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  1. B

    Business admin documents templates

    Hi I want to start my own business doing fairly standard electrical installations and testing. Does anyone know of a reference for administrative stuff I'll need such as complaints book, risk assessment templates. I know that competent person schemes provide some of this stuff but was...
  2. Worcester

    MCS Publish QMS !

    Thinking of getting MCS certified? The Microgeneration Certification Scheme aka MCS have now published their own QMS, so i guess if you follow it you should be compliant. (well maybe !) Microgeneration Certification Scheme - QMS Templates -...
  3. B

    Advice on paperwork

    Hi all. sorry to be a pain i bet this has been asked loads of times, iv just started up (so far so good) but i would like some advice on the paperwork side of things, *Like what T&C's should i put on the invoices, etc... Also what do you guys put on your quotes/estimates? and how do you set...
  4. haptism

    Customer contracts, where can i find templates

    Ive recently started up doing small time domestic stuff (changing fittings ect). A customer recently asked me to do a full house rewire but I turned it down for a number of reasons; it got me thinking about future jobs and the need to get a contract signed purely as a precautionary measure in...
  5. D

    Accounting / Invoicing / Expense FREE

    found this software online and well im absoloutly amazed..! Free Online Accounting Software in the UK | Quick File its cloud based so can access from anywhere! i have used excel, books and Sage instant accounts combined with SLIQ for invoicing...! i have now transfered all my 12/13 accounts...
  6. V

    Job Sheet

    Well as title really, im wanting a template or maybe a program to use on a PC/ipad/iphone for itemising the jobs im carrying out all it needs to include is time on job materials used what are you all using??? Dan
  7. M

    2nd ask Job sheet template

    Hi guys Giving it another go! anyone have a good template for a job sheet sort a thing you can fill in when quoting , materials needed/to order etc Cheers
  8. L

    MCS Quality Management System

    I have submitted my application to the NICEIC for MCS. I have a Health and Safety Handbook and appropriate method satements and risk assessments. What I do not have is a Quality Management System. I don't want to write this myself from scratch and so need a template to work from. I am sure...
  9. D

    Invoicing Software,

    not sure if any of you chaps use any type of software but i come across a very very very good piece other day.. Invoice Software | Invoicing Software | Billing Software worth a try, its 30 day full free trial and then 25 quid after!! bargain! it also does my bookkeeping for sales...
  10. S

    Hollycroft software

    Hi Has anybody used or using Hollycroft software? if so would you recommend it? *Software for Electrical Contractors from Hollycroft Software Ltd
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