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  1. S

    Help with ceiling light wiring

    Hi, there are 3 bundles of wires coming from my ceiling and I've been told they have been tested with a multimeter and have all got a current but I cannot seem to get the light to work, I will provide pictures of the wiring, the pendant and the switch wiring, any advice would be appreciated...
  2. C

    UK LED Xmas Tree Light Transformer Replacement

    Hi, DIY’er here. I need a replacement transformer but can’t find the exact model required anywhere. It is Golden Power GP-SW120DC0700(UK) Input/Pri - 220V-240V - 50/60Hz Output/Sec - 12V - 700mA 8.4W Please can anyone help or suggest an alternative model that may work. Thank you
  3. L

    Add motion sensor to one light in bathroom

    Hi, Some advice would be appreciated… I have 4 downlights in the bathroom and want to add a motion sensor to turn on just one if everything is off. If I turn on the light switch I want all 4 to come on until it’s turned off again. Thanks, Shane
  4. dilligaf76

    L.E.D Driver 60 Watts For 4.8 Watts Light ???

    Can anyone tell me if its okay for a 12v 4.8w led fish tank light tube to run off a driver that puts out 60w???
  5. Luki01

    Old switches different wiring

    What type of switches are these ? How do I replace them , they’re all over the house 3 way switches different wiring never seen them before older house ? Thanks in advance .
  6. U

    Can I replace an outside wall light with existing wiring

    Hi all, I'm wondering if it's permitted to replace an outside wall light myself if I use the existing wiring from the old light. In theory I just need to fix new light to wall and connect the wires to the terminals. I had assumed this would be ok because I'm not adding additional wiring. To me...
  7. Z

    Sporadic light flickering

    I am not an electrician but am looking for some advice as to how to fix my sporadic light flickering problem that has come and gone for the year and a half I have lived in my house I have LED lights throughout the house that generally provided steady lighting, but a few times a day they will...
  8. R

    Help need wiring a light

    Hello, I’m trying to change a pendent light, I’ve wired it the same as the previous light that was on there however the light is now permanently on and the switch does not work, there are two line wires tied together, two neutrals and an earth wire. I took off the new pendent light and I wired...
  9. T

    Picture Light replacement

    Hello I have a picture light that takes a 221mm bulb, but the attachments to hold the bulb broke off years ago. Any advice as to where to find the required parts to hold a bulb, or could I rewire in a new bulb holder, and if so, any suggestions? Thanks in advance Rob
  10. U

    Putting a light in attic

    Hi all, I was thinking to add some lights like in the attached image, basically twin batten lights to my attic but i'm not familiar with strip lights like this. Do you need to buy the cable that will link the two battens? OR do you get a short length and then can buy additional length cable...
  11. Tommy10toes

    Best way to install a very tiny light

    Hello, Behind a tiny door in our under stairs cupboard we’d like to build a miniature room in which a little light would come on when the door is opened. The door is about 12cm high No power so needs to be battery operated. I thought about those PIR USB LED lights for cupboards which would...
  12. Sparksflyallover

    Light fitting question

    Hi What do you call the black bit on this picture please. And where can I order one from. Thanks in advance.
  13. L

    Halogen light transformer

    I have halogen lights in my kitchen under the wall units, there are ten lights altogether bulbs are either 10 watt or 20 watt G4 bulbs ( not sure which ) All lights went off last week, checked the wiring and bulbs with a 12 laptop power supply and they worked OK, so all bulbs and wiring are...
  14. J

    3 separate dimmer switches controlling one light.

    Hi, client wants lights dimmed at 3 separate points controlling one light, I don’t think it’s possible without a smart system etc, any thoughts?
  15. U

    Help wiring a light...

    I’ve got the following setup on the stairway (picture included) https://pasteboard.co/15IoYrvn2VgA.webp https://pasteboard.co/2UzMaHCbs1iE.webp My guess is it’s for the stairway light. The setup is: 2 red wires twisted together 2 black wires independent from each other 2 earth wires twisted...
  16. R

    Do remote Wifi switches interfere with each other ?

    I'm considering using several of the remote WiFi switch sets to control a group of five different lights. The existing switches are all grouped together at a spot across from the entry to a 40' long basement. Getting to them to turn on any light means feeling your way in the dark to get to the...
  17. N

    S15 light fitting replacement

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a replacement light fitting like the one in the picture? It takes a s15 bulb 284mm and the length can be no longer than 32cm x 6cm wide and 5cm depth, I was wondering if I could just buy the end caps and replace them but can't find anywhere that sells them...
  18. T

    can I use fresh water to complete a led light circuit?

    hello all. I am trying to add led strip lights to my boat trailer. I have marine grade submersible lights. I will have them running parallel to the bunks to aid in night loading. I know I am over thinking this but I would like to add a device that sense water and then sends power to the led...
  19. W

    LED Ceiling Light Pulsing

    Hello, I've installed a Monsoon Extractor Fan kit today, all is up and running and everything is working with the exception of the LED. When I switch my lights on the other bathroom lights are working fine but the LED supplied with the fan is pulsing. If you fiddle with the bulb then it stops...
  20. Atinwi

    Mystery light failure

    My bedroom light stopped working. The ceiling rose looks fine. No other lights are affected in the property and the fuses have not tripped. The bulb is fine. The light switch looks fine. Why did my light stop working?
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