1. S

    LED bulbs on even when switched off at wall

    Hi all, I recently bought and moved into a house and set about changing all the halogen bulbs with 4W non-dimmable LED bulbs. Upon doing so I discovered that when I switch the bathroom lights off at the wall, instead of going off they just become about half as bright as they are with the wall...
  2. Dan Carroll

    Outdoor wiring help

    Morning all Bit of advice please. I have a dedicated distribution circuit that was set up for a garage, that was never built, to the outside of my house. Its 6mm twin and CPC fed from a 32amp MCB. It now terminates into an outdoor double socket. I want to extend the circuit and put some...
  3. A

    Help with wiring light switch

    Hello I'm looking to change my light switch to timer touch activated switch. My current switch which flicks on/off has two wires; one into L1 and another into L. The new switch is a little more complex. Anyone willing to point out the equivilant wires? Here's the wiring diagrams supplied with...
  4. L

    Please Help, wiring a switch with a singular 3 core wire

    Hi, im having trouble. I want to wire up some outdoor lights through a smart home plug. They were previously connected to an analouge timer and after removing this ive found that there is one singular wire coming from the lights. this wire has neutral (blue) live (brown) and another black wire...
  5. Les Macaulay

    Inspection of wiring to new industrial dish washer

    Inspected a final circuit for a new dishwasher of the commercial type, rated at 4.3 kW, about 50M from the D/B. Final connection joint to the appliance flex comprises connector block in a dry wall box with lid lying on floor of commercial kitchen. C1, C2 or C3? Isolating switch on opposite...
  6. S

    Custom T5 Wiring job assist

    I have a T5 based minibus I need help with. I removed a timed isolator that was installed by the coach builder as I want to work on some security features, (like being able to lock the doors) but am now stuck. It has these ridicules emergency handles on the outside I want to remove and make...
  7. M

    Help with hall wiring

    Hi I moved into my new flat and have had to decorate and repair so much, it had a tube light fixture in the kitchen (open plan living room and kitchen) fitted a ceiling rose no issue and have changed the 3 light switches to brushed stainless steel no issue I have changed all the plug sockets to...
  8. A

    Led batten wiring

    Hi, what type/size of wire will I need for 6 36W led batten lights in my garage? Would 2 core 0.75mm round flex wire be ok?
  9. M

    UK Kitchen Wiring Advice

    Hi folks, This is my first post, I hope you're all well and surviving the lockdown. Long story short, I had an electrician who was going to do the skilled work while I did the grunt work of chasing and laying cable runs based on his advice. I did my part but he never returned, only fitted a...
  10. N

    Question about electrical wiring in the ceiling

    Hello, I decided to tackle a leaky skylight replacement in my living room. It's an acrylic bubble 18" square and it was installed when the house was built in '86. To make thing more complicated for myself, I purchased skylights that are 45 3/4" by 22 1/2" (wife wanted larger skylights). I...
  11. K

    UK Underground Wiring

    Hi All I'm looking to run a 10/16mm SWA cable from the main house to the Garage. Currently the power supplied to the garage is with a twin and earth cable in some plastic pipe. The plastic pipe is buried under the conservatory and concrete in the garden areas. The plastic pipe is of...
  12. T

    Wiring a 1KW pool heat pump

    Hello. I was hoping someone could please help me with some queries? I’ve just taken delivery of a single phase pool heat pump rated 1kw, with running amps of 4.5. Retailer has advised that it should be wired into a separate type C MCB with a min 10A fuse. I was hoping I could just put a...
  13. B

    Main Breaker box Wiring

    Hello Gentlemen Great Forum! Newbie to this place, not sure if am posting my question in the right section. I am attaching a pic showing wiring to the 220-240V main panel, my question is this the correct way of making these connections? I do feel something is missing here as I am confused with...
  14. V

    3 wire (2 hots/1 ground...no neutral) Range wiring ok?

    New range on the way and took our the old range (about 2010 install) that was hard wired in with 2 hot wires (black and red) and a green ground wire that was attached to the neutral wire post on the old range. diagram for new range says that 3 wires should be red & black hots along with a...
  15. R

    Hob Wiring

    I am changing my hob and the old hob has three wires connecting to a terminal block Red (Live) Black (Neutral) and Earth (Green). The new hob has four wires in the cable. Earth (Green) Neutral (Blue) and 2 Live (Black and Pink) which are tagged together. Do I connect the 2 Live wires to the...
  16. Z

    Bathroom wiring queries

    Hi guys I am a newbie here and I am just a D.I.Yer so by no means an expert. I have just put in a new bathroom and wanted to make some alterations to the wiring. There is a unswitched fuse inside the bathroom which is operated by a switched fuse outside the bathroom, I assume this was used...
  17. R

    Domestic Simple screw up, need advice on wiring

    Hi folks! new to the posting forum but was a lurker. I am hoping mind is simple and just not simple to me. i have a solarium. Outside we’re 2 motion detector lights that didn’t work. One on the side, one on the front. Inside the solarium are floor outlets. They used to work. but, when I decided...
  18. N

    Help wiring a homemade Ghostbusters Containment Unit prop

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping that I can find some help, I currently only know enough to get myself into trouble. I'm creating a prop for my son, and we want it to have lights and sounds. I have three 5 pin lighted push buttons and I want to attach a sound file to each one. I have looked into...
  19. B

    Toggle switch wiring

    Hi, Any help would be appreciated! I am residing on a canal boat and the toggle switch which turns the engine off stopped working. Looking at the wiring - it appears both wires have disconnected from the switch. I have bought a new toggle switch but am not sure about the correct placing of the...
  20. F

    Double switch wiring help needed. NOOB!

    I need some wiring help. I have been putting new switches on throughout the house & have had no issues with the Y block backed ones. Just copied & swapped how they previously were. But this lastest switch doesn't have a Y block it has one big block with L1-1 & L1-2 on the left hand side of the...
  21. B

    Uk Lamps

    Hi, I recently bought 2 lamps from eBay, when they arrived they had European plugs, when rewiring the plugs to UK plugs I noticed the wiring is only 2 gauge and has no earth. This concerns me as the casing for the lamp is made from eBay appears to be metal/ brass! Also there is a what looks to...
  22. T

    Proper wiring for a pool pump

    I need to run a dedicated line for a pool pump which would be about 140 ft from the outside panel. Pump requires 14-15 amps at 2HP. Should I run a 20 or 30 amp breaker and with what gauge wire? Plan to DIY with some help and would like to use conduit. Any advice is much appreciated!
  23. P

    Wiring car stereo to power supply

    Hello all, I hope I've found the right forum to post in... I am trying to put my old stereo in my new van. The one part I am a bit apprehensive about Is powering the thing up. I have two leads that I believe need power, one that says 12v ignition switched and one that says lighting or...
  24. M

    Wiring an LED light bar to the h4 high beam wire

    Hey guys! This may seem like a dumb question to ask, I’m new to all of this and am trying to learn for myself and am stuck! So on the previous car I owned I wired up my light bar to the positive and ground cable connecting to my high beam wires, this worked fine! I know I’m meant to have a...
  25. L

    Having issues with this wiring set up that is in an older house.

    I have a 2 gang box in my dining room one of them is part of a three way switch to the main light. I also have three recessed lights in that room that I was trying to run to the other switch. With all of that going on I realized the switch also had more wires all tied in together. I removed a...
  26. G

    Spd connection

    Hi need a bit of help! Not wired one of these before, it’s an spd type 2 that’s come with board (fuse box)! Question is does the line from the spd connect in same bus bar connection on main switch???
  27. M

    Confirm Wiring and LED Driver Compatibility?

    Hello, I desire to power (4) 300W LED COBs simultaneously via a single 120v AC plug. Each COB has their own 300W driver. The driver is AC input and DC output. It is a constant current driver. Here's the spec sheet of the driver. I assume I would be using the H-AB, which provides a DC voltage...
  28. M

    Ceiling Fan Wiring

    I move an old ceiling fan to my carport. I wired the fan in as I took it out. PROBLEM: at the wall box i am wiring a singe pole switch, but when ever i plug in the electricity it pops the breaker. However, when the fan is direct (hard) wired it does not trip the breaker and the fan operates...
  29. P

    Ceiling light wiring help

    Hi all, moved into a house a few years ago and they left a really nice ceiling light. However it made a buzzing noise when on and kept cutting out. Presumably overheating. Can anyone talk me through rewiring it as I'd like to get it working. Pics to follow. Thanks 1588182941
  30. A

    Replacing Drayton Thermostat with Digital - Wiring Check

    My drayton thermostat (3-wire) stopped clicking so decided to buy a wifi digital thermostat. Digital thermostat dry contact is not wired to the live within the unit unlike the drayton. Can someone confirm my jumper cable position is correct? (i.e. does it matter which side of the dry contact...
  31. 3

    Rear Wiper motor relay wiring

    My rear wiper motor is connected via a Lucas SRB501 5pin relay from the loom to the motor. I have no reference for wiring. The motor has power as it parked, but won't operate from its brand new switch. I just wanted to double check my wiring, before ordering a new relay, if it is needed. So far...
  32. S

    Dimmer Switch Wiring Question

    Hello all, I need to re-wire a dimmer switch to be LED compatible. Opened it up and it has two blue colored wires going into one input. Any clue on what is going on here? Should I copy the same thing to the new option? See old and new below.
  33. D

    Wiring another light into the same circuit

    Hello, ive new to this forum and have a slightly above average knowledge of electrical. I currently have a wall sconce with an outlet just below it, both are controlled by the same switch. I want to move the light to the ceiling. I figured I would be able to run a wire to the he switch and then...
  34. J

    Wiring a 2 wire ceiling rose to a pendant light

    Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help. Hoping it's a simple one! I'm looking to replace light with new pendants, which are the same switch. One is easy, as there is a single wire, however the second rose has 2 wires. Problem is - the new pendant roses only have connectors to support a single...
  35. D

    Wiring a nest into combi boiler, job for a diy'er?

    Appreciate this might be a bit impossible to answer since you don't know how (in)competent I am, but for someone who can wire switches, light fittings, fcu, various common 'simple' bits, is wiring a nest thermostat into my combi boiler something I can do or is it a big no-no? As with any of my...
  36. A

    3KW Water Heater Wiring

    Hi all! Quick question regarding a "Zip aquapoint 3 (III) water heater" wiring. Problem is the thermostat (part no. AQ0319) has burnt out / melted at spade connections & the power supply never tripped. The 3kw water heater is fed by 2.5mm t+e from a 16a mcb in consumer unit then directly to a...
  37. F

    How to Wire a new vintage lamp holder

    Hey all I just bought a new vintage lamp holder from eBay, I assumed that because it has a metal casing that it would need a 3 core wire cable, but it doesn’t seem to have a place for the earth wire. I’ll add some photos, could someone please help to whether I need the earth wire and if so where...
  38. R

    Help required please re PRT-E thermostat wiring symbol (difference between models and compatibility)

    Hi all, firstly I’m not in anyway qualified to do any electrical work but was just hoping for a quick piece of help In regard to trying to find a replacement for my non-functioning Uponor PRT-E digital thermostat which controls our underfloor heating. The model in question, the PRT-E is generic...
  39. DaveW4

    UK Wiring in soundproofing.

    Hi, I hope you are all well. I want to ask if there are any considerations to wiring if installed in a cavity wall with soundproofing? Also, do sockets, etc. need to be incased with putty or sealed with sealant?
  40. J

    Wiring a van converted into a catering van? Help.

    Hello, I went to go and check some electrics on a friends catering van they have purchased. It's not a towable van, it's a long wheel base with the back converted into a catering van. Everything was wired in twin and earth, no cpc sleeving, holes in the C/U typical bodge job so I'm going to...
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