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  1. D

    MCS Certification 3rd Party??

    Looked at a job the other day where client has installed himself a solar pv system with batteries. The pv system is less than the magic figure of 3.6Kw. He has asked us to connect to the electrical installation using an EPS output in event of power failure, and advice as he wants to export but...
  2. D

    I’m currently an IT contractor but want to be able to do electrical work too.

    Hi there. I’m hoping for some advice. I currently run a small limited company that provides IT services, both commercial and domestic so I carry out a lot of data & fibre cabling work. Over the last couple of years I’ve found that a lot of clients / customers ask me about doing electrical...
  3. cliffed

    Niceic certification

    Senior moment would you just fill in the Rcd section when fitting a RCBO
  4. O

    Best certification software

    Its time I bit the bullet and got some proper certification software, I've used my own forms for ages now which I spend pre-filling everything in to use as a template and I could fill a domestic cert in in about 10 minutes. However all the forms have changed layout now and people are begining to...
  5. J

    Meter type matching Re: certification years

    I have an electric meter manufactured by GEC which is type C11B2-H I would like to establish how long it can remain in service. The Office for Product Safety & Standards gives the years of service for different meters in their Schedule 4 list but it does not list mine: Schedule 4: UK...
  6. I

    Industrial certification required to work in usa or any other european country

    Please, what certification is required to work in usa or any other european country as a foreigner. I am an industrial electrician with masters degree in electrical engineering
  7. J

    Query on recent Electrical Certification for property

    A relative recently had an electrical certification done on a rented property. The property was build in 2005 and had previously passed 3 electrical certifications with flying colours, however this time round a number of issues arose resulting in a bill of £500, which was very surprising...
  8. fivevoltlogic

    Does this look, feel, smell or sound right? - Categorising Observations

    I was surfing through one of the electrical training groups on Facebook yesterday and came across this question from an AM2 prep course: There were 4 points to fill in after that. Initially I thought of the C1-C3 and FI codes, but then thought that these being the codes for EICR wouldn't be...
  9. E

    Foreign certification in Spain

    Hi Everyone! I would need some help with recognising my certificates in Spain. I have certification from Hungary as an Electrician. How would I be able to get my cert recognised and matched with the Spanish system. Would anyone be able to help me in this case? Many thanks in advance, Elgeri
  10. L

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Third Party Certification

    Is there anybody out there in NAPITs Third Party Certification Scheme who would be willing to certify a new consumer unit I am wanting to install in one of my rental properties in Nottinghamshire? I consider myself competent, and I have City & Guilds qualifications in electrics (Part P (2393)...
  11. jjjinx

    replacement cu not acceptable for NIC / Napit certification

    I've had my assessment, and my work consists of replacing cu's, EICR's & maintenance work. Not often do i do any work that requires adding two additional circuits, so now I can't get certified after 15 years of being a sparky.... gutted! I've always got certified with a new cu but now they've...
  12. B

    Certification of Compliance Qld

    I am a kiwi newly registered in Qld. I am trying to get my head around qld coc. If I understand coorectly, you either have to work for a contractir who has a contractors licence, or, you have to have a contractors licence, to be able to carry out electrical work in Qld. Is this correct? And what...
  13. B

    Certification software that will work offline?

    Hi, Have been using the NICEIC software, but doesn't work without an internet connection. Many of our jobs are in areas with no mobile connectivity, so end up writing results on paper, and subsequently wasting time trying to find said bit of paper! Looking for recommendations for software that...
  14. S

    Question re 3rd party certification

    An apprentice ran my cabling and fitted socket covers works signed off by a third party certification - any issues with this?
  15. loz2754

    What's missing from the Amendment 2 model forms for certification?

    Hi all. I only just noticed this, even after issuing many EICRs and EICs over the last couple of months, but in the Model Forms for Certification and Reporting starting on page 508, something rather obvious seems to be missing. Specifically on page 510 where it asks for particulars of the...
  16. cliffed

    Niceic certification

    DB not connected directly to the main supply. The confusing bit, characteristics at this DB, is this still related to the Distribution circuit. You can actually read it both ways, I’ve been entering the Distribution circuit but now have my doubts.
  17. N

    what is needed for certification ?

    Eicr's carried out by another firm,C1's reported (missing blanks in CU) and C2's reported top of CU not rated to IP2X . and a faulty socket. The reports say it is unsatisfactory. I have replaced the blanks and sealed the CU's with intumescent sealant and fitted a new socket can I juat attach a...
  18. N

    eicr certification -remedial work

    my company has just had a few EICR's on their flats carried out, a few c1's and 2's missing blanks on front of cu, top of cu not to IP standard. mcbs not rated properly. The company are withholding the certs until the work is carried out. Am I right in saying we are under no obligation to have...
  19. B

    UK What am I eligible to certify?

    Hi all. Sorry if this topic has already been covered, but I’m far from tech savvy and haven’t got much of an idea how to navigate this forum. I’m wondering if anyone can advise me on what I can and can’t certify, and how I go about doing so? This area wasn’t covered greatly during my time in...
  20. N

    new consumer unit certification

    What certification do I need when replacing a consumer unit ? Here are the details. I am semi retired (electrician) and work for a company as the maintenance man which rents out flats as serviced accommodation, we are currently in the process of having the flats (25 of them) tested (fixed...
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