1. P

    When wiring Spots, why have some stayed permanently on?

    I've wired up my spots however the main light [the one that was once a ceiling rose] works as intended with the light switch, but the rest are permanently on? What have I done wrong? The spots do not have In and Out terminals as part of the fitting, only a blue and brown connector block.
  2. the pict

    Horstman water heating contoller wiring

    I have two supplies into a new horstman e7 box, 1 from the offpeak water heating one from standard tariff boost do both suppies go to 1 and 2, 4 &5 linked, when wired this way boost RCBO trips ,if I remove the off peak it works albeit no off peak I fitted 2 new RCBO boards a while back but there...
  3. W

    Friedland 752 Chime Wiring

    Hi, I have a Friedland 752 chime box in my living room which is the most ugly thing. We have not had a doorbell attached to it in the 5 years we have lived here and are decorating and now is the time for it to go. There is a transformer in the cupboard along with the board. Is it a case of...
  4. pazzy1

    Wiring brake light bar into twin filament bulb

    Hi, I'm wondering if I can wire In an additional brake light bar. I have a caravan that has twin filament bulbs. I'm looking to add in a break light bar. Is this possible by splicing into the existing system
  5. W

    Light wiring help, much appreciated

    Hey everyone complete idiot here😂 can anyone please help me with what goes where if possible by these pics? There is one black and one grey wire, rest brown, blue and ground, cheers!
  6. P

    2 Way Light Switch - Smart Relay - Wiring Question

    Hi folks, I’m new to the forum and it’s this issue that lead me here. So first things first. I was looking to wire in a Smart Relay at the rose of my hallway light. It’s got two switches. Now I thought I had “ok” knowledge when it came to wiring a socket / light switch / rose. However...
  7. A

    en-suite wiring, a few issues

    i am wiring up a new en-suite: it is about 1.7m square, shower cubicle in one corner, toilet in other, door between, basin next to shower. I will fit a wall-mounted convector heater next to the door, well away from the shower, so i dont think it needs to be the IP rated version and i will fit a...
  8. J

    Bathroom fan wiring question

    Hello, I currently have two switches in my bathroom. One controls the lights above the sink and the other controls a light above the toilet and also a fan. I want to separate the switch from the fan and have that separate. I got a nutone fan that has a wireless remote, so I don't need wires to...
  9. K

    Can you explain to breaker info to me?

    I am buying a house and it was built in 1949. Is there anyway I can tell if it has tube wiring without opening up the walls? Is there anything else I need to watch out for with a home built in 1949? Also can anyone explain these 2 photos to me? Does any of it explain if there is tube wiring?
  10. N

    3-Way Switch Loop, Ceiling Fed Multi-fixture Wiring Puzzle - Need Help

    This weekend I was replacing a hall light fixture in my old home (rewired circa 1980/90's) and noticed the work was done using one of the exposed ground wires as one of the switch leg/loop travelers on a 3-way. Obviously, this is completely wrong and a fire hazard, so I decided to try to rework...
  11. P

    light switch old wiring help

    hi could some one please help me with the wires on this light switch please i need to change it to a new one any help would be apreciated thanks
  12. X

    3 way switch wiring issue

    I usually always take a picture before disconnecting electrical wiring and this time I did not. I am trying to wire a 3way switch that controls lights at the top and bottom of the stairs. In my box I have 2 3wire sets coming in. One set all 3 wires are live, and the other 3 I believe run...
  13. I

    I need help wiring up a Quinetic 2 gang receiver switch

    Hi All, I am looking to install a Quinetic double gang in line receiver switch (QURS2W) in my hallway on the ground floor to control the lights in the hallway on the ground as well as the first floor. On the first floor, I propose to pair up a 2 gang Quinetic switch. The wiring is all old and...
  14. LewisM

    Google Nest wiring, C plan?

    Hello, I hope you are well, I have fitted a few Nests but only to Combi, S and Y plan systems just been looking a job where I’m doing the kitchen, looks like the heating system is a C plan? There’s 4 cables at the programmer, power in two 3 cores up to the wiring centre then a flex to the...
  15. S

    Testing the wiring in an outdoor circuit

    Forgive me if this is easy to search - I was not able to find anything obvious here or on YouTube. I've got an outdoor circuit that has failed. Specifically, one outlet failed and then the second one went about a year later, with no trip of the breaker. How do I test the wiring to make sure it...
  16. R

    Thanks for the welcome .. encountered improper house wiring several times when repairing stairlifts

    This is a great forum! Am a stairlift, electric scooter, electric wheelchair, repair guy. Also fix broken parts. Also use electricity to multiply tree growth and fruit production. Also use currects for my health e.g. heal myself as Dr. Tennant teaches. Also use electrolysis to make my own...
  17. B

    Unusual switch wiring question.

    I have 2 kitchen lights, each on its own switch. I would like to re-wire them to where the first switch turns on both lights, but where if the first switch is in the off position, the first light goes off but then the second switch can nevertheless turn on and off the second light. I have a...
  18. MrKaris

    Kitchen circuit wiring question. newbie DIY. #help

    Hello. I am new to wiring and could use some help getting this circuit wired in the kitchen . I am trying to get the source power to the GFCI and then through a switch to have the garbage disposal protected by the GFCI. I also have a switch that I would like in for the above sink light. Lastly...
  19. Cjshumate

    Requesting Guidance Wiring New Switch and Fixture

    Hello, my house was built in the 1950s and every time I look behind a wall plate the wiring isn’t how it’s shown in any DIY book I’ve read. I’m trying to replace a switch with an LED-friendly one. Wall j-box has two cables coming in, one has 2 wires and the other has a 3rd wire that’s red. The...
  20. ChrizK

    Wiring in +/- into car fuse (piggyback)

    Once again I am using the Engineering chat as I think my question is more theoretical rather than 'diy advice'. If I am misusing the forum, please let me know. This question is back 'in the car' again, but I think it is a fundamental question about 'how electricity works', more so, a circuit...
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