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  1. J

    Weird light switch wiring

    I've recently moved into an 80s built house and i have some questions about the wiring i've found. I was looking at replacing the downstairs switch to the upstairs landing (2 gang, 2 way) for a white switch like for like. At this point id say the switches for this light work as expected and...
  2. B

    Installing and wiring new ceiling light fitting

    Hi All, Just looking for a bit of guidance for installing a new ceiling light fitting. I'm usually pretty confident installing new lighting/sockets etc but this one has me stumped. The ceiling wiring has a lot more wires than the wiring block on the new fitting accommodates. I've attached...
  3. U

    wiring metal light holder to old ceiling rose

    Hello there I bought a vintage smoked glass shade chandelier pendant ceiling light and wired it up ok (well the bulb didn't blow) but took it back down because the brass thingy wouldn't do all the way up on my existing ceiling rose.Can i just wire up the metal ceiling light holder...
  4. E

    Garbage disposal wiring problem

    I bought a garbage disposal and had it installed under the sink by a plumber. When we attach it to the power, if the switch is turned on the disposal runs. When the switch is turned off, it trips the circuit breaker. I tried attaching a different switch, but it still has the problem. The clothes...
  5. J


    Hi I hope someone can assist with this matter please. new extension on a bungalow and under floor heating has been installed in all rooms. new boiler and programmer which will feed the manifold for the new underfloor heating and 4 towel rails for the bathrooms. I have 2 questions. 1) Does the...
  6. littlespark

    7 pin tow bar socket wiring.

    I’m swapping over the tow bar from one vehicle to another identical one. All fairly straightforward, colours are all correct. The query I have is, Will the 12v aux socket in the back of the van have enough power to run the relay box? The towbar was originally fitted by a dealership, and that’s...
  7. M

    Do I need to rewire?

    Hello all, I’ve recently moved house and I’d like a little advice on the safety of some of the wiring found. In general the wiring looks clean/tidy and reasonably new but my electrical experience is in factories, not in the home. There two things I’m not so sure about though, please advise...
  8. D

    Bathroom fan wiring

    I need to replace an existing fan which has 3 wires and earth. They are red blue yellow. The new fan i have needs switched live, live and neutral. I have a fluke voltage pen so can i just identify which is the switched live cable by putting switch on and seeing if pen bleeps and then turning...
  9. E

    Wiring this IR sensor

    Just been to a job where the client has an electric mirror but the IR sensor has never worked (whoever installed it just wired it to turn on and off with the light switch) so i took it apart and it turns out the IR part of the circuit hasnt even been connected (came from the shop like this) what...
  10. B

    Crank BUT no start relay (85 socket) wiring issue

    Hello guys I own a BMW E39 which developed a crank no start issue. No codes are being thrown but my initial thought was fuel. So I checked the fuses (all ok) and then moved onto the relays. I removed the relay and its ok then checked the socket and discovered the relay base is showing 4v on the...
  11. S

    New Extractor Fans Not Working - Wiring?

    Hi we have just had two new extractor fans installed, one in the bathroom, one in the toilet, I am sure they are correctly wired, however the run on timers are not working, just goes on and off with the light, the toilet one is not working at all :( I have tried switching the wires for the...
  12. R

    Advice on wiring into an existing single light, 2 switch circuit

    Good evening guys, New to this forum but seeking some advice if possible. I am in the process on installing downlight in my bedroom as the single light is just not enough to cover the room, and am hoping to daisy chain them together. My current set up is a single light fitting with 2 switches...
  13. A

    UK Help wiring a mechanical timer

    Hi all! I need help wiring my mechanical timer. I saw a similar thread but the cables are different. Thread My current installation: My new mechanical timer: The schematic for both wiring: (New at the top, current at the bottom) I will really appreciate some guidance on the correct set...
  14. S

    PIR sensor wiring

    Hello gents. First time posting here and need some help. I have two bathroom and I want to instal one in line extractor fan to service the bath room connected to the lights and PIR sensor in a way that if you go to bathroom one only lights for that bath room comes on not the other but the...
  15. dc_8769

    Panel heater wiring in block of flats

    Hi, new poster here so hopefully I've put this in the right place! I live in a large block of flats and have noticed that none of the panel heaters or heating rails in my flat are working. I believe they are all on the same circuit, as my consumer unit has a switch for heaters- this hasn't been...
  16. C

    Wiring of AC power entry module

    Hello, I am building a panel for an instrument. Its power entry module fits a standard computer cable (bottom of the drawing below) and features an on/off switch. At its back, there are 4 connectors, numbered 1 to 4 below. How should they be wired? Many thanks for any advice.
  17. L

    Smart switch wiring on a 3 way switch

    How do i wire this?
  18. R

    Electric blinds wiring

    Dear all, Thank you in advance for your support on my question. I have an electric blind in my daughter´s room, controled via a wall switch ( Btcino ). I ordered a Wi-FI switch and when trying to install it I get this: Current switch is "feed" by three cables coming from the wall ( no more...
  19. P

    LED Strip RGBW - How to split for parallel wiring?

    I'm looking to install some LED lighting strips to light some display shelving. It will consist of one driver going to a controller which will then be split into 8 x 1m length strips. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how to split the power from the controller to each strip i.e...
  20. D

    Is this allowed as i could not find an answer in the wiring regs.

    4 core, 10mm SWA cable feeding a trace heating installation. The Installer has stated he wants to use 2 cores as 2 phases and 2 cores as Neutrals. This means the cable will have 2 separate circuits within. This would be acceptable if installed within conduit, but is this classed as bad practice...
  21. T

    Need Advise!! Help me with this wiring. NPN sensor/Solid State Relay

    Is this the correct way of wiring npn sensor 4 wire with solid state relay and solenoid valve?
  22. Z

    Unconventional light wiring

    I'm removing all the lighting in my home (will get an electrician to fit the new lights) and came across this wiring configuration. The switch in the pic was a part of the light fitting, and the earth tab was connected to the light housing. There is only one wall switch. Every other light in the...
  23. M

    Vintage electromagnet doorbell wiring

    Hello there, I come to seek advice from vintage electrically minded people. I have been tasked with wiring a vintage IBEX doorbell up in our house and cant seem to get it to work. Before I go on here is some useful information: I am unsure what voltage the doorbell actually is. I have it...
  24. Monty101

    DIY help required for newby - pull cord LED light fitting to old wiring 🙏

    Hi there 👋, Apols in advance if this has been done to death😳!!! (I know it has but I can't seem to fathom out a similar set-up having searched through this forum and others). I have an old wiring system in my house and wanted to fit a new LED light in the downstairs loo. I have attached pics...
  25. P

    UK Help with bathroom fan wiring

    Hi. Couldn't quite find a close match to my set up so I'm writing for help. I'm not an electrician and don't know enough about switched live setups to be comfortable doing this. Can you please tell me how to wire this thing? The attached image shows what I'm working on. Fan does not have...
  26. P

    Ireland Thermostat wiring

    Hi, I want to install a room thermostat (Salus ERT20RF) where there was none before. I would like to leave an existing APT mechanical timer in place. My question is can I wire the switched live contacts (from both timer and thermostat) in series to turn on and off boiler ?. Both units have only...
  27. dave_JL

    Which Oven To Buy With Current Wiring Set Up?

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice. We have this induction hob from IKEA SMAKLIG Induction hob - black - IKEA - https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/smaklig-induction-hob-black-20222830/ and a hotpoint single oven which has given up the ghost and needs replacing. I'd like to buy a replacement oven I can...
  28. S

    Wireless room thermostat query

    Hi guys. Just bought a Honeywell CM700 series wireless room stat/programmer with BDR91 relay box/receiver to link with Worcester Bosch 28CDi combi boiler. Using a 4-core will take L/N feed from boiler to L/N in receiver and route the Ls/T1-A and Lr/T2-B. But there are 2 L terminals in the...
  29. G

    18th edition wiring regulations update exam in Worcestershire wanted

    Does anyone know where I can book the 18th edition wiring regulations update exam. I live in Worcestershire, I want to just sit the exam, I do not need a course as I only passed the 17th edition last year.
  30. O

    Trailer Sub-panel wiring and grounding?

    Hi, newbie here seeking advice. I have a semi-truck box trailer I'm converting into a workshop. Wheels and suspension have been removed and it’s sitting on railroad ties on the ground. Because it’s not on a permanent foundation I'm not allowed to permanently wire it to the house. I have chosen...
  31. D

    what type of wiring is this

    okay this may be a stupid question because im just starting out but I have 7 months experience doing various electrical jobs including wiring together meter boxes. is that considered a specific type of wiring. like I hear the word control wiring a lot is that considered control wiring? I want to...
  32. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  33. S

    UK Wiring emergency lights

    Hi Guys, how would you wire three gang two way switch for emergency lights so you have 3 feeds coming to the switch aswell as 3, 3 core and earth going to the light aswell as 3, 3 core and earth being strappers to the others 3 gang two way switch new to electrics so help would be appreciated cheers
  34. S

    Electrical Wiring vs Plumbing

    Thanks to everyone for help with my last question - here's the next one!! Having our 1930's flat re-wired and re-plumbed. Floors and ceilings are concrete - so wires and pipes are all being chased into walls! Radiators are currently set very high and have asked for them to be lowered to a...
  35. S

    Wiring to replace old room thermostat to new digital

    I’m replacing a tatty old mechanical Drayton room thermostat with a sleek digital Flomasta 7635G. Could a wise wizard please help decipher the code known as the wiring diagram in the pictures attached. Theoretically, given the ‘standard’ wallplate, I should just remove the old and pop on the...
  36. D

    UK Need help with wiring a celing fan

    Been up since 5am trying to figure this out. Can anykne give me some advice on what colour goes where?
  37. R

    Advice on wiring 4 gang switch

    Hi, looking to change my 4 gang switch, what I have is 4 grey wires, each with a red and black wire, I've been told by local sparky that each red wire goes into COM, and each black wire(with small red sleeve If that's relevant) goes into L1. However at the moment only the 1st and 3rd switches...
  38. M

    Shower Wiring in Granny Annexe

    Hi All, I am Faraz, I'm a Mechanical Project Engineer by trade. This is my first post on these forums. I am looking for some insight into a problem I'm having. I currently have a 6mm Cable running from the main RCD to a 9.8kW shower in a Granny Annexe. the wire currently runs about 25m long...
  39. J

    TV wiring for 9x new build flats

    Afternoon Just so I can agree with the builder- can I get advise on following. What wiring I need per flat to allow for sky and standard tv aerial So per TV position in each flat (average flat 3x TV positions- 2x WF100 cables to flats utility cupboard- so if 3x TVs- there will be 6x WF100S...
  40. X

    Canada laundry tub pump wiring

    Hello all, New to the forum. Homeowner/DIYer. I do have ESA permit for the work I'm doing. ie, this will be inspected. Update - I'm unable to post as I keep getting a message stating "Oops! We ran into some problems." I attached a text file, my_post.txt, of what I had written in this...
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