1. M

    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    Plasterer has been in this week and after leaving today, he left the light on in the room. I went to the room to turn the light off and saw the switch in this state Not only are the wires completely covered in plaster, the switch didn't turn the light off (the wiring has been compromised) so I...
  2. K

    Do I have 3 phase electric?

    Hi there I am wanting to get a 22Kw car charger installed which I believe needs 3 phase electric. I seem to recall that our house has a 3 phase supply as the previous owner had a workshop in the garden with some pretty powerful machinery. How can I tell if it does have 3 phase? Thank you in...
  3. Mr305worldwide

    How to find right size carbon brush for electric motor?

    Hi all. Im looking to replace the carbon brushes on the ABS electric motor in my car that no longer works correctly. Thing is, I don't know how to find the right size and I don't want to remove the motor from the car unless I have the part on hand. I'm looking on Amazon but it seems that there...
  4. H

    Electric screwdriver for 2nd fixing?

    Looking for an electric screwdriver for 2nd fixing. Seen people use milwaukee M12 sub -compact screwdriver and bosch go. I didn’t know if there’s any better ones or are those 2 the best? TIA
  5. R

    2x 9Kw Electric Boilers

    Good morning Guys Looking for some advice with regard to a current job. Building company I'm doing work for are installing Electric heating on a property. Customer has no access to Gas so there are 2x 9kW Electric boilers being installed. (Plumbers and Builders...
  6. Florin_85

    Where can I find Industrial Electric Diagrams to study and learn from please! Thank you!

    Where can I find Industrial Electric Diagrams to study and learn from please! Thank you!
  7. M

    Electric blinds with a light detector?

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I was looking into Venetian blinds for my street facing windows. Then I scratched my head if this could be motorised so I don't have do it 4 times every day. Ideally if this was with a light detector so it closes at the right time as the timer would always be...
  8. A

    Why is this happening? Electric current but no light.

    Im not sure why the light does not come on. Tried 3 different bulbs. Voltage is passing through the black and red wire. The bulb too. Tried 3 bulbs.
  9. L

    Passing electric cables through walls?

    Hey! I've got one room in the house with a wall socket. I'll be installing a new wall socket on the other side of that wall, passing an electrical cable from one socket to the other for wiring it up. I'm pretty sure the wall has some kind of insulation, should I be adding a tube or cable sleeve...
  10. D

    Electric boiler better than a heat pump?

    I need help with this. So I do
  11. V

    Electric Shower from a sub board

    Hi. I'm being tasked with installing an electric shower into a property that was built back in the 1980's. The main consumer unit has only 4 ways and is protected by an RCD, and is fully populated and in a very tight space under their stairs. However one of the MCB's is currently used to feed...
  12. B

    ELEMENT - electric rad

    Hi - looking for opinions please so that I respond reasonably rather than as I would actually want to. Had a towel rail in bathroom. Replaced it with a meatier electric towel radiator to actually heat the room - I did all the calculations to get the correct wattage. Sent details to an...
  13. ETradesmen

    Near death electric shock

    Good afternoon all, today I experienced a near death electric shock. This happened on a single phase domestic property! I was carrying out a few minor jobs for a customer: one of them was to install a new flood light to an old brick store in their back garden. The brick store was fed via a...
  14. M

    How to wire recessed lights off a previously switched outlet

    Thank you in advance for your help. I recently purchased a home and while removing some built-ins I found that they had a 14/2 wire running inside the built in between an outlet behind the built in and an outlet next to it. I assumed they ran a new switch off the hidden one when they installed...
  15. H

    UK Electric Meter - 5196D - Rate 2 remains constant

    Hi, I recently moved into an 1bhk flat in London, UK, and my supplier is Scottish Power(only electric). I have a "Multirate Single Phase Watt Hour Meter", with type as "5196D". There is a single display which three outputs, there are two outputs with a 1 and 2 towards the top left corner, then a...
  16. B

    How high must a electric service line be

    There is a 220 volt electric service line crossing my empty sloped lot going to a neighbor's house. Neither the power company nor my neighbor have a written type of easement across my yard for this line. Many years ago the power company just put it there because it was easy to do. It was 15...
  17. R

    Electric car technologies use different types of batteries

    What Electric car technologies use different types of batteries and have been commercialized over the last two years?
  18. Jessey

    What do i need for a diy electric go-kart? (cheapest options)

    i ask this because i wanted to make a electric go-kart and i dont know how and i have a little money to spent.
  19. T

    Defy dgs906 gas electric oven

    Hi, I am trying to figure out if my defy dgs906 gas/electric oven is single or 3 phase. The manual says it can be either or but the L1, L2 and L3 are not bridged so I assume its 3 phase. I am not doing the wiring but need to pull the correct cable before the electrician comes to install as I...
  20. Z

    Metal electric wall heaters - no cpc present.

    I all 4 bedrooms in a rented property, there are cheap metal electric wall heaters. By design their cables are made of two wires - no cpc.They are plugged into a socket circuit with 32 A MCB.How would you code that? AThe heaters are not part of the installation, do i need to put that in the report?
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