1. S

    PAT Testing an Old Chandelier

    Hello, I am currently learning and have come across PAT testing an old chandelier. On modern lamps I would use the plug and probe on the lampholder and wiring and put these straight into the PAT tester to test. But with this older chandelier, I am unsure and looking for advice. The insulation...
  2. W

    Smart sockets / lighting?

    Hey So I'll say I'm not a qualified sparky however I know how to wire up a replacement socket or a replacement dimmer (but I couldn't add a new one) I'm looking at Lightwave products for smart sockets with energy monitoring. Are these any good good? Would I perhaps need anything in addition...
  3. S

    Remote sensor for undercabinet lighting

    Hi. A client would like undercabinet lights in her new kitchen but there's no way to bring a lighting cable across the large space without significant disturbance to the ceiling. There's some expensive looking coving etc. Isn't there just a remote switch and relay I can fit that will turn of a...
  4. D

    UK domestic lighting circuit. - What the........

    About me. Fastidious about wiring. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, extremely good spanner monkey (rebuilt engines, gear boxes). BUT I know my limits and what I am allowed to do according to Part P of the UK building regs etc. Just been in the loft to do some tidying and found a right rats...
  5. H

    Remote Switch Lighting Via a Keyfob

    Hi, I wish to install a lamp fitting in a hallway in conjuction with a single gang, 1 way lightswitch but to also operate lamp using a keyfob remote. Distance from lamp fitting to use of fob would be about 18m. What do I require for this project? some links to consumables would be appreciated.
  6. D

    Advice on using lighting circuit to power cctv (12v/3A)

    Hi All, so I have a outdoor cctv camera that you plug in - I'm thinking of attaching this to the soffit and going into the loft from there (very easy access). Can I just wire this into the lighting circuit, I've already done some work in the loft for various lights and an extractor fan so I...
  7. M

    Strange lighting issue

    Had 2 new lighting groups installed on a multi wire branch circuit that used to be used for kitchen outlets. The 12-3 cable enters the switch box where the neutral is tied to the 2 neutrals from the lights. Hots go to 3 way switches with travelers sent to 3 way dimmers in another box. Hots are...
  8. I

    Convenience Store Lighting Rewire

    Any issues with wiring lighting in 4core flex rather than 3core and earth? Approximately 50 LED panels to wire all fitting into a suspended ceiling. I know some lighting design/manufacturing companies sell plug and play style fittings and wiring which I think may be H05. Is there a great deal...
  9. E

    Thorn Lighting Control Module (LCM)

    Hi, I have 10no. of these (used) Thorn LCMs stripped out of a job and they are for sale (£450 for all 10no. bundle)- Thorn Lighting Control Module (LCM) Distribution Unit DUS10 (5018843997444) I also have 10no. of these (used) Thorn LCMs also available - Thorn Lighting Control Module...
  10. olisones

    LED COB strip not lighting despite power

    Hi all. First post and wondering if someone can help. I have a single colour LED COB that I’m having issues with. The strip is to be controlled by a small Wi-Fi controller unit. Due to the positioning, I removed the connector and now have a positive and negotiable wire. These both show current...
  11. H


    Is earthing stakes mandatory here in Australia, for mobile lighting towers in mining?
  12. RicoRepairs

    Ground floor lighting trips circuit breaker.

    Hi all, so just moved into a new property, the light fitting/rose was removed from the living room, nothing looks to be shorting (But there is a single neutral with no connector block?) but the breaker trips straight away. There are 4 fittings on this floor, none with bulbs in, none with any...
  13. O

    What's common practice with IR tests on lighting circuits?

    I had just installed a heat alarm on the downstairs lighting circuit during a kitchen rewire. The new kitchen ring / cooker circuit I tested IR for L-N and N-E at 500v, fine, but the DS lighting circuit consisted solely of 21 LED downlights, in various rooms and the alarm. All of which say do...
  14. timhoward

    Todays lighting puzzle

    Before I take it apart…. Anyone like to take any guesses? Fitting a new (customer supplied) light fitting. Fitted, Came to a Zs test and oddness prevailed to the degree I wasn’t ready to leave it connected. In the end I bought it home for more testing. Bulb holders 1 and 2 Bulb holder 3...
  15. Dartlec

    Sockets on a lighting circuit - C3 or C2?

    Fun EICR at an HMO today, which was installed new 5 years ago (not particularly well!) Lots of niggly things that I'll sort, but in the kitchen cupboards were two unswitched sockets which confused me for a while. Turns out they are connected to the lighting circuit, switched by their own...
  16. T

    SwitchDim lighting PIR

    Does any one know if a basic switchdim or touch dim ballast can be used with a Pir that's will dim the lights up and down in accordance with the level of light available? Or is it just dimming on a retractable switch
  17. Bowmeat

    Workshop led lighting help

    Hi all , hopefully somebody on here can help me out, I recently went to change a led unit in a workshop , cut power ,changed led unit , then when I switch power back on it didn't work and also took the bank of 5 lights down with it , disconnected it and the bank still doesn't work, checked...
  18. M

    Maximum cable length lighting circuit

    Been out the domestic game for a long time, but now having to rewire my own house. Was wondering what the maximum cable length would be for a 1.0mm lighting circuit with 100w of leds? Is the max cable length the ‘maximum’ length of r1+r2 from conumser unit - up and down switch drops - to the...
  19. A

    En suite lighting not going on .

    Guys looking for a bit of advice. Our Mcb on the consumer unit was tripping constant even though nothing was plugged in. Both bedroom lighting and en suite lighting come under this MCB. However until recent both bedroom lighting remain on and the mcb doesn’t trip but the en suite lighting won’t...
  20. Bob Geldoff1234

    Boiler off lighting circuit?

    What is everyone's opinion on taking a combi boiler supply off the lighting circuit? I doubt the boiler would pull more than 300 watts and with all the led lamps being used on the lighting circuit,I doubt it would come to more than a couple of hundred watts.A 3 amp fuse in the boiler spur would...
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