1. K

    Electric Car Charger

    Looking to install an EV Charger for my father in law I am Olev approved and have installed a couple in the past however I am employed for a company where I’m just a site based electrician (no 2391) I don’t do any commissioning as such or electrical test certificates although I do plenty of...
  2. S

    electric sign off

    My father (now 80 years of age) has renovated a house. The electrician has rewired it, the building regs people have inspected it and gave the go ahead to plasterboard and finish it. At this point the electrician disappeared, we have asked in the village, one said he passed away in covid, now my...
  3. J

    Electric power shower

    My shower stopped working, As the light on the isolator switch wasn't coming on, I changed the switch. The new switch came on but was very dim? when i switched the shower on it never came on and the dim isolator switch went off anyone know whats going on?
  4. Dan

    Electricians Vans, any of you have electric vans? How good are they now?

    Wondering how many of you have electric vans now being used as your main electricians van? Are they good enough now to use for work? Had a similar thread on tilersforums and there's one guy that had them since they were shyte and he stuck with them and now says they're brilliant and definitely...
  5. C

    Auto electric mayhem please help!

    TITLE Auto electrical mayhem please help! 1. Left rear indicator does not flash Left front indicator flashes really fast Right indicators both work & flash at normal speed 2. When hazards signals are turned on only the Left side both front front and rear flash at normal speed RIGHT SIDE...
  6. Londontad

    UK Electric combi boiler

    Hi i have direct unvented cylinder for shower & kitchen tap for hot water (no radiators). 3 people living . Wondering is I can change it to electric combo boiler as it’s saving spaces and it’s only shower & kitchen tap. Not sure what’s requirement ,, Found this electric combo boiler online...
  7. mainline

    UK Fitting a timer to an electric aga so it can't be used in the night

    A few months ago I fitted a change over switch to an electric oven/hob and a converted to electric aga stove, stopping them being used at the same time. I've now been asked to fit a timer so that the Aga can't be left on overnight. I'm not happy to do this for various reasons, but can anyone...
  8. U

    Mains power to electric shower only 0.6v???

    90s house electric issues continues 🥲 So after getting some good advice here I've managed to sort out some of the heating issues so thank you for that everyone 🙏 I'm seem to have a few bugs and keep chasing problems So my current issue is downstairs shower only has hot water with no...
  9. lookingforradiators

    Electric radiator advice please

    Hi, I recently moved into a house with electric storage heaters and am looking to replace them with electric radiators. Gas and oil are not viable options for heating the house and heat pumps are too expensive, so I've narrowed it down to a choice between ceramic core radiators and...
  10. GeoffatMM

    UK Electric hoist control wiring

    Hi, One of the plastic parts in my hoist control broke so I bought a new one but they are very different so a simple question, can I use the black one in the photo to replace the yellow one? My initial assumption is no as the original has a capacitor which the new one does not. Appreciate...
  11. H


    Has anybody got an opinion on the book called ELECTRIC MOTOR MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING. There is on one ebay and the isbn is 0071763953. Thank you.
  12. razorbackdrain

    What's the best Voltage for a Drain Camera electric?

    Hi Forum, I had drain cameras plumbing equipment and tools, I was just wondering how much voltage the right drain cameras would have if we converted them to electric? Admin Note - cannot link out until posted ten times.. Many thanks.. Lou Any idea is much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Riddirah961

    UK Switched Fuse Spur

    Wiring cooker hood into a switched fuse spur with a 13amp fuse in the spur. The cooker hood is 3amp. Should I swap out the 13amp fuse in the spur with a 3 amp fuse?
  14. V

    New EICR for electric radiators and consumer unit

    Hi, Hoping someone can clarify for me. I've recently moved into a rental property, the landlord had new electric radiators installed and a new consumer unit. Would this require a new EICR? I've been having issues with burning smells from the plug sockets so now I'm concerned about the safety...
  15. F

    Triton T80GSI Electric Shower With Equiopotential Bonding

    Hello, I have a customer who is looking to replace their electric shower. There is equipotential bonding connected to the cold feed. I’ve not seen it within an electric shower before. I was wondering if it has to stay or if it can be removed? The customer is considering changing the model of...
  16. D

    Electric charger - lack of access to fuse box

    Hello all, I need to have an electric car charger installed but at the moment I'm puzzled about what my options are. My garage is at the back of my house (access through a back road) which begs the question, with the electric car charger installed there,do we need to run a cable to the...
  17. T

    Where to put socket for electric fire.

    Hi, my friend is having a floating shelf with a electric fire, and I’m between minds where to put the socket, I was gonna put the socket behind the fire which will be fed by a 13A fused spur but I’m having second thoughts about putting a socket behind there due to heat.. Would it be safe...
  18. S

    Running electric to island.

    Hi all. I'm currently building an island in my kitchen which will contain a gas hob. I've cut a trench about 60mm wide from the edge wall to where I want everything popping up. Plumber will be fitting a 22mm gas pipe wrapped in Denso tape before it is filled in with screed and then tiled...
  19. A

    I got an electric shock

    Hi, changed a bathroom extractor fan. Easy enough. I was dealing with a grey, black, brown and earth wire. When i tested the black wire, which i believe is neutral, with a electrical tester screwdriver which i poked into the connection I got a electric shock. Weird. as soon as i touched the...
  20. L

    What wall mounted electric heaters to use for an apartment these days ?

    The Apartment has been rewired and each one will connect to its own radial . Want something 'smart" with timers etc . never really looked into the market .Any brands that stick out as been reliable ?


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