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  1. J

    replacing a dimmer light switch with a regular one

    Hello, I am trying to replace a non-working dimmer light switch with a regular single light switch. Did I do it right? I put the wires in the same place they were on the dimmer switch, but I don't know what the white wire is for. This is for a ceiling fan with a light kit. Blue switch on...
  2. J

    Rewiring from 2 gang dimmer

    Hi, in my bedroom i had a 2 gang dimmer that powered 2 set of 3 spot lights and also had passthrough wires to other sockets. Im changing to just one pendent light. this was the original setup attached. I have rewired the new standard light switch, the passthrough is working as the other...
  3. G

    Dimmer issue assistance

    I fitted a dimmer switch by daisy chaining the dimmer switch to a normal plug. The challenge is the light flickers at random intervals. If I take the dimmer switch off the lights don’t flicker. The bulbs are dimmable leds. Not an expert.. can I ask what causes the lights to flicker? Thanks in...
  4. J

    Dimmer Switch - LED

    our dimmer switch stopped working after 7 years so went to replace it at the weekend. When I opened it up, the black wire was in the common slot and the red wire was in L1 which i thought odd because i thought it needed to be the other way around. Anyway as it had worked for so long that way...
  5. F

    Triac dimmer after PIR sensor

    Hi there, I am looking at specifying a Triac dimmer switch after a PIR and manual override to control several lights, i dont see an issue why this shouldnt work as the Triac dimmer is after the PIR. Has anyone done something like this before and had issues? I know its a bit unconventional but...
  6. B

    Do BG Nexus make an intrrmediate dimmer module?

    I need an intermediate dimmer module for the BG nexus switch, but I can’t seem to find any? Any ideas where I can find one?
  7. ddd777

    Installing a dimmer on what looks like it was a 3-way, previously.

    Trying to install a Lutron Toggle/Dimmer (TGCL-153PR) Confused, as the current switch has 3 wires gong to it Black, White, and Red (there is also a ground) The Red and Black are both ALWAYS HOT and the White becomes HOT when the current switch is turned on. Which terminals should I attach which...
  8. S

    Led panel dimmer and switch wiring.

    I have a led panel that i want to dim. It is dimmable but without a dimmable driver. I have a dimmer module and a dimmer switch as shown in the foto. Can anyone sketch me a diagram on how to wire the bits together. Thanks.
  9. J

    installation enkin pdm250 dimmer modules

    Does anyone have any experience of installing Enkin PDM250 Multi-way dimmer modules? We have 4 dimmers at different ends of the kitchen / dining room, which have been wired two way (with 3 core cables). Each dimmer controls a different light in the kitchen / diner— Downlights, Over Island...
  10. E


    I have carried out home wiring for 60 years as a competent person, for the last 20 years, I employ a local electrician to check my work and sign it off. My new partner’s dimmer switch failed, the push button would not push, so I purchased a new unit. I turned off the MCB for First Floor Lights...
  11. J

    3 separate dimmer switches controlling one light.

    Hi, client wants lights dimmed at 3 separate points controlling one light, I don’t think it’s possible without a smart system etc, any thoughts?
  12. E

    LED Dimmer headaches

    I really need help with this puzzler. First - I am moderately 'skilled' in day-to-day basic wiring. My puzzle: I am trying to replace a single-pole toggle with a dimmer to a recently installed chandelier (4 led candelabra-based bulbs, 5w each, stated on box to be dimmable). The toggle worked...
  13. E

    Hall Lighting with Architectural Dimmer

    I am looking at installation of an architectural dimmer, that is will supply 6 channels, with 20A circuits each (2400W ea). Our hall has can light fixtures. Roughly 50 lights are ceiling fixtures (uncertain if individually channeled, or wired in groups), and about 18 are track lights. About 24...
  14. R

    How do I install this dimmer switch?

    Wrong forum? U.S. here. If yes...my apology. Naively, I thought the number of wires, and the the wire colors, would match. House was built in 1989 in California. Thank you....
  15. sythai

    What dimmers you using for LEDs lamps...

    Morning All Got little bit situation going on, causing multiple visits (luckily only 2 mins drive from where we are.) Client not 100% happy with whatever dimmer set up we have tried to use, either: not bright enough / doesn't go low enough / slight flicker / few secs delay when turning ...
  16. P

    Bulbs flutter with dimmer

    I have 3 pendant light fixtures with a total of 540 watts of incandescent bulbs connected to a GE electronic dimmer. The bulbs flutter from bright to dim randomly. I have seen this with LEDs before but not incandescent bulbs. What is wrong?
  17. Mishmelly

    Question on installing a dimmer?

    The ground wire comes into the box and wraps around the green screw and continues on outside the box. Can I cut that in half and piggy on another ground wire for the dimmer?
  18. M

    Trimming a Fixture Dimmer?

    Hello! I design and build lamps, which has been a simple task so far, but I've decided to dip my toe into the dubious world of 120v LED PCBs for slimmer designs. I'm working on a lamp right now that would utilize three ~4" 120v LED PCBs that are originally designed as ceiling lamp/fan retrofit...
  19. F

    Low Voltage Dimmer Help

    I recently purchased these pathway lights: https://a.co/d/f08tuaE After installing them I realized they're too bright, so I installed one of these dimmers: https://a.co/d/3tf17Su The dimmer doesn't dim the lights very much. They go from extremely bright to very bright. They are on a 14v...
  20. Aidan364

    Changing 2 gang light switch to smart dimmer

    Hi all, I am upgrading my traditional 2 gang light switch in the kitchen to a smart 2 gang dimmer switch. When I wired up the switch the switch was constantly on and wouldn't turn off. The traditional switch was wired be one wire into common. One into L1 then the other switch was wired the...


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