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  1. R

    Spur ext socket

    Hello im new here, trainee electrician To the point... power in the shed... The closest supply to spur of is an external socket..i cannot run a new feed from the cu as the house floor is tiled. My plan was to spur of the external socket using 2.5 armoured cable...take it to a 13a fused spur in...
  2. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  3. C

    Moved to a flat aerial socket loose and is not connected ?

    HI i just moved to a flat. The TV reception is sporadic at best and we have been needing to re-tune it every few days. I have tried to look online and all the sockets seem to be wired in and the live wire connected ? Does this look normal ? Any advice would be great thank you. 1590129701 posted...
  4. D

    External socket advise.

    Hi, I'm currently putting up my lazy spa jaccuzi. It will be positioned up the garden so I will need a socket located away from the house. I have spoke over the phone to several electriction but had several different options. One has recommended spuring of a nearby socket and another has...
  5. T

    Would really appreciate some advice on faulty wall socket in loft

    I have a double wall socket in the loft that isn't working, its directly above the control panel and switch for the underfloor heating in the bathroom on the floor below. It doesnt work whether this is switched on or off. When inspected the socket I noticed it looked like the black wire on the...
  6. W

    Socket voltage for a 120v appliance

    Hi, quick question. My wife had a small kiln installed by an electrician some time back. The kilns setup or needs are 15amp/120v. The outlet was damaged and I'm switching it out, but i only have a outlet that is 20amp/250v. Is it safe for the kiln to be plugged into that outlet? My understanding...
  7. Pinners27

    fused spur to garage and outdoor socket

    i had an electrician out and they fitted a switched fused spur on to an existing double gang socket in my kitchen to run power out to my garage. At a later date another electrician then ran another outdoor socket off of the double gang socket. I'm now having some new patio doors installed and...
  8. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  9. P

    UK Cooker hood

    I've got a cooker hood extractor, it only has a live and neutral cable, I've only got a single socket to install it. Can I put a 13A plug on the end of it?
  10. M

    UK Faulty Socket?!

    Hi folks, new DIY member here. Currently (no pun intended ...) working on my new (old!) house; I've replaced a few sockets (in existing locations), but I've recently experienced a problem on a circuit (16A radial - this is the only socket on the radial directly from the CU, via a 30 A junction...
  11. P

    What socket is this?

    Hi Everyone! New hear and looking for some help regarding a socket on a floodlight. Not sure what type it is, I think its a G24q but not 100%. Does anyone on here have an idea which it is? And assist in what type of bulb to get for it? Image is here: Socket-Type - Thanks
  12. C

    Installing loft socket

    could someone tell me what this is and would I be able to wire a plug from it
  13. P

    British General outside socket

    Hi People on an install I have come across a British General outside socket that is reducing the Insulation Resistance when i remove the outside socket the IR goes back up has any one come across this before Thanks phil
  14. P

    Dual socket not working.

    Good Afternoon all, was after a bit of advice. I have a dual wall socket that doesn't seem to work. It was originally used to power a kettle and toaster but has stopped working over the last week or so. I have tried the kettle and toaster on a different socket and they work fine so have had a...
  15. D

    Would this be acceptable

    Hi all I have a customer who wants LED lights around his newly built garden wall. He wants 12 in total currently there is already a existing outdoor socket in the garden which is fed from the ring final circuit via a FCU At present he would like to keep the outdoor socket. He doesn’t want...
  16. M

    Installing outdoor socket

    Hi My aim is to have an outdoor socket sited near a new garden structure approximately 5 metres from the back of the house. SWA will be used for the entire run. I have an existing external socket (IP66 without RCD) on the back of my house fitted by an electrician during a kitchen refit. It is...
  17. S

    Wiring up socket at bottom of garden

    Hi I want to put a socket about 40 metres down my garden , to run a lazy spa hot tub , I have bought 4mm armoured cable would this be sufficient and what mcb would be best a 20 or 32 amp
  18. M

    Running permanent extension lead from FCU socket?

    I have installed a new dishwasher, unfortunately the new cable will not reach the socket. The socket comes from an FCU, but is impossible to get at to add an additional socket. Can I run a permanent extension lead (appropriately 50cm) to plug in the dishwasher? thanks people:)
  19. A

    Extending the broadband from the Openreach 5C master socket

    Hello. I have a BT openreach master socket (new type with built in filter) and I want to extend the broadband about 3m away and hide the cable in the wall. How can I connect the cable from the FILTERED part of the master socket as I do not want to use a filter at the new point? I want to use a...
  20. M

    Routing of 240V socket wiring

    Hi guys - Looking for regs on how socket wiring should be routed. Cant see this in the Part P or any of the other building regs. docs. Anyone any pointers on the corresponding rules? Need some guidance on routing socket wiring vertically and also horizontally as need to use both methods.
  21. J

    Fitting a new Cooker Hood, moving the supply socket, and chased cables

    We have had a new cooker hood delivered, we needed to unbox it and get it hung to free up space. The new hood is a different design to the old one, and when mounted at the min. height above the hob, it covers the existing supply socket (hidden behind the hood's chimney). So, the supply socket...
  22. J

    Faulty electrical socket

    I have an electrical socket that hasn't worked since we moved into our unit (4 years ago). I finally decided to take a look and see what was going on. The outlet has a very low voltage coming into it... about 4V according to my multi-meter. I tested the wires coming into the outlet box and I...
  23. T

    Is my light socket safe for a diy wood kiln?

    Good morning everyone, I need help determining safety / use of my light socket for use in a refridgerator wood bowl kiln. Im a wood turner and I need a quicker turn around time on my pieces so I built two kilns each powered by a 40w incandescent light bulb. The ambience will be humid and the...
  24. C

    Blown Socket- Possible neutral earth issue

    Hi Members, This is my first post, I live in South Africa with similar domestic DB set-up as UK & Australia. Yesterday, we had a kettle blow the receiver socket in the kitchen and this tripped the earth leakage switch, I am trying to see if I can fix this, I have sa fair degree of knowledge...
  25. S

    Is a socket in a cabinet outside the zones in a bathroom?

    Got a customer who's wanting a washing machine and tumble dryer in the bathroom. Normally the solution is to hard wire into FSUs but he's come up with the solution of kitchen units and a work top with the sockets in the void between the wall and the back of the units. Could this be argued to...
  26. T

    32amp generator socket to 16amp plug

    I am looking to buy a generator for my mobile catering unit. Most I can find in my price range have a 32amp 240v single phase socket. My unit is setup to connect to a 16amp plug into the consumer unit with an RCD. My question is can I use a 32amp to 16amp conversion lead rather than having...
  27. K

    Wall socket not working

    Hi all, I am new here. I recently moved to a new shop, all sockets work except one. I tried to unscrew the plate cover and noticed 4 wires. 2 red and 2 black, I am not sure what to do here and why are there 4 wires and not 3? Also do you think I should take it apart and see whats wrong? or...
  28. B

    UK Seeking some advice from qualified electricians or someone in the know

    My partners ex husband installed a trunking strip in the office of the house. There are x4 double sockets x1 single socket and multiple data connections. This is all ran off 1 outlet from and existing double socket. The plug is rated at 10A. Just curious what legal requirements are for this. She...
  29. R

    Kitchen Pop-up Socket and USBs

    Hello. Wondered if anyone has any ideas on this dilemma. We have a Lamona (Howdens) pop-up socket in the kitchen. It works fine for a while but then the USBs (and their associated LED light) stop working. There is a regular fuse (13A) in the pop-up unit itself and that is working. However, if...
  30. J

    UK Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a single outdoor socket that has a removable fuse. I need to put 3amp fuse in it. Cheers
  31. M

    USA Variable voltage 220v Appliance (Type I) to 110v (Type B) socket,

    Hello everybody, I am not an electrician or anything of the sort, but figured that this would be the best place to ask my question. I have a 220v heating appliance with a Chinese Type I plug. The appliance has a volatge regulator knob that allows voltage to be varied anywhere between 0v and...
  32. J

    Wiring a FCU to a double socket

    I have recently fitted a inset fire and wish to connect this to a switched fused connection unit Can i run a spur to this fcu from a double socket which already has three 2.5 twin earth cables fitted thank you
  33. J

    why won’t my plug socket switch stay on on my fuse box

    hi. today my power started switching off, but not my lights. only my plug sockets are going off. i’ve unplugged everything from all the sockets so there isn’t a faulty appliance. is there anything else i could try doing?
  34. L

    UK Need for an outlet plate and a 13 amp socket for new oven/gas hob.

    Hi.I am a DIY enthusiasts and do have the basic knowledge of electric science. As I am about to refurbish my kitchen,I have bought an electric single oven power rated at 3.60 kw and a gas hob power rated 1.3kw. The existing setup is:6mm t/e cable running from CU/Fuse box (on a 32amp MCB) to 45 A...
  35. R

    DIY socket ring - is this allowed?

    Hi all I’m new here and need some advice :) We’ve got an old Victorian house with a suspended ground floor. We’ve had a rat problem (Sorted now!) and they’ve chewed through part of the ring main downstairs. I was thinking of replacing the line of cable they’ve chewed through myself (It’s red and...
  36. I

    New and old wires in socket

    Hi, I have a question about the above wiring. We have taken the so ket and box out whilst painting, and will be replacing them with new ones. As you can see in the photo, there is 2 sets of wires, one with new style brown and blue wires and one with the old red and black. When I rewire the...
  37. Baddegg

    Sorry can’t give ya a new socket...😩

    Thread the other day discussed adding new sockets to old install under new called to elderly lady who wanted some pendants changing and a new socket added....took one look at consumer unit and my heart sunk, nothing wrong with it just old and no rcd protection, explained to her how...
  38. D

    Relocating wall socket

    Apologies for a naive question. I want to move a twin socket (older style on the skirting at present) by about 2 feet to the right and 6 inches or so above the skirting (i.e. on the wall). The floor is solid and am not keen to chisel out the wall. Can I use a wall mounted plastic conduit to...
  39. G

    Lightwaverf Socket Failure Repair

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a lot of LightwaveRF equipment fitted in my house and have had since the end of 2015. Around 18 months ago, the double sockets that are very rarely used ie in spare bedrooms for example started to fail. One by one every month a socket would fail. They...
  40. T

    3way light switch, 1 light works 2 don’t help

    Have a 3 way light switch (three separate lights) one light works (middle switch) 2 don’t. Think that the 2 that don’t work shorted out when a multi socket plug was inserted in adjacent room. That plug still works. Anyone got any ideas?
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