1. PliersForHire

    Minor Works on new Thermostat

    Hi All I have been asked to supply a minor works certificate on a smart thermostat upgrade. Would I just test the dedicated circuit from the CU to the spur or does it involve all wiring attached to the wiring centre? Cheers PFH.
  2. sebas96

    PSU works with a multimeter attached, but trips the safety without it.

    Hey, I want to use an old xbox 360 PSU- 12V 175W output- for my 12V sup pump (pump/air compressor). When I connected the PSU to the pump directly the SUP pump worked without a problem until it switched to the air compressor( it does it automatically after the pressure reaches 1 psi. The moment...
  3. Lost Girlfriend

    Storage solutions what works?

    Hi All, this forum was incredibly helpful when I last posted. I'm a girlfriend (hoping to level up soon) to a man who is just starting his electricians training. I posted before about gift ideas for him and you guys pulled it out the bag for me and gave me ideas that covered me for a few things...
  4. Q

    Who can sign off minor works and EIC's?

    Evening all, I just wanted to see if electrical improvers/adult trainees with appropriate levels of experience and who hold testing qualifications can complete minor works certs or EIC's for basic installs. For me that shows competence and skill as is always mentioned and certs are checked off...
  5. M

    UK Minor works certification

    Hi everyone, I’m brand new to the site and hope everyone is doing well. My question is this: I have a 2365 level 2 diploma and have been doing some electrical work around the house , i.e. moving existing sockets and adding a spur. Can I issue my own minor works certificate? Or am I just over...
  6. Sparkgap

    Super low mains voltage, what works?

    Some months ago the transformer feeding my road had a HV phase loss with the result that my house was only getting about 85V. It was interesting seeing what stuff worked and what didn't: for example, 60W bulbs glowed, fluorescent lights didn't(!), some LED lamps worked, others didn't, and my DAB...
  7. C

    How can i have power flowing in a circuit where 1 item works but rest of chain does not?

    There is power flowing. I have checked with multimeter. One light on the line works..even replaced the switch it is connected to. Rest of line still down. Been down for months since a large storm although no indications of lightening strike. Replaced breaker on dice. On Tuesday power...
  8. gmdaly

    new minor works certificate for a fused spur

    Hi, can someone give me some advice RE completing a small works certificate for a fused spur coming from a ring final. 1) In part 2 of the AMD2 small works cert, its wants Zdb supplying the final circuit. Does this mean the Zs for the ring final that I measure or the MaxZs 32A MCB which is 1.1...
  9. R

    Surge protection on minor works

    Evening all, Pretty straightforward I think. I was led to believe that surge protection needs to be fitted on all additions and alterations including when doing minor works unless the client signs a waiver. Another sparky I work with claims that this does not apply if you are just adding a an...
  10. K

    Horstmann Electric 7 only works with boost

    Hi all, any suggestions, as my Horstmann only works when boost is switch on, even though an electrician has checked it two times! I do believe the settings are correct, any suggestions as to why this might be? Should the 'timed boost' have the black arrow there when the red button is on also...
  11. S

    EICR - I completed all remedial works now being told he needs to do a full test again

    Hey all, Could do with some help. I had a company recommended to me who quoted me to do an EICR on my rental property. (£265). I thought this was quite expensive but as I've been messed around no end by tradesmen I thought I'd go with the recommendation and pay the extra. I also asked him to...
  12. Raptor0014

    Views on Minor Works Certs

    Morning all. I was chatting with another spark the other day and he’s telling me I’m making excessive work for myself by issuing minor works certs for everything I do that isn’t covered with a EIC. Eg if I change a socket I check everything first (Ze, Zs, PEFC, PSSC, R1+R2, RCD Trip times...
  13. N

    Leviton 3-way smart switch works, but I think it's wired incorrectly!

    I installed a Leviton smart switch in a 3-way circuit and the corresponding coordinating switch in the picture (right switch). The lights function as they should using both switches. However, I recently was about to install another switch on left side of the box, when I looked at the...
  14. N

    does this need a minor works cert

    As above ,does any of the following work require a minor work cert, changing MCB's, changing sockets, fitting CU blanks, filling CU holes with intumescent sealant (CU not to IP rating ) all noted during EICR's some FI's which turn out to be loose wires in circuits This is Scotland...
  15. A

    Issuing minor works certificate

    Hello all, I'm a mere PAT tester and access this forum alot as I learn so much from it. I wanted to ask about like-for-like socket changes and issuing MWCs. I test fixed appliances also so I understand the correct isolation procedure. I often find damaged sockets and fused spurs and I'd like to...
  16. E

    Touch control lamps only works when switch wire is disconnected.

    I have fitted a touch control switch to a lamp, (I have done many no problem)…..However in this table lamp with a cast iron base the device does not operate when connected to the base? But when unscrewed the light turns on and 3 stage dims as it should. Any ideas welcome please.
  17. J

    Electric heater blows up but circuit still works for fan.

    My Lasko electric heater stopped working and I thought it just played out so I replaced it with another heater that worked fine for a while, but when I went back to check it was also not working. A fan is on the same circuit and has been that way for years, the fan still works fine. Is this...
  18. FreeBeam

    NICEIC Certification Scheme EICR Remedial Works evidence

    Hi all, Newbie here and looking for some advice and confirmation. We are planning to rent out our home and have completed EICR through the agents. The EICR came back with a few C2. 240v fan in shower cubicle C2 Socket backbox damaged in lounge C2 Socket backbox damaged in hallway C2 IP of...
  19. M

    Works dont it?

    Went to do an EICR the other day, upon arrival and chatting with the boyfriend of the woman he explains "yeh well I know a bit about electrics and do bits and bobs for people" .....painter by trade. Alarm bells ringing already. Whilst doing a quick visual come across this out the back. I.P...
  20. R


    Electricians required for various packages of wok ( Test and Inspect, EV, Remedials, Installation, Servicing, Door entry) in and around London, Oxford, Reading, Slough. FULL time employed or SUB work available. [email protected] Immediate start - Great salary.


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