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  1. J

    Inverter grounding

    Hello, can anyone please tell me why my 1500w inverter has an extra connection for an earth, and came with a rather thin earth cable? I figured that because the -ve from the inverter goes to the -ve on the leisure battery, which in turn is earthed back to the starter battery -ve, there is no...
  2. C

    Transformer Neutral Grounding

    Should the neutral of the transformer be provided with separate ground rod or can it be interconnected with earth bar which also connects the transformer frame and other equipment frame grounding. Is it correct as per the European standards? ( See the attachment)
  3. S

    Grounding advice on older property

    Hi, I’ve just been to look at a job to add a socket in a ex-mod (1960ish) domestic property. The cables are singles pulled through metal conduit in between the ground and first floor. The problem is that the sockets have no CPC conductor in the back box so I ‘assumed’ that the CPC was fed...
  4. Y

    Grounding an off grid system

    Hi System is victron quattro 10000 va inverter, 150 /70 mppt victron cc and 12 victron 100 Ah 12.8 V lifepo4 batteries wired as 51.2v 300 ah bank. Should I ground battery minus, cc chassis and inverter chassis seperately with own ground rod or should I wire to ground bus bar in main...
  5. N

    New to forum - laser cutter / general grounding help needed!

    Hi everyone So my electric-based knowledge is pretty low, but I have my own laser cutting business so am having to get to grips with a few things! Any answers are helpful..... I run a 45W laser from a residential building, this is an import from USA. I have been looking at upgrading the...
  6. J

    Common grounding in audio cables? Theory suggests yes?

    Hi guys! I am currently studying a BA (Hons) in Music Production, and I have decided to build a new stage box to go on stage, to route microphones cables and power supplies from the stage to the original inlets underneath the stage. I would like to use a 19-pin Socapex cable to make the...
  7. E

    Installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas

    Hi May I know about the standards in the installation of grounding electrode in crowded areas where clearance from the perimeter is not achieved?
  8. J

    Commercial Grounding a Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

    I have recently taken over in the IT side of a medium company and one of the things I have noticed is a terribly installed wall mounted Data cabinet. I have spent the weekend sorting it all out so it all comes up to spec but wanted to clarify on some points. It is currently mounted on the wall...
  9. M

    Cnc machine bonding to structural steelwork

    The factory I look after has just taken delivery of a new Cnc machine. I was there today to wire it up, no problems 4core 10mm swa done. The filter said that the machine needs a separate earth bond to the structural steel work. I said that's not my problem as its part of your installation as...
  10. D

    Best Way To Ground Rf Energy From Ethernet Network

    I'm not an electrician, but I am looking for some advise on the best way to drain a shielded CAT6A ethernet network in a UK house built in 1989. I need to drain the RF energy at one end. I have finished installing in excess of 500m of CAT6A and every cable save for one goes to two CAT6A patch...
  11. D

    ground cable for power windows

    hey guys sorry for the noob questions. im trying to convert my manual windows to power by using this guide. DIY: Power windows in a 96-00 civic DX i have done everything except for grounding the cables and connecting a power source. I am currently stuck at grounding the cables. Do i cut the...
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