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  1. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  2. happyhippydad

    Is there a PIR floodlight with remote control override?

    I am looking for a floodlight 20-50W with a PIR which has a remote control with it that can switch the floodlight on or off. Is there such a thing? Cheers all :)
  3. happysteve

    Brushless motor battery drills - unsatisfactory speed control, or just this model?

    Have had a Makita BHP458 (non-brushless) hammer drill for years, I love it, it's pretty indestructable and the torque's great, but the chuck's finally going. They seem to be moving to brushless motors now (for most of their combi drills). I've only recently bought a battery SDS drill (after 2...
  4. MarkRibbands

    Timer and local thermostat control of 3 x heaters on 3 phases. Wiring logic help please!

    I'm fitting oil-filled panel heating into two rooms of a remote workshop, with (currently) a 20A x three phase supply. Control, for occasional use only, is needed as follows: 1. A wall-mounted and easily-adjustable mechanical timer to set all the heating to come on an hour or two before people...
  5. T

    Can a remote control ceiling fan operate have a wall installed light/ fan switch too?

    Can a remote controlled ceiling fan have a wall mounted light / fan switch installed to operate the ceiling fan too?
  6. B

    Outside EM lights control

    Hi can anyone do an outside lights wiring diagram for me please, Outside EM maintained lights All be on 1 circuit EM key switch for EM lights function Contactor Photocell for EM standard use Override for EM standard use Thanks
  7. M

    Industrial Pump Control

    Hi guys, I have a starter rated 440v, and wanted to use it to a pump rated at 220-240 delta/ 380-415 star, is it possible to connect it in delta? or it should only be star?
  8. KennyKen

    Australia Instrumentation, Process and Control in Lehman’s Terms

    A helpful guide to process control, Discusses PID control loops and an in depth easy to understand description of instrumentation techniques. For someone in the commercial game or Domestic this would be a perfect book to give you an understanding.
  9. EricMark

    Independent control how?

    Independent control it what it says is required for a new build house over a set area, I would think with TRV's fitted to every radiator that is independent control, and using electronic heads one can even include time, not expensive at £10 each head. However the condensing boiler has a problem...
  10. D

    Abacus control panel. To bell box

    Hi all I have a abacus panel I want to put new bell box in It’s a Texecom premier odyssey 1e. Can anyone please help has anyone got instructions for wiring please. Also. 2nd question can I use any keypad with the abacus panel. I have a Texecom panel is it ok to use if so looking...
  11. V

    220V AC Flow Control

    Hey there! I am kind of new into the AC/DC. My knowledge is mostly in the low voltage DC level. I am asking some of the specialists here. What IC or special wiring I need so I can be sure that 220V up to 10A can flow only in one direction, as shown on the image attached. Thank you in advance!
  12. B

    Industrial Control transformer

    Had issues with a 240v to 120v control transformer not supplying power to 2 cooling fans. Both fans were connected to transformer via X1 and X2 wiring. X2 wiring was not bonded to ground initially. After bonding X2 to ground, fans would run. Any explanation would be great.
  13. G

    Domestic New control panel required or not?

    Hello folks I'm after some advice with my domestic property control box. I'm not an electrician, I'd kill myself wiring a plug, so I called in the professionals who on entry to my house stated my control panel was obsolete and wouldn't be safe to keep, (it's 12 years old). Normal looking panel...
  14. F

    O/P fault on 046 in Esser IQ 8 control FACP.

    Hello, my Esser IQ8 control FACP is displaying an O/P fault 046. I have tried to see if its a zone or an address or a device. Still havent been able to rectify the fault. And what's the meaning of the O/P fault. Please anyone help. I have been on this for two dats now. All troubleshooting is not...
  15. F

    CPU Failure in an addressable IQ8 control FACP.

    I was working on this addressable system an Esser IQ8 control Facp. And the system just came on CPU failure. It started coming on fire alarm. Dont know what caused the CPU failure and if the CPU board or mother board may be damaged and needs replacement. But i perceived a small of burnt on the...
  16. M

    Trainee Simplex control panel

    Hello. Could someone help me with installation because I’m a electric noob. I got this beauty: And I need to connect this pump: Volts 115 Amps 10.7 HP 1/2 Hz 60 Do I need any disconnect? Or can I just connect this panel alarm and pump to tandem breaker HOMT2020 120/240V 20amp? Thanks for...
  17. Jimjamyaha

    Building control / works certificate

    Hi, In 2005 would building control / works certificate have been required for a new / extending kitchen wiring, new ceiling lights and oven installation? In 2007 would building control / works certificate have been required for new ceiling lights, sockets, replacement of electric shower and...
  18. R

    dimmer control over 1 hour

    looking for any ideas please. I have a customer that is turning 3m x 3m of his garage into a room that is gonna house reptiles and fish. He would like if at all possible to have an LED dimmable strip light that could operate on a timer, but with the added function of when the timer kicks in the...
  19. S

    Hazardous areas - control voltage transformer earthing -

    I've been in an ongoing debate regarding earthing of a control transformer and i'd like some other opinions. 690 primary, 120v secondary supplying control circuits (contactors/DC convertors etc), the neutral is tied to earth - My issue is the location that it is tied to Earth. As far as I know...
  20. J

    DIY custom console flap servo control

    Hi, First time posting here, looking for some advice. Have recently made a custom console for my car to hold the radio and house a few important gauges . Trying to avoid the boy racer look in my interior I have designed a fold back flap to cover the gauges when the ignition is off. I have...
  21. Darrin Brand

    Inverter speed control help

    Can any one help ? Emerson command sk I've got a 3ph motor from a boilie making machine that has the above attached to it , I've reset the parameters to factory and input the motor parameters to the relevant fields but still can't get it to work , it's alternating between a tr01 fault or a...
  22. S

    Electrical test on 3 phase control panel

    Hi i need some advise on writing out a electrical cert for a control panel,i have only tested distribution boards has anyone done certs for control panels?. My query is the panel has overloads for motors,ive done my R1 R2 tests etc how do i record these on the schedule as there not circuit 1-12...
  23. R

    Domestic Trying to control 2 o/s lights from 2 PIRs

    I'm new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. Is there any way to control and sync two separate lights to come on triggered from either of two PIRs? Maybe RF? I have an outside path & steps leading up from garage to house - going round a corner -- which needs lights at both ends...
  24. D

    Timer for contactor control

    Hello all, I am needing a din rail mount timer which will control a contactor. It will need to have a function which will allow me to have the contactor energise for 30mins. Off for 30mins. On for 30mins and repeat forever. New to this and i am getting confused with On delay, Off delay timers...
  25. Richard Burns

    Lewden Control Gear Direct no longer manufactured?

    I have just heard that Lewden / Control Gear Direct have stopped producing their circuit protective devices as of 13th May, is this anything anyone else has heard of or can confirm? I have used a fair number of their consumer units and RCBOs and will be nonplussed if I now have to tell customers...
  26. edexlab

    Bonding Control panel

    Currently building a system for a PITA customer Did stage 1 last year ( I only did onsite install) They snagged and changed totally nonsensical things at a whim and my company let them Resulted in job being completed 4 mths late This year stage 2 only had 4 electrical snags versus 176 last...
  27. B

    Touchpanel doesn´t control

    Hello, i have touchpanel TP-MW-01/W/WM and controler LGC-MW-01/L/plus and...
  28. happyhippydad

    Which underfloor heating control panel?

    My customer wants to change her control panel for her underfloor heating. She finds it too complicated and wants something more simple. I have only ever fitted the ones that the customer has supplied along with the underfloor heating. Here is the one she has at the moment: Can anyone...
  29. V

    Domestic MK and quality control

    Hi just wondering if many of you out there are noticing problems with some of your MK fittings now ? For a good few months or maybe even a year I have been noticing especially with the 20A flex connectors that, quite often one of the screws doesn’t want to tighten as if it’s cross threaded ...
  30. rustynails

    Current generation under control

    You've all seen people on YouTube overloading twin and earth cables, JW etc... How are they generating current and how are they able to control that generation?
  31. N


    hello I will start an Industrial Control Panel assembley company soon !Not just for industrials ,we can make any control panel! Somebody knows ,how to find clients (customers) or competetions?i would be happy to get any advice! where can i find any advertise ? thanks!!
  32. Spaniel

    Commercial 3 phase motor control conundrum.

    Hello, a mechanic friend asked me to check his hydraulic vehicle lift controls as it had failed. When I arrived the lift started working again (of course) but with some contactor chattering upon initial start for approx 5 seconds. He was happy it was working again and wanted to get home, I had...
  33. G

    Motor control for chicken house

    Hi All, Due to unforseen circumstances I have inherited a chicken farmer as a customer. He has just taken on another free range egg unit and wishes to install motorised 'pop holes' so that he can remotely open and close the doors for the chickens via a GSM module.(there are also push buttons in...
  34. Ian B

    Domestic Suggestions for Lighting Control Systems

    I'm familiar with Lutron and similar high end systems, but wondered what contractors are using in the residential sector, for new smaller installations (maybe one or two rooms). For example, where a client has a mix of conventional circuits such as downlights, pendants, etc and would like basic...
  35. C

    cable from existing cooker control switch to new oven/grill

    Hi, neighbour has asked if I would run new cable from existing cooker control unit to new oven/grill. The easiest way to run cable without disruption would be under existing kitchen cupboards. Cable would be 2.5mm or 4mm depending on oven. Is it ok to run this,this way ? and would it be better...
  36. I

    Rewiring fridge to bypass thermostat (for external control)

    Hi, I'm attempting to adapt a fridge into a homebrew fermentation chamber with a digital thermometer controlling the compressor via an arduino and relays. Initially, all I need to do is take out the thermostat and rewire so that the compressor always runs when the power is on, ideally with the...
  37. I

    Industrial Digital control of contactors

    We are trying to control a bunch of 3 phase contactors using an HMI. The contactors' coils are activated by two lines of the 240V 3 phase source (L1 and L2). We are trying to figure out if the relays needed for activating the coils should be rated at 120V or 240V, or if we need another type of...
  38. M

    Does the brushed DC motor and Permanent magnet Dc motor need position feedback in the control system

    Hello guys. I am an electrical electronics engineering student. I have two questions. if you answer my questions ı'll be happy. Thank you from now. Does the brushed DC motor need position feedback in the control system? why? Does the permanent magnet dc motor need position feedback in the...
  39. C

    Using an encoder to control a VFD.

    I need to use a rotary encoder to control the speed of a VFD, so if the line speed varies then the VFD also changes. I have no experience of this. Usually I use Rexroth drives (not Indramat). Can these use an encoder easily enough? Or can you recommend one and an encoder please! Thanks.
  40. B

    Easikey 1000 plus control panel

    Hi, have an easikey 1000 plus control panel which controls two fob readers either side of the gate with an emergency switch, now someone’s been and reset the panel feeding the box and now the fob only works when entering the gate and doesn’t work if you exit there’s a red light that flashes...
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