put in the ceiling of our showers. My thinking is that I would run some 14/2 from the main light fixture to a utility box where I would have a 12VDC power supply for the light. Can anyone think of any potential issues with the local...
  10. Rockingit

    Replacement EM downlight with charging light

    Hi all, a very long time I did a swanky grand designs type new build in the middle of nowhere, so in the middle of nowhere that it's a house with a sprinkler system and a variety of other life/building systems to cope with the fire brigade basically never finding it (was a condition of planning...
  11. F

    Grounding a DIY aquarium light

    I made a DIY light fixture by putting some cut-to-size LED strips in an aluminum housing connecting them to a Mean Well DC power supply with a 3-prong plug. It's supposed to hang over a planted aquarium. My problem is that I feel a tingling sensation when I touch the housing. My understanding...
  12. A

    Weird Wiring, light switch, is this safe?

    Hi, I was ironing and lost power to the bedroom and bathroom. All outlets and lights. I checked the box and reset breakers still no power. I called out the guy who comes to do electrical "new home still under warranty " and he came in bedroom opened light switch, i took these pics. He did...
  13. S

    Tail light wiring help needed please - Panigale 1199 S

    Hello all, I have a tail light for a '12 Ducati Panigale 1199 S, that I can't get working properly. The brake light / daytime running lights work fine through the factory connector. The turn signals are the problem, they do not work independently - they flash like hazard lights. The tail...
  14. Z

    Changing, single to double switch and adding a new light

    Hi, I have a single light switch, wired like this.. the 2 wires in com, with a always live wire coming to the switch, and then wire going out to the light. (earth is in choc block at switch and light fixture) I want to add a second switch like this Does this look ok? Thanks, Derek.
  15. C

    Why doesn't my Security Light work?

    I have a Security Light on my patio and until recently it worked fine. It stopped working and I couldn't decide if it was the LED Floodlight or the separate PIR that had stopped working so I replaced both. I checked them out first, connected them up and they work fine on my workbench, but then I...
  16. GeoPag

    Rewiring Medicine cabinet to accept LED light tubes

    Hi, I am restoring an old art deco, wall mount medicine cabinet. The cabinet has an 18” fluorescent light tube on each side. Before I put a lot of money into restoring this (mostly chroming parts) I want to make sure I can get lights for it, preferably LEDs, and need to know what I should...
  17. A

    Replace strip light

    I have a strip light in the kitchen operated from a single switch. I want to replace it with a straight bar 4 spot array. There are three supply cables to the strip light, two of these are 3 core, red, black and earth. The third cable is 4 core, red, yellow, blue and earth. The new fitting has...
  18. J

    Increase clearance of light switch

    I have a rocker type light switch the sticks out bit too far and interferes with a drawer, as in the picture. The switch seems properly installed, and I don't want to move it and the drawers are in a built in unit in a walk-in closet. As I need only about 1/4 more clearance, I wondered whether...
  19. A

    Outside Light with built in PIR

    Hi, Heavy industrial spark here, never do house bashing hence the question. I currently have a light switch at the front door not doing anything at the moment. I wish to take a cable, a 2 core and earth from it to an outside built in PIR activation light then daisy chain the wiring to another...
  20. mattgriff88

    Changing light switch

    Hi I want to add a light to my attic. There is a single switch on the landing that I want to change to a double switch and then use it to still operate the landing light but also the new light in the attic. I can easily run a cable from the attic to this switch but I am a little confused on...


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