1. H

    Replacement Light Tube - LED??

    Hey all, So this is probably a quick question. I have some under-cupboard kitchen light tubes that are old and have clearly blown at some point. Would like to replace them but have two questions: 1. In the attached photo, you can see the product identifiers, but an internet search doesn't bring...
  2. S

    LED Tube light fitting

    Hello! Hope you’re all keeping well! I’m replacing a fluorescent tube light which had an electronic ballast fitting - I’ve ripped this out and plan on fitting an LED tube instead. There’s two wires coming out the either end fittings - do I just twist these together and put them in a block...
  3. TonyandCheeny

    Testing voltages on light switches

    Hello guys. I have a question as being in Africa for 15 years, I used to use a mustimeter to check voltages at the light switches as they got neutral and lives inside the switches, however when I moved to England I found out that there is no neutral at the switch as the neutral goes to the bulb...
  4. TonyandCheeny

    Willing to change a 2 way that would simultaneously turn the light on..

    I've got a customer with 2 way switches which I want to rectify it in such a way it would simultaneously control the single light fitting. The original switch only turns ON the light if BOTH switches are ON. The original configuration is the permanent live goes to L1 then when I switch it, it...
  5. Mark Wright

    Why wouldn't this light fitting be dimmable?

    The following light fitting from Dumelm takes GU10 but states "Dimmable No" but I can't see why with the correct dimmer switch and dimmable GU10 Lamps/Bulbs why this fitting wouldn't be dimmable...
  6. B

    Wiring a light from a socket

    I am trying to add a switch and a light into a storage room next to our kitchen. I am wiring from a socket in the kitchen into another socket in the storage room - that works. Then I am wiring a lighting fixture from the socket (which turns on when I switch on the fuse). From the lighting...
  7. snowogu

    Hi just found light without earth connected do I need to do anything with it. The case is metal.

    Hi does the earth need to be connected?
  8. J

    Light controlled by 2 switches...

    Light controlled by 2 switches - right operates light, left only works when right switch on. Wired the same. Brain fart - how to fix?
  9. Z

    Help with ceiling light fixture. DIY

    Led light fixture went dim. I replaced it with a new fixture and it won’t power on. I have 120v with a multimeter at the wire. When I wire up the light fixture the outlet in the hall goes to ground and hot reversed. I also have voltage at both neutral and hot wire when it’s wired in. Not sure if...
  10. B

    Flow Switch for shower light and fan

    Can anyone recommend a flow switch to operate a shower fan and light when the shower is in operation? The shower is fed from a boost pump and 15mm Pex
  11. S

    Is this new ceiling fan compatible with the existing light and fan dimmer control switches?

    Hello, I am a DIY home owner. 1. Are the lights on this ceiling fan able to be dimmed? Do I need special light bulbs for that? Is the light control switch proper? 2. Is the existing fan dimmer switch proper to this ceiling fan? 3. If it is dimmable, what kind of lightbulbs do I need to buy?
  12. K

    Spot light wiring placement...

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help. I recently did some carpentry work for a new customer and I noticed their electrician had just replaced a single pendant lamp with around 8 spot lights. Under each ceiling joist the electrician had removed a small strip of plasterboard, around 100mm...
  13. LewisM

    Help with outside lighting....

    Hi, I need help to find an outdoor wall/step light. It needs to be surface mount but not wider then 70mm as they're to be mounted on the posts. It's to light up some very dark stairs at night for an old lady who's just had a hand rail built after a fall. I can't seem to find any that aren't...
  14. T

    Installation of Outdoor Light

    Hey guys, looking for a bit of advise on the installation of an outside light. I plan on chasing out the plasterboard and running a cable from a spare light switch in the kitchen through to the exterior (approx. 4.5m away). The light I have seen is: LAP Weyburn Outdoor LED Floodlight Black...
  15. A

    Why is this happening? Electric current but no light.

    Im not sure why the light does not come on. Tried 3 different bulbs. Voltage is passing through the black and red wire. The bulb too. Tried 3 bulbs.
  16. B

    3 way light switching

    Good afternoon, I wonder if someone could please give me some advice on a problem I am having with my bedroom lights. I have replaced the switches for new ones. The wall light in the bedroom is controlled by a dimmer switch by the door and then by a switch either side of the bed. The dimmer...
  17. B

    Advice a reliable ip44 warm led light up to 1m

    Hi to all, can you please advice a reliable ip44 warm led light strip/batten up to 1m to be placed under "hanged" sink cabinet? thank you
  18. J

    Outside Post Light Help

    Hi all, I just moved into a new home that has a post light outside on the lawn that didn’t work with the sensor. I know I have power to it because when I wire the light to the house (bypassing the sensor), the lights stays on continuously. I’ve changed the bulb, sensor and lantern piece...
  19. M

    Moving light switches.

    I have 2 light switches that I want to move about 10 feet. I can’t go up or down with the wiring, so I’m thinking wiremold with 12 ga thhn . They control an inside garage light and an outside dusk to dawn light outside the garage. Can I simply extend the switch legs that way?
  20. B

    Does bathroom light circuit required to be a dedicated circuit?

    Does bathroom light circuit required to have dedicated circuit or is it ok to be wired to other light circuits? I am getting quotes for electricians and what to make sure they are doing the right thing. From my past experience most of a cheaper trades persons would cut a lot of corners and it...
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