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  1. R

    Horstmann Economy 7 not working

    Hello, my Horstmann E7 isn't working in my apartment. I can here the clock timer ticking and the boost timer is working but no hot water is being expelled. The indicator lights for boost or timed are not lit up. Does anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot/fix? Please let me know if more...
  2. dodger421

    For Sale Freebie: Horstmann CentaurPlus C27

    I found this in a box of bits in the garage and thought I’d put it on here incase anyone finds themselves in need of one. Postage only if anyone does want it. It was fully working when the old boiler got replaced with a combi in January last year. It’s been sat in the box since then so it...
  3. M

    Horstmann electronic 7

    Had an old model horstman which died on me so I replace it with the newer model. Can't seem to get it to heat up anything, boost light won't light up either? 1x 18inch vertical immersion ( tested element came back 20ohm) Could it be the stat that's not working preventing this? My screwdriver...
  4. D

    Please help! Horstmann radio telemeter series 2a

    Good evening all. I'm in desperate need in some help please. I recently changed a fuse board with a horstmann radio telemeter series 2a NU077-222, not realising that it is an economy 7 meter. I'm very confused into the connections of the other tails required to feed a separate fuse board for the...
  5. C

    HORSTMANN VMK 7D SRS economy 7 times

    I really hope that someone can help! I've watched some YouTube videos and searched online but nothing really helps. We have a Hortsmann VMK 7D SRS, in a rented property. What I need to know is: * What time is the cheaper rate (economy 7) set for * Do we get an extra cheap rate boost between...
  6. C

    How to use a horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater

    Ive recently moved in to a rented property and am unhappy with how high the bills are. Im trying to figure out why - the property is a two-bedroomed flat, two people occupying, everything is electric, storage heaters and horstmann economy 7 quartz water heater. I'm sure we're using the storage...
  7. telectrix

    Horstmann Programmer.

    as title. got a customer with a failed Horstmann 7 hot water programmer,, as in just the hot water, not central heating. programme it for off peak on the bottom element and with a manual boost for daytime on the top element. can't seem to find anywhere, all i get is water/ch programmers.
  8. F

    Help regarding a Horstmann Electronic 7 timer

    Hi, I'd like some help on an issue I'm having with my Horstmann electronic 7 timer if anyone can help me please. Our electricity bills currently seem very high for this time of year, they're coming out at £80 a month for a 2 bed apartment, with both me and my partner being out between 08:30...
  9. D

    evening from Scotland- advice if possible.

    Hi everyone, Im looking for any info on making a Horstmann Electronic 7 able to be connected to a "smart" control - Hive, Nest Tado…anything. Alternatively is there a smart product that would replace the Horstmann to provide this capability.
  10. J

    Setting or adjusting a Horstmann Astral Clock

    A friend of mine has an old mechanical Horstmann Astral stair lighting timer. It has managed to get completely out of whack in both times and month. Anyone know how to adjust or reset one of these clocks? Can’t find any instructions other than “don’t mess with these things, live electricity...
  11. L

    Horstmann 425 Coronet wiring question

    I've just fitted a Horstmann 425 Coronet to control an immersion heater. All it's doing is turning the immersion heater on and off a couple of times a day, so a very simple arrangement. I've attached a photo of how I've wired it in and I believe it's correct, but I just wanted someone to confirm...
  12. X

    Electrician immersion heater not working in Barking

    My boiler isn't heating up water overnight like it should. I have horstmann economy 7 quartz. The timer light doesn't turn on. Boost is working but it takes a long time to heat up the water. Is it my thermostat that needs replacing?
  13. N

    Horstmann timer on/off switches?

    Hi All- We are having some issues and think our electric brick heaters might be coming on during the day and causing our electric bill to be sky high. Can anyone tell us how to remove the extra ON OFF switches on this Horstmann timer pictured below? I have arrows pointing to the ones we want to...
  14. polo1

    Horstmann Electronic 7

    Think I’m missing something here. Have been asked to remove a Horstmann E7 BX and replace with an Electronic 7. The existing set up is two immersion elements (top & bottom) in one cylinder, 24hr top and O/P bottom Now, the BX has connections for both the incoming off peak and 24hr supplies...
  15. J

    Understanding economy 7

    Economy 7 horstmann quartz timeclocks for water heaters with dual elements, from my understanding they would require two separate supplies to work on a off peak supply and regular supply, although after looking inside one today and looking at diagrams only 1 supply is used. How is this possible?
  16. M

    Keeping Horstmann 7 on all day?

    Hi all, I have zero experience with boilers and timers so hoping I can clear up some confusion. I have a Horstmann Electronic 7 with a simple digital interface controlling a Heatrae Sadia megaflo tank. I need hot water at irregular and different times of the day throughout the week. I can set it...
  17. 123

    Centaurplus Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Instructions

    123 submitted a new resource: Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer - Horstmann C21 & C27 Programmer Read more about this resource...
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