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  1. D

    Domestic Can I switch 3 lighting circuits using 1 switch with only 1 live feed

    Hi All I have around 30 garden lights which turn on and off with one switch in the house. The problem is, if water gets in one light it a) stops all lights working and b) requires troubleshooting 30 lights to find the problem. Therefore, I was planning to have a second distribution board...
  2. P

    UK Sensor lighting

    Hi there! The light in our porch has no power running to it and we don’t wanna knacker up the ceiling and plaster to locate it. So my question is... Is there a device I can pop into my non-working light fighting that makes a bulb turn on which is linked to a sensor when someone comes into the...
  3. S

    Help in identifying this style of lighting

    Can anyone help identify. They seem to clip and pierce the wire. Looking for replacements or even different styles to replace.
  4. W

    Ceiling lighting wiring

    DIYer question! This is my existing wiring. 3 x neutrals? my new light fitting has one x neutral and 2 x live connections please can some one tell me how to wire the new fitting correctly? I
  5. A

    Testing high level lighting circuits

    Good morning everyone, I have been asked to do the initial verification on a newly completed building. so all the light fittings have been installed, false ceilings have been closed off,..etc. what is your suggestion for testing the lighting circuits?( continuity, IR tests) some of them are at...
  6. W

    Transparent wires on a light fitting?

    Hello all I don't have the installation instructions for a Next 5 light candle bulb chandelier light fitting I've acquired, and it has confusing clear wires. There's an obvious green/yellow striped earth. But then there are three clear wires, one with a green thread running through, one with a...
  7. J

    UK time clock

    Hi,I have fitted a timeclock throgh a contactor for some outside lights,and when I press the over ride on the time clock the lights only come on for a few seconds,then the contactor kicks,yet when I press from auto to over ride at the switch, they stay on, is this normal.I have read the...
  8. A

    Emergency lighting test issue

    Went to a job this afternoon where customer had carried out emergency lighting test and the key switch wasn’t killing the feed. Found jb where switch broke the feed, or was supposed to and all looked ok except continuity across feed and switched feed regardless of what position key switch was...
  9. gazdkw82

    Shop sign lighting

    Can anyone offer any advice with goose/swan neck exterior sign lighting? Iv been looking for a while now and most seem to be not suitable for exterior use. I'd like to be able to attach directly to a galv conduit box. Has anyone fitted anything similar?
  10. F

    Power to garage sockets and adding light.

    Hi everyone. I basically wanted to check to see if what I propose is correct. I had an electrician come round (pre covid) to install power to my garage (Detached from house). This is the setup he used. Spur off socket on ring main a short distance to a 13A switched FCU Cable from the FCU...
  11. S

    How to terminate lighting wire for future use.

    Hi. Coming to the end of our extension build, and first-fix wiring is in place. Plasterboards up and ceiling skimmed, with 2 cables coming through for the ceiling lights we had planned - and then I told our builder that we probably won't have ceiling lights after all, but wish to retain the...
  12. A

    Weird Truck and Trailer Lighting Issue

    The truck I bought had the original 7-pin trailer plug cut out and the wires were then hard-wire spliced into the 5 wire standard Narva plug. My trailer wiring is all good and works on other vehicles and from a direct battery feed, but coming through the truck it's a bit dysfunctional. Turn...
  13. mak

    Trainee Is there a max Zs for lighting circuits?

    I can't find anything related to this in the regs so I probably misunderstood the question. The way I see it the max Zs for any lighting circuit depends on the circuit breaker for that circuit. Say we have a lighting circuit with 100x36W ceiling lights which gives us a load of 16A, we choose the...
  14. D

    Rec room/man cave recessed lighting help

    I just bought a house which has a rec room with recessing lighting. I put some pics below. It has 11 120v MR16 GU10 circle recessed light cups. All the bulbs were 50W Halogen bulbs and they were controlled by a single toggle dimmer switch. The first thing I did was to replace the the toggle...
  15. H

    Driveway alarm with security lighting and audible chime

    I'm looking for some driveway security, The plan is for a gated front garden, with sensors to active all the security lights and an audible chime. Best to stick with wired products as the driveway is being done anyway.
  16. R

    Power supply for deck lighting and 13A socket?

    Hi there, Without going to a massive amount of work to run a new supply from the consumer unit, the next option available for me is to take a spur from the 13A socket ring main from the loft of the single storey extension nearest to where the decking will be located. I have already run armour...
  17. M

    Novice needs help!! Under Cupboard Lighting

    Help!!! After trawling the web for LED under cupboard lighting and getting totally confused, I thought I would join the forum to see if anyone can suggest my best options. I have 2 runs of cupboards on opposite sides of the kitchen,each measuring 1.4mtr. At the moment I have a 221mm S15 LED 5w...
  18. R

    Advice on installing LED strip lighting

    Hi guys, DIYer here hoping for some help and advice. I am redoing my kitchen and plan to put a 5m strip of LED lighting below the units above the plinth. I want to make this dimmable and connect it with lighting cable to a 3 way light switch (along with existing wall light and undercupboard...
  19. T

    UK Are lighting marshalling boxes a legality?

    Hi all, Recently been fitting a good amount of LED panels into off licences using Klik boxes but have also had a few customers turn the work down due to cost. I prefer to use Klik boxes as I think they're a good system and also allows the ability to isolate lights individually rather than...
  20. J

    LED strip lighting

    Im after some LED strip lighting for a garden project but I'm getting lost in a sea LED strip lights everywhere, prices seem to range from a few hundred to over £1000 for the kit i require, can anyone recommend a reputable seller? Thanks
  21. I

    Different way to do two way lighting

    Came across a odd system today here in a house in France, thought I would share it with you all, light switch down stairs live to one output of the switch neutral to other then what would normally be input went up to the light, upstairs switch same set up,the two wires from the switches...
  22. R

    mains kitchen lighting

    Hello After some advice, what is the easiest way to achieve the following... Domestic kitchen Got some under cabinet lighting which is controlled by the light switch Ive also got some decking lights which are plugged into mains What is the best and easiest way to merge the two so they are...
  23. EastCoastPete

    Lead sheathed 2 core lighting circuits /EIC

    Evening All, I'm changing a CU from rewirable to 6 x RCBO in a Victorian flat. The two lighting circuits are lead sheathed 2 core, they appear physically undamaged though I've yet to test them but is this an automatic EIC fail? The switches and pendants are all plastic. Thanks for any pointers, Pete
  24. M

    Emergency lighting and smoke alarms

    Morning Gentlemen Question we are replacing a consumer unit for a landlord and he's been advised by another company to fit EI164RC smoke alarms and the wireless bases, but I've been told these are being discontinued so we are fitting the AICO EI3024 MULTI-SENSOR FIRE ALARM with the smartlink...
  25. T

    EICR lighting not on RCD

    Hi all, as many of us are probably getting lots of EICR's to do on rental properties, I'm just wondering what you guys are coding non RCD circuits, especially Lighting. As we know,new circuits have to be 30mA covered but the older installs didn't. Personally I'm coding C3 for lighting, Immersion...
  26. J

    How to wire a 2 gang lighting switch

    I took the lighting switch off to decorate. Have rewired the switch back up, but not working correctly. I have 2 ceiling lights in the living room, operated by one 2 gang switch. The wires are old, there is 2 red wires and one black. There is also another short piece which bridged between 2 of...
  27. J

    Is it ok to run an extractor fan in a bathroom in Twin & Earth if client wants it Independant from the bathroom lighting?

    Basically, the room in which i am talking about has a twin and earth feed from a switch downstairs which was originally for an outside light. The client would like to take that feed and use it for an extractor fan in the new converted bathroom. The cable used is twin and earth. If i were to make...
  28. J

    Home Lighting Control System

    Hi, I’m an Electrician building my own home. Any of the lighting control systems seem to be huge money. I’m going to pick a system that I can add to overtime rather than splashing out all at once. The control units all seem to be around 8 outputs. So I’m thinking two of those for now. The...
  29. S

    Lighting question

    Hi there. I'm currently trying to replace some light fittings. First one went well but the second has me stumped. Just wanted some advice before continuing. I've taken off the ceiling rose to find the wiring shown in the photo below. I'm confused as the red wires don't seem to be connected to...
  30. D

    No RCD domestic lighting

    Firstly sorry if this has been asked before. Carrying out alot of EICRs because of the new rental laws. Keep coming across boards with just one RCD. Lighting circuits not protected normally I issue a C2 for this and had no problems but one landlord who thinks he knows everything has queried my...
  31. T

    Lighting circuit

    Hello, I need a bit of help. Could anyone tell me how to wire a light circuit with 3 switches and 3 lights. All 3 switches to control all 3 lights which is not a problem. Then switch 2 (2gang) to control only light 2, and switch 3 (2 gang) to control only light 3? I can not figure it out?
  32. Rattlehead85

    Emergency lighting confusion.

    Ok I have a confusing situation regarding some Emergency lighting. I have a string of 2D 28w lights in a ward corridor at an nhs unit which are switched from a nursing station with a key switch next to them. It appears that the key switch only breaks the permanent feed to the Emergency fittings...
  33. L

    Domestic heat/smoke alarm mains powered from different lighting circuits?

    Hi folks, Friend is currently renovating his house, including a loft conversion. He had originally hoped to go with Grade F1 (tamper proof batteries) radio interlinked alarms. However architect has stipulated all alarms must be Grade D (mains powered with battery back-up), but can be still be...
  34. R

    Garden lighting

    I'm hoping this will be an easy one! Ive just installed some fence lights and wired them using 3 core 2.5mm cable (overkill I know but I had a spare roll) to a choc block inside a junction box. I also have some small LED deck lights that run via an LED driver and to a plug, however I have...
  35. H

    Outdoor lighting - adding to existing

    Hi all, Based in UK (not US although this is showing for some reason). New here but have a few electrical projects planned. Firstly, I have 2no outdoor lights served by a single switch (see attached photograph). I am doing the garden (new decking) and intend to add - 4no LED post lights -...
  36. K

    Loft lighting

    found a double socket in my loft which I want to use for lighting up there. can I use 1.5mm twin and earth connected between the socket and a 3amp fuse switch to power the lights?? TIA x
  37. I

    Lighting circuit fault

    Hi All, I've been doing first fix for bathroom (spotlights, towel heater, underfloor heating, fan, shaver socket). Fuseboard is quite old no RCD, I've convinced costumer to upgrade it. During my work I've checked voltage in bathroom light circuit and I had this: L to N 240v, L to E 60v, N to E...
  38. Morris19911

    Knightsbridge remote control garden lighting box

    Hey I'm looking to install some garden lighting, has Anybody installed one of these before, only 13a total current so looking to possibly install a fused spur off the ring circuit and then install this outside as it's ip66?
  39. A

    Hi guys new to electrical but I was wondering how can I feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house

    Hi guys New to electrical but I was wondering how to feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house, has a outside rotary isolator switch thanks
  40. Bobby34

    UK Outdoor lighting conduit

    Good morning hope everyone is staying safe. I have a question for some of the more experienced sparks, I have a client that wants her outdoor corner light replaced with a PIR and at the same time another light added above the door further along the wall. She has bought an oval bulkhead light...
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