1. B

    How high must a electric service line be

    There is a 220 volt electric service line crossing my empty sloped lot going to a neighbor's house. Neither the power company nor my neighbor have a written type of easement across my yard for this line. Many years ago the power company just put it there because it was easy to do. It was 15...
  2. R

    Electric car technologies use different types of batteries

    What Electric car technologies use different types of batteries and have been commercialized over the last two years?
  3. Jessey

    What do i need for a diy electric go-kart? (cheapest options)

    i ask this because i wanted to make a electric go-kart and i dont know how and i have a little money to spent.
  4. T

    Defy dgs906 gas electric oven

    Hi, I am trying to figure out if my defy dgs906 gas/electric oven is single or 3 phase. The manual says it can be either or but the L1, L2 and L3 are not bridged so I assume its 3 phase. I am not doing the wiring but need to pull the correct cable before the electrician comes to install as I...
  5. Z

    Metal electric wall heaters - no cpc present.

    I all 4 bedrooms in a rented property, there are cheap metal electric wall heaters. By design their cables are made of two wires - no cpc.They are plugged into a socket circuit with 32 A MCB.How would you code that? AThe heaters are not part of the installation, do i need to put that in the report?
  6. O

    Mira SE Electric Shower Water Connection

    I've installed a Mira SE shower. My query. The instructions indicate a vertical rising or a falling pipe connection. I connected in a horizontal direction. As the shower connector swivels I can't see a reason to have it only in a rising or falling type connection position, except in the...
  7. gavatron

    Electric boiler service

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help. I've been told I have to do a electric boiler service and I honesty have no idea where to even start. I made my feelings clear about it, but it's unsurprisingly fell on deaf ears. Is this something that I should even be doing (only lv3 & 18th qual) first, and...
  8. Poolworx

    Electric ac induction motor 50hz to 60hz?

    Can a single phase single speed 1.5hp induction motor run on both 50 and 60 hz 115 volts
  9. James

    federal electric RCBO

    anyone got one of these? beer tokens will be provided!! to fit one of these boards. I really don't want to do a board change because i know when i start testing all the circuits i am going to be left with a massive can of worms.
  10. K

    Horstmann Electric 7 only works with boost

    Hi all, any suggestions, as my Horstmann only works when boost is switch on, even though an electrician has checked it two times! I do believe the settings are correct, any suggestions as to why this might be? Should the 'timed boost' have the black arrow there when the red button is on also...
  11. timhoward

    Old Electric clock, best/safest way to connect?

    I accept this is an unusual post! This clock has been in a family since early 1930's, the owners grandfather acquired it and fitted it for his mother. (Folk law is that it was one of the first electric clocks in Coventry, but who knows.) I've been asked if it could be put into use again. As I...
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    UK Cheap off peak electric

    I am currently on the Octopus Go tariff with 7.5p kwh 12.30am to 4.30am and then 30p kwh during the day.I use this tariff to charge my plugin hybrid very cheaply. I have an old but usable 80ah car battery,a 150 watt dc to ac inverter and a 10 watt LED lamp. I have it set up to charge the battery...
  13. Raptor0014

    Electric Meter Switch Isolator wiring orientation

    Having a discussion the other day with a kitchen fitter who “also does electrics” and he is adamant that a NIC contractor told him that a meter isolation switch has to have the supply go in the bottom and the load out the top, same as a MCB. This convo came about as he said the property we were...
  14. A

    7. 3 kw INDUCTION HOB

    Can I run a 7.3Kw induction hob off of 2 x 16 amp circuits single phase I'm not sure what size cable is installed, I will check. Would I be be able to run with the 2 x 16amp breakers or should I install a single 32 amp breaker with separate RCD? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. T

    Type of Screws for electric shower?

    Please advise a part number and quote for the 2 screws at the top of our Triton "T80Z fast fit" Shower.? (Also please advise on the type/length of screw etc?) https://www.tritonshowers.co.uk/t80z-fast-fit-electric-shower T80Z https://www.tritonshowers.co.uk/t80z-fast-fit-electric-shower-spares...
  16. D

    Domestic Electric Wall Heaters

    Hello We live in an apartment and are looking to have our 19 year old dimplex electric wall heaters replaced. I'm looking for recommendations on the best electric wall heaters around 1kw. Are dimplex the best? We want to be able to control them via a hub over wifi. Any advice appreciated...
  17. Y

    7kw electric shower - 4mm2 too risky?

    Hi all, Been a while since I've posted - got a new project to install a small 7kw electric shower. The shower will be about 7 metres from the main fusebox on the upper floor. There seems to be a lot of debate about 4mm2 or 6mm2 wiring. Due to the diameter of the wall conduits, I doubt very...
  18. H

    All electric flat require a 3phase supply

    Hi! Currently doing a job that they have decided against getting gas meters and going all electric. Electric boiler 9.5kw 2x shower 9.5kw Hob say 6.5kw 2x 32a ringmains 2x 6a lighting circuits I understand they have had a 13Kva supply installed. Obviously this will not be enough to run all...
  19. S

    Electric heating mat over metal screws?

    Hello, The floor boarding has been stuck down with adhesive and screwed down also with extra metal washers. Someone has now told me it is not a good idea to put an Electrical Heating Mat over it beacuse of the metal screwes and washers. Can I just take them out? Help It will then be screeded...
  20. I

    Reliable electric radiators

    I will be installing electric radiators in a flat. Can anyone tell me what brands are considered most reliable and who to avoid? Thanks.
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