1. C

    Niceic certification

    DB not connected directly to the main supply. The confusing bit, characteristics at this DB, is this still related to the Distribution circuit. You can actually read it both ways, I’ve been entering the Distribution circuit but now have my doubts.
  2. N

    what is needed for certification ?

    Eicr's carried out by another firm,C1's reported (missing blanks in CU) and C2's reported top of CU not rated to IP2X . and a faulty socket. The reports say it is unsatisfactory. I have replaced the blanks and sealed the CU's with intumescent sealant and fitted a new socket can I juat attach a...
  3. N

    eicr certification -remedial work

    my company has just had a few EICR's on their flats carried out, a few c1's and 2's missing blanks on front of cu, top of cu not to IP standard. mcbs not rated properly. The company are withholding the certs until the work is carried out. Am I right in saying we are under no obligation to have...
  4. B

    UK What am I eligible to certify?

    Hi all. Sorry if this topic has already been covered, but I’m far from tech savvy and haven’t got much of an idea how to navigate this forum. I’m wondering if anyone can advise me on what I can and can’t certify, and how I go about doing so? This area wasn’t covered greatly during my time in...
  5. N

    new consumer unit certification

    What certification do I need when replacing a consumer unit ? Here are the details. I am semi retired (electrician) and work for a company as the maintenance man which rents out flats as serviced accommodation, we are currently in the process of having the flats (25 of them) tested (fixed...
  6. R

    Fire alarm certification

    Good evening all, I have added an extra smoke alarm to an extension that I have just finished. I have been asked to provide a fire alarm certficate. I am a assuming it is the modification certificate. However when I look at the NIC certs it states that this is for grade A Systems. Mine is a...
  7. S

    UK Real-world certification & test

    I’d like your opinions on a scenario I’ve come across. A certificate was produced which contained errors and while there were still faults on the installation. This was corrected, but some time later further faults became apparent. What should I do? Here’s some detail – I’m a retired...
  8. D

    Certification Query

    Hi there hope someone can help . what certificates I should be issuing if any for the following remedial works to a unsatisfactory EICR on a rental property : 1/ installing RCBO devices to replace MCBs to lighting circuits . 2/ changing a single socket outlet on an immersion circuit to a 20A...
  9. B

    What qualification/training should I take?

    At nearly 42 I’ve finally had enough of a very frustratin admin job in the NHS and decided that I should concentrate on gaining a useful trade qualification... ? I’ve some extensive experience of electrical repair and installation work which where necessary I’ve had certificated, most recently a...
  10. A

    What do I need to get started as a PV installer in New Mexico?

    Hello, I am very interested in becoming a Solar/PV installer in New Mexico. I have done a lot of research and am having trouble finding specific requirements in the state. I read that "New Mexico has no specific licensing requirements for those wishing to install solar power systems except that...
  11. A

    Minor works certification

    Hi, do you need to compete a minor works cert if you are just moving a socket and not altering the circuit in any way? Thanks.
  12. M

    Can I replace broken light switches and old roses in a communal area without electrical certification?

    Hello - a light switch in my communal hallway has died and the rose is in need of replacement too. I have permission from the freeholder to do said works however was wondering if I need a qualified electrician (NICEIC) to do said works or can I do it myself - I've done many such jobs before and...
  13. S

    UK Whats the best certification software?

    Hi, i'm looking for peoples opinions on certification software that ideally runs smooth on a iPad and can be used offline. I'm currently using the NICEIC website for certificates but would rather do them on-site Thanks Sam
  14. R

    Part P and self Certification

    Hi. Can anyone help me out in understanding Part P and notifiable work in a Domestic dwelling. I am a recently retired electrician and I now want to carry out electrical work in my own home and also for my family, friends and neighbour's. If I undertake and pass C & G 2393-10 and I am in receipt...
  15. Pretty Mouth

    Blue Flame Certification - Review

    In addition to the 4 main, well known competent persons schemes (NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT and STROMA), there is apparently another, lesser known option: You can (allegedly) register with Blue Flame Certification and notify all your notifiables through them. I attempted to register with them...
  16. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Advice please - Certification for competance in basic single phase installation

    Hi all. I am looking for some advice. I am looking to become certified to install consumption measuring devices in small businesses. I have many years of expereince on basic single phase supplies includiing consumer units etc, assisting my father's company when he's snowed under but never...
  17. Pip

    UK Certification software

    Hi People, So at the moment I use the Elecsa certification software, on the Niceic/Elecsa/certsure website to complete my certificates, easy enough. But can't access it offline and fill in the forms while on a job, (well I must admit I've never tried but without internet don't think I can?)...
  18. E

    UK Missing certification for recent rewire

    Hello, I just had my house reqwired by a local company, which did include an actual electrician. They said they would give me the Part P etc. paperwork after I paid for it, which I have. but, it was a couple of months ago now, and they always give excuses about being too busy, out fo the...
  19. T

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Test sheet

    Am I right in thinking that when filling in an installation test sheet for a sub board that is fed from an mcb in another its that mcb rating i put in the supply characteristics and do another sheet for the supply board with the intake fuse for that supply characteristic? Thanks
  20. Frimley111R

    Work that generates recurring revenue?

    We're primarily an Ev charger installer and although this is going well it does leave us exposed if there is a downturn in the car market. For example right now there are supply issues which are slowing car sales and this has a knock-on effect on us. We're going to change the business to...
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