1. HappyHippyDad

    What is this flashing (emergency?) light?

    Afternoon all... The customer has a number of small green lights in the ceiling that are always on. This is a bed and breakfast/hotel. I had assumed they were emergency lights, although the only emergency lights I have come across before are ones that only come on when there is a power cut...
  2. M

    Changing light switches

    What electrical qualifications would one need to swap electrical switches in a rental property. I know it's obviously not notifyable thanks.
  3. A

    Bathroom Light Recommendations (LED equivalent)

    Hi, Currently just have one light in the bathroom ceiling, a shallow dome with 13W mini fluorescent bulb. The room is 3.65m x2.30m. The ceiling is relatively low at 2.15m. We want the room brighter, and I think the best solution is going to two lights rather than just one brighter one. Maybe...
  4. notanexpert

    recessed light with 2 marks

    Hi, I don't know how to unscrew these ones...tried different options (screw, push, twist). any suggestion? thanks!
  5. littlespark

    Multi way light switching

    Just an observation. Staircase serving 5 storeys….. how to turn on the light from any floor? See saw type rocker switch set into the ceiling and two really long bits of rope. I thought it was a pulley system for the servants of old to take heavy objects up to the guest bedrooms…. So I...
  6. B

    Light fitting wiring -

    Hi all, I am trying to replace a light fitting but the wiring is different. In the photos below you will see the three wires that need to fit the new fitting which has earth, neutral and live terminals. The only one has one red wire and two black. The two black wires were attached to the...
  7. D

    Light Switch question

    Hi All Struggling to install a bog standard light switch due to getting confused by different coloured cables. I'm an avid DIY but never had this issue before. So in a house where they put a dimmer switch in but it was flickering and light switch was making a weird noise. I hate dimmers so...
  8. L

    Adding a new light with a switch

    I’m looking to add a new light and with a switch to a old property with older wiring techniques I have not come across. From looking the cables are going to the switch first rather than the light . Any help is appreciated
  9. P

    Light switch - 2-gang box

    I have a 2-gang box in my home, built in 2019. 1st switch controls a ceiling light (flush mount LED). 2nd switch controls a ceiling exhaust fan. This is a small room where I have my home networking equipment, so I have the exhaust fan running 24/7 to keep the temperature down and well...
  10. P

    Light switch issue please

    Our light bulb went yesterday. Nothing appeared to trip and no issues elsewhere. New light bulb not working either today. Does anyone have any suggestions please before we call out an electrician. Thanks in advance Paul
  11. J

    Wiring a security light to junction box

    Hi, I hope someone can advise. Just wondering how I deal with wiring this security light. in particular dealing with the two neutral wires with the one from the appliance. thanks
  12. L

    Car marker light as blinker

    Hello there! I really need some help with my electrical setup. I am trying to run 2 marker lights on the top of my Mercedes Sprinter on the rear door. I checked and everything fits, however, there is a problem with the wiring. I want a device that powers the marker light when the parking lights...
  13. R

    Security Light Not Working

    I have a security light [this one] and have wired it into the lighting circuit in my workshop; the lights in the workshop are all LED panels. Wired that way the light doesnt work when triggered at night by walking past it. If I disconnect it from that circuit and attach a 3-pin plug to it and...
  14. S

    Moving Light Switch/ Adding Spots

    Hi all, DIYer here. I am moving a light switch and adding spots to my lounge. In order to move the switch I firstly identified the constant Live going into my exiting switch, spliced this with Wago’s onto a new cable and down into my new switch. Using the 2 plate method I then ran a switch...
  15. dogbob

    Hanging a "flush mount" light by a chain?

    I have a light fixture that is intended to be flush mounted to a ceiling box. I would like to hang it from a chain so it is 2 feet down from the ceiling. Here's a photo of the fixture mounting plate and wires. (USA mainland, ETL/UL standards). Is there a correct way to do this, such as a...
  16. R

    Correct cable for 36w Fluorescent light batten?

    Hello folks, wishing you all a very happy weekend. I'm just about to buy some cable to wire a 36w T8 Fluorescent light Batten to a 3 pin plug. (I will use 3 amp fuses & 0.75mm 3-core flex). As these lights can get quite hot: would it be an idea to buy a Heat-resistant Flex cable? Or would...
  17. S

    Can I use 0.5mm^2 flex for a pendant light?

    Hi all, Got an antique light fitting that for some reason she wants putting up (can't say I love it haha) however it didn't come with any electrical fittings, so I'm trying to create a compliant solution. We want to use a brass lampholder with gold flex just going straight down from the brass...
  18. L

    Light fitting installation

    Hi there, I’m new to commercial work so was wondering the going rate for a commercial light installation fitting supplied. Feed is local so a small about of wiring. I was thing £200 per fitting. Am I wrong
  19. A

    Help Bathroom light won't work

    Hi this is confusing me I am not sure what the 2 black wires should be doing My light won't connnect Many thanks
  20. Hoopy1967

    UK Wall light switching

    I'm looking for advice on how to configure the wiring of two wall lights either side of a bed controlled by two two gang switches either side of a bed. Each switch would contain a one gang switch and a two way switch. The one way switch would control the corresponding light on it's side and the...
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