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  1. D

    Smart Light Installation

    Hi all, I could use some help identifying the wires in one of my light switch box to swap out for a smart light switch. I see the line and load wires that were connected to the old switch, one of which is pigtailed from 3 separate wires. I also see the white neutral wires that were tucked...
  2. D

    Asbestos (AIB) behind light switches

    Hi, took off a light switch, saw something funny, stopped. Turns out it's AIB... brown asbetos, confirmed by asbetos chaps. It's a house built in 1968. Looked in other sockets and switches, can't see any there, alot are cemented in. These switches with the AIB are both on the joining wall of a...
  3. Jordansenior

    UK One light working in the whole house

    Hi, I tried to put a dimmer switch in. There was a little crackling and the light was flickering. I put the old light fighting back on and now the light I was working on is the only one that works in the whole house. I have checked the fuse box and all the other electric things are working...
  4. C

    Help with light switch plz

    Question, which wires do I hook up where? There is no ground. 2 W&B wires paired up. I want to seperate the fan and light, they are both connected to a single switch I would like to make a 2 switch. Photos of all included. Thanks!
  5. J

    UK LED light help please :)

    Hello all, Hope someone can help please I have had a batten light installed and the electrician has threaded a 1.5mm twin and earth cable through it to power a second light after it, so basically there is the feed cable and another cable that has been threaded in one end and straight out the...
  6. T

    Domestic Help with light switch replace

    I just tried to replace the light switch but I didn't took a picture or even try to look how it was wired. I'm getting out of my mind I've tried 3 new switches and it keeps turning down the main circuit breaker when I try to turn on the light what am I doing wrong ? I connected brown to brown...
  7. T

    Help with wiring a light fixture please!

    Hey guys would appreciate some help wiring a new light fixture. It has two separate switches that control it. The way the wires are exactly lt how it looked when I took down the old fixture. Please see the attached picture. Thank you!
  8. 1

    light wiring

    so im an apprentice electrician currently starting work on house sites , I have basic knowledge of house wiring and I just need refreshing on light switch connections for example: 5 cables at 1 switch for 2 2ways (3 1m , 2 3cores) also intermediates.
  9. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for a light weight electric screwdriver?

    I would like a lightweight electric implement for undoing and doing up screws on sockets, switches etc. It's really just for when I am doing EICR's as you take off quite a few faceplates. There are so many options out there that i'm getting a bit snowed under trying to narrow down my search...
  10. 2

    Replacing Light Switch for a Closet Light.

    Here is a picture of the original setup. I see one blue wire and one black wire. Now, How would I about wiring this new Switch. Any Help would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. J

    USA All-Pro Dusk to Dawn 110 deg. Fluorescent Bronze Walk Light Fixture Hardwired

    I had the All Pro dusk to dawn installed in 2015..the light bulb burned out last week. The electrician replaced the fluorescent bulb. That night it did not light although they checked the bulb earlier it worked. I read where you might have to reset breaker so I did and the light worked two...
  12. R

    Kitchen light fixture wiring

    Hello, I'm after some advice about how to wire in a new light fixture in my kitchen please. The attached pictures show the current fixture wired up, and also the new fixture. Thank you! Rory
  13. R

    Light wiring

    I'm beginner and trying to relook my house how do I wiring this?
  14. B

    Loop Ceiling Light

    Hi, I am installing a new ceiling light. I know there s the wires from previous light and wires to next light and switch cables . One of the sets has two brown wires so not sure about these . Any help would be great . Thanks
  15. M

    Domestic Changing single light in hall to 4 downlighters

    A friend is currently having the hallway light changed to 4 downlighters and then having the ceiling plastered. (1) First question does this need to be done by a qualified electrician and does it need a Part P certificate? It is not possible to install from the floor above so the builder has...
  16. O

    Ceiling Rose light to modern light

    Hi guys, I wish to replace a ceiling rose light with a modern light. The current wiring to ceiling rose is as follows: 1 - live (blue and red) 1 - earth (green and yellow) 1- natural (blue) 2 - loops (brown) My new light fixture only has Connectors for 1 - live 1- natural 1 - earth I am...
  17. L

    Moving a bedroom light

    I am about to move into a flat with loft access. The light in one of the bedrooms is about 2 foot away from the window. Ideally, I'd like to move the light to the center of the room. If the cable needs to be longer in order to move the light can I use a terminal block to extend the cable or not?
  18. J

    Panel - soccer - light

    Hi, I want to build for my son that loves football a panel to hang on our garden wall. Whenever he hits the panel with his ball, a light should turn up. I saw this an amusement park, where there was a wall of panels and the target panel was changing. What I need is something more simple, not...
  19. K

    Just one T+E to ceiling light

    Hello I would appreciate some advice. I am installing a sound-proofed suspended ceiling. It is virtually airtight as every layer is sealed individually. In order to maintain the integrity of the soundproofing I can only have one T+E coming through the ceiling for the light fitting. No chance...
  20. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  21. Amit Saxena

    Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light

    Hello all! Probably a noob question, but really appreciate your help with this. I am trying to fit a ceiling light and need to get out the existing electrical fitting to be able to screw in the base plate of the ceiling light I bought. Below are the pictures of the existing electrical fitting...
  22. C

    Plastic light fitting

    Hi to anyone who could help please, In the below light fitting I have connected a single (red) wire to one side and a single neutral(black) wire on opposite side. There’s a spare black wire and three earth wires which I’ve connected to wago connectors. There are three spare reds which are...
  23. C

    Domestic central light fitting

    Hi HELP please I have bought a central light for living room it has 6 bulbs in it , wired in turn on , bulb s flash on / off once and stay off does not throw fuse ?? any advice please
  24. A

    240v LED Strip Light on Mains switch

    Hi all, Hoping for some guidance, which would be much appreciated. I currently have some Florescent Lights under my kitchen cabinets operated by a light switch and would like to replace with LED strip lighting. I have purchased some 1 Metre 240V LED strip which is fitted with a 3A UK plug...
  25. N

    Outside wall light wiring

    Hi all, new to the site and need some advice for an outside wall light I’m installing. It’s a garage light where one switch controls 2 lights, this is the first light, 2 cables (6 wires) coming out of the wall and new light only has 3 wires in a chocky block. What goes where? Pics included ( I...
  26. F

    Light switch reversed

    Have just replaced an old single plastic light switch with stainless steel version (also added an earth wie to connect switch to metal back box). Original had Red wire into Com, Yellow in L1 and Red in L2 - all single wires. New switch was identical setup and I marked cables before removing...
  27. O

    Industrial light fixture wiring

    I am trying to create a custom light/chandelier to hang above a kitchen island. The roof above this island is irregular (see image 1) and I have 2 points to connect to (the larger one actually has a double cable). I don't necessarily need to use all the points, I can just use one then...
  28. Charlie_

    Light bulbs

    Hoping for a big crop come harvest time
  29. J

    help needed to bypass touch switch on led light

    I want to bypass the touch sensor on this aquarium light on the wrg side so i can connect it to a mechanical timer. Any help appreciated please see attached picture.
  30. john watts

    INSTYLE LED - LED strip light specialists

    Hi All, We are a Leicestershire based LED lighting company, specialising in commercial grade LED strip lights and all of the accessorise including control gear, extrusions, power supplies and more. We can ship to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. For prices or questions: Please call...
  31. S

    Fixing light fitting to metal cladding

    Hi guys Got a job to replace some external lights to an industrial unit.(mostly 150w LED floodlights around 12kg) All lights are currently fixed via nut and bolt with no access from inside as they have now converted to offices so unable utilise existing fixings. What do you guys recommend using...
  32. N

    Domestic Outside PIR light circuit board fix.

    I have a set of six matching PIR outside lights. They are all the same style and are no longer available. On two of them the circuit board has developed a fault whereby the light level at which they become active works fine but once activated, the time for which they stay on has become infinite...
  33. I

    Jubilee line light switch

    Hi I Recently purchased a Jubilee Line button from the London Transport museum. I was looking to convert this to a light switch. Can one point me in the right direction ? I would be looking to employ an electrical to connect this but wanted to know whether it was possible etc
  34. G

    Domestic Outside light mystery

    Hello, new member here with little elec knowledge and a mystery regarding our outside light. Our house is quite old and the wiring is, shall we say, non-standard. We replaced the old light a few weeks ago. It worked fine but was old. There was an indoor switch for it just inside the back door...
  35. R

    Help with installing new kitchen light.

    Hi, I've been let down by an electrician... twice now. I have a relatively easy install which I can do myself with some guidance. I wondered if anyone can help me out... the single light in the kitchen was a strip light... operated on two light switches. Also there is a porch light that I think...
  36. I

    Refused to install metal light fitting

    Today I had a quick job on the way home which was swap a pendant for. Fancy light fitting , but when I removed the pendant there was a pre 1966 2core twin cable And a separate 2.5 single earth cable fairly new , it looks like someone has gone around every light with the earth from the board to...
  37. K

    Domestic Changing hall ceiling light affects bathroom light

    I have taken down an old hall ceiling light and I have 3 wires which are the same grey colour. Whatever way I rewire them to the new light fitting it affects the bathroom light. If I wire them in one configuration I can have the hall light on or both the hall and bathroom lights on at the same...
  38. P

    Domestic Bathroom Light wiring help

    Basically I am trying to wire a new light into a bathroom. The old one was removed and the wires were left connected in connector blocks. All lives together, all naturals together, all earths together, and then the black (neutral) from switch and a yellow from a 4 core cable were together...
  39. J

    Can anyone identify this 3W LED light?

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what this light is? It's in my kitchen lights and needs to be replaced. Thanks.
  40. G

    Outside light off an already used spur in 2.5t&e

    Hi guys Wanting to put an 8 watt led light fitting outside , Only place I can get a supply from is kitchen ring main got a radial approx 4th long. now issue is the radial is already feeding combination boiler and a single socket for washing machine. If I put additional spur in for outside...
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