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  1. J

    MCS Guide is under review

    Consultation is here - been extended to 15th, to allow access to IET COP
  2. S

    MCS registered electrician needed.

    Hello everybody! I have just bought a new house in Kignsley, Stoke-on-trent and as the rear aspect of the roof is facing south almost perfectly- I would like to install a PV system. I am qualified electrician and I have done around 150 installs myself working for big PV companies so I would...
  3. S

    4Kw Inverter but MCS registered at 3.68

    I have had a solar PV system for 7 years now and the 4kw Sunny Boy 4000Tl-200 inverter is coming up with errors. My SunnyBeam logger is showing the inverter cutting out whenever it goes above 2kw on a sunny day. I got an electrician out who says that my Inverter needs replacing however as my MCS...
  4. 1Justin

    PV non MCS wow.

    I am undertaking EICR at a sprawling domestic over a house and several barns/guest suites, which is knee deep in C2 and C1 observations. I have here a ground-mounted PV install without any documentation, not an MCS install, and (I just spoke to DNO), they have no record of it on G59 or G83 and...
  5. L

    MCS Quality Management System

    Hi All We are in the process of applying for MCS for Solar PV. Has anyone got a Quality Management System I could pinch a look at please?? Thanks in advance
  6. C

    Electrician Electrician Need For Test&sign My Diy Pv Sys, Don't Need Mcs Reg, Ashford, Kent

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and possible my last chance to find somebody to test and sign off before I starting to convert my system to island system. My original plan was a grid connection but I'm loosing my hope to find an electrician in Ashford, Kent or surrounding area to test and sign off...
  7. M

    MCS 012 fire rating in roof systems

    Hi All reading the guide it mentions performance of different panels & how they react, Maybe with all the guidelines & standards we have to adopt they should have had more stringent standards on the panels in the first place & then they would not need the requirement. Evidence has emerged...
  8. G

    31st March deadline for FIT applications for systems with MCS cert issued <16th Jan

    Leeds Solar have just become aware that on 10th March DECC slipped in a Statutory Instrument that takes effect today (31st March 2016) that results in the following urgent issue. All existing renewable energy installations with an MCS certificate issued before 15th January 2016 must submit...
  9. M

    Battery Pv Battery Storage & Mcs

    HI all just got update in which they mention the following for battery storage. Since the Solar PV Tariff drop, battery storage has become a way to combat the cuts by storing theenergy from the Solar PV installation and using it during the evening or on-peak tariff times. We areaware that...
  10. L

    Installing PV non MCS

    Hope somebody can help I am a time served sparks and a PV installer with all the relevant qualification. I have installed around 250 PV systems and signed them off as I m NICEIC registered. The MCS was dealt with through the companies I was installing for. So here is the question- As the...
  11. Scuba

    NoSolar PV MCS certificate and original installers aren't allowed back on site

    Solar PV Installation. For reasons I can't go in to, the original installers aren't allowed back on site. The MCS Cerificate has not been issued. Is there any provision for an MCS certificate to be issued by a third party, effectively taking over the job? The MCS themselves are fully aware of...
  12. Worcester

    New MCS Consulation > 50kW

    Just received this: I would suggest we all reply to keep it the same. In my opinion > 50kW requires different expertise and would normally be an M&E type contract, don't let these guys scope creep into commercial areas, the whole design and contract process is very different above 50kW. Same...
  13. P

    MCS assesment

    Hello All, I'm in need of some sensible help / guidance. I've just been moved into a new section in work, in at the deep end, next week we have our MCS assessment. All the original details and paperwork are not available for use, the guy who is to become the duty holder is an electrician but has...
  14. uksparks

    Do I need MCS etc?

    Hi, i cant really go into it to much as a bit top secret, but am going into something with someone who has developed something where it needs an Inveryer connecting up that's grid tied a G83 etc so it cuts off and what not etc and so on la de da, anyway, so he wants me took hook this Inverter...
  15. M

    RHI / MCS 4 ASHPs - 4 flats - 4 submeters and 1 main meter (MPAN)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across this type of situation. I have had an inquiry from a client with a converted house which is now 4 flats all have had individual ASHPs installed, but each flat is on a sub-meter from the original MPAN meter. I understand that the MPAN is recorded...
  16. B

    MCS installation of separately sourced PV kit?

    Hi all, We're planning on having our roof covering replaced when the weather gets better and so thinking of having solar PV installed at the same time. Non-traditional roof so planning on a standing seam metal roof such as Vieozinc as the roof structure isn't designed for tiles. Anyway, I...
  17. B

    MCS/Domestic RHI disconnect

    I think I have bumped into a small disconnect between the two schemes. Architect designed new-build / self-build. I install and commission ASHP and solar thermal. Client moves in a few days later. Client applies for domestic RHI a few days after that. Solar thermal application going through...
  18. jason121

    MCS letter Generation meter

    What will happen to the companies that have left the trade ? MCS has asked that all FIT Licensees send through a list of the addresses that have an incorrectly installed generation meters. The Certification Body will be expected to investigate these cases as non-conformity by the installation...
  19. D

    MCS meter moves

    this morning i had an email from the NICEIC to say that 3 of my solar installations did not conform due to the energy meter being in the wrong place. when i asked for the evidence of this they said the information had come from Gemserv. i then contacted Gemserv and asked them to send me the...
  20. M

    MCS accreditation of PV mounting kits

    The deadline for accreditation expires on 30th of June. Is anyone bothered with it? I know that Hilti got their certification and say that the kit is 4 times stronger than Clenergy's. H
  21. Worcester

    MCS 001 Consultation on MCS Website - Closing Date 30th May 2014

    MCS 001 Consultation – Closing Date 30th May 2014 Dear Colleague The MCS 001 Working Group has made some updates to MCS 001, and we invite comments on the revised document. The relevant documents can be found on the MCS website here. The consultation is open for a period of two months...
  22. M

    MCS Installation database

    A lovely new MCS installation database appeared earlier this week . Good news is that you can download a certificate direct from the site with a simple link. Bad news is that I have tried to upload new projects six times so far and four times I have had to do multiple visits because it is...
  23. S

    MCS 012 Delayed for 3 months

    No surprise there ... MCS 012 delayed by three months | Solar Power Portal
  24. whinmoor

    MCS 012 Pitched Roof Installation Kits – Extension of 3 months

    Probably good news overall for installers but annoying for those manufacturers who managed to get their gear certified in time. They must be spewing that their competitors are being offered a chance to catch up! *********************************************************************************...
  25. C

    MCS012 Accreditation for PV Mounting

    Is anyone else getting bother by the fact that in two weeks time (from 1st April) we need to be installing mounting systems that comply with MCS012 and yet there are only a handful of systems that are currently listed as being accredited on the MCS database? Is there a backlog of stuff waiting...
  26. S

    Air Source Heat Pump Cylinders - new, hybrid techology, MCS pending. Your thoughts?

    Giona UK - Electric Water Heaters Hot water only. 900 watt pump on the 300 litre version. COP of 2.98 Am told this is new tech because it combines the heat pump with a cylinder. Will it get MCS? Will there...
  27. R

    MCS registered Electrician required for two jobs in Wolverhampton Friday 21st Feb 14

    We are looking for an MCS Registered electrician to install inverter and connect to PV panels in Wolverhampton on Friday 21st February 2014 Must be able to provide PV array test results and NICEIC Certificate Please call Tina or Nicola on 01538 788083
  28. M

    MCS NCR's

    Hello all, I have been lurking here for a while and have found the forum amusing and informative but this is my first post. We recently had our MCS inspection for solar pv. The inspector gave us a few NCR's, mostly to do with the QMS and easily sorted - I showed him what he asked for and am...
  29. A

    renusol mcs accreditation

    hi all i have been told renusol /solar pv mounting systems are loosing their mcs accreditation. is there any truth in this. regards
  30. M

    new builds regarding MCS paperwork & any payments

    Hi all just been asked today to price for 2 blocks of flats with landlords supplies having solar pv. (not the flats) also 60 new build houses with solar pv & solar thermal. colleague doing solar thermal & is MCS for that. he mentioned that would need MCS paperwork for build control for each...
  31. E

    " Easy MCS" QMS review?

    Hi all, after a previous thread and after being recommended this company via NICEIC, i am wondering if any one has used "Easy MCS" to help build a QMS manual. any reviews? couldn't find much over the internet! thank you :)
  32. E

    Mcs 'qms'

    Hi all, I am applying for my NICEIC MCS registration soon, but was worried about my QMS. i was previously registered with NAPIT and used their 'supplied' system, and i have now changed it around to suit my new company (partnership broke up) but i am worried that it wont be right/enough for...
  33. jason121

    Only five pitched roof mounting systems MCS 012 compliant

    The joys of MCS
  34. M

    MCS Accreditation today

    Hi All just had accreditation today 1 non conformity said that my mutli array on different aspects was not good enough to say south, east, west, wants degrees from south. to do calcs, just have to redo papper work & send in sorted.
  35. B

    MCS May 2013 Guidelines

    Quick question. Potential customer of mine was given the old SAP2009 calculation by another company. When I questioned this they told here its okay to do this as long as they tell the customer the method they are using. I know a projection is just a projection but in this case their's comes...
  36. B

    MCS and RECC Audits

    Had our first post new MCS Guideline audits from both bodies in Sept. Both went very well. MCS guy was a bit dry and factual. RECC lady was really interesting and very supportive and informative. No major changes to how we operate. Couple of changes to our website. And a few small changes...
  37. M

    1st mcs assessment with NICEIC next month 1st job next week

    hi everyone my 1st assessment next month 1st job next week any help with paperwork or any advice would be greatly apperciated. also anyone recommened pv tester set? [email protected]
  38. S

    MCS Consultations

    Email just popped into my inbox about MCS consultations across technologies. Microgeneration Certification Scheme - Consultations Deadline 31st October
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