1. J

    Home Lighting Control System

    Hi, I’m an Electrician building my own home. Any of the lighting control systems seem to be huge money. I’m going to pick a system that I can add to overtime rather than splashing out all at once. The control units all seem to be around 8 outputs. So I’m thinking two of those for now. The...
  2. B

    Control Circuit Fault Finding

    I spent 22 years in the RAF as a ground electrician. Essentially there are about 3000 different types of ground equipment used to keep aircraft and airfields running ranging from specialist fire engines designed exclusively for the RAF, hydraulic rigs and specialist 200v/400Hz generators to run...
  3. M

    Three lights control

    Hi All, I have a small situation, A = Outside light, B = Porch light, C = Inside Light. I would like to switch A + B together but not C, and then B + C together and not C. Is there a replay or something that would switch between two different control to achieve this ?
  4. Morris19911

    Knightsbridge remote control garden lighting box

    Hey I'm looking to install some garden lighting, has Anybody installed one of these before, only 13a total current so looking to possibly install a fused spur off the ring circuit and then install this outside as it's ip66?
  5. G

    2 groups of light on 1 PIR

    Did a search but couldnt find any answer please forgive me if this has already been covered. So im looking to install 2 groups of outdoor lights 1. To illuminate the patio area 2. To illuminate along the path I am planning to wire each group through a centre off grid switch and would like to...
  6. A

    Hi guys hope you can help me , i have a large greenhouse , and only one side shuts, control unit? Cheers

    Hi guys hope you can help me, I have a large greenhouse and only one side shuts, control unit? Cheers
  7. Alexander

    Is it possible to : motorcycle EV conversion

    Is it possible, if and why not iff so, To fit an EV motor and controller directly to the stator output of a 125cc motorcycle engine, (pre regulator) Using a fixed throttle set up to increase revs to the required output and to bring it down to the engines normal idle revs for when stationary...
  8. T

    Alarm Control Panel

    Good evening all, I was just wondering if anyone could lend a word of advice/help. I am not very good at DIY unfortunately I am a first time buyer having moved in around 3 weeks ago and today virgin media come to install my internet, however I think he has drilled through the wall close to...
  9. D

    AC to DC motor thyristors speed and direction control

    So i have been given this question: You have also been asked to produce a circuit design that can control the speed and direction of a conveyor with a AC to DC motor thyristor system. What are the the operational features (how it works with speed and direction circuit diagram/s) I am really...
  10. D

    Time relay control circuit

    Hello to everyone. I'm designing a control circuit. But I am having a problem somewhere. The time relay will output at a certain time and the lamp will turn on. But if I press the Stop button 1 time, I would like the lamp to permanently cut off the energy even though the timer continues to...
  11. D

    Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's

    Hey, I've been asked a question 'what are operational systems on Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's'. I know that system I've put below would work for a lower voltage application, I just cant seem to find any information on high voltage applications. I...
  12. C

    Ideas on control for lights

    Open office , replacing fluros with led fittings, all have pull switches next to fitting & controlled by remote switch. Pull switches look real naff, obviously there for local control @ desk. Any ideas on better control system,problem is the individual control required needed too.
  13. D

    Draw a start/stop/retain relay control circuit for a 3 phase drill machine

    Hey, I'm just wonder if I can get some feedback on this drawing that I've made? any feedback will be very appreciated thanks in advance.
  14. D

    How to draw an automatic control project

    Hello to everyone. I made a circuit, but I do not know how to draw a project for it. (German Norm) or (American norm) Relay = R1 I entered the A1 terminal of the sensor cable from I24. (+ 24V.) I entered the A2 terminal of the sensor cable from C24. (0 V). I entered the cable from OSSD1 to the...
  15. R

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash).

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash). Background - 2003 Acura mdx. For some idiotic reason Acura designed the climate control fan speed and vent configuration into the touch screen. Not a terrible thing but...
  16. N

    Standy generator control panel issues

    Control panel attached to the standby diesel generator gets frequently damage despite of earthing of the body and separate grounding of the generator.What might be the causes to damage the control panel of the generator frequently during lightning sound and light rain condition? only backup...
  17. L

    2 Gang Light Switch Dual Control

    Hi All, I've searched a number of threads and can't seem to locate one that works for my situation. There are two lights controlled by two, two-gang switches. One switch is at the top of the stairs and the other at the top, so are the lights in question. They've not worked correctly when I...
  18. G

    USA autolifters of America autopro 2 post lift, where would that wire go or maybe a pic of the same control panel?

    autolifters of America autopro 2 post lift, does anyone know where that wire would go or maybe a pic of the same lifts control panel? ty in advance
  19. Electrical2go

    NEW Industrial Control Products @ Electrical2Go

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  20. R

    How to shut off 120v baseboard heater? Double pole wall mount thermostat? Single pole wall switch before heater with onboard single pole therm?

    I've planned a 20A circuit serving a tiny half-bath in a workshop. The circuit will contain a few LED ceiling lights, a receptacle (not for tools) and a 350 or 400W 120V baseboard heater. So it would not be convenient to shut off the heater via the main panel. When I'm not working during the...
  21. N

    New Touch Control Hob Problem

    I've just purchased a new touch control hob as my old unit eventually gave up the ghost. I wired it directly into the cooker circuit just as the old one was but it refused to turn on. Nothing, not a peep. So i took it back to the retailer who, without a quibble replaced it. I wired this the same...
  22. 9

    Can elec UFH thermo control floor and elec radiator ??

    Hi all, new member here with a technical question. I am doing a refurb and want to know if I can connect a 300w electric radiator to the electric UFH thermostat. Basically want the radiator to come on at the same time as UFH. Thermostat will be running in floor sensing mode and controlling...
  23. udud22

    3 Phase Control Relay

    Hi, I am new to HV Electrical Stuff. I am trying to use a emergency stop button to kill power to BOX A remotely. The wall socket has 3 phase 380V supply without neutral. I want to introduce a control relay between BOX A and Wall socket. The remotely operated cable (20 metres) with Emergency...
  24. C

    Connecting a Brake Light Module to control all 3 brake lights

    Hello, I need detailed assistance badly. I am trying to connect a Brake Light Module or a "Flasher" to my brake lights for attention but I want to control all 3 lights when brake is applied, rather than just the 3rd brake light or the main brake lights. The instruction for the product looks...
  25. J

    Wiring a 4-Function, 3-Switch Wall Control

    Before you write go get an electrician - I HAVE! And he's never wired one before. AND asked ME to do some research!! Before you also say get a new one - though boy do I want one - it is a long story and not an option. The switch is to control a bathroom vent fan with an inbuilt light...
  26. P

    Gate control and intercom - fuse blown but why?

    I have just purchased a new video intercom system which consists of an outdoor unit with key pad, camera and RFID access and then a 7 inch internal monitor. The monitor is connected with a 12v transformer plugged into the wall and then an RJ45 Ethernet cable running back into my home network...
  27. K

    Can this CCTV camera be used via smartphone app? CCTV and access control novice!

    first time poster! i had this camera given to be by a friend who had it going spare and was wondering if i could utilize this cameras full capabilities using just a smartphone app. though a qualified spark, i am a complete cctv and data novice and would like to be able to control and rotate/move...
  28. K

    Why I feel electric shock when I pressing a 24V control button?

    Hi there Normally we know people won't feel electric shock if they touch a live 24V cable. but when I was working in a factory, many operators including me feels got a short electric shock when pressing a 24V reset button. It has been like this for several weeks, operators start using pens to...
  29. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  30. happyhippydad

    Is there a PIR floodlight with remote control override?

    I am looking for a floodlight 20-50W with a PIR which has a remote control with it that can switch the floodlight on or off. Is there such a thing? Cheers all :)
  31. happysteve

    Brushless motor battery drills - unsatisfactory speed control, or just this model?

    Have had a Makita BHP458 (non-brushless) hammer drill for years, I love it, it's pretty indestructable and the torque's great, but the chuck's finally going. They seem to be moving to brushless motors now (for most of their combi drills). I've only recently bought a battery SDS drill (after 2...
  32. MarkRibbands

    Timer and local thermostat control of 3 x heaters on 3 phases. Wiring logic help please!

    I'm fitting oil-filled panel heating into two rooms of a remote workshop, with (currently) a 20A x three phase supply. Control, for occasional use only, is needed as follows: 1. A wall-mounted and easily-adjustable mechanical timer to set all the heating to come on an hour or two before people...
  33. T

    Can a remote control ceiling fan operate have a wall installed light/ fan switch too?

    Can a remote controlled ceiling fan have a wall mounted light / fan switch installed to operate the ceiling fan too?
  34. B

    Outside EM lights control

    Hi can anyone do an outside lights wiring diagram for me please, Outside EM maintained lights All be on 1 circuit EM key switch for EM lights function Contactor Photocell for EM standard use Override for EM standard use Thanks
  35. M

    Industrial Pump Control

    Hi guys, I have a starter rated 440v, and wanted to use it to a pump rated at 220-240 delta/ 380-415 star, is it possible to connect it in delta? or it should only be star?
  36. KennyKen

    Australia Instrumentation, Process and Control in Lehman’s Terms

    A helpful guide to process control, Discusses PID control loops and an in depth easy to understand description of instrumentation techniques. For someone in the commercial game or Domestic this would be a perfect book to give you an understanding.
  37. EricMark

    Independent control how?

    Independent control it what it says is required for a new build house over a set area, I would think with TRV's fitted to every radiator that is independent control, and using electronic heads one can even include time, not expensive at £10 each head. However the condensing boiler has a problem...
  38. D

    Abacus control panel. To bell box

    Hi all I have a abacus panel I want to put new bell box in It’s a Texecom premier odyssey 1e. Can anyone please help has anyone got instructions for wiring please. Also. 2nd question can I use any keypad with the abacus panel. I have a Texecom panel is it ok to use if so looking...
  39. V

    220V AC Flow Control

    Hey there! I am kind of new into the AC/DC. My knowledge is mostly in the low voltage DC level. I am asking some of the specialists here. What IC or special wiring I need so I can be sure that 220V up to 10A can flow only in one direction, as shown on the image attached. Thank you in advance!
  40. B

    Industrial Control transformer

    Had issues with a 240v to 120v control transformer not supplying power to 2 cooling fans. Both fans were connected to transformer via X1 and X2 wiring. X2 wiring was not bonded to ground initially. After bonding X2 to ground, fans would run. Any explanation would be great.
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