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  1. S

    Socket problem - can you help?

    We are having problems with one socket which my husband has changed the front plate on. When he tried to attach the new front cover it singed the screw and blew the fuse. What could be causing this?
  2. mattgriff88

    RCD tripping switchless socket?

    Hi, I swapped a 2 gang switched socket for a 2 gang switchless socket with usb ports downstairs. I switched off all the power to the house by pulling down the double red switch on the rcd box. When I turned it back on the individual rcd switch for the downstairs circuit tripped. I turned...
  3. G

    UK Upside Down UK Plug Socket - Is This Normal/Ok?

    Hi all, Just recently moved into a renovated house in the UK where a desk is quite high, so the plug socket above it has had to be put in upside down! Other than a bad case of OCD, is this normal/ok? Please see attached photo. Cheers, Will
  4. M

    Four black wires in ceiling socket

    A rose in my 1970s kitchen ceiling became loose (one fixing screw had been inserted right on the edge of the hole in the ceiling) and when I removed it I was faced with a jumble of wires.The green & yellow one was attached to the earth terminal in the rose, four red wires were twisted together...
  5. O

    High integrity socket earthing

    2nd fixing some sockets in an office today and we were talking about high integrity earthing, I've not got a clue what the sockets are going to supply, I'm guessing PC's, monitors, that sort of thing. There aren't any specs for the job so we just wired them as you normally would, I was trying to...
  6. R

    UK Do Regs allow power socket in an enclosed bathroom vanity unit?

    I have a socket in by bathroom vanity unit, .75m away from the edge of the bath. The vanity is completely enclosed with a sink on top and doors that, when open, are parallel to the length of the bath. I hired an electrician to do some work and once he saw the plug in the bathroom, he informed...
  7. C

    Running a 16 amp socket

    Good morning, Ive a dry covered area by the side of the house where I’m wanting to some welding art, I bought a 200 amp tig welder , that says it should be run off a 16 amp supply, my Main fuse box inside the house is about 6 feet from where I’m wanting to set up the welder , could l run a...
  8. G

    Moving a ring main socket further along a wall

    Hi all, I'm planning to remove a stud wall seperating my dining room and kitchen. On the dining room side of the stud wall, there is a double socket which I want to move about 2 feet approximately along, and onto the back wall. The wires will be coming down from the ceiling as they all do on...
  9. AlmondSauce

    60W (or higher) USB wall socket?

    Looking to fit a USB-C PD wall socket for charging / using a laptop - so I was hoping to find one that supported 90W or higher charging, though 60W would also be tolerable. Looks like the most powerful one I can find though is this, which tops out at 45W Knightsbridge NETUSBPDWH White 50x50mm...
  10. sythai

    Which country this plug socket from ?

    Hi Guys Got Client asking me to fit these floors sockets…. Got my doubts, looks like cheap piece of tat !! Just sent me photo from what they’ve seen on Amazon. Which county you reckon this is for ? Cheers Sy
  11. L

    32A Wago clips for an electrical socket spur?

    Hi! I've got a couple of 32A Wago clips. Creating a spur socket from a ring circuit with these is quite easy, but I wanted to know if it's advised from a safety standpoint? When wiring an electrical socket, having these as opposed to having multiple cables going into the holes in the socket...
  12. B

    Spur socket below lightswitch

    Hi there - good site. Mrs wants a new socket directly below a light switch on the ground floor (says it will look neater vertically inline) spurred off the downstairs ring, which all go up into that above ceiling/below floor space. I gather I'm OK to do this as a (very experienced) DIYer? Or...
  13. S

    Wanted Pattress for old MK socket

    Looking for a metal pattress with screw fittings in the correct place for this old MK 2 gang socket. The existing pattress of the socket that I am looking to replace has fittings on the side.
  14. sebastianvirlan

    Fitting new socket in the bedroom

    Hi, I would like to add a new socket in the bedroom. Current room configuration: 3 existing sockets - wiring coming from the bottom (under the floor) master fan - wiring coming from the attic 2 light switches - wiring coming from the attic To legally, in respect to the UK regulations, can I...
  15. S

    Single plug socket stopped working.

    Have a single plug socket which has been working fine for years. It is behind a unit so nothing has hit it. I looked at the socket and can seen no discolouration or anything on the outside to indicate a problem. Took the socket out of the wall and again nothing to indicate a problem and all the...
  16. OnlQQker

    I Wonder How These Will Play Out...

  17. S

    Gas cooker plug and socket

    I have just had my kitchen redone and the kitchen rewired with a new 6mm cable installed for an electric cooker. However I have changed my mind and now will be installing an all gas cooker instead of an electric cooker. The gas cooker comes with a plug for the hob lighter and oven light...
  18. Mark42

    UK 3 x 2.5mm T&Es into one 13A socket. How do you do it?

    I've always disliked needing to wrangle three 2.5mm T&Es into one 13A socket. The three solid cores rarely sit cleanly, and there's always the suspicion that at least one core is not being held properly: Lately I've been doing this, using 5-way Wagos and bits of stranded 2.5mm single...
  19. R

    Any tips on wiring 3x 2.5mm cpc's into a 13a socket?

    Every time i go to do this, even with correctly fitting sleeving, it seems to be a right **********")£"$$* of a job getting all three in snugly without the sleeving riding up and making it difficult to tell whether i clamped on sleeving or copper. Any tips for not fighting with this? It just...
  20. C

    Charging user for socket

    Does anyone know of a way to replace standard 13a double plug sockets with a version that would connect to a user and charge the user’s account? The sockets are in a communal area and could be used for various activities including car charging or vacuuming etc? I’ve seen pubs use a key fob to...
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