1. coraline

    Meross smart switch

    Hi, I’m looking to install 3 meross smart switches for 3 lights: entrance switch: only 1 gang but 3 way switch bedroom switch: 2 gang (1 is 1 way, the other is the 3 way one) living room switch: 2 gang (1 is 1 way, the other is the 3 way one) I was planning to install 2 1 way MSS810 at the...
  2. RGWick

    Guidance / Counsel to Replace Whole-House Dayton Attic Fan Control Switch

    Looking for counsel / guidance to replace an original Dayton On/off with speed control switch. I’ve checked with a couple local electrical supply stores and no one could assist. This fan was installed in our attic 25+ years ago and difficult to access. I would certainly prefer a simple, direct...
  3. D

    What do I search for on Amazon: WIFI continuity Switch No current, no load

    I have a bathroom fan with a moisture detector that turns it on and off. It also has a control circuit to turn it on/off when moisture is not connected. This is a no voltage/no current circuit. I want to add a parallel control circuit that would of course be no load no current that I can turn...
  4. D

    Adding a new feed from a single light switch

    I have a single wall switch powering 1 light and I want to add a separate light and change to wall switch to a double to power them both separel;y, how do i do this please?
  5. V

    Relay, momentary switch, starter diagram.

    Greetings. I am new to this forum and I have a question regarding a relay that I am installing on a motorcycle wiring harness. What I'm trying to do is install a momentary ignition switch, and the question is if the relay is connected correctly in this diagram. Thanks in advance.
  6. B

    How do I attach switch back box in lathe and plaster wall

    I'm installing smart modules in my light switches which means I need to replace the existing 25mm back boxes with 47mm ones. Downstairs all walls are brick and plaster so I've managed to deepen the back boxes with an SDS drill. I was expecting the same upstairs but some of the walls are lathe...
  7. J

    Dimmer Switch - LED

    our dimmer switch stopped working after 7 years so went to replace it at the weekend. When I opened it up, the black wire was in the common slot and the red wire was in L1 which i thought odd because i thought it needed to be the other way around. Anyway as it had worked for so long that way...
  8. B

    Mains Isolator Switch Advice

    Hi there, Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! (Note, this is not a DIY, I'm using a fully qualified electrician, just posting here looking for advice) We need a new fuse board fitted in a property I manage, which we hope to use for short term lets in the near future (Air BnB etc)...
  9. J

    Switch doesn't turn on chandelier

    Hi guys. I will start by apologizing for the elementary question. I'm sure you get them often. The chandelier is in a hallway controlled by a switch. There is another light source in that same hallway but separately controlled by a pull chain bulb (still works). (in case it is important)...
  10. Pretty Mouth

    What code? Shower switch in zone 2

    A pull-cord shower switch is located in Zone 2 of a bathroom, including the ceiling base containing the electrical connections. With a little effort it may be possible to get spray from the shower onto the base. I assume this is a C2, but wondered if anyone here might give it a C3, based on it...
  11. J

    Replacing the sliding switch in a cooker extractor fan

    Can anyone help me identify which wires should go where on the little brown sliding switch?
  12. A

    Weird Wiring, light switch, is this safe?

    Hi, I was ironing and lost power to the bedroom and bathroom. All outlets and lights. I checked the box and reset breakers still no power. I called out the guy who comes to do electrical "new home still under warranty " and he came in bedroom opened light switch, i took these pics. He did...
  13. Z

    Changing, single to double switch and adding a new light

    Hi, I have a single light switch, wired like this.. the 2 wires in com, with a always live wire coming to the switch, and then wire going out to the light. (earth is in choc block at switch and light fixture) I want to add a second switch like this Does this look ok? Thanks, Derek.
  14. E

    Smart Switch without Earth Terminal

    Hi, I've bought a "yagusmart" smart switch from Amazon and it has no earth terminal. Although there are no metal facing parts I would think the device itself still needs an earth? Or if not, where do I put the earth cable? It is a plastic back box with no earth terminal. There is no indication...
  15. C

    Install a 3-way toggle switch and outlet at top of the staircase...

    Hello everyone... There are a total of 4 cables entering the junction box at the top of the staircase. Two 12/2 cables are coming in through the top of the box. One 12/2 cable is coming through the bottom of the box, with a 12/3 cable coming through beside it. The three 12/2 cables have...
  16. J

    Increase clearance of light switch

    I have a rocker type light switch the sticks out bit too far and interferes with a drawer, as in the picture. The switch seems properly installed, and I don't want to move it and the drawers are in a built in unit in a walk-in closet. As I need only about 1/4 more clearance, I wondered whether...
  17. U

    Staying in zone with kitchen socket run with a cooker switch

    I'll start by saying - I have absolutely no intention of doing any wiring or anything electrical myself. You get someone professional to do a professional job - I know that. I just want to understand what I should consider so that I don't end up having to rip out or rework stuff afterwards. The...
  18. G

    UK Quinetic switch question.

    Hi everyone :) my first post here. Quick background I'm a newly qualified installer of somewhat advanced years whose just starting out in the trade. The reason I'm posting is because I've been having a puzzling issue with Quinetic light switches, I can't seem to get any sense from Quinetic...
  19. W

    2 way light switch wired incorrectly (by myself)

    Hi everyone I've moved into a flat and I've decided to replace the original electric switches and sockets with white ones. I've done them all however I'm having problems getting the last 2 switches to work correctly: There is a double light switch in the entrance hallway of my flat, the left...
  20. B

    Wifi switch with volt free contacts.

    Anyone know of a decent (and cheap) WIFI switch powered by 230V AC, but with isolated switch contacts? I've used Sonoff BASIC R2 for a few things, but these only give a switched 230V output.


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