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  1. J

    Industrial lighting circuit

    Hi guys I have some industrial lighting circuits to wire in a workshop and was after some fresh ideas/suggestions as to how i could best do this. Have done a few of these before and in the past i have sometimes run radials in SWA cable to single gang socket outlets. The High Bay LED lighting...
  2. stemill

    Loop test fail on lighting circuit.

    I'm moving a socket installed on a lighting circuit (installed by previous owner who was a professional electrician so I assume he knew what he was doing). The socket is used only used for a lamp which is controlled by a wall switch. I've installed new/moved sockets previously and always check...
  3. S

    Emergency lighting on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  4. S

    Extra emergency lighting fittings on minor works

    Hi guys, Been asked to fit 2 lights and a switch, which in reality turned out to be rewiring a multiple PIR setup to a single switch, adding multiple other fittings and emergency lighting (all of the lights were selected and at the depot when I got there) they were supplied by the lighting...
  5. G

    Replacing T8 fluorescent tube

    One of the fluorescent tubes in my undermount lighting system burnt out. There are 3 independent tubes/ballasts under the length of the kitchen cabinets and the others were still on. After carefully replacing the affected tube, it seems that all three lamps are now not working. The breaker...
  6. R

    Swan Neck Cabinet Lighting

    I have some Hafele swan neck over cabinet LED lights in my kitchen. They are about 15 years old and a couple have failed. They are now discontinued but as they have fixed lights, I need to replace all the fittings. I cannot find any suitable modern swan neck cabinet lights (I've tried Hafele and...
  7. E

    USA Hall Lighting with Architectural Dimmer

    I am looking at installation of an architectural dimmer, that is will supply 6 channels, with 20A circuits each (2400W ea). Our hall has can light fixtures. Roughly 50 lights are ceiling fixtures (uncertain if individually channeled, or wired in groups), and about 18 are track lights. About 24...
  8. Electrical2go

    Get a free mini fridge PLUS money off garden lighting!!!

    Upgrade your power solutions today and enjoy the best of both worlds - dependable portable power and a complimentary mini fridge! Charge your FREE fridge for over 10 hours with the V-Tac portable power stations, perfect for a long camping trip with the family! With every purchase of the...
  9. D

    Issue with lighting after lifting sockets to paint

    Hey, I lifted a few sockets from a wall so I could paint without having to cut in around them. I haven’t lifted any light switches yet. When re-fitting them I noticed one was a very tight fit (3 cables stuffed in to a shallow 25mm knock box. End of the ring and an extra socket coming off it?)...
  10. O

    Shortening a Lighting Cable

    Hi, I am installing a new pendant light. It came as a ceiling fitting with cord and light fitting, and a light shade. The cord needs to be shortened and the instructions suggest the excess cord should be pulled through and stored in the ceiling fitting. I will use a 9W LED bulb so the current...
  11. D

    How to test RCD for lighting circuit

    I live in Australia; you can use a socket tester to test the RCD for the power outlet circuit. Plug device to a 3-pin wall socket, set testing mA to 30 on the device and press test button. What is the best way to test RCD on the lighting circuit – from an existing B22 or E27 lamp holder? (Not...
  12. L

    No earth in lighting circuit

    Hi, Just interested in learning what others do when faced with an old lighting installation where there is no earth and you’re installing a metal class 1 light fitting. I would assume you would have to run an earth in? Also, with class 2 fittings, is it the box where the cables are terminated...
  13. O

    Volt drop, lighting v non lighting

    Why is this still a thing, just done a quick calculation with the TLC volt drop calculator and if its a non lighting circuit the recommended size is 6mm but if there is lighting its saying 10mm. Quite a cost difference. I get this in the olden days when there were filament lights that would go...
  14. T

    Testing a multi point lighting circuit

    Hi Im an apprentice and just wanted to clarify domestic style wiring since i work industrial and don't deal with conventional wiring. in college and the AM2 the only exposure to testing lighting is of a single point that may be switched either one way 2 way or intermediate. that doesn't worry me...
  15. M

    Lighting Junction box in loft with 9 cables in??

    Doing a rewire at the minute and was wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of a lighting circuit being connected somewhere in an installation with 8/9 cables connected. I’m an apprentice so I’m curious about most things and was wondering if you was to do an EICR how you would code this...
  16. D

    Microswitch in lighting controlled by rocker switch issue

    Hi and thankyou for reading this. I have an issue where my lights in my camper (12v LED) contain their own switch which is reset every time i use the rocker switch to turn them off. This means that i have to turn on the rocker switch and then turn on the microswitch in the lights - which is a...
  17. W

    UK Bathroom/bedroom lighting issues

    Hi, Just looking for some advice. In a bedroom there are 5 downlights on a dimmer switch. When turned on, every now and again these lights can sometimes go off when the light switch for the bathroom is turned on. There are 4 down lights in the bathroom just on a 2 way switch. Can any one cast...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    Solution to a C2 - No CPC on lighting circuit

    I've tried to research and form a plan without asking on here, but I'm just going around in circles. Just completed an EICR. The wiring ranges from new metric colours to old imperial cable. There are 2 lighting circuits, both containing class 1 fittings. Most of the fittings have a CPC, but...
  19. B

    Removing redundant lighting cable

    Hi all, I have a light in the under stairs cupboard which is controlled by a switch in the hall. The under stairs cupboard is being taken out soon, meaning the light will be redundant so obviously I would like to make safe and remove it. There is no loop in/out at the light fitting...
  20. Blacky57

    Lighting advice needed

    Trying to replace light fitting that was previously removed before I saw it, works off 2 switches either side of room.. permanent live seems to be middle cable.. I know one links to upstairs circuit .. can only get permsnt live not switching.. can’t get my head around it Help
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