1. R

    Light socket question

    I was switching out a bulb in my basement overhead light socket and noticed the hot terminal looks a little deformed.. Its an old light fixture but is this some sort of problem?
  2. R

    Damaged 415v 5 pin socket needs replacing for RCD type.

    I’m replacing a damaged 415v 5pin socket in an engineering shop which is been used for welding, this will need to be replaced with RCD socket to keep up with the regs. but my question is will the welder trip the RCD.
  3. S

    Socket hieght in sunroom cannot be above 450mm

    I'm currently doing a rewire in a house that is being renovated with an extension which will be a sun room, but there are large windows all the way around the room and the highest I can get sockets is 400mm to the top. Can you still wire the sockets and add in a departure for the certificate...
  4. M

    Three 2.5 t&e feeding a socket and a fused spur

    I'm revamping the kitchen electrics, 1980's property. Majority of the sockets have a couple of cables going in/out of them, with the only exceptions being a couple of sockets tee'd off fused spurs and fed by single cables. However, I'm perplexed by one area. By the side of the gas hob there was...
  5. S

    Put a ring circuit in a garage.

    Hi there. I'm a DIYer. Just bought a house with a double garage that has just one socket in it; and it seems to be just a single spur direct from the CU. I want to put in more power outlets; and was wondering whether it's permissible to remove the existing socket, put in a 32a fuse/breaker, and...
  6. D

    Socket/ switch heights

    Hi I I always do sockets and switch heights from chipboard floor/ screws. Guy I’m working with adjusts it depending what flooring might be there, which I can see the point but you’ll have different heights in some rooms only by10mm or so. Seems a bit inconsistent to me. What do most people do...
  7. B

    UK Add 13a socket to cooker circuit?

    Hi, The current state of play is a standalone combined oven and hob supplied by single cooker circuit with 40A RCBO, 6mm cable, isolated by cooker control switch and the unit is hardwired to cooker connection unit. The plans are to change to built in oven and separate hob. The supply demands...
  8. L

    Socket has stopped working

    A single switched 13 amp socket that my extractor fan is plugged into has stopped working after 10 years. The fan itself works when plugged into another socket. Today I replaced the switched socket like-for-like, but the outlet still does not provide power to anything plugged into it. As far...
  9. P

    UK - Socket light switch combo

    New house has wall light wired into double socket nearby. Can I replace with socket/switch combo? If so I can only find cooker switch + socket combo - will this work.
  10. Q

    Code for a socket next to a salon style sink with moveable shower hose

    Good evening I am wondering what people would code for a socket within a meter of a sink basin that has a salon style moveable hose attached. There's an obvious risk there but I suppose it is classified as a location containing a bath and or shower etc. The circuit is RCD protected Cheers...
  11. J

    UK Lighting and socket off one fused spur

    Hello, just wanting to know if I can take a fused spur off my ring main and take it to one outdoor socket as well as an outdoor light. Or weather I’d need to fit 2 fused spurs. So one goes from the ring to the socket. Then another fused spur from the outdoor socket to the lights? Cheers
  12. C

    How would you fix the install of this 2 gang socket?

    Hi I noticed a 2 gang socket that was broken in half in one of my Landlord's properties that I was getting ready for the next tenants. I bought a new one and wired it and then attempted to screw it to the back box. It was a tight fit and I couldn't get the front of the socket to sit flush with...
  13. E

    R1/R2 Socket adaptor for Megger 1700 series

    Anyone know of a R1/R2 socket adaptor that I can use with Megger leads. I have a kewtech adaptor and need to turn the megger leads round or it wont give a reading. I dont want to buy a set of Kewtech leads as I have two brand new sets of Megger leads. Are there other adaptor brands like socket &...
  14. M

    Fit flush mounted double socket to 25mm mdf panel.

    I'm a newcomer. Only a DIYer but I have done a lot of general household wiring in the past. My daughter wants an extra double plug socket flush fitted to one side of a 25mm mdf panel. I can access the other side of the panel and run an external spur cable from an existing socket. I would like to...
  15. J

    Filed Socket - Cracked and no switch longer toggles

    I have a new single socket which has failed after 6 months of use - on removing the plug the socket was found to have cracked and the switch would no longer toggle. Power had also stopped running through it (despite the switch being on) - but it did not trip the consumer unit. Any ideas what...
  16. V

    Wall socket relocation lower than it is

    Hello, I am planning to have a feature wall built in my living room. There will be two very large porcelain tile, with TV mounted and hole for cables pass through. My question is: can I have my wall socket relocated at 300-350mm from floor level in order to have less cuts in my tiles? Are there...
  17. KCJ2711

    Help with socket identification

    Hi there everyone. Kevin here. Hoping I can ask a question please. Home DIY'er with no official electrical training. Extent of diy electrics undertaken to date all very basic; plug changes, socket replacements, light switches replacements, bathroom extraction fan transformer replacement...
  18. A

    Anyone ever had a L to N fault in a brand new socket

    I have just spent about 6 hours in a freezing cold building tracing a continuity fault between L and CPC in a ring final circuit in an outbuilding. Not yet commissioned. This has 8 pairs of Hager SS flush double sockets in it (ie 16 sockets) above a quartz counter, and 4 double sockets beneath...
  19. J

    Socket within 300mm of gas oven

    I am changing my oven to a gas only oven and wanted to know if it was sufficient to put a blank plate on the original socket as it is will be close to the oven. Any help much appreciated.
  20. R

    UK Installing double socket on chimney with wood burner

    Is it possible to install a double socket on a chimney breast that has an active wood burner at the bottom? Looking to mount a TV above the fireplace. The fireplace has a mantle that should protect the TV from heat. Is it possible to cut out (chase??) the wall and run electrical cable up to...