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  1. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  2. C

    Electric Motor Dismantle

    Hi Guys I want to replace the bearings in my washing machine motor but I'm having difficulty in getting the screws / tie rods out. Does anyone know what they are actually called and how to get them out without ruining them. One of them is down a 30mm hole so not exactly easy to get at. I’ve...
  3. happyhippydad

    Night storage heaters or electric heaters?

    I have a customer who wants to change her existing night storage heaters as they are around 20 years old and she fears they are no longer efficient. I'd like to get peoples views on if new electric radiators are likely to be more or less costly to run than night storage heaters? I realise this...
  4. C

    I have fitted electric folding door mirrors and electric windows to my Land Rover Defender. I would like to use a Master Switch from a Mercedes

    Does the Master Switch for Windows and Mirrors on a Mercedes have a separate control unit or could I use it in a Land Rover Defender?
  5. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  6. J

    Wall switch electric shock when wiped down

    Hi, apologies if this is a daft question to ask but would really appreciate some advice. I wiped a light wall switch in the hall with an anti-bac wipe (dettol kind, so fair amount of wetness from the wipe unlike the cheap kind that can be fairly dry). When I wiped it, I accidentally flicked the...
  7. T

    Electric wires

    Hi I have removed an old water tank and am now left with lots of live wires which I no longer need which used to feed the pump etc. I can’t remove at source as the wires go under a laminate floor so is it ok to put the wires in a Wago terminal which is accessible under the floorboards?
  8. W

    Electric radiators on one circut?

    Hi everybody I'll try to put it as simple as possible. I'm rewiring my two bed flat and want to hard wire all electric oil radiators on one circuit. There'll be 6 Harmoni Lugo oil rads 1x1540w, 3x1100w, 1x660w, 1x500w: all together 6000 watts. One electrician told me every radiator must have...
  9. S

    Burnt out pull cord to electric shower

    Hello everyone, I have recently had a bathroom refurb in our new house as it had no bathroom fitted before. I have a 8.5kw electric shower that is isolated by a 45 amp pull cord. The shower stopped working so I had an electrician come and have a look and the pull cord wires are completely black...
  10. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  11. D


    Hello help needed I have taken down a ceiling light to paint the ceiling. Put it back up and lights stay on there where three live wires together and two neutrals together plus a a fourth live on its own in the ceiling
  12. J

    What is the path current takes in an electric shock.

    Hi I am currently doing my electrical NVQ and have asked a few electricians this question and wanted to clear things up. If we touch an electrical conductor and are standing on the mass of earth will the current flow through us and back to the transformer or just dissipate into the ground. I’m...
  13. Z

    UK Electric Hob Diversity.

    Hi colleagues A friend of mine has purchased this electric hob for his kitchen. It shows on the spec that it has to be hard wired by a spark. So after calculating the amperage (5400÷230), I'm getting 23.4amps...
  14. H

    Can some help me pls?

    basically i have this circuit diagram for a digital alarm clock but i dont really understand the circuit like things like why each component is there and whats its purpose. i only understand the obvious component like the thermistor is there to sense temperature i just need someone tell me the...
  15. M

    UK Earthing a V2G Electric Car Charger with a earth rod

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I was supposed to have a vehicle to grid car charger installed last week. But they couldnt get a suitable earth from the earth rod. The earth rod reasing was 384 ohms. They're saying I need a marconite pit. the reading has to be below 100...
  16. M

    Electric panel heater

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice for a DIY’er. I’ve got an electric panel heater to instal in my bathroom - there is a previous entry point for power that I can use for it, but the issue is the space around this point can’t take the heater as it’s meant to be orientated. I can however fit it if I...
  17. S

    Electric cooker installation

    Hi folks, not sure if I have posted in the right place, but I'm looking for some advice on installing an electric cooker. I intend to replace my old free-standing electric cooker with a new one. I went to a department store who do the delivery and install. The person asked me a few...
  18. S

    Electrical layout

    Can someone help me with the layout of the electrical?
  19. B

    Electric metre cupboard

    Looking to run some power to my shed, my metre cupboard is opposite my shed 5 metres max, I have a smart metre and DNOs isolator, if I replaced the DNOs isolator and put a new 3 way metal unit in there so I’m changing the isolator like for like and then I’ll just feed an MCB from bottom of...
  20. B


    Hi - for those that like a riddle. Washing machine (4.5 years old), suddenly tripped electrics, mid cycle. I manually emptied machine, opened door, removed washing, pulled out machine to access plug. Plug is fitted to an adapter (it has to to project past the outfall which is located...
  21. S

    Electric Shower Problem

    My Mira Sport 9.0 J92B is having a problem whereby it is difficult to regulate, i.e. it's sensitive to a small turn of the knob making it either too cold or too hot. Is this a known problem and can it be fixed or are we at the end of it's life? Thanks for any help Steve
  22. J

    Apprentices Seeking training or apprenticeship

    Hi my name is Jack, i have recently decided to pursue a career as an electrician. I have chosen this due to several redundancies in a short amount of time. I am currently in my 1st year at Leeds Building College studying electrical installation. I am trying to find an individual in the York...
  23. G

    Making a DIY electric burner and stove

    Hey guys! Very amateurish electrician here. I just finished watching a video of a guy making an electric burner and stove, using just a can, screws and wires: View: He plugged the thing to a 12V battery to heat the setup, however, since most...
  24. S

    adivce on controller electric diagram

    Hi guys, I am not receiving any answers from the manufacturer so I have come here for your expertise. If you could please look at the electrical diagram and help me understand. there are 5 dry contact switches present. including for Level sensor and Alarm. with the existing configuration my...
  25. M

    Electric Shock from Vengeful neighbor

    Hi I need help. I am in a feud with an apartment neighbor. I live on the 3rd floor and he lives under me. This guy stays up all nite and sleeps all day so any noise u make in the day time ----es him off. My last straw was him and some other people playing with a basketball at 3am so i called the...
  26. E

    Underfloor heating clicking on and off (electric)

    Little video here: View: The relay just clicks on and off. I've attached a few photos of the internals of the unit. It's quite old, but was working a while ago, so perhaps a replacement might sort the problem, what do we reckon? I guess it just uses an ambient...
  27. D

    supply to brick lights from mains electric gate?

    Hi all I have only recently qualified and would appreciate some advice re wiring PIR brick lights and surface mounted PIR lights on two electric gate posts on either side of sliding gate. My question is can I break into the incoming 230V supply to the gate controller if I use a fcu for lights...
  28. Vortigern

    Portsmouth spark needed to check electric boiler out

    Ex has flat in portsmouth with electric boiler. Packed in quoted 3k for replacement. Need someone to check element to see if it needs replacement rather than replace whole boiler. Anyone up for that?
  29. C

    Schneider Electric 12 deals of Christmas.

    I’m signed up with the Schneider Electric as recommended by people on here. I’ve had an email from a marketing company who claim I have won a competition in the 12 deals of christmas competition. No links in the email. However logging onto Schneider’s website no longer works, it comes up...
  30. Iain Stewart

    UK Inspection Report, Electric Shower, Merlin Gerin and Schneider MCBs

    Hello, We live in an old stone built ground floor flat, built in the 1880s. Obviously the consumer unit and cabling has been updated a number of times over the years by previous owners. One being the Local Authority who owned the property back in the 1960s -70s. We have lived here for 25 years...
  31. K

    Why I feel electric shock when I pressing a 24V control button?

    Hi there Normally we know people won't feel electric shock if they touch a live 24V cable. but when I was working in a factory, many operators including me feels got a short electric shock when pressing a 24V reset button. It has been like this for several weeks, operators start using pens to...
  32. F

    What kind of Electric Shower install is possible with my existing consumer unit?

    Hi I am moving into a ground floor flat and would like to have a new electric shower installed above an existing bath tub, unfortunately due to low pressure from the hot water tank a plumber has advised a mixer shower is not an option and neither is a pump. I am rather new to all this sort of...
  33. bigspark17

    Smart electric panel heaters

    What makes are people installing? I install haverland ultrarad atm but finding the heater almost impossible to control for users that dont own te property ie holiday lets. Look forward to replies
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for plinth electric heaters

    Got a customer who wants to install some electric plinth heaters under his kitchen cabinets. Had a look and there are many choices... Any body got any recommendations on makes/models etc... looking at max of 2KW one each end of kitchen. Suggestions welcome....
  35. happyhippydad

    Are there any electric vehicle Charge points that can be used with PME?

    I am looking to fit a EVCP in the customers garage. The earthing system is PME although it would not be too hard to change the garage to TT. I have 3 questions. 1. Can the PME be used as long as the EVCP is located in the garage so that the car cannot be charged outside? 2. I believe there...
  36. L

    LED Lights - electric fire - where to get parts

    Hi all. I am trying to repair a wall mounted electric fire ( glass fronted type with pebbles along the bottom ) Fire itself is working, ie heating Ok and the fan works. Problem is the lights which give the flicker effect have stopped working properly, there are three lights which are on...
  37. G

    Electric Fusion Boiler Repair or Replacement

    Hi, I have a 1st floor duplex flat and upstairs in the boiler room is an Electric Fusion Boiler with hot water cylinder tank. The hot water tank is working fine for the water but the boiler / central heating system which is a bit of a beast, (installed in 2006 image attached), is now faulty...
  38. R

    Electric Towel rail in Bathroom connection question

    Hi. I am fitting an electric towel rail in Zone 2 - it is IP55 rated so fine there. The flex coming out of it I have a few options - There is currently a cable going from the consumer unit into the bathroom making its own circuit (used to be for boiler but not used now) I have a couple of...
  39. J

    Electric Car Charging

    Hi i need some info on a few electrick parts for a electric car any help would be so greatfull 1573401889 I have a Peugeot Expert fully electric 3 phase input But the inverted are fluxuant from 200v /400v Then a converter that's 288v input and output of 12v 50a I'm lost help lol
  40. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
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