1. S

    Creda Electric Shower no hot water

    Sorry not a question rather a solve.I had no hot water from my electric shower.I was going to buy a new one as it is quite old anyway.When I opened it up for a quick look anyway I noticed something that didn't look quite right.It was a little switch just sort of hanging there.With further...
  2. J

    Lincat ESLR9 electric cooker went bang

    Hi, To give a bit of background, it is a Lincat ESLR9 electric cooker. It is very simple design with two fans and two elements. Two weeks ago the cooker made a bang and tripped the consumer unit, upon inspection I could see that the contactor appeared burnt-out and a wire on a heating element...
  3. F

    Sweden electric regulations - light switch

    Hi everyone, Kindly I'd need to know, regarding the regulations for electrical systems in Sweden, whether light switches must be installed in a certain direction (e.g. when the light is on it must be pressed upwards) or whether there are no specifications on the regulations. Thank you
  4. S

    Electric iron intermittently goes bang

    Hi all, Was speaking to a family member recently, he told me his iron recently made a bang and flash as he plugged it in to the socket, and could I take a look at it. I asked what exactly happened, so apparently it's happened twice, the first time it was a smaller bang and flash so he thought...
  5. D

    A tragic electric shock death : (

    https://uk.yahoo.com/news/boy-10-dies-receiving-electric-093000771.html I must say in my 25 years on the job , hotel / hostel / b & b wiring is some of the most shocking i have come across and i am amazed it hasn't been regulated yet in these type of buildings
  6. C

    Electric shower fires

    What is the cause of electic shower fires?
  7. R

    Remarkable electric shock I experienced

    I experienced an electrical shock while replacing an A/C Fan Coil's 120vac, single phase motor that was above the ceiling grid in an office, while I stood on a fiberglass ladder and having no other voltage, neutral, nor ground point in the electrical shock -It was severe enough to lock me to it...
  8. S

    Advice on recent Electric Oven installation

    Hi all, I've recently had an oven installed by AO and afterwards I noticed in the installation instructions that the electrical connection needed to be in a certain position, given the depth of the oven and position I became concerned that the back plate or cables may burn through. They came...
  9. Rahi99

    UK Hi am just really curious and want to know why meter installers get more then Ev installers ?

    Their salary in London is around 44,000 salary and they do 4 meter installs. The EV installers in london they do 2 a day and they get salary of 34,000 but they do whole cable run , drill whole and db and testing. It’s seems like the EV installers do way more work the meter installers. I just...
  10. D

    Electric Shower Pressure Query

    Hi, We are renting and have a electric shower downstairs (extension) - a 9.5kW Triton T80Z fast-fit electric shower as well as a combi boiler Viessmann Vitodens 100-W B1KC 35 kW. Upstairs is a standard shower/bath direct from boiler. Our family members tend to use the downstairs electric...
  11. A

    Electric underfloor heating

    Hi guys wonder if you can help. Just laid some electric underfloor(not going to connect it myself) it’s the loose lay stuff thin stuff. I spaced it 50mm apart as per manufacture instructions, but once it was self levelled it pulled a few wires in to more like 40mm in a few places. Is this a...
  12. S

    Electric boilers and DNO notification

    My company has recently done some air source heatpumps which require DNO notification and EV chargers which also require DNO notification. On an EICR today came across a 14.4kW electric boiler on a 60A supply (installed last year by others). Apart from the obvious issues I looked into whether...
  13. S

    Electric shower wiring wrong?

    Hi all, The PRD went on my Triton electric shower. I opened it up to find out where a replacement would go, and someone mentioned that the wiring was wrong. Could any of you experts out there confirm based on the attached? They said is has live/neutral reversal and it's missing the cable grip.
  14. S

    Extending cooker electric regulations

    Hi I am seeking help and best practices to achieve below tasks. I am not across regulations hence will appreciate best approach to achieve below without violating regulations. Below is layout of the way electric cable is for cooker. I have two tasks to action here. 1) install cooker hood. 2)...
  15. Davhill55

    Fiesta Electric locks mystery

    Good evening all, New (old) boy with an absolute cracker that's already fused my brain. For my sins, I have a kit car, based on a 1994 mark 3.5 Fiesta XR2i. I want to get the central locking working and it isn't playing. If I try using the key, I can hear electro mechanical grumblings from...
  16. justcurioustwo

    can this produce useful electric energy?

    file:///C:/Users/Tom/Desktop/SeaEngine/SEAPOWER48.jpg Once all the bubbles are full of air, all you need to do is fill the lowest one to keep all the other air bubbles pulling together multiplying the upward force.
  17. J

    Replacing Electric Range with a Gas Range

    Hi All, I have an Electric Range with a junction box. I have turned off the circuit breaker to this ( 100% certain this is the right breaker as the hood light turns off but not the electric range as indicated on the circuit breaker panel (Cooktop + Hood )). Is my only option to turn off the...
  18. C

    USA Gas to electric options

    Just under 2 years ago my central HVAC died. I wanted to go with a heat pump because the only appliance in the whole house that used natural gas was\is the furnace, so I only use gas in the winter but get charged a "Delivery fee" every month even if I use zero gas. This fee has been increasing...
  19. G

    Electric combi boiler

    Hi, my wife and I have decided to bite the bullet re the costs of an electric combi boiler in an off-gas grid one bedroom flat where space is so tight we need to get the old LPG boiler out of the kitchen and have an electric combi in an internal cupboard. Questions: we are looking to get an...
  20. B

    BMW E36 Electric Windows acting strange?

    Hi all, I've come to this forum as I believe the advice im looking for is much more specific and after posting on all the E36 forums its clear that this is an unheard of problem which seems to be happening to me. My car is a 1996 BMW 3 Series (Also known as an E36) My main problem with the...
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