1. C

    I have a 1 HP Dayton motor model 5k673. It is being replaced with 31TR91. Need help with wiring.

    I have a 1 HP Dayton motor model 5k673. It is being replaced with 31TR91. Need help with wiring. I was able to confirm line (L1) abd (L2 230v) Connections, but I have 2 wires left and I am not sure where they go. This is a hangar door, and the wiring is attached to a 3 pole switch...
  2. B

    Light fitting wiring -

    Hi all, I am trying to replace a light fitting but the wiring is different. In the photos below you will see the three wires that need to fit the new fitting which has earth, neutral and live terminals. The only one has one red wire and two black. The two black wires were attached to the...
  3. P

    Ashp external wiring

    Anyone installing ecodan heat pumps? Best cable type for wiring from rotary to heat pump unit? Trying to stay away from swa due to limited space with security cage.
  4. T

    Pls advise on this lamp wiring

    Hello, I’m adding an in-line foot switch for this interesting italian floor lamp. It has 2 bulbs, max 60w each according to sticker on lamp. The footswitch I bought recommends max 2amp. But I notice the plug has been fitted with a 13amp fuse. (This seems too high to me?) I know how to...
  5. Shahriar

    Outside Wiring Voltage Tolerance

    Hi Friends, I bought a house and trying to add lamps to the outside. There are cables wires all around my stucco walls and the end of them just lie close to a plug. I was going to add a plug head and simply put them into the plug and also bought 8 6W lamps 110V that will be added. I was...
  6. T

    220 volts ran through one hot wire

    I recently tore down all the wiring in my grandfather’s garage he wired himself and i’m genuinely surprised it didn’t burn to the ground after 40+ years, but there’s some things I need some help with. He’s long gone so that’s that. First off, he only had 1 hot wire supplying 220v to his air...
  7. M

    Garden wiring for lights and sockets

    Hi Gents, I am thinking about running some cables in the garden. The idea is to electrify the garden. My idea is to run some electrical cables so I have a). lights b). electricity There is a plan to build a shed or garden office at the end of the garden - about 40 meters away from the...
  8. J

    Wiring a security light to junction box

    Hi, I hope someone can advise. Just wondering how I deal with wiring this security light. in particular dealing with the two neutral wires with the one from the appliance. thanks
  9. K

    Quick confirmation needed of whether meter wiring is dodgy or not.

    Hi. Have searched the net and the forums first for an answer but had no joy so here goes.. Quick background. My son just bought his first house which is an ex rental repo and the neighbours told us the last tennants got arrested for using the house to grow weed. I'm round here on my days off...
  10. K

    How to finish this wiring project.

    Hi my sparky has gone AWOL with just this to finish. The two black plugs are two rows of garden lights that are already installed. I would presume the top hole is for a switch to turn on and off and the bottom a fused spur maybe to get power but how does it all wire up. Because the job is small...
  11. R

    DIY: Wiring a Sonoff T0UK1C smart switch.

    DIY Advice required. Ive just recently brought a Sonoff T0UK1C wifi smart switch for my Living Room. The existing light switch is ya standard one way switch with live/neutral connected (No earth wire connection - therefore earth is isolated). How would I wire the Sonoff switch in replacement of...
  12. LouiseSJPP

    Spanish wiring regs: the basics

    I'm assessing the extent of the work needed for a renovation project which has been recently, but I suspect poorly, re-wired. I'm not an electrician: I am, or was, a chartered engineer, so I should be able to work my way through this and evaluate the state, but I would love a bit of help to make...
  13. A

    Google Nest Wiring (Combi Boiler UK)

    Hi, the circuit is pretty simple however shouldn't the boiler also have a permeant feed for the hot water as terminal 3 is the switch line for central heating?
  14. 1

    Wiring LED's into existing vehicle light harness on each side

    Hello All! New to forums and not to bright so bear with me. I would like to wire an LED light into the Headlight/parking light/turn signal wiring harness on a 2018 F150 (just a sample vehicle). MY LED has two power wires and one ground wire. I would like MY LED to work as a marker light AND...
  15. G

    Xpelair Premier CF20T wiring

    Hey I have an old pull cord xpelair automatic bathroom fan for over 20 years. Was a pull cord operation. On and off. Bought the fan in the subject as a replacement. It has 4 mains connections. First one looks like 3 lines dont know what this is for. Next is N for neutral i take it. Then T...
  16. J

    Posi joist wiring ref

    Evening What ref method would you give t/e running the web of a posi joist? 100mm insulation below the posi joist then a MF and plasterboard ceiling below that Cable not touch insulation Cable touching:clipped to posi joist
  17. M

    Wiring my own Ring floodlight

    Is it possible to use a cable to wire a Ring floodlight? In the location i haven't got any wiring, but i can feed it through a window and plug it into a socket on the other side. In America they've got adapters, but in the UK they don't exist it seems. Thanks.
  18. A

    Help changing the heating element in my oven

    The original heating element for my oven is no longer available and the replacement part has different connections. Im looking for advice if i can still connect this as a DIY project or should i get in a specialist? Ive attached photos of the old and new elements and connections, the original...
  19. B

    Light switch wiring :(

    Hi All, I need help with wiring two switches in the living room. There are two pairs of "black and white wires" and a solo white wire out of the junction box. These wires were formally use to turn on two separate lights in the living room. There are for sure not 3-way config. How do I wire these...
  20. J

    Ceiling fan wiring easy help

    New fan with light - and remote. Wiring in first pic from manual. Black, brown, blue, white. Second pic - my light fixture pulled down with wires. Black wire not connected to anything. Two switches on wall. One turns on black/hot to two light wires. Other switch only turns on single black wire...
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