1. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  2. L

    Socket shows LN Reverse on socket tester

    Hi all, I have recently moved into a flat. One the single sockets shows LN reverse on the socket tester that I bought today Why could this be ? I have checked the earth connection which is all good.
  3. A

    Tv socket height new build

    1200mm is the max socket outlet height in new build property so what's the score with putting a socket at a height where a wall mounted tv will be situated obviously required to be higher than 1200mm. Is this now not allowed for new build properties?
  4. L

    Where to install 32a socket

    I need to install a 32a single phase socket next to a water outlet. I am thinking of putting it roughly 2 foot above and a foot to the left of the outlet. I haven’t got access to my regs to can’t check if this is enough distance? Any help appreciated. Lewis
  5. B

    Reverse polarity at socket outlets

    Had some line/neutral reverse polarity today at a job instead of tripping RCD/MCB it’s just melted socket outlet how come RCD/MCB didn’t trip? RCD tested fine??
  6. A

    3 phase socket

    Hi I have a 3 phase socket to change like for like does anyone know what tests have to be carried out after
  7. J

    Shaving socket

    Hi vmcan i run a shaving socket of the cable that powers the light bulbsbin my bathroom? Thanks
  8. U

    Replacing spur one gang socket for two gang

    Hi all, I have a single surface mounted socket in a cupboard which our freezer is plugged into. We don't have any sockets in our hall which the cupboard is off so I thought it might be useful to change the one gang socket for a two gang, again surface mounted to keep it simple. Its on our...
  9. S

    Technical advice required - metal socket or plastic? / Trunking?

    Hi all Recently my company (I'm just an employee) moved into a new unit and have installed some shelving, the BigDug kind. We've had plug sockets located above (2) each unit to provide power. This was done by the electrician so that's all good. I need a plug socket on each shelf (5 in total)...
  10. Ashley-Joseph

    Outdoor socket

    If I install an outdoor socket does it have to be notified to the local authority and can I test it with a multimeter with out opening the cu ?
  11. Midwest

    Opinions on outdoor socket

    I’m building a man cave/BBQ area. It has a substantial roof, a weather proof back wall, but open to the elements on the other three sides. It’s large enough so the back wall won’t be susceptible to rain etc. In the rest of the garden, I’ve used MK Masterseal sockets. However, they are a bit of...
  12. Henry_

    Outdoor socket used as junction box

    Hi, I am currently building a new outbuilding in my garden to be used as an office which will end up having a reasonable amount of power usage (Heating, multiple computers, lighting and a few other bits and bobs) and I am looking at reusing a power feed that previously ran to a shed which was...
  13. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  14. C

    WiFi operated socket

    Hello guys Client wants to control a load attached to a 13a plug outside. Initially I was thinking of large ip rated box containing a socket with a WiFi plug adaptor which will be installed outside. If there an other ways?
  15. M

    Mounting Socket upside down - is it OK?

    I need to install some sockets where space is at a premium. I am considering installing a double socket as normal but then installing a second double socket directly above but the upper socket upside down. Is there any reason why I should not do that?
  16. G

    Exterior socket installation

    Hi, I’m planning on installing a double socket on outside wall coming off my main in living room. I’m using black 20mm conduit for my 2.5 cable for running along exterior wall to exterior socket. My question is will the fittings tower-female-adaptors be ok for waterproof situations with pvc...
  17. J

    230/240vac 10.5a rated heat plate into Single Ph 32a commando socket

    Hi all, ist post: I have a portable appliance which is a temperature controlled heat plate, the input requirements are single phase 230/240vac 10.5a, the unit is designed and built in the US and is factory adapted for the UK market. The supplied flex that comes with the unit is 3.3 mm sq 3 core...
  18. A

    Double plug socket not working...

    Hi all, I woke up this morning to find a double plug socket in the kitchen is not working at all however every other plug in the house is fine, and nothing has tripped etc... I have turned of the mains to the whole house and check behind the plug for anything obvious and all seems fine, no...
  19. L

    2 x 10mm2 into socket terminals.

    Hi All, my first post. What range of accessories has a socket plate with large capacity terminals? I am about to run a 10mm2 SWA cable to a shed and the customer has asked if I can put a couple of sockets in weather-proof enclosures along the route. Can any socket's terminals take 2 x 10mm2 or...
  20. aw1993

    Domestic Random Socket Stopped Working

    Hello, I hope this is allowed here! Please let me know if it isn't. Keep in mind I have 0 electrical knowledge. A couple of weeks ago just 1 socket in my bedroom failed. Everything just turned off and wouldn't come back on (seemingly 0 power at all from that socket). But the other socket in...
  21. P

    Attach 1 double socket to CU

    Hi, my Consumer Unit is in a cupboard in my hall. I would like to install 1 double socket only in this cupboard. I was wondering if I could run the cable to feed this socket from an already occupied 16amp mcb or 32amp mcb from within my CU?
  22. B

    1 new socket in garage and 2 lights - Help if possible

    Hello, I am looking at adding one new socket to my garage and two wall lights. I have a plan of attack and would like the advice of the professionals if at all possible ?. There is an existing socket in the garage which is part of the ground floor socket ring circuit. The existing ring circuit...
  23. T


    Has anyone heard of a Nipon socket apparently we are fitting them to lamposts in a town square?
  24. R

    Socket not working anymore.

    So last night I noticed that the Socket behind the TV was not working. Plugged in my Kewtech plug tester and nothing. So turned off the MCB for the downstairs sockets. Undone the Socket and its been spurred using new colours from the 13A FCU. Changed the 13A fuse in the FCU, checked the cables...
  25. gazdkw82

    Log cabin socket design installation

    Iv got a little install of 2 IP rated sockets to go on an exterior wall of a log cabin. The customer doesn't want to see any cables or containment as you look at the sockets. We've agreed to run black PVC conduit on the rear of the cabin (which is going to have shrubs growing up it) and then...
  26. J

    Lighting connection, socket outlet?

    Working on an industrial radial lighting circuit, 6 son high bay fittings each connected from a conduit box via a short length of flex from the main circuit (terminal strip inside conduit box). Problem they are getting is whenever a fitting goes faulty it takes the entire circuit out. Ideal...
  27. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  28. M

    socket in a bathroom... yes....

    advice on this one , lads. very small appartment. under the sink in the bathroom is a washing machine. like i said very small appartment. in the cupboard next to it (all very neat and tidy) is the socket for it. 18th edition board in the lounge but the socket is within 3 mtrs of zone 1 , albeit...
  29. J

    Ring off a ring ! Help please

    Hi, I know you can’t put a ring off a ring, you should join a cable in the back box of a socket, take it to your new socket, then continue the ring until you get back to your original socket But I don’t know the reasoning why you can’t make a figure of 8 ring main if you like, Could someone...
  30. B

    Cable size for spur socket

    Hi all, I have a spur socket on the upstairs landing from a ring socket in an adjacent bedroom. It is connected in 2.5mm T&E ; is this okay or should it be 4mm due to it being a double outlet hence it could supply 26A? It currently has only a decorative LED tree thing plugged in. The cable...
  31. Bobby34

    Removing socket outlets

    Hi guys and girls, A client is moving their kitchen into another room that currently has a few sockets in it. The sockets are currently on a ring final circuit that covers every socket in the house. They've asked me to add sockets for the new kitchen so I am going to run a new kitchen circuit...
  32. D

    Position of socket for integrated oven

    Hi, I am looking to install an integrated oven, however it's position would mean the socket on the wall will be directly behind it. Is this allowed? is this safe? I just worry it could be too hot there. I could move the socket, probably nearer the floor so it's below the oven. If I do this...
  33. D

    Domestic Seeking advice re oven change - double socket to fused spur

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my electric single fan oven. It is plugged into a double socket, the other socket having the gas hob plugged into it, and this double socket is wired to a 13a switched fused spur. Looking at the ovens in my price range I can see some that include a plug and can be...
  34. C

    Seems like a dumb question, but is a socket underneath plumbing allowed now?

    I just moved into rented accommodation and found this (see pic) under my sink. When I was last in the electrical business 30 or so years ago it would have been classed as a horror show waiting to happen, thoughts?
  35. GBDamo

    RCBO socket circuit tripping.

    I'm stuck here fellas. I have a radial with only one double socket outlet in 2.5mm T&E on a 20A RCBO running five meters in surface mounted trunking. TN-S, R1 and R2 good, 243V measured, Ze 0.12, Zdb 0.29, Zs 0.36, IR all +200MOhms. RCD trip tests all ok at 0 and 180 and ramp 24mA. Now these...
  36. P

    Socket height in summer house

    Hi everybody I would like some advice on the height sockets in a summer house am I right to say they need to be 450mm from ground cheers Paul
  37. Lou7

    Trying to match Socket outlet.

    I need to add another couple of sockets to an existing job, trying to match these sockets.
  38. Andy Hunt

    Most widely used socket electrical back box in the UK?

    Morning, can anyone tell me which is the most widely used brand name/type or best known manufacturer of electrical backbox's (plastic and/or metal) in the UK market? Thanks v much! Andy
  39. S

    Outside Socket Question

    Hi folks, We are looking at a new property and noticed there was an outside Socket, which is great. However, the cable that powers it has a 3-pin plug on the end and is plugged into a socket in the living room. (See pics). To turn the outside Socket on, you need to turn the socket in the...
  40. KevinH

    What's a Plug Socket ??

    Just wanted to get something off my chest...... Don't you hate it when a customer asks...can I have an extra Plug Socket. What the hell is a plug socket??? I know a (domestic) plug is typically a 3 pin plug conforming to BS1363, and I know that a (domestic) socket is typically the type we all...
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