1. D

    USA Fuse blows randomly

    Hello, thank you. I am DYI. Our daughter has home built in the 60s with fused service panel. One fuse has started blowing ; when a new fuse is put in, it will not blow right away, it can go for hours sometimes without blowing. It is a 20- amp fuse/circuit. On the circuit is a microwave and...
  2. L

    Installing Ducting for kitchen hood + Fused spur for oven and hob ?

    Hi all, I have recently had a new hood installed and need to install some ducting. I live in a flat with loft access its a 1 up 1 down. I'd like to run the ducting straight up into the loft and then out through the soffit. Can someone please recommend makes of vents, ducting to use? And also...
  3. C

    RCD fused spur suitable or not?

    Good Evening All, I have been asked by the family of some elderly neighbours to install a socket in an understairs cupboard for a small chest freezer and add a lighting point in the same cupboard. Installation is protected by a Wylex 3036 rewireable board so had no rcd protection and the...
  4. Z

    UK Fused Switch vs Isolator

    My oven has a switch above it, I think this is called an isolator switch, but my dishwasher and washing machine have a fused switch. My question is why wouldn't you put a fused switch above the oven also? wouldn't this make accessing and replacing the fuse easier? Installation was done at the...
  5. B

    Domestic Fused Spur from supply

    Looking to wire an electrical fire (2Kw convector heater) which is fitted with LEDs (separate supply) can I use a single spur or would I have to have 2 separate spurs? Thanks in advance
  6. Pretty Mouth

    Ring finals and fused spurs

    Evening all. The OSG says "As a rule of thumb for rings, unfused spur lengths should not exceed 1/8 the cable length from the spur to the furthest point of the ring.". Okay, so what is the maximum length for a fused spur then? I don't seem to be able to find the answer in the OSG or BBB...
  7. Lwols

    a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch

    Hi all, (Just reposting, there was some confusion, I was mistaken for a domestic electrician, I'd like to think I have basic understanding, but I'll stick to carpentry!) There were some great replied on the original thread, but I thought id post again, with the info I posted, you never know...
  8. Lwols

    Fused Digital Timer Spur Switch

    Hi all, Would somebody draw a diagram of how they believe a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch should be installed. A bit of information; There are 6 floor standing outdoor LEDs. 1.5mm SWA feeding each and routed back to the consumer unit. Shall be protected by a 6amp Wylex RCBO. Thanks in...
  9. D

    Domestic Seeking advice re oven change - double socket to fused spur

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my electric single fan oven. It is plugged into a double socket, the other socket having the gas hob plugged into it, and this double socket is wired to a 13a switched fused spur. Looking at the ovens in my price range I can see some that include a plug and can be...
  10. W

    Domestic Fused Spur For LED TV

    Hi, Hoping to get a 2nd opinion please. We are fitting out a new room and will be wall mounting the TV. We want all connections to be hidden behind the TV. The problem is that a standard mains socket and plug is too deep behind the TV so TV sticks out too far. Currently, in another room...
  11. A

    Electrician Can i connect 2 sockets to a fused socket and this inturn to a other fused socket

    There is a double socket on the wall where the main feed comes in and this is then connected to a none switch fused socket. Iv'e been told i can add a other fused switched socket and connect both together then run 2 additional sockets off the fused switch one?
  12. D

    Trainee Single Pole Fused Spur From Ring Main

    I have two cables for wall lamps (1mm T+E) going to one of the socket in the back of the TV. These lamps will be controlled with smart bulbs with a little remote control or/and an app on the phone, no need of wall switch. I'm considering to use the 47mm double metal box to host a modular single...
  13. S

    Domestic Am I qualified for fused spur

    Hi all, I’ve got a friend who’s a fully qualified electrician, and today we got into a discussion, I install intruder alarms, I have completed my level 2 electrical science and installation, and 6 months ago completed the more relevant course of “mains compliance” qualification, mainly so I...
  14. B

    Fused connection unit

    2 Questions, 1. 2.5mm T+E on radial, 20A breaker feeding 1 FCU that feeds water heater, can I come off this FCU with another FCU to feed a heater? 2. 2.5mm ring main, consisting off FCU and sockets all on ring, can I come off one of these FCU to feed a FCU spur?
  15. Brian Murdoch

    neutral in Live Load on Fused Spur

    has anyone any experience of this. The boiler is 14 years old and has only just gone wrong. when the boiler engineer looked at it he found there was 240v between the neutral and earth inside the boiler unit.
  16. O

    Fixed installation back to a plug or fused spur

    I have been asked to fit a set of electric gates and some garden lighting to a property. I'm working behind the guy doing the indoor electrics. He is talking about me wiring the gates back to a plug and the garden lighting to a fused spur. Question is do I issue a minor works certificate for...
  17. D

    Install one gang Sonoff to fused socket

    Hello I have a few of these installed around the house and work absolutely brilliantly. Just wondering if below is feasible and how I would achieve it. I have a fused switch that controls the outside lights wired as per below: I would like to replace with a one gang Sonoff switch: Is...
  18. J

    Non electrician: advice about socket connected to a fused switch

    Hi all I have a single socket behind my fridge freezer that is inaccessible and so has a fused switch connected to it for easy access to turn on and off. I have been using a 2 gang adapter on this socket so that I can run my chest freezer of it as well. Would it be possible to change the...
  19. P

    Non-Electrician: Switch Fused Connection Unit Light Not Working

    The neon light on my flat-plate/switched fused connection unit doesn't come on when I use the washing machine. The machine still works - but does the fact that the light doesn't come on mean something is wrong? Do I need to get an electrician in?
  20. Daniel Shepherd

    Domestic Two fused spurs from one current socket?

    Hi, I'm doing some work on a room I want to convert into an office space. It currently has three sockets in it. One has two neutral and two live wires connected to the socket, the other two have 3 live an neutral wires (this wiring is done circa mid 60's we think. I plan to add about 2000kw...
  21. I

    Honeywell 2 amp fused connection unit

    Just a quick questiin can i use a 3 amp for a 2A fused connection unit the factory manuel is saying 2 amp full stop is this 100% or can i use a 3 amp i would of thought this would be sufficiant and then wired to a 6 amp breaker? Never done a alarm system before so making sure as dont want to pop...
  22. 1Justin

    Best value fused switch plus 2 module type 2 SPD?

    Has anyone done this yet on a budget? I'm pricing a job to run a submain off a TN-S. I'll need a fused switch incorporating SPD alongside in the same enclosure. Price sensitive. Thinking of a budget Lewden off the shelf fused switch (in 4 module enclosure), ditching the enclosure and buying 6...
  23. Sparky10

    Main Fused Switch isolator

    Came across this on an install today and wondering if its correct, Main Fuse was 100A, cables going into a meter then from a meter into a 63A switched fused isolator, Then 16mm Armoured from isolator into fuse board about 15m away. now i'm confused as to why its 100A Main fuse - 63A isolator...
  24. S

    adding fused FCU to radial circuit in kitchen

    Hi, I am fitting a new kitchen and would like to know if it's ok to connect switched 13amp FCU onto a radial circuit. The kitchen has a radial circuit with 4 x double sockets fitted - 2.5 twin and earth cable. I would like to add 4 x 13amp switched FCU's - one from each double socket so as I can...
  25. D

    Turn me on, fused out with dodgy light fitting!

    Looking for assistance and advice. I have damp coming in my ceiling and it caused one of my lights to short taking out all the lights in my house. I changed the main fuse and turned the socket off for the dodgy light but still it keeps randomly making the 'popping' noise and I am worried about...
  26. A

    Domestic Swap fused spur for Single Socket

    Hi I'd like to swap a 13a fused spur for a single 13a socket as we're never going to put a fireplace in and just want to have less wire clutter. I've swapped sockets over before without an issue but what's confused me here is that there are 2 sets of wires going into the socket (see picture)...
  27. DC-backfrom the past

    single fused spur and single socket combined unit do they exist?

    like unicorns, I have seen pictures of these, but cant seem to find a distributor. can anyone assist ? at present there is a double socket in place with limited space around it so looking for a combined unit. I know I can change the back box and put two single units in its place, but saw a few...
  28. R

    looking for a half gang / architrave size fused spur

    Hi, I am trying to find a fused spur that is as small as possible. I'm not sure of the correct wording but it needs to be smaller than a single gang back box. To explain what i am trying to achieve, i need to cut the plug off a flex that connects to a small transformer for an POE injector. As...
  29. C

    Working with wired fused ccu

    Just wanted to get some opinions on the following... Working in a bathroom conversion requiring supply for a shower pump, changing lights to downlight and power to a demister mirror. House currently has an old CCU with wired fuses and no RCD's. And lighting circuit has no cpc. For shower pump...
  30. C

    Replacing wire in a fuse?

    Hi all, This is the first time which I have had to replace the wire in a fuse so I just want to make sure that I have done it correctly. The wire which I have fed through the two holes is not perfectly straight where you can see it through the opening, is this ok? (slightly bent) Thanks
  31. P

    Replacing Fused Switches with Sockets

    Completely untrained amateur here sorry! I am looking to successfully replace two fused double pole fused switches with sockets. The two fused switches are located in a double box and are each connected to a three core cable - both switches are also interconnected. I would like to replace one or...
  32. D

    Adding fused spur for bathroom extactor

    Hi - I'm planning to fit an extractor with timer to a bathroom, switching on with the lights and had bought a fan isolator switch, but reading the Manrose instructions they insist on double pole fused spur with 3A fuse. I think it will be easiest to fit a switched fuse spur and not bother with...
  33. spike210957

    Fused Protection for a new oven

    Hi there, I'm replacing an existing oven which was connected to the kitchen sockets circuit (32 amp) but protected by a 13 amp fused switch. Now, the installation instructions of the new oven say it should have a minimum fuse of 15amp and a max of 20amp. I'm struggling to find a fused switch...
  34. H

    Is it OK to terminate switched fused spur with 13A socket?

    I am planning a new layout for our utility room and would appreciate some advice. We have three appliances (washer, dryer and freezer) that will sit under a worktop directly below the window. My intention is to feed this equipment via a row of three 13A fused spur switchplates located inside a...
  35. W

    Fused spur off ring main regulations

    hello I've seen the page at the back of the regs book but nothing explains can you - Have a spured socket off the ring using one cable and then put a fused spur after the spur and then feed additional sockets after the spir
  36. Dannyg8810

    For Sale Recessed fused desk sockets brand new

    x5 recessed desk sockets and leads all brand new These are approx £80 for the socket unit and £10 for the lead you need for them Need the space back so will sell cheap Any offers?
  37. L

    Switched fused spur problem

    Hi, Had a problem recently. Switch fused spur fed off ring main to control 6 x t8 5ft fluorescent tubes works when it wants, tried replacing fuses and tried a new spur, and keep getting the same problem. Its not overloading and havnt come across this before. Any ideas?? Thanks
  38. H

    disconnecting kitchen appliances from fused socket by removing fuse.

    I have removed the fuse from a fused socket and then cut off the cable to the washing machine and tumble dryer - the appliances will be used again in the future but the sockets etc will be all replaced when the house is rewired and kitchen refitted. I would just be happy for confirmation that...
  39. G

    GreenBrook KingShield T205-C Fused Timer Spur Switch 1/5/7 Day problems

    Hi, Just moved into my new house and have a GreenBrook KingShield T205-C Fused Timer Spur Switch attached to the immersion and controls the hot water in the house. The immersion doesn't seem to be working either (by the way) As it doesn't seem to be heating the water when I turn it to the...
  40. E

    Fused unit no longer required

    I've just removed an old fused electrical heater fitted in the middle of the ring circuit and am now left with the hole and wiring (see pic). Ideally I want to just cover this up with a bit off plasterboard so it looks like nothing was ever there. Is it OK to do this or is this deemed unsafe? I...
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