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  1. D

    Failed socket!

    Hi, in the UK, was vacuuming, did upstairs, went down to the hall, and the vacuum stopped.. checked the fuse, fine.. hit it, plugged it in again, hit it again, plugged it in again. still not working (why do we do this lol) Plugged it into another socket and it worked... never know a socket...
  2. S

    Outdoor electrical socket

    Hi, I replaced an outdoor electrical socket recently with a 2 gang, BG socket which has LED lights to show when it is switched on. Since then I can’t get it to work. The LED lights come on so it definitely getting power. But both 3 pin plug sockets refuse to work. I have read and re-read the...
  3. J

    56 Volts on usb Socket

    Hi All Has anyone come across Earth Leakage on a usb Socket the appliance being plugged in is live
  4. T

    Short in socket - why/how?

    Hi. I'm in the process of getting my qualifications and am taking on some small jobs for family to try and get some experience in. Today I was looking at a socket on a final ring circuit. The house was built in the 80s and the socket is almost certainly original to then. There were 3 cables...
  5. J

    Wireless socket tester

    I often conduct EICRs alone. I'm curious if there is a socket tester on the market that can transmit to a handheld unit. The idea was that I could flick switches at the board without running up 4 flights of stairs to check whether it was the right one. Or failing that, a socket tester that makes...
  6. Saltedm8

    Wall socket overload

    If someone made a request to you, to install a new double socket that would be supplying power to a tumble dryer along a circuit that does not go into a location where those types of device are usually located, like a kitchen or utility room, but goes instead from the hallway into the living...
  7. bing820

    Change single switched fused spur to include a 13A socket?

    DIY'er question: I have a singe switched fused spur above my kitchen counter, providing power to an undercounter fridge socket beneath it. The boss lady wants a socket installed there to move the toaster away from where it currently sits, because 'lady reasons'.. Is there any way I can swap...
  8. I

    Spur for fcu next to double socket.

    Grateful if someone could offer some advise, I'm struggling to find a definitive answer to this. I have a double socket, it was on the ring main but due to short leads after decoration the ring was joined behind the socket using 3 way wagos and short leads run to the socket, so it's effectively...
  9. C

    Socket Tester Neutral Fault

    Today I was doing an EICR and went around a couple sockets with a Megger MST220 socket tester just to see if there was anything obvious, all three green lights came on saying everything was fine and correct. When I took the faceplate off to do my R1 R2s I got readings of 0.60 on R1 but then...
  10. D

    Safe Isolation of a 16/32a socket

    Hi, after some discussion with electricians, does removing a 16A or 32A socket constitute safe isolation? I understand that removing the socket completes an isolation, but for me, additional measures should be included, either placing a lock around the plug to prevent it from being placed back...
  11. T

    Moving boiler socket

    Hi, I'd like to move the existing socket that feeds the boiler down to where I've pencilled in that can be seen on the photo. The socket to the left isn't doing anything so I was thinking of blanking this off. The reason for moving the socket is I'm building a larder cupboard around the boiler...
  12. T

    Where to put socket for electric fire.

    Hi, my friend is having a floating shelf with a electric fire, and I’m between minds where to put the socket, I was gonna put the socket behind the fire which will be fed by a 13A fused spur but I’m having second thoughts about putting a socket behind there due to heat.. Would it be safe...
  13. D

    Wago 221 Inline Lever Connectors 32A for use in socket replacement

    Hi all. I'm going to replace some sockets during a routine redecoration of our lounge including replacing some singles with doubles with USB charge points. From past experience of doing similar in other rooms a long time ago (certainly before the advent of WAGO connectors), I recall that it was...
  14. U

    Staying in zone with kitchen socket run with a cooker switch

    I'll start by saying - I have absolutely no intention of doing any wiring or anything electrical myself. You get someone professional to do a professional job - I know that. I just want to understand what I should consider so that I don't end up having to rip out or rework stuff afterwards. The...
  15. RichardIStone

    First time I've seen a melt down

    Hello, as a relatively newly qualified electrician (mature trainee who completed his NVQ in 2023) today was the first time I've seen a melted plug. It was at a rental property and the tennant had a fan heater hanging on to what was left of the plug. I'm guessing that the fan heater had been...
  16. C

    UK Change RCD type at CU to enable RCDs at socket outlets

    Hello All, I am a homeowner (but not an electrician) and I am renovating a house that has an old CU containing MCBs and an MK LN5725 residual current-operated circuit breaker on the supply side (25A, 30mA trip current). The RCD is there because some of the circuits supply power to outbuildings...
  17. K

    Electric cooker 2500 watts to plug into normal spain plug socket?

    Hi All, We have an old Country villa in Spain. The housing electrics were not good so the house recently has been completely re-wired to a good standard. Due to some miscommunication with the electrician however, he forgot to create a separate circuit for the electric cooker. Looking at the...
  18. J

    Right side socket of Double wall socket switch won't switch off.

    Double wall socket switch won't switch off. It just flips back to on. The left side one is fine. It used to do this 3 years ago then was working again. Now it's back. Do I have to replace the entire socket unit? Is that easy to do and legal on your own? Thank you
  19. S

    Socket problem - can you help?

    We are having problems with one socket which my husband has changed the front plate on. When he tried to attach the new front cover it singed the screw and blew the fuse. What could be causing this?
  20. N

    40a MCB to 2 gang socket - want to spur off to FCU at 13a for freezer over winter

    Hello everyone, We had an electrician over, who fitted a 40a MCB in the house consumer unit to supply a new build garage. It's underground SWA, in conduit also. He temporarily fitted a 2 gang socket so we could use power tools whilst we complete a fitout internally, although in that use case...
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