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  1. S

    Maximum Zs on Circuit details schedule

    hi guys, Seen on the circuit details schedule in a DB on our site, someone had inserted Zs values for the circuits as follows. 16a C type breaker as 1.44 ohms 10a C type breaker as 2.30 ohms 80a C type breaker as 0.28 ohms I believe he’s calculated Zs by doing (in the case of 16amp c...
  2. Soulcraft Electric

    DEIC - Circuit Details

    If only working on a single circuit but using a DEIC how do folk generally mark circuits that have not been worked on? Screenshot below is from NICEIC online "software"...
  3. C


    Hello All, As I have mentioned before I have been a Free Subscriber to the IET `Wiring Matters` Magazine for many years after being given a Free subscription by the then IEE after posing a question to them. As you will know the Magazine is now an online version and I get regular Emails...
  4. happyhippydad

    Would you get the megger 1731 or 1711.... see below for details.

    I simply cannot decide between the 1711 and the 1731!! I only need the functions of the 1711, but I would REALLY like the rechargeable battery function of the 1731. The difference in price (after buying the remote probe, as it comes with the 1731) is about £300 (inc VAT). I really don't need...
  5. N

    CSCS labourers card ... Employers details needed?

    Passed my level 1 operatives test today and rang the citb to get my card. Whilst on hold the voice over stated that I cannot get my card without having employer/ giving their details? Decided to hang up and ask here before I go off on one! Do I need to be employed before I can get a card...
  6. S

    Electrician/electricians mate needed london

    Electrician/ mate needed north London and Watford areas. Immediate start
  7. happysteve

    MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form 2019-01-01

    This is a MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate) in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from the IET model forms, at: electrical.theiet.org/wiring-regulations/forms/2015-amd3-forms.cfm?type=pdf There is a copyright notice on the...
  8. sparkdog

    Socket & See Dcf200

    Has anyone got one of those and does it work OK? Looks like a useful bit of kit for not too much money.
  9. J

    New circuits.

    Hi all I'm. Installing new circuits into a metal db with 10mm twin and earth as the tails into the main switch, so I can only assume their is a submain but my issue is the garage it's choca and we think it's where the main fuse is, would anyone be happy to put lim in this situation with the...
  10. SRE

    Solar Planet

    How does Solar Planet get my details to ring me and offer to change my inverter over to Solaredge? I've had 2 calls from customers to say they've been offered it and now one tonight for my own system. They're buying in data from DLG and TDP Marketing but other than the MCS list no-one else...
  11. J

    Cable calculation software

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a half decent cable calc programme? I don't mind paying for one that's good and easy to use but some of the ones ive googled seem very expensive to me.
  12. telectrix


    just received tis email. looks like a scam to get your paypal details so they can rob your bank account. the giveaway is the grammar etc. Hello Member ! This is Automatic Message Generated by System To Let you know that you have to confirm your account your account muse be confirmed because...
  13. J

    installation cert

    received an installation cert from one of the sparks , it was for a new circuit for a washing machine he installed on an exisiting domestic CU , just want to know how much info should be included on the circuit details and results page . Ive informed him to go back and record all the circuits...
  14. uksparks

    NICEIC Form questionH

    On an EIC, be it with whoeverm but using a standard one, or that of niceic online, how or here would I write the details of a control circuit from a time switch to Contactor etc? Or dont you bother?
  15. Resu

    Duplicate Easycert EICRs

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's possible to duplicate an entire EICR on the app. We have a scheme of 20 houses to do all exactly the same electrically and this would save a bit of time (worth mentioning we obviously won't be using the same values for each property, it's...
  16. N

    Installation Claim

    What is the procedure to claim for a poor installation leading to roof leaks? The company no longer exists but was RECC/REAL and NICEIC. Thanks
  17. S

    Additional Circuits - Filling out the EIC

    Sorry new here, Just wondered when we fill out the Circuit Results (usually page 3) do we need to fill in all the names of the other circuits? Could we just write 1 2 3 4 5 6 Basement Lighting 7 8 9 10 11 New Boiler Or do you have to fill it all in, I am guessing if yes then it is only the...
  18. tosh1

    Domestic "mk switch exchange"

    MK SWITCH EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead: Is anyone else having this nightmare trying to get a payment out of the company. They were very quick in offering a call out fee to check switch but its like getting blood out of a...
  19. F

    testing multiple DBs with Easycert

    Subject testing multiple DBs with Easycert For new 3 ph. installation Set up DNO – Fuses Client HRC fused Main Switch isolator feeding MCCB panel having 1 X MCCB main switch feeding Integral bus bar to 27 3ph MCCBs these feed remote DBs Using Easycert Page 2 SUPPLY CHARACTERISTICS = DNO...
  20. B

    Installation near Glasgow

    Anyone do installations just north of Glasgow (Old Kilpatrick)? My mum has had a quote from Solarson but I think she should at least get 3 quotes to see who offers the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest). Any takers?
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