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  1. N

    Hob or oven isolator switch?

    HELLO I have to install one oven(13amp) and one induction hob (30amp) but those appliances not next to each other!2 meter between them! just i would like to know ,which appliances need localy isolator switch whitin 2 meter?! my plan to put oven isolator switch in the cupboard ,where will be...
  2. A

    Help with wiring light switch

    Hello I'm looking to change my light switch to timer touch activated switch. My current switch which flicks on/off has two wires; one into L1 and another into L. The new switch is a little more complex. Anyone willing to point out the equivilant wires? Here's the wiring diagrams supplied with...
  3. M

    Ahoy there! As a former submariner I'm used to working in confined spaces but has anyone successfully fitted 10mm cable, 45A switch, 1gang backbox!

    Switch will be in stud wall; cable currently running horizontally....looks like I may need to pull some slack through to run cables through top and bottom of backbox...or strip back sheath and bring through back of plastic box using a 25mm grommet. The 45A switch wiil be in a kitchen for an...
  4. L

    Please Help, wiring a switch with a singular 3 core wire

    Hi, im having trouble. I want to wire up some outdoor lights through a smart home plug. They were previously connected to an analouge timer and after removing this ive found that there is one singular wire coming from the lights. this wire has neutral (blue) live (brown) and another black wire...
  5. J

    Bypass Motion Sensor - Add Switch to Lights?

    Hi. I'm looking to add motion sensors to 2 or 3 floodlights. I want to be able to use a switch to bypass the sensors and leave the lights on. (Please note that I'm not interested in the ON-OFF-ON type of action.) As the attached diagram shows, I believe I'll have to run a black wire directly...
  6. K

    Smart Switch random question

    I have over 20 smart switches in my house. I have done them all myself and understand the process. Maybe this isn't the question but it is all I can think of...Is it possible to turn a single pole fan switch into a multi pole switch? Okay so the scenario is I have an office that has 1 switch for...
  7. J

    PIR timer override

    As always, I'm a level 2 student so please ignore the ignorance. Is it possible, and if so how, to wire up a PIR with a switch that has the ability to turn the light off after the PIR has been activated. Or in all cases do you have to wait for the timer to expire? Side question - are there...
  8. M

    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  9. S

    UK 20amp switch on kitchen ring

    Hi all, I im in the process of rewiring a kitchen and as Im taking the old cable out etc.. I come across a 20amp double pole switch. Looking for some answer.. 1. it was on the kitchen ring ? 2. It was feeding a single socket behind were the oven once was but it was in 6mm cable from the...
  10. L

    RCBO Neutral Leads bunched with Main Neutral in Main switch - C3 or C2?

    Hi all, Engineer carried out EICR and marked the above as a C2, I agree, the smaller cables could come loose easily as the terminal is mainly clamping the 16mm tail. Client said C3....
  11. S

    Installing an in-line switch

    Hi, I recently purchased this extension lead (not sure if im allowed to post links or not, apologies if not allowed): Masterplug Surge Protected 2m 4 Gang Extension Lead The wall socket is behind a wardrobe so access to turn off the extension lead is very difficult. I know the extension lead...
  12. R

    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
  13. C

    I have fitted electric folding door mirrors and electric windows to my Land Rover Defender. I would like to use a Master Switch from a Mercedes

    Does the Master Switch for Windows and Mirrors on a Mercedes have a separate control unit or could I use it in a Land Rover Defender?
  14. W

    Kitchen rewire and isolator switch

    Hi guys. Electrician will soon rewire my kitchen and some questions arises about sockets and isolator switches. I think they look ugly and don't want them on sight. Is it possible to install only two isolator switches one for oven and hob, and the second for electric instantaneous water heater...
  15. B

    Toggle switch wiring

    Hi, Any help would be appreciated! I am residing on a canal boat and the toggle switch which turns the engine off stopped working. Looking at the wiring - it appears both wires have disconnected from the switch. I have bought a new toggle switch but am not sure about the correct placing of the...
  16. F

    Double switch wiring help needed. NOOB!

    I need some wiring help. I have been putting new switches on throughout the house & have had no issues with the Y block backed ones. Just copied & swapped how they previously were. But this lastest switch doesn't have a Y block it has one big block with L1-1 & L1-2 on the left hand side of the...
  17. M

    UK (IMAGES) Connect 20amp Isolator Switch (For Split AirCon) – Need Help.

    Images Now Included. Hi there, a new DIY member here based in Hong Kong, where getting reliable electricians can sometimes be a challenge! I've been finishing off a rennovation project and one of the last jobs is to attach a 20amp isolator switch for an indoor split AC unit (Panasonic). The...
  18. Brainwash

    Gas Fireplace switch not connected to Electrical Panel?

    Hi all I want to replace the switch that turns on/off the gas fireplace and cannot find a breaker that would shut off the power to the switch. I thinks it's a stand alone switch to the fireplace. Is this correct? Is it safe to disconnect and replace? Thx!
  19. C

    Washing Machine Pressure Switch

    Hi Guys Can anyone advise which way around the pressure switch should be wired. See the two photos, the oval switch is the existing one but I'm not sure how they should fit on the new switch? Thanks for any help Clive 1588607297
  20. M

    2 Gang (1 x Intermediate 1 x 2 way) Light Switch

    Hi, Sotty if this is a repetative post but I could not find anything similar to my question anywhere on this forum. I need a 2 Gang switch with 1 x Intermediate & 1x 2 Way. I have serached a lot on the internet but had no joy! Can anyone advise where I can find a cheap plastic one, please...
  21. J

    Wall switch electric shock when wiped down

    Hi, apologies if this is a daft question to ask but would really appreciate some advice. I wiped a light wall switch in the hall with an anti-bac wipe (dettol kind, so fair amount of wetness from the wipe unlike the cheap kind that can be fairly dry). When I wiped it, I accidentally flicked the...
  22. N

    USA Is there an either/or switch

    I need a switch with two live outputs whereby I can switch between L1 and L2 but not permit L! and L2 to be active at the same time. What would you call this type of switch?
  23. J

    Bonding steel conduit around plastic switch

    Any recommendations? I have 25mm steel conduit going into 20mm reducers feeding a plastic time guard switch and then returning to steel conduit again on the other side. An earthing nut is too chunky. I think I need those smaller flat brass plates you get on SWA cables. 1588093418 Found them -...
  24. S

    Dimmer Switch Wiring Question

    Hello all, I need to re-wire a dimmer switch to be LED compatible. Opened it up and it has two blue colored wires going into one input. Any clue on what is going on here? Should I copy the same thing to the new option? See old and new below.
  25. T

    Is an accessible switch not necessary?

    Recently the isolation switch of our shower broke, the electrician who came over to fix it have removed the switch completely and have directly connected the shower to the circuit breaker instead the box(red arrow). According to Installation and operating instructions by the manufacturer I have...
  26. C

    Removing a switch component from a usb circuit board

    Hey guys, I have a set of lights that are USB powered. They have a push button switch. I would like to remove the switch component from the circuit board so that when I plug in the lights they come on automatically. Is this possible/safe to do? If so is it as simple are just soldering off...
  27. D

    Are the additional lives in a switch unnecessary?

    Potentially a bit of a simpleton type question this, so please bare with me. I've taken off a traditional switch, I have 3 lives, 3 switched lives. Nice and simple. I have a smart switch to fit (don't worry, it's a 'no neutral' switch, this isn't a "where's my neutral" thread!) - effectively...
  28. A

    4 way switch help!

    Trying to wire a series of switches (2) 3 way and (1) 4 way to my kitchen light. I know it can be done because it was at one point. We had our kitchen re-modeled and I decided to replace the light and switches to match the back solace, however I didn’t take any pictures of the wiring before I...
  29. S

    Can I use a switch to to Connect rear camera

    Hi, I am trying to wire my reverse camera with a switch so I can have it on all the time or off all the time until I reverse. Is this possible how would I wire the switch? And what switch would I need. The camera only has positive and earth. Would I take power from reverse light and constant...
  30. N

    UK Drilled into a light cable.

    I have stupidly managed to drill into a light switch cable. I’m trying to keep cost down as much as I can. Would chasing them wall out ready help?
  31. J

    Lights Blinking - 2 Lights on a single switch

    Hi there. I'm looking for some help- hopefully an easy one. I have 2 lights on a single switch. The lights are connected back to a 2 gang 2 way switch which has another set of lights that are switched to the 2nd switch. I've moved the location of one of the 2 lights by extending the cable...
  32. S

    UK Proteus FC005 circuit breaker switch hunt.

    I need to replace an old FC005 5amp fuse holding switch with snapped switch due to old plastic. Having trouble finding one and hope someone out there has a box of them somewhere I may be able to buy. If you could advise on what could replace it if not that would be great.
  33. S

    Light switch issue

    I’m hoping I can get some help on here as I’m at a loss as to what to do. My mother is disabled and currently shielding so it’s very difficult to get an electrician to come out. her toilet light switch fell off the ceiling and fell to bits (god knows how) She needs light to access her...
  34. O

    Help with Smart Switch

    Hi all! So I’ve recently moved and in my old place I installed smart switches as the wiring was pretty simple. However this new house was a flip and they remodeled the kitchen and redid all the lights and switches and made the wiring a little complicated for my liking. If it weren’t for the...
  35. Brainwash

    New light switch turns off power to circuit

    Hi all! I tried to replace toggle light switch for a rocker switch, but got no power from that breaker once it was flipped back on. So, I re-installed the old switch and everything works fine... until I flip the switch. This cuts power to everything on that circuit, (but, does not trip the...
  36. M

    I have an old reddifusion switch on a wall which i want to remove but its still live..can anyone advise please

    How can I remove an old reddifusion switch from a wall which is still live..thanks
  37. J

    Bathroom Light/fan switch

    Hi. I have remodeling my bathroom and last thing to do is change the light switch so it's white instead of cream. The old one works, but appears the new one will need set up differently because no matter what config I use, I either get nothing, it starts to turn on the quits, or the light and...
  38. Z

    Bulb staying on

    I have a 6 bulb ceiling light. Just recently when i switch it off at the wall only 5 bulbs go out. Is this more likely to be a faulty light fitting or switch?
  39. M

    Needed help to bypass touch switch on personal heater.

    I have a personal heater that has 2 touch switches. One controls power and the other controls rotation. Both don't work. How can I bypass these touch switches? Thanks
  40. T

    Change 1gang switch to 2gang

    Hi there and apologies in advance if this has been asked elsewhere. Long story short, I have a 1g switch at my front door for a hallway light - this is a 2way as other switch is at end of hallway. I would like to convert front door switch to a 2gang for an outside light also. I’ve attached a...
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