1. z323791

    How to control two Power sources from one switch

    I have two sources of power supplies one coming from my main wall socket 2nd is coming from my PMA now I have two issues if you kindly answer my following questions? 1. I want to use either the main wall socket or power from PMA at a time what type of switch I should use and how to wire it? I do...
  2. S

    Does this look right? Fan/Light switch

  3. S

    sub 3kw oven isolation switch

    whats the way to go with a sub 3kw oven with plug supplied fitted? the stove is gas so theres a plug for that too, will be connecting to the kitchen ring main in 2.5mm T+E spur off the ring with a CCU above the worktop to unswitched double socket spur off the ring with 13amp FCU above the...
  4. J

    Light Switch Wiring for a forklift

    Good Morning, I apologize if this post is out of context, I could not find a better fit for it. I am replacing a light switch in a Hyster S40XL forklift. The light switch turns on the spot light in the front of the lift as well as the red light in the back. The new switch I have is a...
  5. S

    How to install a Smart Switch

    Pictures of my current 1 way switch are below. I live in the UK and the other side of the small black box didn't have any writing on it. Hi, I am very new to all this and wanted to know how to install a smart switch and which wires go where. Would all three of the neutral cables go into the N...
  6. mlxmilano

    Help to wire washing machine cables into wall motor protection switch

    Hello, I have two electrical switches in my house that should be connected to the washing machine and the dryer machine, respectively. After having opened them I found 5 cables: black, white, red (connected to the central part) and yellow, yellow-green. I am nearly sure the yellow is the...
  7. C

    Changing a single outdoor switch plate to a fountain to a combo with an outlet

    The previous owners of our property had non in ground rated electrical hardwired into the basement from an outdoor submerged pond fountain. Needless to say it was causing issues. I disconnected and dug up the corroded wiring which went into a switch plate on the outside wall. Layed down new...
  8. M

    Testing Feed and Load - 45A oven switch

    Hi. I got a new oven the other day and it was working fine. Last night, I swapped out the 45A wall switch for a brushed brass type one. The neon light lit up, the clock on the oven came on, job done. However, today I went to grill cheese on toast and the grill only got moderately warm. Its also...
  9. R

    RCBO tripping even when the switch is off

    Hi I have an RCBO that keeps tripping. It is a new install to feed an EV charger with an isolation switch between and is around 5 foot from the switch board. The RCBO trips at random when the switch is off to isolate the EV charger. It has not tripped when the charger is turned on. I have...
  10. Brad-721

    Dome light switch will only work with doors open cannot get to work with just the on switch

    Hi I have a 2019 Toyota Landcruiser 79 series Vdj79 My interior light only will work when doors open cannot get fit to work with just the on switch I did trip the fuse when re wiring a new light and replaced the fuse but cannot find any other fuses blown or nothing Why is there no power going...
  11. Anthony Deakin

    Single Gang Light Switch

    Hi all, I have a 1.5mm twin and earth cable. Fitting a loft light. I have connected the cable to the original lighting cable in the loft with no issues. I have looked at the single gang light switch and has L1 L2 L1 L2. So how do I connect the feed into the light switch and the cable again twin...
  12. D

    Opposite of a momentary switch?

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice on the correct type of switch. I have a sprung vending machine coin return pull, the end of the rod (inside the machine) needs to operate a 12v on/off momentary type switch. So when the lever is in its normal position, then end is pushing the switch in & it's...
  13. O

    Regs and extractor fan switch

    The switched connection unit for the kitchen extractor fan and the lower part of fan is now behind a larger fridge, so the fan can't be operated without climbing onto a worktop. I would like to replace the fan with a Manrose LP150STC, which has terminals for a switch on the live line, and bring...
  14. bigspark17

    Ramp up down switch single phase motor

    Weired one. Looking for info or past experiences. Called to a garage very old ramp 40+ yrs old not working. Very old switcc looks like its burnt out, so before i take on finding a replacement i wanted to make sure motor ok. So bypassed up down switch and turned on isolator. (Single phase motor)...
  15. S

    Help with 2 way changeover switch

    I am wondering if anyone can help me out with wiring up a henschen 2 way universal changeover switch. I will be connecting my mains 230v hookup as 1 input and my inverter feed as the 2nd input so be using it to switch between the 2. The out put will be mains 230v. If possible could you please...
  16. S

    Help with a changeover switch in campervan

    Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me out with wiring up a henschen 2 way universal changeover switch. I will be connecting my mains 240v hookup and my 12v feed to this and will be using it to switch between the 2. If possible could you please explain as simple as you can as to how I wire...
  17. eleanor jones

    Consumer unit left main switch ?

    Which consumer units have left main switch?
  18. Dartlec

    Aged MK plug with switch

    One for the more 'experienced' out there... When was this available? To 1363 apparently at the time, but without the sleeved pins.. Otherwise still working perfectly, so clearly a design that worked - and would be quite handy in some circumstances today. I recall maybe 10 years...
  19. L

    Uk - Wiring double dimmer switch

    Hi All, How do I wire my new double dimmer switch? I currently have 2 lights in my living room operating off a double switch.
  20. aaranda1

    Switch Outlet Install Help

    I’m changing a switch for a switch & outlet combo. Where am I supposed to connect these wires? I want the switch to control the light and the outlet to always have power. I’m new and inexperienced. Thank you.