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  1. A

    32amp socket connection for temporary cabin

    Can anybody help please.....I need to connect a cabin electrics to the house, appreciate normally long term this would be via fuse board direct, however I just wish to connect to the house using 13amp plug. The minimum draw from the cabin is 20amps, if I used a split socket 32amp to twin 13amp...
  2. C

    Double socket in attic, ability to turn on off downstairs?

    Hi there sorry if I’m not making myself clear from the title, I live in a bungalow. basically I want to add a double socket in the attic with the ability to turn it on and off from my passageway just below the attic door, would this be possible by adding a switch to my existing light switch ?
  3. C

    Plug socket

    I have one of these in my house can it be converted to a plug socket please
  4. R

    5 Wires in double socket??

    Hi all wondering if anyone could explain why there might be 5 wires in a double socket?i went to change the the switch for a new one as the original was damaged but there are 5 wires in there...ie 5 lives,5 neutrals and 5 earths....surely this can’t be right? It has been like this for 15 years...
  5. W

    Spurring of a spurred socket

    Is spurring off a sockets that’s already been spurred off a major no no?? It’s for a socket behind a wall mounted tv so not gony be a major load on the cable
  6. R

    What Type of plug Socket?

    Hi, I've just moved into a property in the UK, only to find this non-standard plug socket. I was wondering if someone would advise me of what type of socket this is, also if there's an adaptor to convert it to the usual UK socket type? TIA for any advice. Richard 1599210478 I have now...
  7. happyhippydad

    Has anyone used this socket tester?

    Toolstation have this socket tester for sale TIS Socket Tester With Loop & RCD Check - https://www.toolstation.com/tis-socket-tester-with-loop-rcd-check/p51520 It says it checks if loop impedance and RCD are 'OK'. Has anyone used this plug in tester? Does anyone know what it actually checks...
  8. R

    Plug socket wiring - insulation concern

    Hi, I replaced a plug socket today for the first time. When putting the live/neutral/earth wires in the socket, I noticed that the wires are not fully insulated where they come out of the wall. There is a small exposed piece of wiring which looks like it previously had masking tape around it...
  9. Click USB-C Sockets

    Click USB-C Sockets

    Supporting both Type A and Type C USB ports. Type C USB is reversible and can be plugged in either upwards or downwards. More information - https://www.scolmore.com/products/usbc/
  10. Click Aquip outdoor sockets and switches

    Click Aquip outdoor sockets and switches

    A range of weatherproof outdoor switches with a choice to install either our 10AX MiniGrid or 20AX GridPro Modules. Building on Scolmore’s reputation for supplying quick and flexible solutions, the IP66 rated weatherproof socket and switch enclosures offer users a single fix installation - with...
  11. Scolmore

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡ When wiring socket outlets do you: 1. Use ring final circuits 2. Use radial circuits
  12. E

    Outdoor socket

    I am going to put a socket into some brickwork surrounding a BBQ area. Now all the external sockets I have seen are all surface ones about 3 inches deep this sort of skt. Now I thought of using the type of socket one gets on the outside wall of a caravan like this which will sit more flush to...
  13. S

    Adding outdoor socket

    Hi guys adding and outdoor socket for a hot tub just thinking should I come off the socket ring as there is a socket on the other side of the wall or would it be better to add fused spur and add the out door socket that way so it could be turned off and on ??
  14. R

    Power supply for deck lighting and 13A socket?

    Hi there, Without going to a massive amount of work to run a new supply from the consumer unit, the next option available for me is to take a spur from the 13A socket ring main from the loft of the single storey extension nearest to where the decking will be located. I have already run armour...
  15. R

    Static Caravan extra socket

    Afternoon all, I've been asked to add a socket to a brand new static caravan. I went and had a look last night, looks simple enough, its about 3m from an FCU fed via the socket radial circuit. It's about 15 years since i've done anything on a static - that was an additional thermostat. I'm...
  16. A

    Adding outside socket to existing cable?

    Hello, I have an outside cable going from the house to a shed can I cut and splice a outside socket into it? Socket will go on the back of the shed
  17. E

    Double-check on wiring regs for adding socket

    Hi, As you may guess from the post title, I need to add a second socket. It is in an outhouse, built onto the main building. There is currently a single socket in the outhouse, which is spurred off the first-floor mains ring. I believe the regs say any additional socket must be daisy-chained...
  18. A

    2.5mm SPUR ON 6MM Socket Circuit

    Hello I hope you are well, I have a 6mm socket radial with two sockets on the circuit, the circuit Protected by a 32A MCB is it okay to spur clipped direct to one double socket, thanks Andi
  19. E

    UK Electric shock from light switch

    Hi everyone, Not an electrician myself, but seeking knowledge, a second opinion and/or advice on the necessity to take action. Hope this is the right forum - please forgive me if not. We had a big fright today. Post refurbishment work, we put a kettle on in the kitchen and didn't realise it...
  20. Mark42

    Does a 3 Phase socket supplying a Portacabin's 30mA-protected DB still need its own RCD protection?

    This month I'm building a remote lab for specialist chemistry work, in a self-contained 'Portacabin' type building. The cabin will have a new, Hager 3 phase board, with an 30mA RCCD main switch. It's only a single small room so I'm not bothered about the possibility of the whole installation...
  21. T

    Can I use 1.5mm cable for 240v inlet to consumer unit in my campervan, and then to a double socket?

    Just wondering if it’s better to upgrade my cable to 2.5mm while I’m only so far into my project?
  22. M

    Exterior RCD protected IP66 double socket

    Hello. I need an outdoor socket and bought a ‘kit’ that allows a ‘soft wire’ IP66 socket. It is connected inside through the wall to an indoor socket by flex and a captive RCD plug. Unfortunately they sent a ‘hardwired’ unit which costs more but leaves no trailing leads inside. So I’d like to...
  23. J

    Help with light socket wiring

    Hello guys. Ive installed a new light socket and put the wires into the new one the same way they came out of the old one and now the light is just staying on permanently, the switch will not turn the light on or off. I assume it’s a quick fix change a wire around? It’s a bit tricky because...
  24. T

    Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket

    I've just seen the launch announcement about the new Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine. See here: https://www.quickwire.co.uk/product/t-connector-plug-socket/ I'm a bit disappointed that they have chosen to release this product ahead of a 32A...
  25. C

    Best euro converter plug for wood burning hot tub ?

    Hi what external waterproof socket will allow for the use of 2 SC3P euro 2 pin to uk 3 pin convertors? I've tried the flip up versions but they won't even fit in due to the tapering of the housing - let alone let the waterproof lid shut! (I tried LAP, 2G & MK) I need to run LEDs ( 10w / 240v...
  26. Q

    LAN Socket to ethernet/internet

    Hi, I live in a 2 story suburban home, and want to run ethernet from the second floor through to the basement. Obviously, we don't want to have a loose wire running through the home, so we settled for having the internet run through the power outlets. This is kinda slow though, so I was looking...
  27. Z

    Wiring a 2-Gang socket in Hallway

    I want to put a 2-gang socket in my upstairs landing which will be used only to power table lamps. With regards to wiring the socket, is it safe to run a spur from the heavy duty 3-core cable running from my downstairs gas boiler to my upstairs thermostat? The thermostat cable runs directly...
  28. a-z electrics

    Domestic TV trips rcbo in one socket but not the next socket.

    Here's a weird one.. customer complains of sporadic rcd tripping some time ago so I do a series of tests, only thing on rcd are skts and lights... never got to the bottom of it but I noticed the quirky Square D quikline rcd trips at around 15mA on a ramp test. So I recommend replacing the whole...
  29. S

    Ireland Changing a 2 gang socket to a 4 gang

    Hello all, Just wondering what is involved in changing an existing 2 gang socket to a 4 gang outlet? Is it a case of using the existing wiring from the 2 gang. Thanks
  30. M

    Advice on spur socket from ring main

    I’m after some clarification please. I have wall mounted the TV and want to install a double socket behind it. I planned on taking a spur from the socket as shown in the photo (bottom right) running the 2.5mm T&E cable in the safe zone to behind the TV. The cable run is 2.4metres and the new...
  31. T

    Power LED string lights with base socket adapter?

    Hello forums, Total novice here! I want to make sure I'm doing the right and safe thing when installing outdoor string lights. The specifications to these lights are included here: The issue I am having is how do I power them? I would like to be able to flick the backyard patio switch to turn...
  32. J

    EICR - can’t find socket

    Hello, Got to test a domestic property and I’ve been told that there is an extension lead in the kitchen running from behind the units. They plug the fridge into the extension lead. you can’t see the socket and the owner doesn’t know which cupboard it’s behind so do I need to start making...
  33. kropaske

    Domestic Socket wired from neighbour consumer unit

    So i did the consumer unit swap today and as usual start with testing the circuits one by one and after last one i realized that i forgot about one socket on the hallway. At that time all cables where out of consumer unit. So i cross connect L-E and went to do R1+R2 just to find out that socket...
  34. I

    Socket & See Circuit Finder

    Hey guys! Been a spark for years and never really bothered with Fora, but thought i would give it a try! Anyway, i am starting to do a lot of work in a commercial business and they have a three phase DB, that is a little on the old side. With that, a lot of the labelling is either non...
  35. F

    Swapping a wall socket for one with usb charger slots

    Hi all, am swapping a kitchen double power socket so just hoping to get clarity on the wires and also to check if the new one having USB charged slots makes it any more complicated/incompatible. Much appreciated. I’ve uploaded pics of existing socket with wiring in place and the front and rear...
  36. Mark.fardon

    BS1363 Socket for 10A EV Charger on TN-C-S

    No doubt been done to death..Ive steered clear of EV charging to date..but.. scenario is block paved drive, TN-C-S, customer just wants an outside socket to plug the lead from his soon to be delivered hybrid. Undertood to be a 10A slow charger. Doesn't want the expense of a dedicated charging...
  37. I

    Hot tub & socket as a spur

    Hi All, I've recently installed supply for hot tub. 6mm SWA, 32A isolator on 40a RCBO. Now client wants a socket around hot tub area for using TV only. I was thinking to fit IP66 socket from isolator switch via 3A fuse spure. Isolator switch is over 2M away from hot tub. This is the easiest...
  38. L

    Socket distance from floor

    Hi I am building an annex in my rear garden. Unfortunately the electrician has not fitted the sockets at a distance 450mm from the floor. As I understand the 450mm distance is for new builds would an annex constitute a new build. Please advise Thanks
  39. T

    Car USB socket installation, excess wires.

    I’ve had a go at installing a USB dual socket in place of the factory fitted cigarette lighter in. VW Polo (2005). The old cigarette socket had three wires going into a connecter into the back. The new socket only has two terminals on the rear. How should i connect the new socket? Where should...
  40. J

    Types of socket fronts

    So I have an electrician out for a rewire quote and he said that he will wire up the sockets, lights etc but I have to provide the light switch fronts, socket faces -which is fine as we wanted flush metal fronts. So are metal fronts better than plastic or is it just cosmetic? Also are flush...
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