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  1. S

    Dimmer Switch Wiring Question

    Hello all, I need to re-wire a dimmer switch to be LED compatible. Opened it up and it has two blue colored wires going into one input. Any clue on what is going on here? Should I copy the same thing to the new option? See old and new below.
  2. J

    USA Dimmer switch in one room making lites in another glow when off or pulsate on and off?

    I wired a house about a year ago, We recently got a call back because the led can trims are glowing when the switch is off. We have figured out that the can trims that glow when their switch is off only glow when the dimmer in and for a different rom is turned on. The led can trims are listed as...
  3. K

    Need Help with wiring a Dimmer switch to receptacle to light(s)

    Hello, I need some help wiring a dimmer switch and outlet to 3 light fixtures. Attached is a picture. There’s a set of wires coming from the right, very top and left side of the board from each light fixture. These go to 3 vanity light fixtures. I’ve gotten the lights to turn on but the dimmer...
  4. G

    Dimmer switch single pole, no lights

    Hi guys. Sorry for the sad post but I thought this was a simple plug and play... So I have two light switches in my basement living room controlling one light fixture each independently. They are pot lights and too bright so I decided to buy replacement dimmers for both. Again each switch is...
  5. E

    Where do I put the dimmer switch?

    I have 2 (one gang) on/off light switches in my lounge (one at each end of the lounge). I'd like to change one of them over to a (one gang, two way) dimmer switch. One back box has lots of wires - I think the wires are going in and out of there. The other back box has fewer - I think this is...
  6. R

    Fluorescent lamps flickering after installing new dimmer switch.

    As the title says today I replaced a simple 1 way 2 gang switch with a a 1 way 2 gang dimmer switch. The first switch controls 2 ceiling lights with gu10 fittings which dim fine. The second switch controls under cupboard lights which are fluorescent lamps, they originally come on and work...
  7. J

    Neutral at dimmer switch?

    Evening all I went to someone's house today to look at a lighting circuit for them that's is tripping rcd. While there on a circuit as far as I can make out at moment that is not interconnected in anyway to offending circuit they have 230v at a switch between switch feed and what I think should...
  8. T

    Is this a dimmer switch.

    Just moved home. Does anyone have any information on this switch. It looks like a dimmer. Its feeding 3 sets of halogen spots but isn't working properly. Bright then dark etc etc. I cant find any info on it anywhere. Please help.
  9. J

    Adding a dimmer switch to in wall timer

    I put in led high hats in my soffit outside. They are operated by a timer switch. The problem is the lights are too bright. I want to add a dimmer switch to tone down the brightness. I tried to do it myself by adding a dimmer switch in between timer and lights. I tried all combinations...
  10. R

    Domestic Double dimmer switch - swapping round switches

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to light switches but managed to wire a single normal switch a few years back so thought I'd be okay with tackling this job but in truth I can't work out where to start! The issue is that in our living room we have a double dimmer switch but the...
  11. C

    advice - two wall nights and one dimmer switch wired wrong!

    Long story short i had a friend helping me out with some DIY today and I have realised that he left the wiring like pictured. I have and voltage tester so i have worked out that the middle red wire is the live one. Long story short they are now not working (i have tried some variations based...
  12. U

    Attaching dimmer switch to light fixture

    Hello there, I am quite handy but electricals is one thing i have never messed with and im needing a bit of help. I am making a couple of incubators for gecko eggs. I am using polystyrene boxes and want to put lights into the top of them. I want to use the light fixtures which plug straight...
  13. R

    Domestic Trailing Edge Dimmer Wattage question

    Looking at V-pro dimmers. I have 4 EN8 downlighters in a circuit which are 8 Watts. Would i be correct is assuming the total watts in circuit is 32, and therefore would require a 400w dimmer switch as i read somewhere you divide the total by 10%.
  14. K

    Domestic Dimmer switch not working

    fitted dimmer switch but before lights were not working and still not working what do I do
  15. Y

    Domestic Dimmer switch installation questions

    Hi every one, I had a bedroom light switch replaced with a dimmer by a qualified electrician some months ago and want to get another in another room. Before tackling this myself I thought I’d look at the bedroom dimmer as a guide after reading up about dimmers online. Just two wires so looks...
  16. A

    Dimmer switch wiring LED Help request

    I had an electrician out to do a few jobs one being fitting some dimmer switches. They all work fine apart from one. There is no buzz coming from the switch as with the others, I can get him back to fix it but if its an easy fix I'd like to rewire it myself to save time. Photo attached...
  17. M

    Dimmer switch help! Not turning brightness down low

    ive just installed 13 4w LAP downlights with are controlled by a dimmer switch. When I turn the switch on I can turn the brightness up no problem but when put it down low they still seem bright, could this be a switch issue? Thanks in advance
  18. S

    New dimmer switch - light in other room started flickering?

    Hi there! I just replaced my kitchen light with the following and all was fine: Wickes Kazbah 4 Bar Spotlight - 4 x 50W | Wickes.co.uk - https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Kazbah-4-Bar-Spotlight---4-x-50W/p/195430 Then I added this dimmer switch to dim the lights above: Wickes Dimmer Switch 1...
  19. E

    Help replacing faulty dimmer switch

    Good evening all, Looking for a bit of a help, seems a relatively small task (hopefully). My property has a dimmer switch which no longer works, I purchased a replacement today although I'm now not certain that I will be able to use this as the connections are labelled differently from the...
  20. P

    Dimmer switch advise please

    Hello all, I have just had 2x LED down-lighters (ENLITE DE8CX Dimmable, IP65, 8W, integrated LED Fire rated) (from Screwfix) installed, using 1x normal rocker type on/off switch to control both but want to change the switch to a dimmer type. Can you please advise type (preferably Screwfix but...
  21. littlespark

    Suitable dimmer switch for LED downlights

    I just completed a job for neighbour through an insurance company and main contractor. I was asked at the beginning to put in LED downlights in the kitchen, bathroom and en-suite as an extra. All done. My neighbour is asking now if I can put dimmers on the downlights?. I should be... they are...
  22. S

    Which dimmer switch will work

    Hi all, I have 14 led Newlec 3.6w spot lights and am looking for a dimmer switch that will work all 14. Can anyone recommend one that will do the job. Many thanks
  23. S

    Issue with dimmer switch

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can provide a bit of advice. I've recently been doing some decorating in the house and part of that is to change the light switches in the house. I'm in the process of changing 7 circuits in total, this consists of: Downstairs hall - 2 gang one of which is 1 way...
  24. Rob Heath

    Downlights stopped working - Dimmer switch!

    Hi Guys I have Halogen down-lighters on my Landing that have recently stopped working, there are 3 seperate switches for these, 2 single rockers at either end of the landing and 1 Double dimmer downstairs which also operates the hallway! At 1st I thought it could be a faulty transformer but not...
  25. C

    After some advice (dimmer switch)

    hi all, Recently I have moved into a house which has a fairly old fuse box (no RCD) which I have planned on upgrading sometime next year. The other night in our living room when turning on the main light (dimmer switch) there was a noticeable bang (crack) and maybe a small flash of light from...
  26. A

    LED dimmer light buzzing when switched on

    Hi all, We had new electrical wiring done 3 years ago on a domestic property by a qualified electrician. Installed the following light switch: IJDCI101S Varilight V-Pro IR Series, Intelligent Programmable Master Dimmer, with Touch Sensitive Button and Centralised Remote Control Sensor - 1 gang...
  27. P

    Changing a dimmer switch to a normal switch - help needed please.

    Good afternoon, I bought a switch from my local electrical shop with the intention of swap it for the dimmer switch. Having taken the unit apart I have found four wires going into the existing dimmer switch. One black, one grey and two brown. Question is where do I connect the four wires to on...
  28. Gary Tollison

    Can a dimmer switch be used to control drill speed?

    Hello As the title says... ;) I'm thinking about having a 1.8A 400V bushed fixed speed drill, mounted in a press, connected to a dimmer switch to control the drill speed. Any ideas, or advice? And please, to those who think I'm silly to think such an idea etc, I can do without the criticism...
  29. soms

    Earth loop impedance measurement affected by dimmer switch

    Working on a job today which included a very simple new lighting circuit. The lighting circuit a very short run from a distribution board to a single switch position, which then supplies a single luminaire. The customer wanted a dimmer switch to control the fitting. To crack on and perform the...
  30. G

    Help with wiring a double light dimmer switch and a single please

    Hello, I am not an electrician but I want to change my light switches and I have experienced a problem as I didn’t take a picture of how they were wired before. Please help. I have one double switch in the living room which should be connected to the living room light and the bedroom light and...
  31. F

    Inline dimmers (mains) for LED?

    Hi, I'm considering including an inline dimmer switch for a tabletop 'mood' lamp (mains connected) I'm currently prototyping. The lampshade is made of paper glued to a clear flame retardant PVC which is also the structure of the lamp (like an origami). I'd like to use low energy 4-6W dimmable...
  32. dnjr

    Light Fitting Per Circuit

    Dear All I have a vague recollection of something from Part L that gives a max number of light fittings per switch if the switch is not a dimmer but I can't for the life of me find it. Anyone point me in the right direction please Ta
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