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  1. R

    What type of AC disconnect switch is required?

    I'm preparing an electrical drawing to be submitted to my AWJ (Authority with Jurisdiction) which uses NEC 2014 and IRC 2018. (Important because NEC 2018 changed some requirements). My system is 36 panels producing 12.9kW Dc, and 2 Growatt 5000MTLP-US 5kW inverters, with integral Dc disconnects...
  2. N

    Bathroom light switch.

    Hi everybody. Newbie seeking advice. (Photo attached) I am trying to track down an online switch for a bathroom. The first switch on left is bathroom light. Middle switch fan. Right is 3amp fuse. Does anybody know what this switch is called? And, where I can buy one online (UK)? Thank you in...
  3. P

    Installing FIA Battery Cutoff Switch

    Hi I'm installing an FIA battery cutoff switch into a Megane R26 Race Car. I have no issue with the main battery contact and the resistor install. I need an a way of stopping the engine because just cutting the battery will leave the engine running from the alternator. I'm looking for an easy...
  4. D

    Domestic Can I switch 3 lighting circuits using 1 switch with only 1 live feed

    Hi All I have around 30 garden lights which turn on and off with one switch in the house. The problem is, if water gets in one light it a) stops all lights working and b) requires troubleshooting 30 lights to find the problem. Therefore, I was planning to have a second distribution board...
  5. D

    Splitting two lights on the same switch to two switches

    Hi everyone, Just bought a house and have a small electrical project I'd like to try tackling myself (photos attached). One of the bathrooms has three overhead lights hardwired onto the same switch. Two of the lights are recessed cans, and the third light is a larger ceiling-mounted fixture...
  6. Mark Wright

    Switch 2 port Valve with Light Switch...........for project only

    This isn't for central heating really this is for a project Can I switch a 2 port valve like bellow .I.e is the "Switch line" 230v? MCB >>> Junction box >> Line, Neutral, Earth >>> 2 port valve ........................................>> Line split to Light Switch >>> Connected to SL/Orange of 2...
  7. R

    USA Need a sanity check on a 3-way smart switch installation.

    Hi. I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm a homeowner who's done plenty of simple lighting, outlets, etc. even including a couple of circuit breakers. I've never done a 3-way switch before though, let alone a 3-way smart switch. I've been doing my homework, but would still like a sanity check. The...
  8. T

    UK Adding new light from existing one-gang switch

    Hi all, Thanks for the help in my previous thread, I got things working well in the end: As to my new question, I have the following one-gang switch in my kitchen/diner which powers an outdoor PIR/LED floodlight: So this has a twin+earth and a 3 core+earth cable - I'm guessing the...
  9. I

    Smart light switch install with no neutral required

    I have just received a wifi switch that does not require a neutral. As far as I thought, it would then be a straight swap with the existing 2 gang switch. However, I can’t seem to see an Earth on this new switch and looking at the current wiring I can’t see how it would switch over. Any ideas? I...
  10. C

    Looking for the name of a part that a switch plugs into

    Hi all, Recently my gas stovetop's ignition button started malfunctioning. So of course, I took it apart and found a replacement. So the button seems to have two flat pins that plug into a plastic box with some plate inside. The other end of the plastic box ends with two holes for the cables...
  11. Z

    Trying to install TCP wifi switch.

    I recently bought a TCP wifi switch and tried to install it my self. Behind my room light switch i have 2 red and 1 one black wire. I tried putting one red in lin, one red in load 1 and black in N but unable to switch the switch on. i have tried every possible combination the wire might go but...
  12. C

    Consumption with switch off

    Hi Folks I have a problem with consumption of power. I have an Owl power monitor. I have three double tube light fittings with LED tubes and starters. I noticed the power consumption with the lights on was a little on high side registering around 500 watts for six small tubes.# I disconnected...
  13. N

    Help with wireless switch

    Hello. I am looking for some advice. After changing door opening into our kitchen, the light switches are now on the wrong side of door. I found what I thought is the ideal solution in the form of self powered wireless switch and receiver kit. A Curv360 CV05 wireless switch and receiver...
  14. J

    Shower 'ON/OFF' Switch Not Flicking To On

    Hi, I have recently noticed that our shower isn't working, and that the socket to power the shower (located just outside of the bathroom) doesn't flick on, it stops halfway - so you can have it 'OFF' or halfway to 'ON'.. it won't fully click and give it power. Pics attached. Anyone have any...
  15. L

    Can I safely remove 2nd set (3 wires) from my temporary power when l pull down the shut off switch?

    Can l safely remove 2nd set (3 wires) from my temporary power box when l pull down the shut off switch
  16. S

    Exposed wire on shower isolator switch

    Hi, I have just replaced an old isolator switch on our shower and have discovered after wiring that the old live wire is a little exposed through the cable shield (presumably where it has been snagged in the ceiling at some point - see photo). I'm a little concerned that this could be a...
  17. R

    Is my light switch wiring wrong?

    Probably an easy answer but I need to clarify. I have a 2 hand switch with 3 wires. All red wires, no neutral. One will be the common which will go into L on the new switch and the other 2 will go into L1 and L3 (that's the only connections with terminals) . Lights are not working so what could...
  18. C

    Oven won't switch back on

    Ok, so basically I turned the oven off at the wall when we went away for our honeymoon, came back yesterday switched it back on and now have no power at all. I've checked fuse box and the plug attached to the switch works, but other than that I don't know what else I can do before calling out an...
  19. UKMeterman

    UK DNO transformer + switch missing HV earth

    An interesting sign has appeared on a local DNO distribution transformer, earths missing from Transformer and HV switch. Is this what is meant by a hot site?
  20. L

    How do I wire a motion flood light prior a switch to operate the inside ceiling lights?

    Hello, i am having issues wiring my garage... i am running my lighting circuit. First, i wanted to run my power feed from the panel, to a junction box (which will split towards a motion activated flood light that is continuously powered, split to the garage door opener, and split to a switch...
  21. B

    Wiring a hallway two way switch

    Hi all, I was having some work done as I've moved into a new house in Feb. My electrician did all the wiring for a new partition in the front room but has been detained in the EU because of the 2 week isolation period. I've managed to wire up the outlets but have no clue what's going on with...
  22. M

    Light switch does not turn off ceiling light. Please help.

    Replacing ceiling fan with light that never worked in home wirh sime led ceiling light without fan. Wires coming out of ceing are youre black, white, ground,, and red because of fan. The light has connections for just white, black, and ground. I tried capping red and connecting the rest like...
  23. P

    3-Way Switch Issue

    I just replaced a 3-way switch. I am 99.9% sure I wired it the same as the existing switch. Now, when this switch is in the down position the other switch works properly. When the other switch is in the up position the new switch works properly. In any other position nothing works. I connected...
  24. M

    Twist switch lamp turned on and off by itself

    I wanted to ask this question to the pros because Google has a bunch of useless answers. We have a lamp in our living room that is a basic twist switch table lamp. When we went to bed I turned the lamp off. My son woke me up around 1:30 am and when I went to his room the light in the living...
  25. 2

    Dimmer switch for LED GU10s

    Hi there. Quick one for you hopefully. Used an mk grid switch dimmer to switch GU10 led lamps. Load is well within the rating but soon as dimmer is on there's a hum. From both the dimmer and other two way switch and also the mcb. Take it out it all stops. The mk instructions do state to not use...
  26. B

    Troubleshooting a switch that does nothing

    I have a 2-way wall switch that is on a circuit for a room. The switch does nothing, although it is receiving power and when switched it does correct on/off the power to the second terminal (so the switch is working). I believe this switch is supposed to control an outlet receptical in the...
  27. J

    Transfer Switch Question

    Afternoon! Below is a picture of my Reliant Outlet and Transfer Switch Box. My inside panel does not have anything telling me about what I can run if I plugged in a generator to this outlet. I understand I have to turn off the main breaker if the power was off but do I turn on the 30A and 20A...
  28. mak

    Trainee Schneider board main switch TP-N and 4-pole

    What's the difference between the two, one isolates N the other does not, got me confused when I was testing continuity between E-N, then I realized N was not isolated.
  29. M

    UK Pre 2004 UK light switch swap

    I was hoping to replace old light switches in my house, but am confused by the current switched / wiring. The switch has 2 Common slots, unlike any new switches. There are 2 ceiling lights in the room, but only 1 switch for the lights in the room. On new 1 Gang 1 Way switches there is only 1...
  30. Mark Wright

    Wiring Wifi light switch

    I'm seeing 1 gang wifi light switches with L1 L2 L3 and the images below suggest that the L2 and L3 just run separate lights nothing to do with 2-way, can anyone confirm this having no experience with such lighting.
  31. I

    Radio controlled switch

    Hi quick question over the years I have installed a lot of cheap radio controlled switches, for outside lights, gates and pool lights I have used cheap units and have not had many problems except at one house I have fitted 4 units first failed next day second after a week and the third after a...
  32. I

    Best Way to Wire 2 Electric Showers (Same Mains Power Supply, separate building - allow feed to auto switch)

    Hi All, I currently have an electric shower in the house and I am looking to connect another in a chalet, which is approx 50 meters away from the house. The chalet is fed from the main board of the house. There is a 3x16 SWA cable coming from the house to feed the chalet. What is the best way...
  33. P

    Neutral to a switch for future use?

    So I've seen some posts in the past about smart switches needing a neutral at the switch. I have a rewire coming up and was planning to use 3 core and earth as the switch line for some switches (2 gang switch will need just 1 neutral from a 3 core earth and the other SL can be T+E) as the switch...
  34. E

    UK Electric shock from light switch

    Hi everyone, Not an electrician myself, but seeking knowledge, a second opinion and/or advice on the necessity to take action. Hope this is the right forum - please forgive me if not. We had a big fright today. Post refurbishment work, we put a kettle on in the kitchen and didn't realise it...
  35. T

    Illuminated Rocker Switch Conundrum !?!

    Hi there . . . . First up I'd just like to say I'm a long time forum member, but have not logged in for ages (a couple of years at least) and my account seems to have disappeared, had to register again. Not sure what happened to my account, but just to say that I am an amateur at this stuff, I...
  36. Kingers

    80A DP mains isolator

    What would you recommend as an 80A DP mains isolator switch? Background: My DNO fitted a 100A cut-out fuse on 16mm2 service cables, despite their own published policy requiring 25mm2 service cables for such a fuse rating. (At least, the fuse carrier is labelled 100A). So, they are coming out...
  37. N

    Dimmer Switch Light

    Hi, Please see the existing dimmer switch wiring with the Live & Neutral wires. In the new dimmer switch, I've tried the Neutral in N only. I've then tried the Live wire (brown) in the L & L1. In L the light remains on all the time despite switching. In L1 the light remains off despite...
  38. D

    Can I add extra lights to intermediate switch?

    I'm trying to add extra lights to my hallway. There is currently 1 light with three switches to control it. The wires from the intermidiate switch run where I want to add the new lights. Am I able to add lights to the circuit from these wires? In my first attempt I cut one of these wires and...
  39. L

    3 gang switch

    Could anybody help with re wiring my 3 gang switch please
  40. Les Macaulay

    Joint in switch box

    For a lighting circuit, Do you consider it bad practice to have joint in neutral at a switch box instead of separate joint box or 3-plate ceiling rose?
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