1. T

    Unusual lighting wiring?

    Hi. Today I was at a friend's house having a look at a couple of lights that weren't working (turned out that quite simply one of the neutrals had worked its way free in the first rose). It was all too tight to see for definite, but I think the wiring was basically as per the drawing I have...
  2. D

    Could someone please confirm whether CAT6 cable is suitable for DALI bus wiring in terms of communication protocols and technical compatibility?

    Dear Forum Members, In my house, I have already installed CAT6 cable specifically for DALI2 D+ and D- bus wiring, utilizing a separate conduit. Power cables have been laid in a distinct conduit as well. Could anyone confirm the practicality and suitability of using CAT6 cable for this...
  3. D

    Wiring to control 2 lights independently with a dual light switch

    Hello, I am trying to understand the wiring done for an already working setup in my home by an electrician: a dual light switch (Legrand branded, if it matters) with only 2 wires connected to the switch. It really puzzles me how the switch can control two separate light fixtures, since there...
  4. L

    Wiring a container

    Just looking for pointers, looking to do the donkey work before getting an electrician in to do the final bits. Purchased a container block that came with a 63amp board inside, on the outside is a 100amp feed. What wire do I need to get this connected up? I've read that 16mm2 3 core armoured...
  5. KarsBadg

    Megane II Bee R Rev Limiter wiring

    Hi, I have a ‘05 Megane ii 2.0 with a f4r, and I was wondering if anyone has any info regarding wiring a bee r rev limiter up to them I only need the crank signal I used a 1000v 1A diode stopping the current from flowing towards the coils, and I tried connecting the crank sensor wire either...
  6. farnja

    RCBO wiring direction?

    Hi All - I have a new-to-me boat and I'm trying to better understand the electrical system. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but it's a French built boat using all Hager MCBs and switches. None of this stuff exists in the U.S., afaik. I'm not on the boat at the moment to test but from...
  7. P

    UK Old ceiling light wiring clarification

    Hi there.I was about to change a ceiling light for my daughter flat,to a drop down so she can put a lampshade on.The fitting is quite old and the wiring I found can be seen in the photos.There are 3 reds twisted together,then 3 blacks,of which 2 are in 1 connection and the other in another...
  8. mmichael stath

    UK changing or swapping a MCB

    Hi, I have a garden studio that is fed from the main consumer unit in the house. It is wired into a B6 MCB on a radial circuit which is fine but occasionally, if I use something that draws too much power the MCB trips. I use power tools which work fine as I only use one at a time obviously, but...
  9. M

    Old light switches wiring

    Hi All, I have these old light switches. I understand this yellow / blue is the old pre 1980 colour scheme. Is it correct that: 1. YELLOW with a red sleeve is LIVE 2. BLUE with a red sleeve is NEUTRAL ? Thanks
  10. S

    UK Domestic extractor fan wiring into a timer

    Hi all Please could you offer some advice on wiring a 6" bathroom extractor fan. I've got a stylish surface mounted momentary wall switch and would like to incorporate a 30 min timer. So I'm looking for a relay that requires a pulse to initiate and run on. I would rather keep the current switch...
  11. D

    Wiring a light and a battery pack, basic questions

    Hello Complete lack of electrical knowledge here. I sew actually, making a costume right now that I need a little light for. So my question is this: Is the sequance of "battery pack -> negative wire coming out of the battery pack -> wire nut -> negative wire coming out of the light -> light ->...
  12. S

    Shed wiring outbuilding

    I know how to fulfil IEEE wiring but is it ok to use 20mm corrugated conduit through the dwelling wall or is it rigid white conduit with the usual wiring boxes? Thoughts suggestions welcome
  13. M

    Australia Help with wiring of relay for automotive spot lights

    Hi brains trust, I am aware of typical wiring and legalities hence the questions. Looking for a wiring diagram to allow me to use a dual switch (OEM style for Y62) which features a single input feeding two independently switched outputs for my spotties and drl’s. I want the DRL’s separate to...
  14. L

    Wiring in oven

    Hello everyone, I've got a new oven and have a question about installing it. It's a 2.6kW 13A oven, and a cable from the 32A cooker circuit to connect to it. Can I simply connect the cable to the cooker, or do I need to do via a 13A plug and socket. If not, why is there no need for a fuse...
  15. P

    Relay Design and Wiring

    I am trying to understand how a relay system works and have designed a circuit and a ladder diagram all as attached for an 8 PIN relay, a current sensor and a delay off timer relay. It is the sort of thing one might use with work shop power tools for automatic switch on and delayed off for a...
  16. C

    New Bathroom Extractor Fan - Wiring Query

    Hi, I'm looking to install a new bathroom extractor fan in my bathroom as I have a windowless bathroom and the current one I have installed in bathroom ceiling is just a standard one and isn't powerful enough so looking to change this to a Manrose MF100t inline extractor fan. Now I originally...
  17. Z

    Water Temp Gauge wiring

    On the instructions saying Red to battery +12 v White to ignition switch +12 v Yellow to light switch +12 v If these three wires connect them to the ignition switch +12 v will not work?
  18. T

    Advice on Shed Wiring

    Hi, I'm looking to get the lionshare of a small shed wired before a friendly electrician does the needful. I'm a confident DIYer, but I would appreciate any more experienced view to check my logic. My house was professionally rewired in 2022, but I would like to connect a small 8x6ft shed to a...
  19. Antares

    UK Type of wiring

    Hello everyone, How do you think reference method and type of wiring for flat twin and earth in non-metallic conduit will be : just C and B? Reference method B – Enclosed in conduit or trunking on a wall  cheers
  20. N

    Capacitive sensor wiring

    I'm trying to wire in a 4 core capacitive sensor into a safety circuit. I have brown, blue, white and black coloured cores and it's a NO sensor. What's the best way to wire this into a safety loop I am an apprentice and the sensor didn't come with any drawings, the info on the sensor just say...


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