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  1. polo1

    BS number MK 3 phase main switch

    Anyone advise the BS number of this main switch...
  2. F

    Light switch reversed

    Have just replaced an old single plastic light switch with stainless steel version (also added an earth wie to connect switch to metal back box). Original had Red wire into Com, Yellow in L1 and Red in L2 - all single wires. New switch was identical setup and I marked cables before removing...
  3. A

    Brushed brass switch

    Hi all, I’m trying to identify the brand of accessories in the attached pic please. It’s brushed brass with the brush lines going horizontally... I’ve only found ones with vertical brushed lines so far. Cheers Andy
  4. P

    Commercial Dating old Bill switch fuses

    Testing a set of offices today and each floor is fed from the switch fuses (?) in the basement. There is a separate set of fuses for each floor in a Ryefield board but I am trying to date the overall installation. The switch fuses are as shown and I suspect contain asbestos - and before anyone...
  5. J

    Switch before or after transformer?

    Hello- I'm planning to install a bunch of LED lights in my kitchen cabinets. The idea is to have a small LED strip turn on automatically when opening the cabinet door. I've found a 12v LED strip that can be cut into 30cm long sections that will be perfect for my application, along with some...
  6. R

    Domestic Twin PIR on 1 lighting circuit with cut off switch

    Hi, Trying to plan for my single outside lighting circuit to be controlled by two PIR's. I've tried to draw it out (image below). My plan is that if the PIR switch is on and light switch is off, the lights will run with PIR. If the PIR switch is off, and the light switch is on, then lights...
  7. J

    Multi way switch fuse isolator

    Anyone know of a MSDB type panel to install after don and supplier equipment similar to a MSDB that will take 18 individual cut out/ meter feeds for distribution of the new sub mains to a block of flats. 9 off peak and 9 peak to 9 flats. To be switched and fused @ 60 a. So tight for space don’t...
  8. C

    Domestic Electric shower pull switch isolator

    Hi, my neighbour has had to change his electric shower (6kw) pull switch (32A) 3 times in 4yrs. Apart from it possibly being poor quality switches he,s replacing, I was wondering if there is any reason not to leave the pull switch isolator in the "on" position. Thanks
  9. M

    Water Pump requires Type A differential switch (RCD?)!

    I am installing a DAB Divertron 1000 water pump in a rainwater harvesting tank and was surprised to discover that the enclosed "Safety Instructions" booklet states "The differential switch protecting the system must be correctly sized and must be of the "Class A" type. It must guarantee...
  10. J

    help needed to bypass touch switch on led light

    I want to bypass the touch sensor on this aquarium light on the wrg side so i can connect it to a mechanical timer. Any help appreciated please see attached picture.
  11. spud1

    Overall main switch where the installtion has off peak heating ?

    What is everyone's general procedure for provision of an overall installation main switch isolator where an installation has two DB's - one off peak, one on peak? Is it crucial a linked 4 pole main switch be installed to isolate both sets of tails or can a dispensation be made with some clear...
  12. rolyberkin

    Switch Plate Wiring?

    What's this all about, keep coming across deep boxes packed to fault inducing capacity with cables, looks a complete cluster f*** to me, or am I just getting old?
  13. B

    Joint box in loft or back to switch

    Anyone got any pictures of jobs they’ve done using a joint box in loft instead of taking all cables back to your switch position? Eg Spots, Fan, Mirror as our next job has all wall paper on walls so may be a better option just curious to see what it’s like.
  14. B

    Domestic 2 Gang Switch Wiring

    Apologies for the dumb a***e nature of this question to you guys, but my son was doing some decoration and took off a two gang switch (that switches two different light fittings) but did not record where the wires went so he is not sure how to wire it back up. It has two cables coming into the...
  15. I

    Jubilee line light switch

    Hi I Recently purchased a Jubilee Line button from the London Transport museum. I was looking to convert this to a light switch. Can one point me in the right direction ? I would be looking to employ an electrical to connect this but wanted to know whether it was possible etc
  16. rolyberkin

    Anyone know the switch manufacturer please?

    Hi Does anyone know who makes, this to save me a journey please? Thanks
  17. Marti

    Domestic Garden lights best in "3 Plate" or at switch

    Opinions appreciated on this one. Garden in approximately a square, 20 metres pr side The board is under the stairs and I'll run a 6aRCD protected feed behind the units to the rear wall and into the garden; everything outside in Schneider boxes filled with Ray Tech Gel Cable will be either Hi...
  18. B


    Hi I could do with some advice/opinions on how to tackle changing 2 gang switch for a 1 gang switch Basically the Kitchen has two lights on either end wired in a loop circuit. Currently there is 2 gang switch working the two lights (not wired as a 2 way switch). Thus when you open the switch...
  19. A

    Domestic Bathroom extractor fan switch query

    Hi there I hope this is the right place. I am having a house rewire, and the electrician has told us that it's against regulations to have a specific switch for the bathroom extractor fan. It has an isolator switch, and all switches are outside the bathroom, but at the moment his configuration...
  20. C

    Commercial What Cert got fitting main switch

    Hi I have been asked to fit a main switch / isolator by my client as they have no means of isolating the full installation by a single means. So I'm planing on fitting a Wylex isolator like the ones meter people fit but my question is what Cert should I be I fill out at the end a minor works or...