1. P

    Air compressor wiring question

    Greetings! I'm currently in a jiffy, and taking all precautions and safety to account, I want to properly screw all pertaining wires to their corresponding areas, As illustrated in the images, the compressor wires are 5, 2 black, 2 blue, and 1 green, my problem is that I don't know which goes...
  2. dfreitag

    Heating Wiring Problem - cylinder thermostat not working

    Hi there, I've had 4 plumbers & 1 electrician look at my problem (seemingly without dedicating too much time unfortunately), spending more than £1000 already 😣, but none of them has found the issue to my problem - that's why I'm reaching out to you! I have the below set up 1x gas system...
  3. R

    Wiring a relay switch to power up a machine using remote control?

    So this is a question around my woodworking workshop. I have a dust collector which is connected up to various machines around the shop and want to be able to switch it on with a simple remote control I carry with me. I purchased this relay from Amazon: QIACHIP Universal Wireless Relay Module...
  4. Bigkev1975

    Motorbike wiring Suzuki bandit 02 600 m unit blue

    Hi peeps I’m going to try wiring an m unit blue into my motorbike there are a few things I’m not sure about I’ve drawn a wiring diagram does it look ok? which I’ve attached,for the bike which is a 02 600 bandit also I’ve attached the original Wiring diagram because I’m getting rid of the fuse...
  5. timhoward

    Creative light switch wiring

    I was working with a builder I know well today and he'd 2nd fixed some light switches. All of them were spot on until I came to the switch either end of the kitchen to control the downlights. My first reaction was "wrong switch - that's an intermediate - it won't work." He said "Oh - I got it...
  6. O

    Hiding wiring in doorframe

    I am having a complete rewire done in a just purchased house where we have plans for changes. One change we may/will be making is to combine the bathroom & toilet, and move the doorframe to add a bit of landing space into the new bathroom. The landing already has a solar cable running in pvc...
  7. pirate

    Just a wee take on wiring power circuits and alarm circuits in a garage

    I thought I would take a few minutes to give my recent experience in wiring a large garage for power and an alarm circuit. This relates to clipped direct for all cables, using Linian clips. A laser round the garage, drilling the 6mm holes. clipping the 2.5mm to the brickwork all went very well...
  8. E

    Exposed National Wiring Standards

    A couple of months old document, that I had not seen, https://eandt.------.org/content/articles/2022/05/exposed-the-national-wiring-scandal-putting-lives-at-risk/ Apologies if been posted before.
  9. H

    Wiring in a new Blink doorbell

    Hello, I'm researching how to wire in a new Blink doorbell and had a couple of questions 1. Is the below Friedland Type 4 transformer likely to work (see below)? 2. If not, to bypass the chime. Should I connect the wires going to T0 and T3 (as suggested on another thread) via a choc/wago...
  10. M

    Wiring an inline extractor fan with flex

    Hi, The house I've moved in to doesn't have an extractor in the main bathroom so I'm looking at placing an inline extractor in the attic directly above it. Problem is...I'm using smart lights that need to be powered on all the time therefore don't want to use the existing pull cord to control...
  11. bluewhale

    DIY - Wiring extractor fan with no timer to light switch.

    Hi there. Recently our bathroom extractor fan broke, so I got a new one but I'm having difficulty wiring it (homeowner DIY guy here). So... there are 3 wires coming from bathroom wall: brown (Live) blue (Neutral) yellow/green (Ground). Previously, old extractor fan used all 3 of those wires...
  12. L

    Routing wiring near garage door springs

    I’m running an EV charging system in a garage it’s a 50 amp circuit 6 gauge wire can be Romax or in conduit Romax is cheaper but not an issue either way it’s easy access. My concern is placement to make the run the shortest and easiest will be about six inches above the hardware and springs...
  13. J

    UK smart light switch wiring question

    I purchased a no neutral smart switch to replace my current light switch, but I’m not sure if I’m able to wire it up safely... The existing switch has 3 wires: L1, COM and Earth. The new switch only seems to have 2 wire slots: L and L1. (photos attached) Am I able to safely wire up the new...
  14. Neptune

    Door bell wiring - advice please

    I am planning to replace battery powered door bell with one of these mains powered sets: https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/64350-wired-transformer-doorchime?gclid=f2ccabfbe9b010f462c9c947a329f18c&gclsrc=3p.ds&msclkid=f2ccabfbe9b010f462c9c947a329f18c A couple of questions please: 1. I...
  15. ritheshdsouza

    Someone Help me with speaker wiring?

    I have 2 Aiwa speakers of 6 ohms each.. and 3 LG speakers of 3 ohms each.. how to connect to amplifier correctly? I have attached amplifier pic below.. please help me...
  16. reefkh

    Wiring an extractor fan

    Hi there, I'm trying to wire an extractor fan (Manrose 4" / 100mmm with timer) I don't have too much knowledge about Electricity but I'm very keen to install it myself and learn too. I don't wish to connect the fan through a light switch rather directly to the wall Now the fan has 3 connectors...
  17. T

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  18. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic 8 gangs of 2 way light switches - wiring

    If you were wiring 8 gangs of 2 way light switches. Would you wire 8 independent circuits, so 8 no. 3 core between switches. Or would you run a live, and loop all the L1's together, then just run 8 no. 2 core between switches ?
  19. amwitte1

    Main Panel and Sub Panel Wiring Issues

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Several years ago I purchased an older 1971 home (aluminum wiring that has since been fixed with al/cu purple connections). There is also a sizeable detached workshop (copper wiring) in the back. This workshop's wiring is in such disrepair that I...
  20. C

    Baseboard heater wiring

    I have two baseboard heaters (1000w and 1500w), both 240V. They are in different rooms of the house. I want to run them on the same 240V circuit- 15A. Two questions: can I put both on the same circuit? And can I simply connect them in a junction box near the panel?