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  1. L

    Domestic New NHBC guidance for fire rated downlights / hoods

    For many years the market for fire rated downlights has been highly confusing with many manufacturers making claims but not always having the technical data to back up these claims. The NHBC has just launched new guidance to cover the use of fire rated downlights which makes it very clear that...
  2. P

    Domestic Reference method / routing guidance for cable on a wall with 25mm Celotex

    I wonder if anyone could assist with this query please ? I am a newbie, so any guidance or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. I need to run a ring final partly against a wall with internal 25mm Celotex type insulation. The additional Celotex being needed due to reduced cavity...
  3. Z

    Technical info guidance

    Hello all. Is there any technical info regarding pv installation and guidance for installation etc that I can download or acquire. For example installation set ups and requirements. Cheers in advance
  4. alban moffitt

    Guidance on new MFT's

    Hi everyone, am looking to buy a mft for the first time so that i can start signing of work myself. not really sure which make/models to be looking at. when it says '18th edtion' in the description does this mean it completes all tests stated in the regs or what? have seen some of the megger...
  5. M

    bit of guidance as suffering from empty head syndrome

    I was asked to check electrical work in a mates garage, workshop, office,and valet bay. both the sub boards in the office area and valet area are fed from 40a mcbs to sub boards using 10mm t&e . Would i class the supplies as final circuits as fed from mcbs at the main dist board as trying to...
  6. F

    Rewiring 40-50 year old wiring

    Hi all, As the title, just after a couple of pointers. Basically I've just bought a house, the existing wiring is the old colours but the CPC has a dark green sleeve, on top of that there is only 3 circuits for the house, a power a lighting and a 16a radial feed to the kitchen? I've had a face...
  7. D

    Guidance to become an electrician

    Hey guys, I need your help. I'm finishing a levels this months, and want to become an sparky. I do not know what route to take: A: Do a training course for CG level 2, then CG level 3 electrical installations. This would take under a year at the centre I'm looking on. Or B: Do an...
  8. M

    guidance on this one

    hiya lads looking for a bit of guidance on this one I was asked to look at a controls issue in a nursing home and don't know what to make of this one. on one of the doors of the BMS control panel there is a fire gas solenoid control panel and a boiler sequencer panel. These are wired in butyl...
  9. E

    Please help !Need guidance howto connect light switch

    Hi Can you please tell me correct way to wire this single switch . does red goes in com hole and black above hole where is number 1? And does green remains attached to to old metal box?
  10. D

    Guidance on correct qualifications for entry into trade

    Good evening, I am completely new to the forum, hence on this forum. I am currently a serving Fire fighter and have been interested in the potential of becoming an electrician as a career change in the long term. What I really need is the correct information on what qualifications are required...
  11. R

    guidance note 3,help please

    page 122, 0 degrees has factor 0.96 table A6,and page 129 table B2 has 0 degrees at 0.92, I understand that table A6 corrects from 10 degrees,and B2 from 20,but why not same value ,
  12. R

    Am2 Monday Coming NEED some guidance on motor circuit testing etc...

    Hello all Sparkies, Ive got a question how would you measure Zs on the installation at the origin? Even though the install is “dead”. How do you test the motor circuit as in IR and Zs etc? Would you test the 3 phase IR from the supply to the contactor then do the same from the load side to the...
  13. C

    Need Some Advice / Guidance

    Right some back story we rent a unit, 3 years ago they upgraded/updated the old consumer unit (metal, pull out fuses to a crappy plastic crabtree ) as they said they needed to for new regs / insurances etc now get a letter through as there 3 years old there due for inspection and testing (the...
  14. G

    Help/ guidance / advice

    Hi all I’m 31 years old from Liverpool and just over half way through my level 3 qual. I’m just after a little guidance on what to do when I’ve completed my course and the best way to go about it? I know I need to find an employer to do my NVQ part of the qualification but I’m stumped on where...
  15. Gakure

    Qualification Vs Career guidance

    Hi all, a few months ago, I asked on advice on the best route for a career change from Electrical Engineer to an Electrician. I was advised to take some course and since then I have achieved the following certificates (see below) but I have little practical experience. However, I am lucky to...
  16. FatAlan

    Guidance on home network wiring.

    Can anyone recommend any good books on the subject? Just about to move in to a house that can be best described as a project. Will be ripping the place to bits so will be looking to put in decent conduits etc. Will want some guidance on merits of Cat5/6 , HDMI, TV / satellite wiring.
  17. D

    Studying to be an electrician looking for any advice or guidance

    Hello I am looking to leave the forces in the next couple of years and I have started a traing course with train4jobs, this should give me my city and guilds l2 and 3 and the am2 exam. I joined this forum just for any advice or tips that anyone has to offer on becoming an electrician. Thanks...
  18. D

    Fire wall guidance, Restoring Fire Wall Properties

    Hi there, I am an electrical & instrumentation engineer but I work predominantly in heavy industry therefore, I'm not entirely sure about this one. I live in a semi detached house and am looking to mount a flat screen TV to the wall which separates me and the neighbor however, I have been...
  19. Archy Styrigg

    Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 2016-09-18

    Memorandum of guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  20. Hawk

    Domestic asbestos fuse carriers and flashguards

    Is it safe to remove a fuseboard containing asbestos or does it require a specialist to remove and dispose of it safely? Obviously I would have to disconnect everything first.
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