1. S

    Need advice removing flickering from AC LED spotlight, if it only has one sine wave available.

    Good afternoon! I've recently wired a lighting system, where one light switch (a motion sensor) turns on two lights, but another motion sensor switch turns on just one. Here is my wiring schematic: (In the schematic, the transformer connects to a 12V LED and the spotlight runs on 230V mains.)...
  2. J

    Lighting spots and outside lighting

    Looking to wire a summerhouse with Downlights and outside lighting but don’t really do much lighting and switching. Any advice on how to wire a lighting radial for the spots and outside lights to a 2 gang switch. Thanks
  3. J

    Rccb protection of lighting circuits

    My 1990 property does not have the lighting circuits protected by the Distribution Board RCCB.Only the power circuits are protected.If I get a trip from the RCCB the lights stay on. Do I need to upgrade my system to include RCCB for lighting?
  4. D

    Emergency lighting HMO compliance

    Hi all Got a question regarding HMO compliance. Visited property today for landlord looking to apply for an HMO license for one of their properties. She hasn't received any detailed stipulations from council on requirements for emergency escape lighting although this will be required as...
  5. S

    EM lighting test facility

    Hi, RCBO appropriate test facility for emergency lighting? I have a car storage facility ( one corridor with 10 rooms off the corridor to store vehicles ). Planning to install the row of lighting all controlled from occupancy sensors, hoping to wire in one run of 3 core to tie in all sensors...
  6. H

    Tennis court lighting

    Good afternoon all, I have been asked to quote for an LED lighting upgrade to 2 x outdoor tennis courts. The existing metal halide lights are mounted on lamp posts, 6 per court. Could someone please advise on an appropriate amount of lumens per LED light and any preferred brands? The tennis...
  7. T

    Maintained emergency light

    Hi all can a Maintained emergency exit bulk head light fed from non lighting circuit if it is correctly fused and test point provided if no local lighting circuit is available ? so it is lit all the time and would be in the case of a power failure
  8. R

    Lighting cable through mdf

    I am making a lamp and I need to run the live, earth and neutral wires through a hole in 25mm mdf. The outer sheath is removed due to a switch. Everything works until the wires go through the mdf. Then the live has no current. The hole is about 6mm diameter. What's happening? Thanks.
  9. Stinger

    Ceiling lighting malfunction

    Hello, I am new to this forum and not an electrician. I am an Electrical Engineer though. I have this kind of a ceiling lighting - with two fluorescent tube bulbs, two starters, one capacitor and two EM ballasts of this type -...
  10. timhoward

    Bad emergency lighting install

    Two lighting circuits covering various communal areas on two floors of a HMO. The non-maintained emergency lighting that covers those areas is on a separate circuit (actually with the fire alarm). So either of the lighting breakers could trip and the relevant lighting wouldn't come on. Who...
  11. S

    Most popular outdoor garden lighting?

    Hi all, What is the most popular outdoor wall or spike lights you install? What manufacturers? Typically use Knightsbridge's outdoor range but am interested to see what everyone else is using. Also, what wireless controls do you use when customer asks for this? Thanks in advance
  12. K

    Ceiling rose with 3* single cores

    Hello, I had the floor boards up today and noticed that the ceiling rose for the room below, was wired with 3 singles. Probably the whole house is like this, this is just the first one I've seen. The house is a 1970's house so quite old with regard to the wiring, but I'm really curious what...
  13. LewisM

    Help with outside lighting....

    Hi, I need help to find an outdoor wall/step light. It needs to be surface mount but not wider then 70mm as they're to be mounted on the posts. It's to light up some very dark stairs at night for an old lady who's just had a hand rail built after a fall. I can't seem to find any that aren't...
  14. L

    2 way and intermediate

    Could someone tell me how to go about wiring a 2 way intermediate pull cord switch with fan and isolator? How would this be wired
  15. B

    Can’t measure R1+R2, can I calculate it instead?

    Hi forum, A question about R1+R2 testing. I’m testing a lighting circuit. It’s an old circuit with old colours. In the control panel feeding the circuit there is no earth cable feeding the lighting circuit, only an earth cable bonding the control panel to the strands of the armoured cable...
  16. A

    Ireland Emergency lighting diagram?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone would have a diagram, or know where I can find a link to a diagram, of how emergency lighting is wired, from fuseboard- ie mcb, control mcb ctu contactor and lights, please? Thanks.

    I need some information about batery powered led lighting. Thanks in advance.

    I have a question for those who are well versed in electrical and lighting issues. In my neighborhood there is an elderly lady who, while she has a house, for financial reasons has no electricity supply. I would like to help her. Could someone suggest a led lighting system? It would be good to...
  18. T

    Overhead bed lighting for reading.

    Hi all, This is my first post. The other night It was noticed that one of the lights started to flicker. Both bulbs were changed the next day and the one that flickered still flickered. A further investigation showed that a RELCO MICRO 60 PFS ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER had been fitted. To buy a...
  19. sparkydave85

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?
  20. aquariumsrcool

    led strips lighting for shelf

    hi im looking to solder solid-color led strips to one power supply for each color, in order to dim each color individually. this is reasonable right? if i were to split the white strip over 4 different shelves, and i don't want to connect the ends of each strip to the next one (cause it'll be...
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