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  1. T

    3 gang 2 way smart wifi switch confusion

    Is the following set up possible with a 3 Gang 2 Way Smart Wifi Switch set up (the black glass type touch ones) One of the 3 switches, switches the loft light on/off The second one switches a motion sensor outside which is connected to two up/down lanterns on and off plus they have override...
  2. G

    Horn momentary switch - Works once then stops

    Hi all, the main horn on my Fiat Punto stopped working - went around the houses to fix it including the clockspring but to no avail. Now wired up a momentary switch running power from my electric windows. Turn the car on, the windows work, press the horn and the horn works. Excellent. Press...
  3. T

    Any ideas on a 3 gang 3 way wifi smart switch

    I genuinely can't find a 3 gang 3 way black smart light switch - any ideas where I can get one from? Seems to be hard to get hold of?
  4. H

    Hager SFT240 Changeover Switch

    hello guys, hope you’re all well. We are looking at installing the Hager SFT240 changeover switch to three live aboard boats with an electric hookup and a generator on board. We were looking for a bit of advice if possible please? (We’ve actually asked several independent sparkies to come...
  5. davehaynes1

    Ignition switch testing help

    Hi guys. I posted yesterday about a suspected faulty starter motor.. I've had the starter out and cleaned everything up and all seems to be working well. Bench tests well everytime. And at a price of $2200 for a new starter motor I'm going to look elsewhere for the problem. My suspicion now lies...
  6. I

    UK Kitchen grid switch help

    Hello everyone, I'd like to seek your input on a matter. I'm in the process of designing the electrical connections for the following kitchen appliances: Hob Oven (below 2kW) Fridge/Freezer Dishwasher Washing machine Extract Hood For the hob, I intend to connect it to a cooker connection unit...
  7. mattgriff88

    Can I remove switch to leave circuit permanently on?

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a house where there is a switch outside the bathroom that controls the power to the shaver socket. Never seen this before and every other shaver socket I have seen is permanently on. Can I safely remove this switch so the power to the shaver socket is always...
  8. S

    Retractive switch question

    Hi all, Hopefully just a quick one, but I can't seem to find a definite answer. Will a push to break/make (ie not momentary) 2 way retractive switch work correctly with a standard 2 way switch and an intermediate switch? So 3 way switching with one of the 2 ways being a retractive type? The...
  9. R

    Do remote Wifi switches interfere with each other ?

    I'm considering using several of the remote WiFi switch sets to control a group of five different lights. The existing switches are all grouped together at a spot across from the entry to a 40' long basement. Getting to them to turn on any light means feeling your way in the dark to get to the...
  10. D

    PL wire in wall no switch to turn off

    Hi New to this forum, Just looking for some advise as a DIY person. I have recently purchased a new home. I have come across a wall light which seems to be PL, and therefore always on. I have tried all switches in the home one by one and none turn it off, I cant see any switches nearby or fuse...
  11. W

    Identifying wires on three-way switch

    FYI --- This is a U.S. installation. I'm replacing a three way switch (the UK might more sensibly call it a two way switch??) with a Kasa Smart Switch. See the picture. I'm trying to identify the line (power) and two traveler wires, and this particular switch doesn't look what I've normally...
  12. D

    Power source to multiple wafer lights then to switch?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can answer this question concerning a wiring scenario. I recently saw on a youtube video - a guy create a scheme where the power source first went into a light then went to the light switch. Is this safe for series of 6 wafer lights (6 in.) 75W 1140 lumens...
  13. rrafluap

    SWA Internal Switch, best practice

    Hi, I'm going to be installing an outdoor socket, have no problem with the outdoor/socket side, but when bringing the internal end or the SWA into the property, need to be able to switch it. Only have hollow plasterboard void to mount fused switched spur to. But unsure of how I should terminate...
  14. J

    Plug/Fused Switch Outlet

    Folks, Is there any hard or fast rule on what should be on a plug/fused outlet. I am aware portable equipment - plug 😂. I recently did a PAT and everything is on plug. Likely everything max of 13A. This includes the shutter motors which are fixed outside (plug inside of course). I don't see or...
  15. N

    Countdown timer switch stopped working

    I have a countdown timer switch hooked up to run my washroom fan. It stopped working all of a sudden. I replaced it with a regular switch and the fan worked. I took the old timer switch and hooked it up to another different washroom fan, and the old switch worked. What am I missing?
  16. MJS123

    Single Phase Transfer Switch in 3ph Distribution

    When there exists a single-phase transfer switch within a 3-phase distribution system, is it necessary for both feeds to the transfer switch to be connected to the same phase on the two sources? Take for example the image below, note that the transfer switches are connected to the power sources...
  17. mattgriff88

    Identifying fused switch?

    Hi, I have recently bought a house and I have a fused switch in my living room which I don't know what it's for. I believe it was a switch for a electric fireplace that has been removed but the switch was left there. How can I check and could I possibly change it to a single plug socket...
  18. P

    Light switch conundrum

    I threw away an old knackered light switch and now need to replace it. It had 4 terminals (L1, L2, L3, L4) and is fed by two blue and two red wires. It has a single rocker. I assume this is a 1 gang 3 way switch? If not what is it? Where can I get one?
  19. X

    3 way switch wiring issue

    I usually always take a picture before disconnecting electrical wiring and this time I did not. I am trying to wire a 3way switch that controls lights at the top and bottom of the stairs. In my box I have 2 3wire sets coming in. One set all 3 wires are live, and the other 3 I believe run...
  20. I

    I need help wiring up a Quinetic 2 gang receiver switch

    Hi All, I am looking to install a Quinetic double gang in line receiver switch (QURS2W) in my hallway on the ground floor to control the lights in the hallway on the ground as well as the first floor. On the first floor, I propose to pair up a 2 gang Quinetic switch. The wiring is all old and...
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