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  1. T

    Wiring a 6" chandelier for LED

    I have been working on a chandelier design for a month now in 3d builder and will be printing it, now the wiring part comes into play because this particular chandelier requires 36 lights in the design. It will be 5 tiered and 3 of the middle tiers will be lights the top and bottom tiers will...
  2. B

    wiring chandelier with LED drivers

    Hi, I'm a DIY / home owner that has a bit of wiring knowledge but has not wired LED drivers before. I have a chandelier that has 36 hanging bulbs / wires (G4 LED / 12 V, 1.5W each). The unit comes with 3 LED drivers, constant voltage that each support up to 24W. Nothing is wired together...
  3. S


    Hi All, Currently rewiring my house. I am installing a new oven - 3.65kW and combi microwave - 3.6kW protected by a 16A mcb. Would a 2.5mm for each appliance from the cu to a 20A DP switch surffice over a 20m run? Thanks
  4. R

    3 gang 2 way swicth wiring

    Hi all trying to get my head around hall and landing switches, basically a 2 gang 2 way down stairs, a 3 gang 2 way on the middle floor and a 2 gang 2 way on my loft conversion landing Does any one know whether this should be on the a particular floors circuit or is this just judgement based...
  5. L

    Ceiling Light Wiring Question

    I'm replacing an overhead light in a kitchen. There are two bundles coming out of the ceiling. Both have a black, a white, and a ground wire. The light fixture has a black, a white, and a ground wire. What should we do with the two sets coming out of the ceiling?
  6. W

    Ceiling lighting wiring

    DIYer question! This is my existing wiring. 3 x neutrals? my new light fitting has one x neutral and 2 x live connections please can some one tell me how to wire the new fitting correctly? I
  7. C

    Weird PIR wiring

    Does this sound like a normal way of wiring a PIR. So had to change a PIR for a pullcord today and this caught me out. Just wonder what others thoughts are. I could not get to any of the wiring above at all. I had two Twin and earth cables coming to PIR. 1st cable was power in no problem...
  8. Z

    Trying to install TCP wifi switch.

    I recently bought a TCP wifi switch and tried to install it my self. Behind my room light switch i have 2 red and 1 one black wire. I tried putting one red in lin, one red in load 1 and black in N but unable to switch the switch on. i have tried every possible combination the wire might go but...
  9. A

    Problem with wiring cooktop

    I'm replacing a cooktop that is coming in tomorrow. I've done basic electrical work such as wiring ceiling fans, replacing outlets and switches. However I'm stumped looking at this box under counter with old cooktop. All the wires are black! I'm not concerned about the aluminum. Just concerned...
  10. R

    Is my light switch wiring wrong?

    Probably an easy answer but I need to clarify. I have a 2 hand switch with 3 wires. All red wires, no neutral. One will be the common which will go into L on the new switch and the other 2 will go into L1 and L3 (that's the only connections with terminals) . Lights are not working so what could...
  11. gazdkw82

    Cooker hood wiring, 3 metre rule

    I need to install a cooker hood. Only close supply is the cooker switch. My plan was to install a FCU next to the switch and then terminate hood, fused appropriately. My concern was, if the cooker supply is 6mm > I think I'm going to struggle terminating 2x6mm2 cables from the supply side of...
  12. S

    PIR wiring

    Hi guys when adding Pir to a lighting circuit would this be the correct way of wiring so at the light I have 3 core and earth. Black as switch line sleeved brown connected to the permanent feed of the light with the neutral and earth and the brown in a wago. And at the pir have brown as...
  13. C

    Wiring Off-road lights, need help on the wire sizes needed, going a little crazy here

    So im not terrible as electricasl but also not the greatest. I know how to wire up relays and fuses and all that stuff but the wiring sizes for these lights has me in a pickle. The Vehicle is a 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and ive already upgraded its 78A alternator to 150A, with 100A at idle so...
  14. R

    Plug socket wiring - insulation concern

    Hi, I replaced a plug socket today for the first time. When putting the live/neutral/earth wires in the socket, I noticed that the wires are not fully insulated where they come out of the wall. There is a small exposed piece of wiring which looks like it previously had masking tape around it...
  15. B

    Wiring a hallway two way switch

    Hi all, I was having some work done as I've moved into a new house in Feb. My electrician did all the wiring for a new partition in the front room but has been detained in the EU because of the 2 week isolation period. I've managed to wire up the outlets but have no clue what's going on with...
  16. midsomerdave

    Motor wiring. 1 or 3 phase?

    Hello all. I have a problem that I'm sure someone can help with. The electric motor I have (pics attached) has no ratings plate. There are no supply wires shown, just the internal connection box wiring. The picture of the wiring diagram looks to be single phase but the box wiring has me...
  17. Click USB-C Sockets

    Click USB-C Sockets

    Supporting both Type A and Type C USB ports. Type C USB is reversible and can be plugged in either upwards or downwards. More information -
  18. Click Aquip outdoor sockets and switches

    Click Aquip outdoor sockets and switches

    A range of weatherproof outdoor switches with a choice to install either our 10AX MiniGrid or 20AX GridPro Modules. Building on Scolmore’s reputation for supplying quick and flexible solutions, the IP66 rated weatherproof socket and switch enclosures offer users a single fix installation - with...
  19. Scolmore

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡ When wiring socket outlets do you: 1. Use ring final circuits 2. Use radial circuits
  20. J

    need some advice re wiring up electric gates

    hello i am a diy man who likes to have a go electrics are something that i sometimes have trouble with i have an electric kit for my wooden driveway gates which i got second hand i have fitted the kit and i am now at the wiring stage i have 2 actuator arms (calypso 400) each with 4 wires one...
  21. sajeel

    UK Smart WiFi wiring

    Hi people, Hope you are all well and in good health. Here is a question which has been bothering my brain, is there a way to wire 2 smart WiFi switches together so 2 way switching is possible. Anyone had experience of this I have found a solution with non smart touch switch which uses a link...
  22. J

    Central heating wiring salus ep210

    Hi there just to ask on wiring for a salus 2 channel programmer. We only have the boiler coming off this at present. We don't want to seperate the rads and water as yet as this wiring is upstairs! So we are using two channel programmer to basically operate the boiler. We have LNE coming off a...
  23. Lister1987

    Electrical Accidents that 'helped' change the wiring regulations?

    A post on a thread by @pc1966 got me pondering (post mentioned the Emma Shaw case), what other electrical accidents, fatalities, near misses that given rise to the regulations changing?
  24. H

    Earth wiring in Belgium

    Hi, I have recently bought an apartment in Brussels and I realised once I moved in that not all the sockets in the place are earthed. Apparently before 1986 it was only a legal requirement for the Kitchen and Bathroom to have earthed sockets. I would like to earth some of the other sockets in...
  25. B

    Tachometer Displaying Nothing

    Hi all. I have been restoring a classic Volvo for a long time, and after getting the engine running, I tried hooking up the tach. I had previously installed a VDO tach, but soon found it was only able to be configured for 6 to 8 cylinder engines (mine has 4). Upon hooking up a "code-able" tach...
  26. D

    DIY Wiring

    Hello -- I will prefix this by saying that I am not an expert but have done a basic wiring around my house including wiring new outlets and fixtures but i seem to run into an unusual problem. I recently started to renovate my basement and this involved adding new fixtures to the existing...
  27. R

    Boiler programmer wiring

    Ok, so im no stranger to basic electrical work, changed a few plugs, rose lights, and even a 3 valve port on a central heating system ha. I want to replace my old Myson microtimer for a more modern one. Issue i have is the wiring. The newer ones have N L 1 2 3 4 E My current one has N L 1 2 3 4...
  28. GBDamo

    How much of the wiring can we save?

    A bit late for that question, er, none.
  29. A

    Australia How to safely disconnect a noisy fan?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to disconnect a noisy ceiling exhaust fan but I want to be able to reconnect it easily should I ever sell. I’ve attached a picture of the wiring from the roof to the fan. Can I simply cut the brown and black wires that are soldered on?
  30. S

    USA Fixture Wiring

    Installing light fixture with one black and one white to ceiling wires of 2 black and 2 white. One set of black and white wires are hot other is not. Only one switch that's not hot when tested. 120V How do I wire?
  31. R

    Running wiring in a garage ceiling joists.

    Hey folks, I had a couple of questions regarding running electrical cables in an attached garage. Any help is appreciated. #1. I am installing a recessed sub-panel in my attached garage. I will be running 2-2-2-4 cable from the main panel to the garage through my attic crawl space. The cable...
  32. Mark Wright

    Wiring Wifi light switch

    I'm seeing 1 gang wifi light switches with L1 L2 L3 and the images below suggest that the L2 and L3 just run separate lights nothing to do with 2-way, can anyone confirm this having no experience with such lighting.
  33. N

    I need some advice on wiring in my new 90cm hob with 2 live wires

    I bought a new hob as we are fitting a new kitchen, we got all the other new appliances wired in, but the hob is a bit more complicated, it has 2 live wires then 1 negative and 1 earth, the wire coming out of the socket where it needs wired into where my old cooker was installed only has 1 live...
  34. E

    Double-check on wiring regs for adding socket

    Hi, As you may guess from the post title, I need to add a second socket. It is in an outhouse, built onto the main building. There is currently a single socket in the outhouse, which is spurred off the first-floor mains ring. I believe the regs say any additional socket must be daisy-chained...
  35. gazdkw82

    Aico smoke detector wiring

    Just about to start pulling in the cables for my smile detectors, however I dint have the detectors yet. Is there enough room in the terminals to terminate a supply feed in and then loop out to the next detector or is a junction box required to house the feed and a supply taken from every J/B?
  36. J

    UK Hot tub wiring

    Hi everyone, I'm awaiting an inflatable hottub, plug and play although I'm worried that having it of my house ring main will overload the circuit, I want to have it on all the time, I also want to keep the price down so I don't want to rip up floorboards and damage walls. My CU is above the...
  37. J

    Help with light socket wiring

    Hello guys. Ive installed a new light socket and put the wires into the new one the same way they came out of the old one and now the light is just staying on permanently, the switch will not turn the light on or off. I assume it’s a quick fix change a wire around? It’s a bit tricky because...
  38. bnhgffff

    Wiring a complete car, Porsche 924, Newbie

    Hi everyone. I have recently bought my first car with intention to restore it - the vehicle had been on fire a little bit due to electrical problems, so i would like to ask you guys for some advice. After buying it i had replaced the ignition coil and it was running OK for a few days, but then...
  39. W

    Kitchen appliance grid wiring

    Hey, Im just wondering on what everybody’s preferred brand of grid switch is?im looking for kitchen appliances switches marked up (can be white as out of sight) but after some decorative ones for the light switches in the kitchen. Its Not something i use at work so not up to date with them.
  40. Samthepan

    USA Buying an antique hanging light fixture with original wiring

    I am hoping to buy an antique (1929) plafonnier or hanging light fixture. It has not been rewired since it was first made and, despite living in France for over 40 years, I don't have the faintest idea where I could get it rewired and the equivalent of PAT tested. Can anyone advise me please?
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