1. K

    Can I make a spur from a fused switch for washing machine

    Hi guys, I have to add double 13A socket. The best is to take it from fused switch for a washing machine, because is very close. And the question is, can I take spur from this fused switch? This switch is in radial circuit, and from this switch goes another cable probably for washing machine...
  2. bing820

    Change single switched fused spur to include a 13A socket?

    DIY'er question: I have a singe switched fused spur above my kitchen counter, providing power to an undercounter fridge socket beneath it. The boss lady wants a socket installed there to move the toaster away from where it currently sits, because 'lady reasons'.. Is there any way I can swap...
  3. Riddirah961


    Hi I have a switched fuse spur where the cooker hood should plug in to… above the actual cooker. I was wondering if I could swap this out for a 13amp single socket to plug the cooker hood in to. All help appreciated
  4. Adam_92

    Burnt out fused spur

    Has anyone come across click accessories spurs burning out? it seems to only be happening with the CNS200 Trend uk Steibel eltron heaters Fuse is still fine just the spur itself is burning out had so many of these Thanks in advance Adam
  5. M

    connecting 230V cable to old DB - requirements

    Hi all, as in the picture, when connecting a 230V cable to a db like this, is there a legal requirement to install external RCD unit? Also, if the cable was installed approx. 20 years ago, is there a legal requirement to upgrade / install external RCD unit on the cable? Last question, looking at...
  6. mattgriff88

    Identifying fused switch?

    Hi, I have recently bought a house and I have a fused switch in my living room which I don't know what it's for. I believe it was a switch for a electric fireplace that has been removed but the switch was left there. How can I check and could I possibly change it to a single plug socket...
  7. O

    Parts for Switched fused isolator

    As per normal I was in a rush and didn't get enough information. I was working in an apartment that didn't have any power and when I went to restore it I found the fuse/carrier was missing from the isolator in the switch room, I'm guessing the extra cautious handyman has removed it to prevent...
  8. Vortigern

    Baumatic two zone induction hob - Needs a 20A double pole switched fused spur...

    Looking at instructions for installation for Baumatic BHI300 it requires a 20A Double pole (3mm separation) switched fused spur, I quote pretty well verbatim from the pdf manual! I have never heard of such an accessory, but I have lived a sheltered life and willing to be surprised. Anyone heard...
  9. mgrandy38

    do i need fused socket? economy 7 tariff

    Long story short im on economy 7 tariff but have 2 types of heaters in my house 1 convector fused socket, 3 storage heaters not fused sockets. So ive changed to tubular heaters (reduced from 2.5kw down to 270w) but the only one that seems to be running is the convector fused socket. Dang! does...
  10. S

    Fused Spur feeding socket and a light

    Evening all, I’m looking to install an outside light as a spur from a socket on a ring main. There is already a spur from this socket supplying another socket on the other side of the wall. My question is, where can I apply the fused spur? Do I need to connect the fused spur before current spur...
  11. C

    Can I spur a socket from an existing fused spur on a ring main?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just want to confirm: Currently I have a spur leaving a socket in the bedroom, into a 13A Switched FCU and running up to power a double socket in the loft. I now want to locate a socket in the old boiler cupboard/airing cupboard to power a tumble...
  12. L

    Powering Shed for fish house.

    So my old man is planning on setting up a fish shed which will hold 2-3 fish tanks. The power drawn from the equipment which will be running in here are 2x 500w heaters, 10,000 ltr return pumps which are 80 Watts and a few lights which are 90 watts at max, Will most probably have 3-4 to start...
  13. D

    Can I supply 2 separate radials from 1 Fused Spur?

    Hello all. I have just bought my first house but it needs a bit of work. I am re-wiring it and I've found the conservatory ring has been spurred off a socket in the house. I am also getting really low insulation resistance readings between L & CPC on the conservatory ring. I've located the...
  14. B

    If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it require isolator switch or usual fused switch

    Hi to all, If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it still require isolator switch or usual fused switch will do? It runs of 12v transformer outside. Not being linked to light switch. Can be fed from either circuits.
  15. D

    Extra spur advice - fuse needed?

    Hi, I need to run a spur from a main ring socket, however, it already is supplying a spur ( double unused socket ). Is the only way to disconnect the unused spur? Or can I incorporate a fuse? What's the safe way to do this please? Thanks
  16. M

    How do fused spurs FCUs work.

    Hi, quick question. How do FCU's work? Do they just protect the load side and what I mean is, say you have a ring final with 2.5mm^2 protected by a 20a mcb at the consumer unit and you add a fused spur on that ring de-rated to 3a to supply a 1mm cable for lighting. Now say you start turning on...
  17. A

    Question regarding a fused disconnect fuse size

    I have a question. I am installing a steam generator. The unit draws 42 amps. I have a two pole 50 amp breaker at the service box per the instruction manual. Used 6 awg. The unit needs a fused disconnect at the generator. I have a two fuse 60 amp disconnect requiring two fuses. My question is...
  18. K

    Fused spur keeps tripping breaker

    I've a 13a fused spur which is attached to single socket. The fused spur looks like it is used to power 2 security lights. One night the breaker for my upstairs sockets tripped and after some investigation I discovered it was actually the fused spur in the garage that's causing it. The socket...
  19. W

    Fused Spur and Socket

    Hi, In the example pic, if the double socket was already a single spur off a socket in the ring main, as I understand you can only have a single spur per socket from a ring, could a fused 13A switched spur for a cooker hood be taken from the spurred double socket, or does this go against the...


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