1. Philwdavies

    Smart switch wiring advice

    I am replacing a 2 way switch with a smart switch. The old switch has three sockets - common, L1 and L2. I can see where the wire that went into 'common' goes on the new switch, hit the new one also has 'P' and 'L' instead of L1 and L2 - which wire goes where?
  2. R

    Spd from main switch

    Hello all, i am fitting an Spd to an existing installation and looking through installation instructions and it has a diagram where the feed for an Spd located externally has come from the bottom of the main switch. Does not seem right to me. Just wondered what people’s thought were on this. I...
  3. A

    solar/mains switch on 13a socket

    I have some solar panels producing up to 10 KW and I wish to switch a 13 amp socket on when solar is being generated and off when solar stops and sockets return to mains. Any idea of a switch that will do this?
  4. J

    How to add an outlet to a 3-way switch?

    I have a three way switch going to my downstairs but I’d like to add an outlet to the top of the stairs switch if possible. I’d also like to add a light to the bottom of the stairs as well but that is for later if it is even possible. Any help or advice would be appreciated. The part that...
  5. Kallo444

    DIY - replacing manual shutter roller wall switch with smart one

    Hi Everyone, DIY advise required here please. I have the following wall switch, currently wired in as below and controlling external roller blinds. Inside the wall view has additional wires. My DIY project is to replace the wall switch with a smart one below And here is my wiring...
  6. sythai

    TP Change over switch

    Hi Guys Just doing new house and Client wants us to put in a change over switch in case ever needs to run off genny. Not put one in before but looks straight forward enough. Was going put commando socket next to the meter box for hook up point along with earth stake (current supply coming in...
  7. ChrizK

    Is it acceptable to 'jumper' speaker wire through a switch?

    Firstly, I hope it is ok to discuss the wiring of speakers here. TBH my ignorance in all things electrical knows no bounds, and I am guessing it is a discussion about ohms, of which I have less idea about than watts. To that end, I would appreciate any responses in the simplest of terms. Once...
  8. A

    Help wiring a neutral for timer switch

    Hi, I have ran a light ring off a fused spur with two lights on, each with their own switch (outside and lobby light) I want to put the outside light on a timer but the light only has one wire coming into it (twin and earth). I have wired up the lights as shown on fig 2 in the link below using...
  9. S

    Anyone know this cooker switch?

  10. D


    Hi all just enquired with National Grid to get a DP isolation switch fitted in my outside meter box and was quoted a jaw dropping £220.00 Is this the norm now for safe isolation?
  11. Amateursparky79

    Good quality Alexa compatible switch for boiler

    Having wired in parallel with my cordless programmable room stat an Alexa compatible wifi switch which has failed. I want to have a app controlled/Alexa compatible switch for switching on my heating system when outside my home or very early in the morning etc, what do people recommend. I had...
  12. Govinda

    Sensata or Danfoss - Low pressure switch

    Which low pressure switch is best for automotive construction equipment ( 0-20 bar)- sensata or danfoss or if any other recommendation.
  13. papachumba

    Extractor with time & switch, wiring

    Bought a new extractor with a timer and a pullcord, to replace existing extractor with a timer only. Idea was to use the pullcord to turn the fan off completely even when the lights are on. However, after wiring it in according to the instructions I seem to get the pullcord acting as a primary...
  14. H

    Rewriting a light switch - identical isn't identical?!

    Hey people! So, this seems weird to me and was wondering if I might get some opinions. I am just trying to replace the switch for the bathroom light (because it is kind of hideous...). So, I just looked at what wiring was working on the old switch, used that configuration on the replacement...
  15. soldierwolf

    Quad switch - one not working

    I have a quad switch wall plate like shown here: https://www.amazon.com/Franklin-Brass-W35251-PW-C-Classic-Architecture/dp/B01HMCXLK4/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=4+wall+switch&qid=1673488598&sr=8-6 The second switch, which controls the overhead foyer light, appears to have stopped working. The light...
  16. C

    Remote battery kill switch

    Good morning - I installed a subwoofer assembly in the trunk corner of my BMW 330 coupe. It is bolted in, as securely as I could make it - and removing it is quite a chore ... However, it also covers the access panel to my trunk mounted battery. I understand that if/when I need to change the...
  17. S

    Reliance Controls 6-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit in Quebec...??

    Hello from Quebec. I understand there are conflicting reports as to what can be legally installed here, specifically whether or not a junction box must be placed inbetween the switch and the breaker box. I've sent my insurance co the question as to what effect installing the transfer switch...
  18. donzoh1

    Why is my three-way switch not working?

    One of my switched ceiling lights or the wall switches (three-way switches at separate entrances to the room) is not working properly. The light will work with some switch positions. With switch A in one position, switch B works properly. When switch A is in the other position, switch B will not...
  19. D

    Can a wireless switch be used to control flow to an isolator switch?

    Hi there, (noob DIYer here!) Recently moved in and I have an inline extractor fan in my bathroom, which goes up into a crawl space in the loft then out the back of the house. For some reason, whoever installed the isolator thought it would be a good idea to have the isolator switch up in the...
  20. L

    How do I wire this light switch??

    This switch controls 2 outdoor lights. The lights each have 2 live, 2 neutral and 2 earth's plugged into them. This switch didn't work and when I looked behind it was wired like this! Anybody know how this should be wired?? Thank you!
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