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  1. J

    Lighting connection, socket outlet?

    Working on an industrial radial lighting circuit, 6 son high bay fittings each connected from a conduit box via a short length of flex from the main circuit (terminal strip inside conduit box). Problem they are getting is whenever a fitting goes faulty it takes the entire circuit out. Ideal...
  2. john watts

    INSTYLE LED - LED strip light specialists

    Hi All, We are a Leicestershire based LED lighting company, specialising in commercial grade LED strip lights and all of the accessorise including control gear, extrusions, power supplies and more. We can ship to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. For prices or questions: Please call...
  3. S

    Lighting circuit contactor

    Hi all I am replacing a contactor in a communal block of flats I believe it for the external and internal lights. Am replacing like for like but it doesnt seem right to me. Looks like its been messed about with previously? The old contactor had an a2 terminal at the bottom aswell whereas the new...
  4. C

    Domestic Lighting for Cinema Room - Philips Hue

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I am currently working on a home cinema room. I intend to use Philips Hue for the room, with 8 adjustable downlights, 4 wall lights and 2 RGB LED strips up to 10m (max with Hue. I have pulled the ceiling down, so there is access to all cables and I will run a...
  5. T

    AM2 lighting circuit - confusion

    I know this has probably been asked a dozen times on this forum but I just want to make sure that I'm doing this the correct way before going into my exam. I got told that in the am2 I need to have neutrals at every switch in connecters. I have never done it this at work hence the confusion...
  6. M

    Lounge lighting - solving poor lighting level

    I have a lounge that is poorly lit. I live in what is called a microloft building (in the UK). The ceiling is only 8 foot high. The room is about 15 x 10 foot. The light coming in through west facing windows and door is v low and can't be changed. My lighting is from 2 ceiling lights that are...
  7. FatAlan

    Domestic Lighting - RCD protection

    Coming across a few installations with no RCD protection. How are folks finding it out there when doing minor alterations / additions to existing lighting circuits with no RCD protection bearing in mind 18th Edition requirements. Appreciate every installation is different. Are folks replacing...
  8. K

    Under cupboard lighting - help!

    Hi all, I bought a Taylor Wimpey new build and had under cupboard lights put in the kitchen. 3 years on and the first one has gone out but when I unscrewed the casing to see how to change it, I am completely baffled! Can anyone tell from the pic what I need to do/buy to change this, or do I...
  9. gazdkw82

    Dali lighting help with issue

    I've installed 2x JCC71361 Dali LED panels controlled via an EX-OR lightspot HD PIR. I seem to be having a real problem with it. The customer complained one of the fittings was flickering ever so slightly. I went back and indeed it was lightly flickering. I swopped the control gear over but the...
  10. S

    LED Strip Lighting Installation - Some Specific Queries

    Dear all - I am looking to install some LED strip lighting (it will be wall-mounted near the ceiling, behind some uplight coving). The plan is to pull the power from the mains under the floor and chase the cabling into the wall (brick wall, no studs), to then be cemented/plastered/polyfillered)...
  11. C

    emergency lighting layout drawings

    Is there any software that will enable a rough drawing of a building layout which can combine photo metric data? Possibly a free software from a lighting manufacturer?
  12. D

    Driveway (walk over) Lighting - HOW TO?

    As part of a current project I am looking to install uplights in the ground at the end of the drive which I believe are also known as Drive over lights or Walk over lights. S crewfix and Toolstation sell them and one I have purchased to look at is from Screwfix (5548T) which is a GU10 Enlite...
  13. S

    Running outside lighting cables in render

    Hello, I'm looking to extend my lighting circuit outside of my house before I have the house re-rendered. some of the wiring routes will need to go up and over windows etc so some of the cable routes will be outside the permitted cable zones. I was planning to chase t/e into the wall and to...
  14. S

    Outdoor Lighting Specialist

    Hi I am a landscaper and I am looking for a S*** hot electrician I can call on to carryout landscape lighting quotations to run alongside our works. Obviously take on the works when contracts come in (some of these contracts do not start for 6 months after quotation issued) We are in Harrow...
  15. Z

    Steel conduit used as CPC in flat, can’t find bonding, can’t find ring main CPC at C.U

    I’ve been asked to add a couple of extra points to the single ring main in a flat. Building fabric is concrete, all of the electrical installation is steel conduit buried in the concrete. I opened the consumer unit and could only see one CPC for a radial socket, as well as the main Earth. No...
  16. E

    Bunches up lighting circuits

    Good morning all! Currently carrying out an EICR on a commercial property and have noticed 8 lighting circuits bunched into 2 MCB’s. 0-EE74-FE0-F729-4048-A7-F4-2979-EBDFD688 - https://ibb.co/hCTKpsC No real danger but not very practical as nuisance tripping could occur and the labelling is a...
  17. Gary Moore

    Running Submains with general lighting and power???

    Hi everyone I have an issue that I need some advice with. I have been asked to fit a panel board in a basement to some offices. From this I need to feed another distribution board. This board is feeding some general lighting and power. My plan was to link everything with a 100x100mm metal...
  18. L

    Light fitting trips one RCD, but not if connected to a different RCD

    Hi, I have a lighting circuit which trips the RCD, I’ve got pared back so that if I take one brand new light fitting and wire it directly into the consumer unit with a brand new cable - and still the RCD trips. If I remove that wire from the consumer unit and put a 3 pin plug on it, and plug...
  19. A

    Trying to make dumb lighting... Smart

    Hi, New to the forum and looking for some help please. I have a new build with a 3 gang light switch which is wired to 2 rings of down lighters and a LED strip in the kitchen. I am trying to make these three sets of lights smart. I have already installed Hue around the rest of the house The...
  20. M

    Emergency Lighting query

    It's been a while since I tested emergency lights and I just wanted to clarify something. If the lights not working and the green LED light is off, is this an inverter and if the LED light is off and the lights still not working is this a dead battery?
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