1. Raptor0014

    Electric Meter Switch Isolator wiring orientation

    Having a discussion the other day with a kitchen fitter who “also does electrics” and he is adamant that a NIC contractor told him that a meter isolation switch has to have the supply go in the bottom and the load out the top, same as a MCB. This convo came about as he said the property we were...
  2. A

    7. 3 kw INDUCTION HOB

    Can I run a 7.3Kw induction hob off of 2 x 16 amp circuits single phase I'm not sure what size cable is installed, I will check. Would I be be able to run with the 2 x 16amp breakers or should I install a single 32 amp breaker with separate RCD? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. T

    Type of Screws for electric shower?

    Please advise a part number and quote for the 2 screws at the top of our Triton "T80Z fast fit" Shower.? (Also please advise on the type/length of screw etc?) https://www.tritonshowers.co.uk/t80z-fast-fit-electric-shower T80Z https://www.tritonshowers.co.uk/t80z-fast-fit-electric-shower-spares...
  4. D

    Domestic Electric Wall Heaters

    Hello We live in an apartment and are looking to have our 19 year old dimplex electric wall heaters replaced. I'm looking for recommendations on the best electric wall heaters around 1kw. Are dimplex the best? We want to be able to control them via a hub over wifi. Any advice appreciated...
  5. Y

    7kw electric shower - 4mm2 too risky?

    Hi all, Been a while since I've posted - got a new project to install a small 7kw electric shower. The shower will be about 7 metres from the main fusebox on the upper floor. There seems to be a lot of debate about 4mm2 or 6mm2 wiring. Due to the diameter of the wall conduits, I doubt very...
  6. H

    All electric flat require a 3phase supply

    Hi! Currently doing a job that they have decided against getting gas meters and going all electric. Electric boiler 9.5kw 2x shower 9.5kw Hob say 6.5kw 2x 32a ringmains 2x 6a lighting circuits I understand they have had a 13Kva supply installed. Obviously this will not be enough to run all...
  7. S

    Electric heating mat over metal screws?

    Hello, The floor boarding has been stuck down with adhesive and screwed down also with extra metal washers. Someone has now told me it is not a good idea to put an Electrical Heating Mat over it beacuse of the metal screwes and washers. Can I just take them out? Help It will then be screeded...
  8. I

    Reliable electric radiators

    I will be installing electric radiators in a flat. Can anyone tell me what brands are considered most reliable and who to avoid? Thanks.
  9. R

    Some re assurance - electric supply for a 3350Watt Microwave

    We had an electrician out yesterday to fix something in our kitchen. I asked him to check our built in microwave and he said the wattage would be pulling around 14.56amps. After he looked at the wall socket he said that this microwave should be installed on its own supply and not on a standard...
  10. N

    Quote for electric radiators installation help.

    Hi, I am looking for advice in pricing wiring and installation electric radiators in new build flats - labour only. What would be a price per radiator? Each radiator on dedicated circuit, cable run around 10m each. It is new build flats all ceiling and walls open. Many thanks for your opinion...

    OFC label in electric panel

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and have a maybe stupid question: One of my circuit breakers is labeled "OFC", what does it usually mean? Thanks!!!
  12. nicebutdim

    Options for electric heating?

    I know litte about the best means of heating a home using electricty so want to ask on behalf of a relative who has floated the idea of oil filled radiators on individual timers or new storage heaters. House currently has storage heaters downstairs and nothing upstairs. Storage heaters are to...
  13. Rachidi

    Need to grow YouTube channel

    I created a YouTube channel but no one is watching my videos and they don't subscribe either, I need help improving the content.
  14. J

    Wiring an electric cooker

    Can I use a old 30 amp feed to run an electric cooker?
  15. T

    Car electric help if possible

    Hello I’m modifying a corsa vxr I dunno how to word this so it sounds right but I’ll try, when you press the unlock or lock button the can sends the signal/power to the catch is there a way to make the power/signal last longer as I’m trying to fit velar door handles and atm I have to press the...
  16. M

    Breaker Box and the Electric Company

    Two electricians looked at the breaker box in an older mobile home in the US. They said things are fine and the electric company just wants money. The electric company says in order for them to turn on power for the mobile, the breaker box has to be moved. They cut the lines at the top of the...
  17. S

    Help finding a suitable electric radiator

    Hi, I'm looking for an electric radiator to heat a small WC, about 1-2m^2 so would not have to be high wattage, I'm thinking 250w or less. The specs I need are • very slim profile • controls on the left hand side • IPX4+ rated Does anyone know of such a product or where a good place to look...
  18. Bammbamm90

    Electric Cooker - Red Switch

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help. We purchased an electric cooker to replace our gas cooker however no cable came with the purchase. I’ve looked online and it seems I need to buy a 6mm T&E Cable to install it from the cooker block to the wall plate. We have the classic big red switch...
  19. D

    electric bike goes up in flames

    never ceases to amaze me just how impressive a battery fire is https://uk.yahoo.com/news/electric-bike-spews-jets-fire-112716839.html bet the owner is glad they weren't sat on it when it went up
  20. R

    Electric Shower Supply

    We own a small, one bedroom flat (built 1989). An EICR inspection raised three C2 observations and recommendations: (A) The shower cable, and mcb were incorrect size (9.5Kw Mira shower) - Recommend replace 6mm cable with 10mm cable (12 meters, surface run, in trunking) and replace 32 amp...