1. L

    UK switch burnt every few months

    9kw deep fryer, a cooker switch, stop working every few months, I found the fryer use thin flex cable (see picture 3), it was burnt, the power supply cable are much thicker and it has no problem. The fryer thin flex cable was just plugged into the switch, no lug, Am I right? I guess it can be...
  2. M

    heller timer switch DT2S......looking for instructions

    Lokking for instructions for Heller timer switch DT2S please?
  3. T

    Federal Electric TB63SNT fuse switch

    Hi, I have just retrieved a Federal Electric TB63SNT Switch/Fuse unit from a skip, it looks to be in very clean condition no rust or damage to the cabinet. The cabinet door was open and the handle/selector was not correctly positioned in relation to the acual switch activating lever to enable...
  4. S

    Dimplex Quantum storage heater 150 - keeps melting 20amp double pole switch

    Had a quantum (qm150) installed for 8 years - no problem. Couple of weeks ago the switch (usually always on except when on holiday) stuck and no power to heater. Had a look at switch and saw it was melted where the N wire goes in. Bought an exact replacement (B+Q) and replaced myself with the...
  5. N

    How to wire this light switch

    Can anyone help me with this switch how to wire it up have attached original fitting wiring thanks
  6. T

    Bang went the light switch...

    Hi, I am just after some thoughts on the below. I am getting the electrician back but I would like to be a bit more clued up. So i have a newly wired kitchen with a 2 gang 2 way light switch. Only one switch is wired as will become apparent). The kitchen lights work fine and have a switch at...
  7. D

    Adding switch + gfci to existing circuit

    Right now I have a circuit in my living room with a GFCI on the lead outlet. For various reasons I want to change that outlet to a non-GFCI, put half of the outlet on a switch, and mount the switch and a GFCI outlet halfway up the wall (where the new GFCI will cover the entire circuit). I...
  8. O

    Need help installing switch on belt sander.

    I have a central machinery belt/disc sander without a switch and the manufacturer could not help replacing it. The sander is 120vac/60hz/3.5a and was told this switch should work out for it but I'm not sure where to connect everything. Thanks for any help ya give.
  9. E

    Add Second EmerGen Switch to Subpanel

    I have an existing EmerGen Switch installed in my main panel that links to 10 breakers. The main panel is located in the basement. I recently upgraded my generator and now want to power additional breakers that exist in a sub panel which is located in the garage. I purchased a second...
  10. W

    Aico Hush Switch Query

    Does anyone know if this needs to be the first in line of your circuit? Or if it can just be wired in series with the rest of the detectors
  11. M

    UK Replacing 1 gang 2 way switch with smart switch

    I have a fairly typical setup of the light on my landing being able to be controlled by both a switch on the landing and a switch at the bottom of the stairs. I'm aiming to replace the 1 gang switch on the landing with a smart one (I've bought the Aqara H1 single rocker with neutral), with a...
  12. D

    Light switch question

    Can I wire a immersion heater switch to be a normal light switch which shows the garage light is on by the LED on the immersion heater switch Garage light switch is in the kitchen
  13. meketrex

    How to wire mains power to an SPDT (maintained) switch

    I currently have a Single Pole Double Throw switch with 5 pins (as shown below) which I want to wire up to UK mains: ┌─────┐ │ NC │ └─────┘ ┌─────┐ ┌─────┐ ┌─────┐ │ - │ │ NO │ │ + │ └─────┘ └─────┘ └─────┘ ┌─────┐ │ COM │ └─────┘...
  14. T

    Landing Light Switch gone wrong

    I need help. I'm a British tinkerer living in Germany. I've been installing smart light switches myself throughout the house and in all places. I've not had any issues but I'm seriously stuck with this one light switch. I have taken out old switch and whilst I did all the wires practically...
  15. D

    3 way switch lagging

    Hello, I have two three way switches that I replaced. One is a simple on/off and the other dimmable. The dimmer works fine but the on/off 3 way has a lag when I switch from off to on. Not sure how to trouble shoot this? Below are the links to the switches im using. dimmer...
  16. E

    Quintec in a grid switch

    Hi would anyone know if it's possible to put just one quintec grid switch into a grid where the other two switches are standard mains ? Would there be any issues with interference due to the wiring being so close ? I've tried just now to call the quintec helpline but its email only so thought to...
  17. K

    Ideas on how to install SELV LED on wireless switch?

    Hi everyone I am going to install LED lightstrips in the garden which would be on the SELV and obviously it needs to be installed using stepping down transformer however the lights needs to be on wireless switch technology which would require another transformer to feed the stepdown...
  18. J

    Wiring when adding wifi switch to existing 4 gang switch.

    Hi Newbie here so please go easy on me. I thought I'd be smart and add a wifi switch to an existing 4 gang switch in the hall of the house. Problem is one is using a 2 way for the landing light. Has anyone any experience with these smart switches? https://is.gd/lRKj4B Here's the current set up...
  19. DonJohnson

    Grounding light switch

    I am in the process of swapping light switches and currently there is no ground wire connected to old switch. It looks like there may be bare ground wire pushed to very back of box. Is it likely connected to anything? Is there another way to add a ground for new switch? Thanks
  20. L

    Reliable thermostat switch to "Open" at high temps ?

    For a roof top boiler enclosure that is really way too hot in this weather .Plan to have large vents at the bottom and to use a Room stat set up to run a 6 inch bathroom fan etc to come on when it hits 25 degrees inside. This morning it was reading 47 degrees inside ! Using the room stat in...
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