1. E

    LED Dimmer headaches

    I really need help with this puzzler. First - I am moderately 'skilled' in day-to-day basic wiring. My puzzle: I am trying to replace a single-pole toggle with a dimmer to a recently installed chandelier (4 led candelabra-based bulbs, 5w each, stated on box to be dimmable). The toggle worked...
  2. E

    USA Hall Lighting with Architectural Dimmer

    I am looking at installation of an architectural dimmer, that is will supply 6 channels, with 20A circuits each (2400W ea). Our hall has can light fixtures. Roughly 50 lights are ceiling fixtures (uncertain if individually channeled, or wired in groups), and about 18 are track lights. About 24...
  3. sythai

    What dimmers you using for LEDs lamps...

    Morning All Got little bit situation going on, causing multiple visits (luckily only 2 mins drive from where we are.) Client not 100% happy with whatever dimmer set up we have tried to use, either: not bright enough / doesn't go low enough / slight flicker / few secs delay when turning ...
  4. P

    Bulbs flutter with dimmer

    I have 3 pendant light fixtures with a total of 540 watts of incandescent bulbs connected to a GE electronic dimmer. The bulbs flutter from bright to dim randomly. I have seen this with LEDs before but not incandescent bulbs. What is wrong?
  5. Mishmelly

    Question on installing a dimmer?

    The ground wire comes into the box and wraps around the green screw and continues on outside the box. Can I cut that in half and piggy on another ground wire for the dimmer?
  6. M

    Trimming a Fixture Dimmer?

    Hello! I design and build lamps, which has been a simple task so far, but I've decided to dip my toe into the dubious world of 120v LED PCBs for slimmer designs. I'm working on a lamp right now that would utilize three ~4" 120v LED PCBs that are originally designed as ceiling lamp/fan retrofit...
  7. F

    Low Voltage Dimmer Help

    I recently purchased these pathway lights: https://a.co/d/f08tuaE After installing them I realized they're too bright, so I installed one of these dimmers: https://a.co/d/3tf17Su The dimmer doesn't dim the lights very much. They go from extremely bright to very bright. They are on a 14v...
  8. Aidan364

    Changing 2 gang light switch to smart dimmer

    Hi all, I am upgrading my traditional 2 gang light switch in the kitchen to a smart 2 gang dimmer switch. When I wired up the switch the switch was constantly on and wouldn't turn off. The traditional switch was wired be one wire into common. One into L1 then the other switch was wired the...
  9. H

    Dimmer switch with discrete circuit

    Is it possible for a single dimmer switch to control two circuits, one which dims and the other which is a discrete on/off? I would like to be able to dim downlights while also switching a non-dimmable bathroom mirror on/off from one switch. Many thanks
  10. R

    3 way dimmer install question.

    Hello, Question for the experts since I haven’t had this problem before. Working on my sons house installing a 3 way dimmer. Attached is a photo of the switch that was removed. Installed a Lutron 3 way dimmer and both switches don’t function like the should. Connected as per, black to black...
  11. B

    Swap switch over to a dimmer

    My daughter is asking me if it’s possible to change her double light switch outside her bathroom to a dimmer. It’s a 2 gang switch that turns on the lights and the other switch does nothing. I think it’s permanently turned on and powers the underfloor heating programmer, flicking that switch...
  12. S

    Is this new ceiling fan compatible with the existing light and fan dimmer control switches?

    Hello, I am a DIY home owner. 1. Are the lights on this ceiling fan able to be dimmed? Do I need special light bulbs for that? Is the light control switch proper? 2. Is the existing fan dimmer switch proper to this ceiling fan? 3. If it is dimmable, what kind of lightbulbs do I need to buy?
  13. N

    G4 LED stay on after Dimmer is Switched Off

    The G4 110V 3W dimmable bulbs I purchased work with a dimmer. I can brighten them and dim them, but when I turn the dimmer off, the LED bulbs remain on (the same level as the lowest brightness). I am using a Lutron Maestro LED+ Dimmer. This style dimmer has tiny lights built into the switch so...
  14. L

    Upgrading to 3 gang dimmer

    Hi all - after some advice please, I currently have a 2 gang dimmer, 1 gang running an outdoor led light and gang 2 running 14 led downlights. I want to upgrade to a 3 gang dimmer so that I can control an additional 2- 4 led wall lights with gang 3. My challenge is that I don’t understand the...
  15. I

    Smart dimmer module recommendations please

    Please can anyone recommend a smart dimmer module for use with Aurora LED GU10s that remembers the dim setting on loss of power so that the lights don't come back on full brightness (or, even worse, remain off) when power is restored? Ideally Wi-Fi controlled. There isn't sufficient space in the...
  16. B

    3-way or 4-way switch dimming with Shelley2

    Hi there, This is my first post as I am new member here. I would really appreciate if anyone can recommend wiring a smart switch called Shelley2 dimmer into an existing circuit that I have here at my house with three switches controlling same set of lights, two of which are 3-way and the third...
  17. A

    Controlling 120v VS pump with a dimmer switch

    Hello. The variable speed switch on our old jacuzzi recently broke. The 120V 11.5amp 50/60hz motor is still functional but parts are no longer available. I tied the switch wires (see pic) and was able to control the speed using a 120v 60hz household dimmer placed directly on the line feeding the...
  18. M

    Light socket controllable by dimmer UK

    I have a double light switch where one switch is terminated into a wago clip. I'd like to replace these wagos with a socket as I'm not sure what sort of light to put on there. Is there a socket I can use that can be controlled by a dimmer switch?
  19. A

    power fed light switch Hager rcbo won’t trip

    Power fed light switch and all lights test great, as soon as we put the dimmer switches in the Hager rcbo won’t trip, any ideas please
  20. A

    Dimmer lights coming on randomly.

    Built house 20 years ago. Half the light switches got dimmers. 2 months ago thru out house lights started coming on randomly 1-5 times a day. All these dimmers couldn't go bad at the same time. What would cause this? Thanks! Albert
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