1. B

    Wiring a light from a socket

    I am trying to add a switch and a light into a storage room next to our kitchen. I am wiring from a socket in the kitchen into another socket in the storage room - that works. Then I am wiring a lighting fixture from the socket (which turns on when I switch on the fuse). From the lighting...
  2. C

    Can I spur a socket from an existing fused spur on a ring main?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just want to confirm: Currently I have a spur leaving a socket in the bedroom, into a 13A Switched FCU and running up to power a double socket in the loft. I now want to locate a socket in the old boiler cupboard/airing cupboard to power a tumble...
  3. V

    Adding a socket to a garage circuit.

    Hi everyone, I've got a garage with a circuit that looks like this: I believe it's a radial circuit coming out of the MCB with a current rating of 20A. It goes in to a switch containing a 5A fuse (fused spur?). It then has two wires coming from it: one for a bulb, and the other for a socket...
  4. S

    External socket wiring

    Hi all, Was wondering if you could help please. I'm looking to fit a BG IP66 external socket mainly for occasional jet wash/vacuum usage and Christmas lights at Xmas time (hence the large enclosure for the transformer plug) Originally, I was going to use 2.5mm T&E to spur off from a 1...
  5. Mark Wright

    Socket with slimest back connections?

    Hi, The walls have been chased out and he fitted 25mm back boxes and to be fair you can't really go any deeper but one socket on a ring is feeding a spur so three cables and yes you can fit it in but really id like a bit more room. Are there any sockets that have very thin connections on the...
  6. J

    UK bedroom bathroom socket

    can i wire a socket in a bedroom which has a bath in it? do i have to go by bathroom regs and keep it 3 meters away? dual RCD MCB board fitted
  7. R

    Changing thick cooker wire for standard plug wire at socket

    Hi I am attempting some DIY I had the wire installed as I was going to have an electric cooker. This changed and I now just want to put a double switched socket in the hole. Could someone please tell me how I can convert the wire so it is smaller and fits in the back of a standard switched...
  8. N

    Fire & Acoustic Socket Box Inserts vs Putty?

    Hi all, Looking at putting in either putty or those premade fibre socket box inserts for fire rating + air leakage reasons. Just wondering if anyone has any experience and if the putty you have to mould in yourself is better than the premade fibre boxes or not.
  9. A

    solar/mains switch on 13a socket

    I have some solar panels producing up to 10 KW and I wish to switch a 13 amp socket on when solar is being generated and off when solar stops and sockets return to mains. Any idea of a switch that will do this?
  10. D

    Pulled out BT Master socket 🙃

    Evening, I’m wondering if someone could give me a little guidance. Whilst removing some old carpets I pulled out what I now believe is the BT master socket. I didn’t realise it was the master as it’s in the spare bedroom upstairs. Anyway before realising I decided to disconnect it from what I...
  11. L

    Wall socket cable length?

    Hey there, I'll be building an electrical socket on the other side of the room. While passing a wire through the wall I wonder, does length affect socket safety? Would a long cable going through a 2m long wall need to be protected in anyway to make it safer? The wall is finished so I'll need...
  12. J

    UK 2 Gang UK Socket - Capable of 26Amp or Only 13Amp?

    Its common to read in literature and textbook, that providing we use an adequate twin earth rated cable, a UK Double socket is capable of 26Amp, however whenever I browse actual catalogues to buy, all I can find are 13Amp rated. Example below... Is this because its implied 13Amp per plug? In...
  13. J

    ID Crabtree socket chassie

    Is anyone able to help me ID this crabtree double socket chassis? The faceplate is attached using two small hex screws?
  14. S

    Live or dead socket???

    How can you tell if 3 phase 5 pin plug is live and working or dead amd not working??
  15. P

    Failed RCD socket given post-mortem out of curiosity

    Many years ago I fitted some RCD socket outlets to my parents home for the two likely to be used outside, the front hall and the kitchen one next to the window. Being the paranoid sort of person I am I always test-trip them when I have cause to use one, and in the case of the front hall that is...
  16. Y

    Where does the the cat cable from wifi socket go domestic

    This could be a dumb question from a first year, industrial apprentice...
  17. M

    Light socket controllable by dimmer UK

    I have a double light switch where one switch is terminated into a wago clip. I'd like to replace these wagos with a socket as I'm not sure what sort of light to put on there. Is there a socket I can use that can be controlled by a dimmer switch?
  18. F

    Shaver socket constant loud humming

    Hi everyone, I had a shaver socket installed inside a bathroom wall cabinet. It makes a constant humming noise that can be heard in the next room. Is this normal/faulty? Can anything be done apart from removing it?
  19. Barrieeld

    Faceplates for old socket boxes

    Hi folks I’m having an Edwardian home rewired, it’s not been done in 35 years it seems. I’ve came across some socket boxes in skirting which I can get out and wondered if there are new faceplates that would fit (screw points different on new boxes) if I cleaned away the conduit? Thanks in advance.
  20. P

    13A socket with USB charger

    Just wondering what folks think about in terms of 13A sockets with built-in USB charges, what are the good/bad/ugly of choices? I could do with one for my parent's use (to avoid them losing a plug-in charger) but ideally would like one that goes off / isolated when not in use or if the related...
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