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  1. T

    Charging an electric car

    Hello everyone. I am newly registered and I need some expert advice. I want to charge a 2014 Nissan Leaf overnight from my domestic supply. The charging cable supplied with the car will only reach a single socket 13 amp spur (wired with just one 2.5mm T&E cable) situated in the porch. Will a...
  2. Michaelwgroves

    Stroma Certification Scheme Gas and Electric in same underground duct

    I need to run gas and electric in underground duct in garden. This is not the supply side, it is the customer side. Wetpants says his regs say "should be 25mm apart for maintenance" I would argue "should" is not "must". Also it mentions for maintenance. You can't maintain a cable 2ft under in...
  3. L

    Electric sockets tripping

    My electric sockets keep tripping, this happens every hour or so after flicking the trip switch. This happens even when nothing is plugged in at all and the sockets are even switched off, I've done nothing to disturb the wires and taken all the sockets off to check for damp and loose connections...
  4. B

    Is a double pole isolator mandatory when fitting an electric shower ?

    Hi , I've recently moved into a propery with an electric shower installed , there is no isolation switch in the bathroom, the showers seems to be wired directly from the consumer unit , it is on its own supply and can be isolated at the board , is this sufficient to pass an electrical test ? Or...
  5. J

    Replace a 25" electric baseboard heater with in floor heat

    Hello I am starting to plan a bathroom renovation and would like to remove an old baseboard heater and replace it with infloor heat. The circuit looks to be a double breaker 20amp each that runs to a baseboard in the powder room onto the laundry room then into the bathroom i want to replace...
  6. J

    need some advice re wiring up electric gates

    hello i am a diy man who likes to have a go electrics are something that i sometimes have trouble with i have an electric kit for my wooden driveway gates which i got second hand i have fitted the kit and i am now at the wiring stage i have 2 actuator arms (calypso 400) each with 4 wires one...
  7. R

    Electric Hob and Oven connection, one supply.

    Installation of a cooker in a renovated property, electric oven and a separate induction hob. The hob was to be gas - now with the induction hob, can it be fed from the oven radial via a dual wall outlet? The radial from the Consumer unit is 10mm T + E. The local isolation requirement can be met...
  8. Franad

    New member willing to talk anything electric

    Hi all, lovely to be here! I'm a newly qualified domestic installer looking for tips and advice in the wonderful world of electrics. I've already asked a question regarding MFT choices (I think I have finally decided to go Megger!) to which I had a great response so thank you already. I can...
  9. I

    Best Way to Wire 2 Electric Showers (Same Mains Power Supply, separate building - allow feed to auto switch)

    Hi All, I currently have an electric shower in the house and I am looking to connect another in a chalet, which is approx 50 meters away from the house. The chalet is fed from the main board of the house. There is a 3x16 SWA cable coming from the house to feed the chalet. What is the best way...
  10. P

    Electric shower recommendation

    A friend of mine has an electric shower that is playing up. She said it is 11kW but I know the largest MCB in her house is 40A so something is wrong either way. Replacing cable, etc, is not really on so I am wondering what sort of suggestions folk have for an electric shower in the 9.2kW region...
  11. bigspark17

    Electric vans

    Any body have or thinking about getting an electric van? im considering the vivaro e. The 50kw battery will do 143 miles which is more than enough for me. With the goverment grant of 20% off zero emmisions vans up to £8000 its coming out at onlu a few grand more than a new vivaro diesel...
  12. E

    UK Electric shock from light switch

    Hi everyone, Not an electrician myself, but seeking knowledge, a second opinion and/or advice on the necessity to take action. Hope this is the right forum - please forgive me if not. We had a big fright today. Post refurbishment work, we put a kettle on in the kitchen and didn't realise it...
  13. T

    Hello electric folk

    Hi there, I was a member here for years, not logged in for a long time, so my account sort of disappeared, so I've re-registered ! About me: I am a human male, limbs still attached, poor taste in clothing, English teeth, with a rudimentary understanding of electricity, anything I've learnt has...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Electric car faults blowing cut out

    Seems there is a pretty major software issue on the hyundai kona eV. If charging in single phase from a three phase charger the car throws a tantrum and can blow the main dno fuse and kill the charger in the process... Wouldn't at all be surprised if there are not more examples within the kia...
  15. FatAlan

    Electric Gates

    Another, how long is a piece of string question! Anyone with electric gate installation experience. Have a couple of clients that are having electric gates installed, not particularly big and of the motorised hinge type. Just wondering what rating the motors tend to run at. Im steering clear of...
  16. Dan Carroll

    Electric gate power

    Afternoon team. 2 questions from someone whose learning. Let me paint the scene. A mates house with a 20 meter drive. They have lights up the drive and on the gate posts. The lights are fed by 1.5mm 3 core SWA. They want to add electric motors for the gates So first. From what I've...
  17. F

    Cable size to electric shower

    I have a customer whose electric shower has stopped working. It has previously been working fine for a couple of years. No problems before hand, no faults on the board or tripping out. upon inspection it looks like the supply cable is undersized. He’s asked me if this would have caused the...
  18. B

    Electrical sockets compromising tanking system?

    Hi We have had our single garage damp proofed (tanking system) it took a a good few months to work due to the amount of damp present(garage used to flood over time - back wall attaches to neighbours elevated garden 2/3 of the wall is agains ground). we’ve had the tanking done and it has...
  19. S

    UK Electric supply to new shed.. The main property is TT earth system.

    I propose to use a redundant shower supply that terminates in the attic. This will be connected to swa 4mm 3 core cable and run 45m to a new shed with a separate consumer unit with rcd and 1 6a and 1 20a breaker. I'm not proposing to have any high consumption equipment in the shed. My questions...
  20. B

    Electric screwdriver issue

    Hello, I asked a guy to do this for me: View: https://youtu.be/EdUBR_xGBHc It almost works properly, but when I press the button fast or the screw is too tight not sure why but don’t rotate the head, feels like not enough power. What is the issue? Here is the video what I’m talking abo...
  21. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  22. C

    Electric Motor Dismantle

    Hi Guys I want to replace the bearings in my washing machine motor but I'm having difficulty in getting the screws / tie rods out. Does anyone know what they are actually called and how to get them out without ruining them. One of them is down a 30mm hole so not exactly easy to get at. I’ve...
  23. happyhippydad

    Night storage heaters or electric heaters?

    I have a customer who wants to change her existing night storage heaters as they are around 20 years old and she fears they are no longer efficient. I'd like to get peoples views on if new electric radiators are likely to be more or less costly to run than night storage heaters? I realise this...
  24. C

    I have fitted electric folding door mirrors and electric windows to my Land Rover Defender. I would like to use a Master Switch from a Mercedes

    Does the Master Switch for Windows and Mirrors on a Mercedes have a separate control unit or could I use it in a Land Rover Defender?
  25. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  26. J

    Wall switch electric shock when wiped down

    Hi, apologies if this is a daft question to ask but would really appreciate some advice. I wiped a light wall switch in the hall with an anti-bac wipe (dettol kind, so fair amount of wetness from the wipe unlike the cheap kind that can be fairly dry). When I wiped it, I accidentally flicked the...
  27. T

    Electric wires

    Hi I have removed an old water tank and am now left with lots of live wires which I no longer need which used to feed the pump etc. I can’t remove at source as the wires go under a laminate floor so is it ok to put the wires in a Wago terminal which is accessible under the floorboards?
  28. W

    Electric radiators on one circut?

    Hi everybody I'll try to put it as simple as possible. I'm rewiring my two bed flat and want to hard wire all electric oil radiators on one circuit. There'll be 6 Harmoni Lugo oil rads 1x1540w, 3x1100w, 1x660w, 1x500w: all together 6000 watts. One electrician told me every radiator must have...
  29. S

    Burnt out pull cord to electric shower

    Hello everyone, I have recently had a bathroom refurb in our new house as it had no bathroom fitted before. I have a 8.5kw electric shower that is isolated by a 45 amp pull cord. The shower stopped working so I had an electrician come and have a look and the pull cord wires are completely black...
  30. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  31. D


    Hello help needed I have taken down a ceiling light to paint the ceiling. Put it back up and lights stay on there where three live wires together and two neutrals together plus a a fourth live on its own in the ceiling
  32. J

    What is the path current takes in an electric shock.

    Hi I am currently doing my electrical NVQ and have asked a few electricians this question and wanted to clear things up. If we touch an electrical conductor and are standing on the mass of earth will the current flow through us and back to the transformer or just dissipate into the ground. I’m...
  33. Z

    UK Electric Hob Diversity.

    Hi colleagues A friend of mine has purchased this electric hob for his kitchen. https://ao.com/product/bhii6015-baumatic-induction-hob-black-47830-39.aspx It shows on the spec that it has to be hard wired by a spark. So after calculating the amperage (5400÷230), I'm getting 23.4amps...
  34. H

    Can some help me pls?

    basically i have this circuit diagram for a digital alarm clock but i dont really understand the circuit like things like why each component is there and whats its purpose. i only understand the obvious component like the thermistor is there to sense temperature i just need someone tell me the...
  35. M

    UK Earthing a V2G Electric Car Charger with a earth rod

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I was supposed to have a vehicle to grid car charger installed last week. But they couldnt get a suitable earth from the earth rod. The earth rod reasing was 384 ohms. They're saying I need a marconite pit. the reading has to be below 100...
  36. M

    Electric panel heater

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice for a DIY’er. I’ve got an electric panel heater to instal in my bathroom - there is a previous entry point for power that I can use for it, but the issue is the space around this point can’t take the heater as it’s meant to be orientated. I can however fit it if I...
  37. S

    Electric cooker installation

    Hi folks, not sure if I have posted in the right place, but I'm looking for some advice on installing an electric cooker. I intend to replace my old free-standing electric cooker with a new one. I went to a department store who do the delivery and install. The person asked me a few...
  38. S

    Electrical layout

    Can someone help me with the layout of the electrical?
  39. B

    Electric metre cupboard

    Looking to run some power to my shed, my metre cupboard is opposite my shed 5 metres max, I have a smart metre and DNOs isolator, if I replaced the DNOs isolator and put a new 3 way metal unit in there so I’m changing the isolator like for like and then I’ll just feed an MCB from bottom of...
  40. B


    Hi - for those that like a riddle. Washing machine (4.5 years old), suddenly tripped electrics, mid cycle. I manually emptied machine, opened door, removed washing, pulled out machine to access plug. Plug is fitted to an adapter (it has to to project past the outfall which is located...
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