1. A

    Working as an electrician in Spain

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I could pick some brains of the guys that are over in Spain. I am in the UK at the moment and thinking about looking at moving over to Spain and work as an electrician, I am UK qualified, have my own place and speak Spanish. Looking to work for a company and just...
  2. R

    Electrician London guy wants an off-grid solar installation in southern Spain

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, and appreciate first posts can sometimes be expected in a different section of some forums. Apologies if I'm breaking protocol. I'm building a house in an urbanisation near Benahavis, Malaga, and I'm at the stage where I have an...
  3. R

    I want to be a sparks in Spain

    The attached are the installation forms from a Spanish electrician. They are for a rewire, board change and running a new cable from the meter to CU. Two pages versus our endless reams.
  4. jedder

    Fitting Hive 2 to a oil boiler in Spain

    Hi all, Can you help, I have bought a Hive 2 active heating (heating only version) to replace the thermostat we have in spain, Its an oil combi boiler (Tifel - Eurofel 40 See pic) The exising thermostat / control only has 2 wires goin to it from the boiler (see pic). Can someone give me an...
  5. R

    Spanish wiring method of wiring for recessed downlights

    Hi I am a qualified uk electrician with 17th edition and 2391 etc. Just bought a small apartment in Spain and am having new lowered ceilings fitted. An ideal time to install down lights and ceiling lights to replace all the wall lights. I understand the Spanish way of wiring. Flexible conduit...
  6. S

    Want some fun with a scammer

    Background son looking for new motor ie range rover. I know running costs etc but he is an electrician and therefore by default very wealthy lolol anyway upshot is found a beauty but 10 below the norm . Email sent etc reply in English /Nigerian car in Spain u pay me we ship etc etc etc...
  7. D

    Best make of RCBOs?

    Hi, Looking to source some RCBOs in UK as part of a re-wire here in Gran Canaria (will be done by a retired UK electrician). Looking for good price and performance (happy to pay more for better quality - but not just for a name). Can you experts recommend makes and suitable suppliers. Thanks.
  8. W

    Spanish voltage?

    Anyone any experience of the real voltage. I've searched but cannot find a definitive answer. From 190 to 240v. It's important because the equipment I intend to install has +/- 5% factor based on 230v uk. Also red tape? I've had dealings in France which was a bloody nightmare, it was sorted...
  9. R

    Working abroad - Spain and that

    A thought occured to me but it's just a thought. I've been to Spain a few times and always noticed that their installations are shoddy to say the least. I was thinking that as there are a lot of 'ex pats' in Spain and places like that who tend to group together in their own little communities...
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