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  1. N

    Can I change MEM Spectra, 10a, 1 way bathroom light switch for 20a?

    Hi, I can't track down an 'MEM Spectra, 10amp, 1 way bathroom light switch' anywhere. However, I can find an 'MEM Spectra, 20amp, 1 way switch. Is it OK to use 20amp switch instead of 10amp without any problem? Phot attached. The first switch on left is bathroom light, second...extractor...
  2. P

    Installing Outdoor Hanging Light Fixture - Recessed Outlet Box

    Hello all, I am trying to install three new light fixtures (hanging lantern type) that will hang from the ceiling of an outdoor covered porch. The fixtures come with a cross bar that has preinstalled mounting screws with the threads pointing downwards. These threads are intended to go...
  3. N

    Bathroom light switch.

    Hi everybody. Newbie seeking advice. (Photo attached) I am trying to track down an online switch for a bathroom. The first switch on left is bathroom light. Middle switch fan. Right is 3amp fuse. Does anybody know what this switch is called? And, where I can buy one online (UK)? Thank you in...
  4. N

    Advice on basic Fan extractor and pull cord light

    Hi I have recently wired a basic fan extractor to a pull cord bathroom light. I managed to get it working but I need someone to confirm the theory behind what I have done and I have some questions. Any knowledge will be appreciated. The fan is a basic fan, it has 3 wires. Blue, brown and...
  5. J

    Help needed changing ceiling tube light bulb!

    Greetings I have this fancy ceiling tube light fitting and I cannot figure out how to replace the tubes. It has two ends which somewhat come away but not enough to remove the tubes. There is wiring both sides. I'm not sure how much more pressure I can apply before something breaks. There are...
  6. Z

    Fluorescent light fittings earth leakage

    Hi everyone, I have measured an earth leakage on twin Flo light fittings (2x58W fittings) in open plan office. Office has 18x twin Flo light fittings which are divided into 3 separate circuits, and 3x (10A) RCBOs for each circuit. I have reading of 3mA at each light fitting. 2x circuits are...
  7. Q

    Led ceiling Lights - one light Flickers when other is switched ON

    Hi, In my room 2 Led round ceiling lights are installed, week ago both were fine, but now when I turn on both lights, one starts flickering, even their emitting light is getting low... Is it switch problem or LEDs needs replacement?
  8. 5

    Connecting a single wire dash light to a double wire light

    I have a water temp sending kit for my old chevy. However, I don't want to use the plastic warning light it came with. I want to use my own chrome warning light because it fits the look of my dash better (51 Chevy Wagon). The kit plastic light has two prongs and is self-grounded. One prong is...
  9. Mark Wright

    Switch 2 port Valve with Light Switch...........for project only

    This isn't for central heating really this is for a project Can I switch a 2 port valve like bellow .I.e is the "Switch line" 230v? MCB >>> Junction box >> Line, Neutral, Earth >>> 2 port valve ........................................>> Line split to Light Switch >>> Connected to SL/Orange of 2...
  10. T

    UK Adding new light from existing one-gang switch

    Hi all, Thanks for the help in my previous thread, I got things working well in the end: As to my new question, I have the following one-gang switch in my kitchen/diner which powers an outdoor PIR/LED floodlight: So this has a twin+earth and a 3 core+earth cable - I'm guessing the...
  11. I

    Smart light switch install with no neutral required

    I have just received a wifi switch that does not require a neutral. As far as I thought, it would then be a straight swap with the existing 2 gang switch. However, I can’t seem to see an Earth on this new switch and looking at the current wiring I can’t see how it would switch over. Any ideas? I...
  12. L

    Ceiling Light Wiring Question

    I'm replacing an overhead light in a kitchen. There are two bundles coming out of the ceiling. Both have a black, a white, and a ground wire. The light fixture has a black, a white, and a ground wire. What should we do with the two sets coming out of the ceiling?
  13. GBDamo

    Incomplete light fitting.

    My client has bought these 'antique' lights, stop sniggering at the back, but they are incomplete. Anyone know what the missing part is and if they can be bought separately? 1599753322 Is this the kind of thing that's needed?
  14. D

    Where can i purchase Light strip for dimplex fire

    I have a dimplex fire and the strip light keeps shutting down after about 10 minutes, how do i replace them and where can i purchase them
  15. S

    Ceiling light behaving oddly

    Hello and first thank you for creating a place where DIY amateurs can get advice! I just bought a house and have been fitting the lights myself. All rooms worked properly, except for the living room where the potentiometers do not seem to have any effect (Neither dimming nor switching off the...
  16. S

    Old Surgical light - power lead

    Hi, I am looking to try and get the attached surgical light up and running. I have opened it up and the wiring all looks pretty sound and in good condition. Just wondering what kind of power lead i would need? Can i make one myself? Also, will i be okay to use led bulbs in it or would it need...
  17. W

    Transparent wires on a light fitting?

    Hello all I don't have the installation instructions for a Next 5 light candle bulb chandelier light fitting I've acquired, and it has confusing clear wires. There's an obvious green/yellow striped earth. But then there are three clear wires, one with a green thread running through, one with a...
  18. M

    ECOled security light tripping RCD

    Hi all, hope everyone is ok. I have just been trying to make up a little External lighting loom for my gazebo. I have 4 10w ECOleds which connect to the cable via a “T” cable connector. All wired up correctly but when plugged into my outside RCD Socket it trips it instantly. Before I made...
  19. Mark Wright

    B&Q Pir light had it, less than a year - please recommend new pir

    I installed a B&Q pir light under a year ago and it's flickering the LEDs have had it, it's totally contained and the LEDs are hard wired, pretty peveed, can anyone recommend a good outdoor pir light, one that comes with a rubber flex is preferred Don't know what I.P rating and was probably...
  20. B

    Need help rewiring my bathroom Light, Light, Fan, Heat Light

    please if anyone would have an idea on how to get power to all 4 as I can only get 1 working at a time but not them all
  21. R

    Is my light switch wiring wrong?

    Probably an easy answer but I need to clarify. I have a 2 hand switch with 3 wires. All red wires, no neutral. One will be the common which will go into L on the new switch and the other 2 will go into L1 and L3 (that's the only connections with terminals) . Lights are not working so what could...
  22. A

    Trailer Electrics Question - Rear Tail Light Blow Fuse

    Hi all, Got a horse trailer, which seems to blow the fuse in my car for the 'Right Hand Tail Light'. When using the trailer, it will blow the fuse (not right away), knocking out the rear tail light on my car, and the rear tail light cluster (not indicators) on the trailer. I've followed the...
  23. L

    How do I wire a motion flood light prior a switch to operate the inside ceiling lights?

    Hello, i am having issues wiring my garage... i am running my lighting circuit. First, i wanted to run my power feed from the panel, to a junction box (which will split towards a motion activated flood light that is continuously powered, split to the garage door opener, and split to a switch...
  24. E

    Failed security light PIR

    I have a set of security lights round the house, all supplied directly from the consumer unit although the circuit was modified recently to allow one to have its own on/off switch added. The led light on this switched unit has failed and was replaced by another, and on switching the circuit on...
  25. H

    High lumens ceiling led light

    Thank you for joining me I am a machinist and I have moved to my new house recently, I want to replace a light fixture with something brighter, the light bulb which is in there now is 1500 lumens. I did find this ceiling light here which is very interesting, but is out of stock...
  26. L

    Drilled through kitchen light cable repaired with crimps now none of my lights work up or downstairs

    My son was moving a cupboard for me & deliberately went diagonal from light switch to avoid cable. Then no bang or flash of light he just stopped & said I’ve went through a cable. After seeking advice on how to repair, we attempted to use cable crimps. Turned the power back on & not only did my...
  27. J

    LED slim recessed round panel light

    So I am choosing my downlights and I was looking at the cylinder shaped fire rated downlights. The electrician mentioned look at LED slim recessed downlights as my new plasterboard ceiling would not be able to hold the weight of the standard fire rate downlights. One thing I didnt clarify - who...
  28. M

    Light switch does not turn off ceiling light. Please help.

    Replacing ceiling fan with light that never worked in home wirh sime led ceiling light without fan. Wires coming out of ceing are youre black, white, ground,, and red because of fan. The light has connections for just white, black, and ground. I tried capping red and connecting the rest like...
  29. K

    1992 Pontiac Firebird won't crank, no power to starter enable relay, no security light, temperature gauge fluttering

    My 92' Firebird that I just acquired will not start. I bypassed VATS security with resistors so the security light now shuts off. I replaced my positive battery lead that was shot and the only thing that happens when I turn the key is the temp gauge fluttering. The relay only has 0.5 constant...
  30. T

    UK Changing a light pendant (with 4 wires) to light fitting

    Hello, I've recently bought four light fittings (to replace the existing simple ceiling light pendants) that look like the following to wire up: I've already changed two of the four pendants since they are just a single wire coming in (from the other hallway/landing light) so they were...
  31. C

    Connections to light

    Thoughts on this,is this really ok. Using EMG supply to supply PIR sensor on light fitting. No switch cable required.
  32. S

    USA Fixture Wiring

    Installing light fixture with one black and one white to ceiling wires of 2 black and 2 white. One set of black and white wires are hot other is not. Only one switch that's not hot when tested. 120V How do I wire?
  33. M

    UK Pre 2004 UK light switch swap

    I was hoping to replace old light switches in my house, but am confused by the current switched / wiring. The switch has 2 Common slots, unlike any new switches. There are 2 ceiling lights in the room, but only 1 switch for the lights in the room. On new 1 Gang 1 Way switches there is only 1...
  34. Mark Wright

    Wiring Wifi light switch

    I'm seeing 1 gang wifi light switches with L1 L2 L3 and the images below suggest that the L2 and L3 just run separate lights nothing to do with 2-way, can anyone confirm this having no experience with such lighting.
  35. happyhippydad

    Are bathroom fans with the light in them always in-line?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan to replace. It is the type that has the light in the middle of it as in the picture below.. They all seem to be in-line as in this link Manrose In-Line LED Shower Light Fan Kit Bright Chrome 100mm -...
  36. E

    UK Electric shock from light switch

    Hi everyone, Not an electrician myself, but seeking knowledge, a second opinion and/or advice on the necessity to take action. Hope this is the right forum - please forgive me if not. We had a big fright today. Post refurbishment work, we put a kettle on in the kitchen and didn't realise it...
  37. R

    USA Panel blowing bulbs and Backfeeding

    The panel has started blowing bulbs and shot fire back up in panel on the load side
  38. N

    Dimmer Switch Light

    Hi, Please see the existing dimmer switch wiring with the Live & Neutral wires. In the new dimmer switch, I've tried the Neutral in N only. I've then tried the Live wire (brown) in the L & L1. In L the light remains on all the time despite switching. In L1 the light remains off despite...
  39. R

    Light Switch 2 Gang 2 Way, light switch crackling & Earth Wire question (DIY)

    Hello everybody, I was experiencing some crackling when turning our kitchen lights on (2 gang 2way). I opened up the light switch to see if there was any obvious issues such as loose wires and I noticed the one loose earth wire. One earth wire to the light switch was wired to the casing and...
  40. M

    Replacing old 4-way light switches

    I can't figure out the light switches in my hallway. I thought it would be an easy job to replace them and now I've spent all weekend and still failing. The old switches (built in 1959) have terminals on the top and bottom and all screws are brass where the new rocker switches have them on the...
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