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  1. diyterry

    Lighting cable no longer needed

    I have a cable which was used to supply power to an illuminated niche fitted into a cavity wall. The niche has been removed, would it be okay to terminate the cable with a maintenance free junction box and slide it back into the cavity?
  2. S

    1mm single around lighting circuit

    Just carrying out a EICR . Lightning circuit has a separate what looks to be 1mm single around all points. This has no mechanical protection so should be 4mm. Coding this has a C3. installation is still safe for continued use. Bit I’m struggling with is what section the C3 should fall under. If...
  3. D

    Multiple Exterior Lighting Circuits

    Hi all, Having a brain fart... Looked at a job today, have multiple exterior lighting circuits (4x MCB'S). Can see why there is multiple, as previous electrician was worried about cable lengths etc as the property is quite large. But seem to have multiple Photocells and timers controlling...
  4. A

    No CPC in lighting circuits / Fire damage

    Good evening following a visual inspection in a property that had an electrical fire in the fuse board area obviously i could not actually test anything, but visually identified that the lighting circuits had no earth (not even cut back) now the insurance company ideally want a new...
  5. J

    Outdoor lighting pir

    Hi, I recently replaced one of three outdoor pir lights which worked fine. today I installed the second one, which didn’t go so well. It’s not working and now neither is the first one I installed. does anyone have an idea of what could cause this? I am by no means an electrician and my...
  6. A

    Garden lighting and power

    Hi all, just looking for opinions. A customer of mine has half a dozen par 38 fittings low level down there garden wall. They are past it and the original wiring is t and e thrown on the gravel beds so are desperate for change. Cu is old but these are fed from a rcd switch spur from a local...
  7. L

    Emergency lighting

    Would anyone be so kind to provide a wiring diagram for the following ? I will have the following per room 1 sensor, 4 lights ( 1 Maintained emg) and 1 exit There will be a test kit at the switchboard Many thanks in advance
  8. A

    LED lighting replaced Halogen (GU10)

    Hi I wonder if you can help In a rented property the kitchen has around 10 GU 10 halogen lights the tenant decided to replace these lights with new GU 10 lights And these days as you can only easily source LED GU10 Bulbs I’m almost certain the tenant has replaced the halogen lights with LED...
  9. M

    (UK) What's wrong with my lighting circuit?

    Hello all, I recently redecorated my living room which meant stripping off the wallpaper. While doing so, some moisture got into the living room light switch (it's a 2-way). I took off the switch plate to dry it out but noticed a wire seemed to be unconnected. I'm assuming this black wire...
  10. M

    Failed lighting circuit

    Looking for advice, please! Converting MR16s with transformer to GU16 lamp holders wired into mains. Done it several time before without problems but this time when converting five downlights in kitchen, the whole circuit stopped working. During process the second bulb (halogen) did blow when I...
  11. X

    adding power and lighting to my extention

    okay so any advice or pointers would be awesome it may be messy but here goes i plan to run wires through my extension with trunking that will be waterproof so i got abit thicker cable to handle 23amps so they manage and reduce heat my main socket will have double socket double rail 13amp mk...
  12. L

    Switching maintained emg lights

    How do i go about wiring maintained emgs that switch on with lighting controlled by a sensor ? There will also be a test kit.
  13. RapsterUK

    Kitchen under cupboard lighting wiring

    Hi all, we recently moved into a house that has a recently fitted new kitchen. One thing that was never finished was the under cupboard lighting (under the top cupboards to light the worktops) We were told the wiring was already there and connected to an existing switch. There is indeed wiring...
  14. D

    Lighting circuit for added storey

    I am adding an upper storey to my existing two storey house. It would certainly make sense to put the additional lighting circuit on its own mcb at the CU but is that a Part P requirement?
  15. L

    UK Testing

    On a continuity test on existing lighting circuit, do all bulbs have to be removed, what if there is to many or some can’t be reached. Trainee Electrician
  16. J

    Lighting and power to gazebo

    Hi guys I'm looking to run power and lighting from an indoor socket to my gazebo. I'm happy to buy two good quility Rcd sockets. Can I spur off from one of them to power the lighting.
  17. B

    Outside lighting

    Outside lighting, any suggestions on how to do this, only space I can get any cables from is the loft, now custard wants up/down lights, but low enough to be able to light up the wall, looking at half way? I can get one cable down to each light looking at 3 lights and do a joint box in the loft...
  18. C

    Replacing lighting

    Helped @ office building,changing light fitting,old Fluor to new led,not a bad job really. The actual cabling consists of flexes & joint boxes,we are just reconnecting,I’ve asked the sparky,shouldn’t we be rewiring to klicks, & testing. Is answer was no,whats your remit on this.
  19. C

    UK Lighting

    Head scratcher wired external up and down wall lights with 3c &E via a switch for both sensor and switchable lights joining the loop feed through where it's not required. I've an intermittent fault that I'm struggling to identify. I'm not having any issues with the switched lights as when the...
  20. E

    Is it okay to have a light switch and SEPARATE dimmer on single lighting cct?

    Is this a common requirement for a dimmable light switch?... I know there's push on/off dimmer switches, but it seems inevitable to me that the dimmer setting changes a little (i.e. the knob rotates a bit) whenever it's switched on/off. I want the lighting level to be controllable (i.e...
  21. P

    shared neutral in lighting circuits

    I need some help in deconstructing the following ( please see photos of upstairs downstairs switches ) as I don't know what the circuit diagram would look like in this case? It works perfectly well Is seems to be a shared neutral circuit but does not follow the normal convention as shown in the...
  22. C

    C Type MCB’s in domestic install.

    Recently completed a new install on an outbuilding using C type MCB’s to supply a lighting circuit for LED spotlights and soffit lights, some existing external decking lights etc and power for 5 sockets using C type MCB’s. A few weeks have passed since I have tested and signed off the job the...
  23. T

    LED Lighting with PIR Sensor

    We are installing LED 180W High Bay lights. Most areas have 2, there is 1 with 3 and 1 with 4 so most are 360W, 1 is 540W and 1 is 720W. The PIR sensor we got said it could switch 2300W but after opening the box, it says max LED load is 100W. Why is this? Will the PIS be okay or will we need to...
  24. E


    Can anyone recommend LED lighting for a garage workshop. They have wall mounted HPS Floodlights at the moment & when the 3 phase compressor cuts in, most go out & restart after a while. I have fitted some LED ones in the past that they have supplied, which failed in 2years or less. I was...
  25. M

    Small central UPS for converting circuit to emergency lighting

    I am looking for a product to convert an existing lighting circuit in a communal stairwell to be emergency battery backed up. There are 6x 7W LED mains fittings, so say a max 50W load. I could just add emergency lighting fittings, but wiring and access is difficult. It also needs to have a...
  26. F

    Smart lighting was

    Probs with Aurora smart lighting. Inline controllers 4 nos controlling 96 gu10s, just cannot link together nether could the computer guy, we tried everything, without success. Any one had similar problems
  27. N

    Outside socket off lighting

    Hi I have a switch by my front door inside the house that switches on and off an outside light. the front of the house has a lower roof that goes up and after windows joins the top roof. therefore, I have an eves? That is about a foot above the top of the front door. looking to place some Xmas...
  28. J

    Lighting plan - opinions desperately sought!!

    Here is my proposed layout for my open plan studio. I'm going for recessed 6" LED smart lights throughout, with the exception of three pendants over the 6' island. Lights are 3' from walls, except in the kitchen where it is 2' ( ie. 12" from upper cabinetry). They are spaced roughly 5-6' from...
  29. G

    RCBO Type for Bathroom Lighting

    Perhaps unwisely, I offered to source an RCBO for the spark who's coming to do a couple of small jobs in my bathroom: 1. Connect up an electric towel rail heater (IP65) 2. Replace the MCB for the bathroom lighting circuit with an RCBO, as a quick temporary fix to make the bathroom lighting a...
  30. T

    UK lighting for smart switch made in China!

    Hi, have just received a smart light switch ordered off Amazon UK which on receipt has been manufactured in china with wiring installation instructions that don't seem to relate to UK.. :-O I have a two gang one way fitting which seemed perfect for the switch as ordered - at the moment I have a...
  31. Midwest

    Emergency Lighting Circuits

    Having been at present place of work, for just overs a year now,just started to feel comfortable with the place. It’s predominantly a care home, and has all the normal infrastructure in place. I've never down much work with emergency lighting, other than installing it. Can anyone explain the...
  32. C

    UK Need help switching out some 12v lighting

    Hi I am having a problem with my bedroom and bathroom lighting ,in my bedroom I have 2 downlighters that are switched from 2 dual pole switches at either on of the bedroom,these downlighters are 12v fed from a transformer in the loft ,I also have 1 mains light on my ceiling too,I'm wanting to...
  33. W

    Gym with lighting over 4/5 circuits and 2 mains

    Hello, currently working on a gym with 4/5 lighting circuits across two mains boards I’m wanting to put some emergency lighting in there and I’m wondering how I do that with this number of circuits across different rcds thanks in advance
  34. J

    Lighting backfeed

    I have install canister lighting in my livingroom. Run by three switches. All switches work just fine. Problem is when lights are off they have a very low glow to them like there is a backfeed. What coulsd be the causes?
  35. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  36. F

    Low voltage lighting in bathroom

    Hi all sparks out there, I am installing some low voltage lights in a recess in my bathroom. The transformer is in the loft, and I want them to operate independently of the pull cord switch, so whilst I appreciate that if these lights were mains operated, a wall switch cannot be used in the...
  37. B

    Lighting ring issue

    Recently been to a job to fix a D.I.Y fault on a lighting ring but can't figure ... So , client rings , outside flood light stays on all day .. there's no switch and she doesn't know where the power comes from .. I find power using a wire tracker .. and it leads to a double switch in the living...
  38. J

    Light issue

    I changed a light switch in my master bath that had 3 black wires into the switch. I kept them oriented in the same way on the new switch, but now the light in my hallway bathroom doesn’t work. Why is this ??? I haven’t changed any other wires and I have checked the breaker. House was built in 1977
  39. P

    Suggestions for Cable or track lighting systems.?

    So someone has asked suggestions as how to upgrade lights in a small narrow kitchen in a new build. The kitchen has a low ceiling - albeit subjectively (the guy is 6'7" and at the moment only blocks the light from the one pendant where ever he is in the room). Obvious choice would have been...
  40. happyhippydad

    Lighting up a skylight.

    I have a customer who wants their skylight to be lit up. The kitchen is being built at the moment so this is not retrospective. I have never fitted one of these at the moment so was hoping for a few ideas? The customer doesn’t want the lights to be visible, just for the skylight to have a light...
Aico 3000 Range
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