1. P

    13A socket with USB charger

    Just wondering what folks think about in terms of 13A sockets with built-in USB charges, what are the good/bad/ugly of choices? I could do with one for my parent's use (to avoid them losing a plug-in charger) but ideally would like one that goes off / isolated when not in use or if the related...
  2. dnjr

    UK Dear All. I need to wire an RJ45 socket and at the other end a plug to go into an Ethernet switch.

    Dear All. I need to wire an RJ45 socket and at the other end a plug to go into an Ethernet switch. Do I wire both ends as ‘B’ or is it ‘A’at one end and ‘B’ at the other(crossover) Have data coming into a garden room and want to take it to other side of the room via an Ethernet switch So data...
  3. sarahc_

    UK Want to remove fitted wardrobe, socket looks to be fixed in?

    Hi We would like to try and remove our fitted wardrobe and the first challenge I can see, being a bit clueless with this sort of thing, is the electric socket appears to be somehow fixed in to the back of the wardrobe. Possibly with a fixing through the top and/or the back of the wardrobe...
  4. M

    Earth not connected on a socket

    I was going to swap a socket in my house for a socket with USB connection. I started to remove the socket and noticed that both earth wires from both cables (part of a ring main) are wired into the metal back box and no earth connections into the actual socket see photo. Now I'm sure this is...
  5. E

    Can my Socket handle it?

    I have a 1 gang socket in kitchen which I made it a 3G as not much room to swing a cat in my kitchen to use for my Fridgemaster MC55264D and Candy CSC10DF Dryer. It's been running great with no issues over past year. Now I am in a lower 4 in a block house can I add an under counter Igenix IG3290...
  6. I

    Twin socket behing wall mounted TV

    I've got a twin socket behind a wall mounted TV but the bracket I have is so slim that the TV won't hang when the plugs in the socket. Can you get some sort of fused spur which fits on a twin backbox? Thanks
  7. J

    Generator to 16 amp commando wall socket through wall to 13A wall socket

    For emergency use, when there's a power outage, the current situation (no pun intended) is that I'm running a hook up cable from the 16A socket on my genny, (see hook up cable - 25 m length) along the garden path, and through a small window into the house. This hook up cable goes to an...
  8. S

    Socket on party wall

    My neighbours are having a new kitchen fitted and have placed an oven socket on the party wall. Unfortunately this is into our chimney breast and can now be seen from our side. I’m concerned as it could be damaged from heat and surely we shouldn’t be able to see it. We live in a Victorian...
  9. M

    Socket suddenly stopped working.. no power??

    Hello gents, I am trying to fault find the issue behind an old kitchen socket which suddenly stopped working. I immediately assumed moisture could have been a factor so I bought a new face plate but once I opened it I discovered there is no power to the socket from the incoming cable. The...
  10. A

    Shaver socket in cabinet not accepting toothbrush? Help please

    Good afternoon I have recently had a bathroom makeover and had the existing shaver socket removed as I purchased a cabinet with socket enclosed. However, my oral b toothbrush 2 pin doesn't fit into thr 230v 2 pin socket in the cabinet whereas i had no issues with the previous socket.. I'm not...
  11. C

    Burnt Washing machine plug and wall socket

    Hello My dear old mother tried to clean the tiles in our utility room by using a damp rag and I think some water may have dripped into our plug socket which is connected to the washing machine. She removed the washing machine plug whilst she was cleaning the tiles and plugged it in afterwards...
  12. W

    Fused Spur and Socket

    Hi, In the example pic, if the double socket was already a single spur off a socket in the ring main, as I understand you can only have a single spur per socket from a ring, could a fused 13A switched spur for a cooker hood be taken from the spurred double socket, or does this go against the...
  13. handyn14

    Installing socket, newbee

    Afternoon. I’m wanting to install a socket into a kitchen for a washing machine and have been quoted £220 which I think is ridiculous. I’m hoping someone here can help me and guide me on the install. There is a boiler near with this fused switch in below image, I’m wondering if I can tap into...
  14. J

    UK Can I put a single socket next to a radiator?

    Hi guys, I am a DIY electrician and I need some electrical safety advice. Due to space constraints, I am looking to potentially put a single switched socket next to a wall mounted oil filled radiator. My concern is the heat from the radiator melting the proposed socket creating melting plastic...
  15. T

    10A RCBO For a radial with 1 socket

    Hi, would it be acceptable to install a 10A RCBO in a 3phase board for a radial with 1 socket? (For a fridge and a hoover) Thanks.
  16. B

    Reg/standard for double socket

    Hi All Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding uk double sockets. Is there a reg or a British standard that manufactures have to stick with. As if my memory serves me right most double sockets will handle 20amps of load for long periods without causing any issue but...
  17. T

    Twin socket from 6mm cable

    Hi everyone, First time posting here and just after some advice. I've got a 6mm cable in my kitchen which isn't currently connected. I'm planning to have an oven and a gas hob. Is It OK to have a twin socket from the 6mm cable and plug my 16A oven and gas hob straight into this? On the...
  18. littlespark

    Strange intermittent fault on 13 pin socket

    my caravan isn’t lighting up tail lights, but all other lights work fine. However… while testing, I got a strange sequence of events. I’ll also point out that the 13 pin socket has the left and right tail lights on different pins, so whatever it is, is affecting both sides. Ok.. with...
  19. timhoward

    That MK Rapid Fix socket thing

    Just curious, is anyone routinely using these? CEF were complaining that no one was buying them. I had been obstinately in the "that's great but far too expensive to become my default socket" camp. Until this week. Faced with 2nd fixing kitchen sockets under cabinets and with my knees in a lot...
  20. R

    Replace leisure battery with Cigarette socket

    Hello, I’ve got a campervan with a 75ah lead acid leisure battery. Wired via a split charge relay. Now I’m tempted to get rid of that and just use a jackery or Bluetti for my power needs. However when I remove the leisure battery, could the existing wiring be used to power a cigarette...
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