1. M

    Control of outdoor lighting

    Looking at a job wiring some outdoor lighting and not too well up on the newer control methods Is there a quinetic receiver which fits into a back box for basic on/off control of lighting? And also is there an alternative to the traditional photocell > timer control of lighting without...
  2. T

    Unusual lighting wiring?

    Hi. Today I was at a friend's house having a look at a couple of lights that weren't working (turned out that quite simply one of the neutrals had worked its way free in the first rose). It was all too tight to see for definite, but I think the wiring was basically as per the drawing I have...
  3. S

    domestic lighting and consumer unit

    Sorry new here, just had an electrician pop round to quote for work, domestic home electrics, uk, worcestershire, when he saw that my downstairs lighting was wired in a ring (ie consumer unit has 2 lives to the RCBO, away and return - sorry not sure on the best terminology) he was unhappy as he...
  4. J

    Looking for Spectra Wirefree Lighting PIR and controller

    Hoping someone can help please. Back in the day, this unit was available all over the place: - Very handy for areas when getting cable put in was a git. Does anyone know of a suitable alternative please? The PIRS are IP65, and only need a...
  5. timhoward

    Testing large amount of PIR controlled lighting

    I just wondered if anyone had any tips for testing an irritating design. It's a large self-storage facility, several RCBO protected lighting circuits serving two floors, no light switches anywhere, just PIRs on radial circuits controlling about 4 lights each and there's about 30 such setups...
  6. Richard Cook

    UK Identifying live, neutral and earth in outdoor festoon lighting

    I bought some outdoor festoon lighting a few years ago and the 2 pin connectors (male and female) have corroded so I’m going to splice the connectors together using heat shrink butt connectors. Each run is 5m with a male and female 2 pin connector at each end. My first thought was that this...
  7. S

    Lighting design help (2396 project)

    Hi I'm again struggling with a long overdue 2396 project but, as before, am at a standstill when it comes to the lighting design. Please could someone point me in the right direction? I don't know how many luminaires there should be. The scenario is a fire station appliance bay built for two...
  8. T

    Have I gone over the top with Lighting ?

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of building an extension and I need to purchase some led downlights for my kitchen but unsure how many I should buy as the last thing I want to do is for my kitchen to look like an Airport runway. Is there a formula of some sort to work out how many...
  9. dgstrange

    Legality of using a lighting circuit to power an observatory?

    I have a lighting circuit cable (1mm) powering a telescope (12 volts) in an observatory total draw 84 watts drawn from a transformer. There is a 6 amp fuse in the consumer unit. This was installed in 1998 by a qualified electrician. Is this still legal or should it be upgraded? Thanks
  10. subiram

    Self test emergency

    I tested a self test emergency lighting with three gears .While testing 2 of the gear doesn't passed 3 hour test but 1 Did Wit the same battery ?Why?
  11. Rockingit

    Recommendation for solar powered lighting, please

    So a family member wants to put an outdoor light or two on the end of a driveway, purely passive and solar powered. These used to be naff and not worth it, but I know technology has come on. Lots of units out there but which ones are actually worth the buying?!
  12. M

    How can I fix a track lighting?

    My kitchen has track lighting. It consists of three halogen light bulbs. I've had the fixture for more than 25 years with no issues. Last night as I was standing in the kitchen all the lights went out. At first I thought it was a power failure in the neighborhood. But I quickly saw that there...
  13. 2

    Lighting circuit advice please!!!

    Hello all. So I am sure the expertise on this forum will be able to decode this very easily. But it has completely baffled me. I'm in training so forgive the ignorance. Doing a bit of dead testing on a lighting circuit downstairs. Came across this at a light fitting. Appears that the colours...
  14. J

    Common area lighting

    I own two flats with a small common lobby. Although operable from both flats, the common lobby light appears to be wired to flat A's circuit. Rather than fit a landlord's common area meter and circuit, I am thinking of having flat B's lobby switch professionally disconnected from A's circuit...
  15. A

    Help needed again pls - Lighting fault tracing

    I need your help please once again in tracing a fault. Am DIY but not clueless. Converting former kitchen into 2 rooms: bathroom and laundry. The room had 24 cheapo ceiling spots, originally tungsten then 240v GU10 LEDs that I am replacing. Circuit spilt into two halves with two gang wall...
  16. timhoward

    Ideas welcome - lighting over range within chimney breast

    Customer asking for lighting for range/hob as it is really gloomy at night. Issues being getting power there, and the curved profile which is more pronounced than the picture looks. I'm interested how others would approach this one. My current (only!) idea is D-Line min-trunking over tiles...
  17. G

    2 gang / 2 way for hallway & landing lighting

    Hi all , just found this circuit on Wiki. Is it this design correct ? Are we allowed to have two seperate supplies interconnected ?
  18. B

    EICR - Garden Lighting RCD

    Good Afternoon All Currently doing an EICR on common parts of a big site with multiple blocks. All blocks have outside garden spike lighting in flower beds. These have been run on edge of bed in NYYJ clipped direct above the soil. There they have terminated into WISKA boxes but then run off in...
  19. L

    emergency Lighting installation

    Hi Guys I've fitted a few emergency lighting circuits to both domestic and commercial installs before, I've come across one I can't get my head round, this is going to be in a small supermarket one of these locals etc the existing lighting in the retail area is installed with three banks of...
  20. L

    Track lighting Advise

    When a 20W LED spotlight of the same brand and design is added to a 5-meter single-wire track system, which already has four 30W LED spots connected to a Varilight 300W 2-Way LED Replacement Dimmer Module, the entire track system experiences dimming. Why does this happen?


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