1. A

    En suite lighting not going on .

    Guys looking for a bit of advice. Our Mcb on the consumer unit was tripping constant even though nothing was plugged in. Both bedroom lighting and en suite lighting come under this MCB. However until recent both bedroom lighting remain on and the mcb doesn’t trip but the en suite lighting won’t...
  2. Bob Geldoff1234

    Boiler off lighting circuit?

    What is everyone's opinion on taking a combi boiler supply off the lighting circuit? I doubt the boiler would pull more than 300 watts and with all the led lamps being used on the lighting circuit,I doubt it would come to more than a couple of hundred watts.A 3 amp fuse in the boiler spur would...
  3. M

    Earth to Neutral 2 ohm with Multimeter cable disconnected from switch board.

    Earth to Neutral 2 ohm with Multimeter on alighting cct. The cable disconnected from the switchboard. I am new here and appreciate everyone looking at this post. I come from an Industrial Electrical background and would like advice on fault finding. My house has 1 lighting RCD. There seems to be...
  4. Michaelwgroves

    Lighting accessory borrowed CPC code.

    I have a light switch where the CPC has been used for a lighting circuit and sleeved. Previously I would give this a C3 (411.3.1.1) and leave a sticker on the Consumer Unit to advise no CPC at accessory, only use class II accessories. However, the CPC from another switch the other side of the...
  5. Vortigern

    For sale some lighting bits and bobs

    I have an amsell 600 x 600 LED panel and two emergency lighting pod fittings for amsell panels. I also want to sell 18 x 12w KLEDSTD plus two of the 9w small 2d. Also JCC downlight x 4 any interest? The Kosnic LED retrofit are removed from already converted 2D lamps and the client wanted the...
  6. W

    Borrowing cpc from local socket for lighting joint box

    Wonder what’s peoples thoughts on this, upstairs lighting has no cpc throughout, 2 bedrooms on ground floor on same circuit have cpcs. Cables are wired using joint box method, Found joint box for upstairs lights with cpcs cut away, reterminated this joint box but still not getting a cpc on the...
  7. brokentechie

    Running ring main wiring and lighting circuit wiring together/in close proximity.

    I'm building a "media wall" type structure, to house TV, av equipment etc, with alcoves each side lit by Led downlights and I'll be extending my ring main also as part of the build. My question relates to clipping cables to the ceiling plate (2x3 timber) - is it acceptable to run 1mm T&E...
  8. A

    Under cabinet recessed lighting cable needs extending

    Hi all! I have these two under cabinet recessed light fittings that connect to a single switch. I also need to add a lining to the underside of the cabinets, so will end up lowering the lights a bit. However, their cables are currently at their max length so I need to extend/ splice the cables...
  9. captaincaveman

    Best way to locate a fault in garden 12v lighting

    Hi Guys n Gals, I'm a little stumped on a job and was wondering if anyone could advise? I've got 3 drivers going to 3 sections of garden lights. Two of the three sections are not working (about 10 lights). I presume it's two sections due to the number of lights and I can't find a third section...
  10. HoneycombEchoRomeo

    Junction box in loft with added wagos to extend lighting.

    Hi Guys, I have seen this in a loft and wondering if it is legal, the junction box is open of course. also one cable (1.5mm flex connects to a 3amp labelled FCU to an extension lead). it seemed the cables weren't able to fit as it was jam packed and someone added some wagos ontop. Can i keep...
  11. D

    Dali lighting issues

    Good morning all. I have an issue with some dali lighting. Basic system as far as i can tell. Dimmer, controller and 8 button switch. No other inputs that i can find. All on/off/dimming done at switch. Lights have now stopped working at switch. It's powered as buttons light green when pressed...
  12. J

    UK Lighting and socket off one fused spur

    Hello, just wanting to know if I can take a fused spur off my ring main and take it to one outdoor socket as well as an outdoor light. Or weather I’d need to fit 2 fused spurs. So one goes from the ring to the socket. Then another fused spur from the outdoor socket to the lights? Cheers
  13. A

    Outside lighting query

    Planning on doing some outside lighting, armoured around the perimeter of garden, glanded into adaptable boxes, then conduit mounted up fence posts finishing in end boxes. Then was planning to fit downward facing lights (up-downs without up) to the face of the conduit end boxes. Was wondering if...
  14. B

    Wiring LED Lighting Strips to Lighting Circuit

    Hi, I have bought a LED Lighting Strip (20 metres) to sit inside some Screwfix coving for my bedroom. Although it will be controlled by the remote control that came with the kit or the app, I would like to use one of the switches in a 1 gang/2 switch to turn it on and off at the wall before...
  15. G

    low current draw on strip lighting

  16. M

    UK Upstairs lighting gone off.

    All of my upstairs lights have stopped working. All of the plug sockets both up and downstairs are working and the downstairs lights are fine. The consumer unit seems to take what look like cartridges roughly 1" x 2.5" / 25mm x 65mm with coloured dots on them. White - 5amp Blue - 15amp Red -...
  17. A

    Hello everyone, This is Adam, a lighting designer from London, UK.

    I hope everyine is good and safe. I am here to see if is there anything I can help you guys about lighting design and especially assiting you when you buying lighting for your home or workspace. I also have experience on Custom Lighting design and maintenance. Please ask me anything about this...
  18. M

    Am2s lighting circuit and data circuit

    Hi all, I need some advice for am2s retake I failed the lighting and data circuit and have no idea why! I wired the lighting with a neutral at each switch like the specification says, I am wondering if it was because I put the earths in connectors do these need to be connected into the back of...
  19. J

    connecting lighting together

    hi all im looking at installing 2 downlights into a fire surround and a strip light around the bottom. is there any way i can connect these both together and just use one remote. appreciate any info and anywhere i could purchase these to work in cync. thanks john
  20. Dartlec

    Nuts lighting install

    Lighting installs are always fun when the client buys the light... This one was the latest effort - and the first time I've seen wire nuts provided as terminals in a light fitting. Not a US company either, but German, so suprised they didn't go with Wagos or similar. Also came with some...