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  1. J

    Thermal overload

    Got a 7.5kw pump that’s blocked. Overload set to full load current of 13amp and fuses are BS88-2 20M25 but it keeps blowing the main fuses every time it’s blocked why would this be. The motor electrical is fine tested insulation resistance and resistance of winding. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. J

    Thermal overload

    Can a thermal overload protect against fire?
  3. J

    Overload, Overcorrect and ADS...

    Hi all, probably a couple of silly questions here, I know. I just need some clarification if possible. Firstly. Is there a difference between overload and overcurrent? I've always assumed they are the same thing but recently I have been considering this more and I'm reasoning that overload...
  4. J

    What do I Set the overload to on a soft start

    My question is what would I set the overload to on a soft start. Do I use the FLC on the name plate or that value /1.73 as what it says on the soft start. Thank you for your help in advance guys.
  5. D

    Single phase 240v motor starter & overload with on/off switch wiring?

    Hi, Hoping you all can help me wire up my single phase 240v induction motor. Can someone please explain or even better sketch out where the wires need to go, I have a fair idea already just want some good advice before I continue. Switch is CK-5 10A 250v - SWITCH Thanks in advance!
  6. edexlab

    Overload issue

    I'm looking at a German made roller conveyor system 10 motors contactors controlled by a PLC Issue is customer says 3 mths ago motors started stopping and overheating, and would then start again when cooled down Overloads trip out PLC, input switches contactors off and someone presses reset...
  7. E

    8.5kw shower install

    Got called out to a shower tripping which has been recently installed by another spark. 8.5kw shower newly installed on existing 6mm2LSF cable not longer than 10m from single phase DB. Protected by a 40A RCBO Type B (shower current Calculated at 36.95A @ 230v) when clamped shower was pulling...
  8. M

    Setting Motor Overload

    Hi, How do you set a motor overload? I have read that you set it at the FLA of the motor but also that you should consider service factor. Which is correct? Thanks.
  9. C

    Thermal overload 3 phase to single phase pump

    Boiler panel controlling a 3 phase grundfos pump. Pump was tripping thermal overload... Pump replaced for a single phase grundfos by engineer etc... I was asked to convert the control circuit to single phase which I did. But still tripping on the thermal overload. Set it slightly higher for...
  10. J

    Why do soft starts tell you to set the overload at (delta FLC/1.73)

    Hi I have a question on soft starts. Why do soft starts have motor FLC delta /1.73. I’m confused as I understand star delta it is set at 58% of the full load current as the overload is in line with the windings. Thanks for your help in advance.
  11. Ironbones

    Commercial Still Learning -Whats this for connected to contactor and overload.

    Hi All Could someone explain this to me please. Connected to the contactor, over load are two coils (are they ferrite chokes) please see photos. Also why only two and not three one for each phase, marked with a 65 in the photos. The motor is used to control a blower unit, that moves a bean...
  12. Ian1981

    Overload protection to a central heating pump x2

    Is it a requirement to provide overload protection to a central heating pump rated at 2.77amps? I’m kinda under impression that an almost 3 amp pump jamming will get rather hot. I mentioned this to the heating installer who has requested we just installed 2 x isolators for the pumps through a...
  13. Adam_92

    Setting the overload on a direct online starter

    Hi I’m sitting my AM2 next month and have found out that you need to set an overload on a direct online starter motor circuit. I have tried asking my supervisor and assessor,tutor at college not one of them have given my a straight answer.. Is this the formula? Its 3 phase so formula is...
  14. D

    Anyone use the Hylec DOC contactors and overload relays?

    Type: Hylec-APL | Motor Control Gear | Contactors - https://www.hylec-apl.com/contactors & Hylec-APL | Motor Control Gear | Thermal Overload Relays - https://www.hylec-apl.com/thermal-overload-relays Got a project coming up where I need to remotely start about 20 pumps so looking at Hylec as...
  15. S

    Does this bell transformer have overload protection?

    Hi Folks I bought one of these Door Bell Transformer | Stevenson Plumbing & Electrical Supplies - https://www.stevensonplumbing.co.uk/door-bell-transformer.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwLOp8p7A3QIV7grTCh3TzQvbEAkYAiABEgIxmvD_BwE as it's SELV and supports illuminated pushes, but can't find any...
  16. R

    Difficult overload omissions question

    Q12 Omission for circuit protection against overload may not be given to which of the following: 1. Fire Panel supplies 2. Control circuit for fire extinguishing equipment 3. Exciter circuits for rotating machines 4.Supply circuits for lifting magnets I'm guessing it's the control circuit but...
  17. J

    Overload relay with aM fuse

    Hi Can we use an aM fuse with overload relay,? If yes can an aM fuse protect the conductors from damage incase of short circuit Since i suppose aM fuses are used only for motor protection and cable. How will cable protection achieved when aM fuse is used with an overload relay Please explain...
  18. M

    1361-2 overload blow, time How long?

    Guys, Just to settle a debate i had earlier with another spark. 100A 1361-2 DNO fuse, constant current of 130A. He thinks it will blow within minuets. I think it will last a good few hours. (At least). I cant find any time/current info on 1361 fuses, but would quite like to know the answer...
  19. J

    Most difficult fault

    Just wanted to know out of curiosity difficult wiring faults people have come across in there careers? what type of fault, and how you got to the bottom of it, Some faults are easier to find than other, maybe the fault was an emergency call out or perhaps something that was picked up on a EICR...
  20. C

    struggling to reset Mains after overload

    Greetings all. I have the lowest cost supply of electricity available here in France. that means that I can only have a few heaters running at the same time as the oven is on or the main rcd supplied by the electricity company trips. now my problem is trying to turn it back on again. it refuses...
  21. C

    Potential overload of ring mains

    At a house viewing I saw a dozen electric radiators connected mainly by plugs into wall sockets, one or two (in bathrooms) connected to fused spurs. I calculated nearly 14Kw and I'm given to understand all these rads are connected to either of two ring mains with 32A breakers. A quick look at...
  22. T

    Overload protection omission

    Hi folks, not posted in a while but I have been having a few interesting discussions about this one !!! I have come across a cooker connection outlet which is wired in 6mm and supplied via 45a dp sw and a 32a MCB Now in this outlet I have an oven at 3kw wired in 2.5mm HOFR and a sparker for...
  23. HoverSPRX

    No Overload Protection on DB wired to Busbar

    Hi all, I recently carried out an EICR on a biolabs, it has a DB in the mains room that was wired direct into the busbar on 25mm tails within 3M. The busbar is on a 200A fuse and the DB in question is a 24 way three phase board. I know that 20 + years ago when this was installed some guy has...
  24. O

    Overload Protection - Major Renovation

    Hi All, First post on this forum, but I've been reading the great questions and answers for years, so I hope someone can help me out? I've renovated a few houses in my time and done some of the basic wiring myself, but my latest 1940's house is a real project and needs a professional's...
  25. P

    thermal constraints

    what 2 methods are they to determine the sustainability of a protective conductor for thermal constraints during earth fault conditions?? And might be a long shot but can anyone tell me what component of a RCD will operate for a .. a. line to earth fault 2.3 ohms b. line to neutral fault 0.01...
  26. A

    Beko Condenser not heating

    hi, I have a Beko DC7110 condenser dryer that's not heating, I have cleaned out all filters etc, the heating element has been replaced(which includes thermal overload) and the front thermal overload has been resistance tested and is fine, what could potentially be the reason? Thanks
  27. Pat H

    Domestic Cable size less than protective device rating

    Noted today an interesting comment on page 43 of christopher kitchers Practical guide to inspection, testing and certification of Electrical Installations ( a great book ) Under Shower curcuits he states: For this type of circuit it is possible to have a cable which has a current rating of less...
  28. B

    Industrial Setting the overload on a motor circuit contactor.

    Hi I haven't much experience on this subject so thought id ask!. I need to choose and set the overload on a circuit contactor containing an overload. It's a 3ph motor rated at 14.1 amp do i set the overload at the same current rating or just above due to the initial inrush?
  29. J

    fused spur wiring... advice

    i was at work today replacing some sockets and backboxes and there was 2 fused spurs im a 1st year apprentice... i dropped the faceplates put the new backboxes in etc... and there was a linking cable for the 2 fused spurs and i linked the supply and the actual linking cable together in the...
  30. ebow72

    Am2 2015

    Hello folks, not posted in a while, been busy. However this week I have been slightly busier than usual. I completed my AM2, results due tomorrow morning 8 AM... I did the PRE AM2, I did find it a big help. Glad I did it. AM2 consisted of the following - Risk Assessment, Safe Isolation. There...
  31. S

    Industrial injection testing of crompton thermal overload

    Evening All, Is there anyone that knows what tests are required when carrying out injection tests on a Crompton Thermal motor overload type CR 12 /13 model. Thanks Sparky 63
  32. T

    Overload fusebox

    Wylex bs5486 4 way 60 amp max?
  33. F

    dasy chaining boards ?

    a big hotel group has asked us that they want 2 way dbs in each bedroom feeding one socket and 5 lights all led fittings, but they want the supplies to boards daisy chained from 10mm t&e or swa feeding 4 rooms per circuit. the only way ive ever done this is sub per board, but cant find anything...
  34. O

    Commercial D.O.L With Timer Circuit

    Hi. I am new to D.O.L but have sussed them out except I have one scenario I still need help with. There is a single phase pool pump which is set to come on with a honeywell single channel 7 day time clock. I have wired the D.O.L as single phase with a 230V coil. The problem is I need the...
  35. I

    protecting cable inside a distribution panel.

    Hi, Just came across something earlier that made the have a think. Distribution panel fed by 25mm cable. This goes directly in to a D50 breaker. The D50 feeds 4 6mm cables squeezed in top of the MCB that feeds small 3 phase bus bars, these in turn feed 1.5mm circuits. I have fitted MCBs to...
  36. A

    Industrial 3 phase contactor with overload

    Hi all, Could some one explain the correct way in connecting a 3phase contactor with overload protection. I have the supply going into l1, l2, l3 and motor connected to the load terminals, t1, t2, t3. I also have the 230v connected to the a1 coil and neutral on a2. Just a bit confused...
  37. F

    nominal current rating of main switch

    hi guys if installing a shower consumer unit with a 63amp rcd main switch and a 100 amp OPD PRIMARY SUPPLY then main switch is of a lesser value than the main over current protective device how do we get around this.
  38. D

    Rcd- mcb

    Hi guys in installing a 16mm submain with a 10mm earth and I'm going to install a 80amp time delay RCD with a 63amp MCB to protect it. Some one said I could just use a 63amp RCD to protect it? Never done this before and wouldn't think you could. Also should I just use a 63amp RCD with a 63amp MCB
  39. D

    domestic question???...

    Would a 16 amp MCB be capable for a kitchen ring?? 3x double plugs, 4x 13 amp fuse spurs for the washing machine etc.. and the cooker is on its own mcb...thanks
  40. H

    problem of circuit protection

    Hello, after shutdown of power supply ,at the next time of start, my water pump it is breakdown. I think my circuit protection is not approperiate, because it is the second breakdown !! please,how to protect my installation correctly. thank you
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