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  1. Baddegg

    Sorry can’t give ya a new socket...😩

    Thread the other day discussed adding new sockets to old install under new regs....got called to elderly lady who wanted some pendants changing and a new socket added....took one look at consumer unit and my heart sunk, nothing wrong with it just old and no rcd protection, explained to her how...
  2. D

    Relocating wall socket

    Apologies for a naive question. I want to move a twin socket (older style on the skirting at present) by about 2 feet to the right and 6 inches or so above the skirting (i.e. on the wall). The floor is solid and am not keen to chisel out the wall. Can I use a wall mounted plastic conduit to...
  3. G

    Lightwaverf Socket Failure Repair

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a lot of LightwaveRF equipment fitted in my house and have had since the end of 2015. Around 18 months ago, the double sockets that are very rarely used ie in spare bedrooms for example started to fail. One by one every month a socket would fail. They...
  4. T

    3way light switch, 1 light works 2 don’t help

    Have a 3 way light switch (three separate lights) one light works (middle switch) 2 don’t. Think that the 2 that don’t work shorted out when a multi socket plug was inserted in adjacent room. That plug still works. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. K


    Hi I have just bought a new cooker and it has a cable and plug on it but my old one doesn't. Can I put a socket on the existing cable (6mm I think) and then just plug it in.
  6. Z

    UK Kitchen socket trip switch keeps triggering RCD even when nothing is plugged in.

    Hello & Merry Christmas, Last week when waking up the lights and sockets in the bedrooms upstairs were off, along with the ground floor kitchen sockets. Flipping the RCD, and the trip switch for the kichen sockets and upstairs lights seemed to work fine - we have no new appliance installed or...
  7. T

    UK How can I use a 16A charger on a UK socket?

    Hi, I have a customer who has bought a 16A charger which will obviously only charge at 13a from a UK socket. Their question is would the be able to use the full 16Amps if they have a 32Amp breaker? Thanks
  8. H

    UK Adding a 16 amp socket to ring main

    Hi there, I have just bought a hot tub that plugs in to a 16 amp, 3 pin socket. I have an outdoor supply that was fitted on my house (professionally fitted on a new build property. It runs of a 32 amp breaker on the ring main. The supply does not have a socket, just a blank face plate...
  9. N

    Outside socket off lighting

    Hi I have a switch by my front door inside the house that switches on and off an outside light. the front of the house has a lower roof that goes up and after windows joins the top roof. therefore, I have an eves? That is about a foot above the top of the front door. looking to place some Xmas...
  10. samsingh

    UK Am2 - Ring final circuit

    Hi, I've sat my am2 practical today. I have a question about the ring final circuit hopefully there is someone who can relate. Is it crucial to wire the ring final a certain way? Ive bought 2 legs out, one goes into my closest socket which went down a bit of conduit and the other leg goes to...
  11. M

    What type of bulb will fit into this light socket

    Hi guys, I am a DIY homeowner and the light in my bathroom went out. I stupidly threw away the bulb without checking the connector but I noted down the model number. It was an osram dulux el longlife 20w/41-827 but I can't for the life of me find it online. I have attatched 2 pictures of what...
  12. C

    UK RAK Resort LED Mirror with Demister Pad and Shaver Socket

    Hello, I have just bought a flat and in it is the above named mirror in the bathroom. Only problem is that the light isn’t working! When we looked around the lights worked, I know that the electric was turned off throughout the flat until the day we moved in. I have one in each of the...
  13. N

    Spur off a spur, & new socket with 13A SFCU?

    Hi all, I have a frustrating problem: I had planned to add a new double socket in my living room, which has no power cable run/sockets down one wall. This is an interior masonry wall adjoining my kitchen, with sockets on the other side feeding under-counter washing machibe and dishwasher. So...
  14. B

    What's the best socket and switch brand ..

    Hello fellow sparks .... Recently I've been using my local Screwfix for switches and sockets and as of late I've been noticing a serious lack of quality .. I'd rather pay a better price and have a quality product and finish on the jobs .. does anyone have a recommendation for brand and supplier...
  15. G

    What make is this socket

    Hi, A customer of mine has asked me to add an extra socket to match their existing sockets. They have sent me a picture of an existing socket, however I can't seem to find a match. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is and where I can purchase one? Thanks
  16. Hellengeek

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?
  17. I

    Fitting an outside socket for a hot tub. Notifiable?

    Hi all, I have a job booked to fit outside socket which will be used to power portable hot tub. The socket will be waterproof fed from existing circuit via fused spur which I also going to fit. RCD protected at the fuse board (hot tub has got its own RCD device rated at 10mA) The question I...
  18. littlespark

    7 pin tow bar socket wiring.

    I’m swapping over the tow bar from one vehicle to another identical one. All fairly straightforward, colours are all correct. The query I have is, Will the 12v aux socket in the back of the van have enough power to run the relay box? The towbar was originally fitted by a dealership, and that’s...
  19. C

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer.

    I have a very ugly and large cooker socket above my gas cooker. It has a single plug point which my cooker is plugged into for the ignition/timer. It is in the way of having a splashback installed. How easy would this be to move a few inches to the right and replaced with something a bit more...
  20. S

    Timed outdoor socket supply

    Hi I’ve got a standard double outdoor socket that has been installed for some time, and I’d like to make the supply to it timed to run some lights in the garden in autumn/winter only. I’m planning on using a greenbrook mechanical timer, which is rated at 16a resistive and 2a inductive. I will...
  21. C

    What type of socket is this?

    Hi, I saw this type of socket here in the Netherlands for the first time, does anyone know what's this for? Where I come from, this doesn't exist. TIA
  22. J

    Socket showing live on both ring mcb’s ?

    I have a socket in a house showing up as live on both ring 1 and ring 2 ? powered up the house today and used a socket tester and it was flashing on both rings when I isolated each one on their individual MCB’s ? does anyone know what this could be ?
  23. P

    UK Installing 2 gang socket where boiler controls were located

    Hi all, First time poster and keen DIYer here. Seeking some advise/info about my current situation, moved into my house 4 years ago and straight away needed a boiler fitted (changed from a gravity fed system to a combi and had it relocated from the kitchen to the upstairs bedroom). After this...
  24. B

    Crank BUT no start relay (85 socket) wiring issue

    Hello guys I own a BMW E39 which developed a crank no start issue. No codes are being thrown but my initial thought was fuel. So I checked the fuses (all ok) and then moved onto the relays. I removed the relay and its ok then checked the socket and discovered the relay base is showing 4v on the...
  25. F

    Adding socket to upstairs hall

    Hi, looking for advice... Upstairs hall has no socket, I'd like to add one. Looked at adding a spur off the lighting circuit but this doesn't seem to be a good idea. Thought about taking it off the shower supply but this isn't recommended. I have a plug socket in a bedroom, thinking about...
  26. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  27. L

    Socket shows LN Reverse on socket tester

    Hi all, I have recently moved into a flat. One the single sockets shows LN reverse on the socket tester that I bought today Why could this be ? I have checked the earth connection which is all good.
  28. A

    Tv socket height new build

    1200mm is the max socket outlet height in new build property so what's the score with putting a socket at a height where a wall mounted tv will be situated obviously required to be higher than 1200mm. Is this now not allowed for new build properties?
  29. L

    Where to install 32a socket

    I need to install a 32a single phase socket next to a water outlet. I am thinking of putting it roughly 2 foot above and a foot to the left of the outlet. I haven’t got access to my regs to can’t check if this is enough distance? Any help appreciated. Lewis
  30. B

    Reverse polarity at socket outlets

    Had some line/neutral reverse polarity today at a job instead of tripping RCD/MCB it’s just melted socket outlet how come RCD/MCB didn’t trip? RCD tested fine??
  31. A

    3 phase socket

    Hi I have a 3 phase socket to change like for like does anyone know what tests have to be carried out after
  32. J

    Shaving socket

    Hi vmcan i run a shaving socket of the cable that powers the light bulbsbin my bathroom? Thanks
  33. U

    Replacing spur one gang socket for two gang

    Hi all, I have a single surface mounted socket in a cupboard which our freezer is plugged into. We don't have any sockets in our hall which the cupboard is off so I thought it might be useful to change the one gang socket for a two gang, again surface mounted to keep it simple. Its on our...
  34. S

    Technical advice required - metal socket or plastic? / Trunking?

    Hi all Recently my company (I'm just an employee) moved into a new unit and have installed some shelving, the BigDug kind. We've had plug sockets located above (2) each unit to provide power. This was done by the electrician so that's all good. I need a plug socket on each shelf (5 in total)...
  35. Ashley-Joseph

    Outdoor socket

    If I install an outdoor socket does it have to be notified to the local authority and can I test it with a multimeter with out opening the cu ?
  36. Midwest

    Opinions on outdoor socket

    I’m building a man cave/BBQ area. It has a substantial roof, a weather proof back wall, but open to the elements on the other three sides. It’s large enough so the back wall won’t be susceptible to rain etc. In the rest of the garden, I’ve used MK Masterseal sockets. However, they are a bit of...
  37. Henry_

    Outdoor socket used as junction box

    Hi, I am currently building a new outbuilding in my garden to be used as an office which will end up having a reasonable amount of power usage (Heating, multiple computers, lighting and a few other bits and bobs) and I am looking at reusing a power feed that previously ran to a shed which was...
  38. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  39. C

    WiFi operated socket

    Hello guys Client wants to control a load attached to a 13a plug outside. Initially I was thinking of large ip rated box containing a socket with a WiFi plug adaptor which will be installed outside. If there an other ways?
  40. M

    Mounting Socket upside down - is it OK?

    I need to install some sockets where space is at a premium. I am considering installing a double socket as normal but then installing a second double socket directly above but the upper socket upside down. Is there any reason why I should not do that?
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