1. Raptor0014

    Is this a fused neutral cutout?

    I’ve not seen one of these before and i have a memory of them needing to be upgraded by the DNO. Just wondering as well what the BSEN is for it. Is it 1361 or 88-3
  2. R

    Can I install a new light switch from a 3amp fused box

    Want to install a new permanent fixed wire light into a 3amp box. Box has my new combi running from it and that's it. It's a wardrobe cupboard where the old hot water cylinder lived. Box is wall mounted and 3amp fused. If I ran a 1.5mm twin and earth from it to a new light switch and then...
  3. N

    need for a fused switch for boiler / and boiler earth cross bonding

    hi there as i write this i realise i have 3 interconnected questions about fused switches; two relating to my boiler (hope its not to cheeky to ask 3 questions all in one go :-) ) Question1: i have a radial circuit 1.5mm cable on a 6amp fuse from my consumer unit straight to the boiler where...
  4. H

    Wall lights 5 amp fused spur

    Hi. I wanted to run a 5amp fused spur from a nearby socket but find its already a spur ( only one cable in). Help please.
  5. K

    Bg weatherproof rcd fused spur

    Hi guys I installed this unit protecting a shed for a customer a while back and he’s text me with images showing the fuse burnt and it’s holder melted. All connections are tight and no moisture inside. Any ideas why? Also I’m hoping to replace this spur with a more reputable brand within its...
  6. J

    1.25 flex of a 13 amp fused spur feeding a 3KW immersion heater

    How tight is it running 1.25 flex from a 13 amp fused spur feeding a timer for an immersion heater?
  7. gm1984

    UK 16a oven on 20a fused spur from Kitchen ring main

    Hi, I've just bought a new built-in 3.4kw oven = 14.8A @ 230v. I'm getting 245v so actually 13.8A. Existing oven plugs into single socket fed from 20A DP switched fused spur. Ring is small (3 double sockets) with 4 x 20A DP switched fused spur single sockets (oven, washer/dryer, dishwasher...
  8. A

    Fused switch with two feeds but no load?

    Hello, I have a 13A fuse switch in my airing cupboard that has never done anything. I thought maybe years ago it was for an electric shower but there was no wiring in the bathroom when I re fitted it so can't be that. Upon opening the switch there are two sets of wires, 2xred(L), 2xblack(N) and...
  9. M

    Fused Spur 190v between Earth and Neutral ??

    Hiya Guys, I have a gas central heating boiler that is not switching on at all. It's connected to a clock timer and then to a fused spur. Boiler technician was out today to say the boiler is fine and I need an electrician, hence this post ! He said we have cross polarity on the fused spur. He...
  10. B

    Fused spur burn out

    Any thoughts as to why a fused spur connected correctly would burn out and melt the unit? Surely if it is pulling too much current (which is possible as it was feeding a socket used for car charging) the 13amp fuse in the unit would have blown before it got too hot and melted.
  11. K

    Fused switch to tumble dryer connector issue

    I have had a new kitchen 3 months ago and the new integrated tumble dryer stopped working. No power, nothing. It is under warranty so an engineer came out and fixed it. He said that the plug has been cut off and a three pin push fit connector is in its place. He replaced the cable and plugged it...
  12. M

    Why does RCD trip when fused spur switched on

    I was called out last night to an RCD trip issue. I found that switching on the fused spur to the washing machine would cause the trip & I could only reset the RCD after switching it off. Straightforward up to that point, but after unplugging the washing machine, then disconnecting the spur...
  13. T

    Trendiswitch fused spur - no earth

    Looking to replace 3 fused spurs in the kitchen - have bought Trendiswitches as love them and gradually replacing all the old electrics round the house with them. First time I've looked at a fused spur, took off the old one, with an earth each side, the Trendiswitch is not earthed? Can I...
  14. T

    2 fused spurs connected - why?

    Hi... I moved house fairly recently and I'm slowly uncovering 'quick fix jobs' all over the house from paint, render and now electrics.. I came across some electrics in the garage and I'm curious to know why they've done what they have and is it correct in any way, shape or form (and safe?!)...
  15. L

    Fused spur for under counter socket

    Hi, I'm currently looking at moving a socket so it's under the worktop for a washing machine in the kitchen, however I need to be able to switch off the socket. Am I right in thinking that I need to fit a fused spur above the worktop in order to do this?
  16. P

    7A fused plug

    While visiting some friends down south I noticed they still had the cardboard wiring info on their coffee maker, so removed it as not for final use. What was curious is it specifies a 7A fuse, and while I have seen and used some odd ones before (e.g. 1A, 10A) this first time I have seen on...
  17. M

    UK We have a Electrical PLC Control Panel that has to supply 45 Fused Spur units, do I need to protect these with an RCD, we have a 10A Type D MCB at the

    We have a Electrical PLC Control Panel that has to supply 45 Fused Spur units, do I need to protect these with an RCD, we have a 10A Type D MCB at the moment. Each Fused spur controls an electronic Volume/Pressure controller which is rated at 130mA.
  18. J

    Do I need a TP&N fused isolator?

    So the situation is this: Historic 4 story townhouse to 4 flats conversion. Supplier 3-phase cut out coming in at basement level (One of these will have a 60amp fuse, unsure whether the other 2 contain solid links or additional 60amp fuses yet). 1 phase feeding basement. 4-core SWA containing...
  19. R

    Is it compulsory to use the flex outlet on a fused spur?

    Hi all, BS1363 Switch fused spur with flex outlet has been installed. But the installer hasn't used the flex outlet, they've used singles in conduit and the cable grips are still in place on the spur. However the client has challenged this, implying it should be changed out to a standard spur...
  20. A

    Rcd fused connection unit

    Hi all, could I have opinions on the use of rcd fused please. Customer has old 3036 at the front of the house. They want a couple points on there new decking for festoon type lighting switch from inside. There is a t and e switch fed outside light already so I'm thinking of coming off this to an...