1. K

    New member

    Hi all, I joined this forum as a DIYer, I have a house which has some weird and (not so)wonderful things going on with the electrics. I intend on doing some of the rewiring myself with it being signed off by a colleague who is a competent and experienced sparks once complete. I am a keen...
  2. S

    New member

    Hello everyone, Currently coming to the end of my level 2 city and guilds 2365, still a long way to go but looking forward to learning and getting into something I have always had an interest in. Also bagged myself some work experience which is invaluable.
  3. E

    New member

    Hi all new member here saying hello
  4. D

    New Member

    hi I'm Duderz new member here from UK JIB approved spark with Compex etc just checking in
  5. T

    New Member

    Greetings to all the Brethren from sunny Glasgow
  6. R

    New member

    Hi all, I'm Lewis, a recently qualified turner who works on industrial valves. I also recently coded in a carbon steel pipe procedure for tig welding.
  7. D

    What can i expect? (new member)

    Hello, I'm new to the Forum 24. Long story short, left school wanting to be an electrician, fell into an apprenticeship doing HVAC testing, and now in to maintenance. Looking to get back to where I wanted to be, I'm in touch with a training company to do a L3 & NVQ + 18th and I&T. Going to get...
  8. J

    New Member

    Hi all, We've just got our first home and now I wish I had done an electricians course first :) . I will be full of questions to start with but hopefully as I get a bit of experience I'll be able to help others. Regards Justin
  9. M

    New member

    Hi. I have just joined the forum. I have lived in Brazil since 1975. I am not a professional electrician but have had 35 years experience of industrial installations in a pig farm and 44 years in residential installations, so I have picked up some "baggage" as they say here. Brazil has a lot of...
  10. P

    New member

    hi fellas, just a quick hello :) i thought i'd introduce myself and am looking forward to reading your pearls of wisdom ;)
  11. D

    New member

    Just saying hi
  12. D

    New Member

    Hi Guys, My name is Adrinsola David, From Nigeria, Working as an Electrical Technician In a Foaming Company here in Nigeria and have been practicing electrical for the 8 years now also still learning (lol). I will love to share ideas and also learn from you guys. Thanks for having me here
  13. R

    2017 Ford Fusion battery help.

    I bought a 2017 fusion and learned the previous owner had battery problems. How might I use the forum to get advise on this topic?
  14. Dan

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login, not matter how many....

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login within the last 2 years, not matter how many posts you had, what groups you were in, your account has been erased. Sorry. :) We want our stats to be true and accurate. We have 3,124 login over the last 30 days. I think I just erased around...
  15. JBW175

    New Member dropping by to say hello...

    Hi everyone, just joined the the forum and thought I’d introduce myself and say a little about my background. I’ve been a Marine Engineer for the last 20 years after joining the army at 16 as an apprentice and was a chief engineer on a major army landing craft (before they got sold off)...
  16. D

    Esteemed member

    I was surprised to become an “esteemed member” for a few hours this afternoon 😀 along with some others, then the banner disappeared, others had it earlier this evening, then it disappeared...
  17. Pete999

    My Account seems to have been altered can Staff member enlighten me?

    As title Help or explanation please
  18. Dan

    Esteemed Member Tag Now Available (Automatically Dished Out)

    Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of tag. But I am of good content. So here's a new tag that should encourage that. We've had it running on and it seems to have worked a bit. People get it. So this is based on your reactions to your posts. First of all you'll need 300 posts to...
  19. R

    New Member

    Hi All, Im new to the forum. I served my time as an apprentice and joined the armed forces in 1987. Worked in many varied jobs, didn't much like crawling around in lofts and breathing glass fibres in, so have finished up designing mechanical systems. I'm looking at having Solar PV/Battery...
  20. D

    Hello all new member

    Ho guys fitting new fan in my en suite im more of factory maintenance guy than houses but think more than competent do most things. Am i right in thinking the isolator for the fan is to stop fan coming on during maintenance and by local means easily accessible. What im really asking can i put...
  21. Dan

    Has the 'Respected Member' tag had its day?

    Surely every member is respected. It sounds ever so cliquey. I think in the current times when everybody should be totally equal, denoting who's 'respected' it a bit cheeky. It used to be called "Elite Member" - Christ, imagine if we had that these days?!?!?! On it's now...
  22. P

    New Member

    Hi, I am a new member, currently doing an apprenticeship for my 2357. Three years into the course, and hoping to finish by the end of the year. I am a very mature student (aged 57) learning a new trade to progress in my job role. Any help as what to expect with the AM2 would be much apprecia
  23. George.S

    New Member / Apprentice

    Hello all who read this. Just writing this to say hello and introduce myself. I'm about 10 months into my apprentaship and thought it to be wise to create an account on here. I currently work for a maintenance firm for domestic/ social housing. We are busy however the work we do is fairly...
  24. G

    Industrial new member originally from Nottingham

    hi all old school electrician here. more industrial and not UK based but UK born and bred. work a lot in africa so any of you guys need advice, give me a shout
  25. C

    Domestic New Member with some electrical experience

    Hi, I've just joined the forum, I'm not a qualified electrician, however, I am a mechanical engineer and did work in a maintenance department of a factory during my apprenticeship - I also worked on power boats and had to do some electrical work as part of that job (many years ago). I've...
  26. M

    New member wishing to learn from the pros

    Thank you for letting me join the forum
  27. J

    Hi All, New Member. Just on initially to say hello!

    Hi everybody! This is just to say hello all and thanks to Lou for the welcome. This is a really interesting site and I have learned a lot visiting as a non-member from time to time. I am not a trained electrician but have had some peripheral work experience on electrics in the past, so decided...
  28. M

    New Member Introduction

    Hi Everyone, I'm a self employed electrician, mostly domestic work in my immediate area on the Somerset/Dorset border. I've been with NAPIT since 2005, started on the 16th edition so now have a large collection of BS7671's! Rejoined your forum recently, hoping to find help and support in...
  29. B

    Domestic New member seeking advice

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick hello as a new member. I'm not an electrician and would like to ask some questions, if I may, re house wiring/safety, audio hum etc., before calling in the calvary. I'm retired and live in NW London. Thanks, Bob ,
  30. S

    New member looking for career change

    hi there just introducing myself. I’m 28 and currently looking for a career change to become an electrician. Going to get access to the trainee forum. I’m based in Glasgow any advice on where to start would be very much appreciated Thanks Steven
  31. F

    Domestic Hapless new member hoping what I'm after is even possible ...

    Hi all New to these forums ... I have no electrical experience, my brother-in-law is a qualified electrician who kindly does most work we need for us. As I imagine will be only too well known to a lot of you though, as someone with no electrical experience I have ideas as to what I'd like to...
  32. N

    Norman Electrical Testing

    Norman Electrical Testing. 19 years in the electrical contracting industry, mainly industrial but also commercial and domestic installations. Based at Ickleton, Saffron Walden, Essex. Hobbies include Dog Walks, Carpet Bowls and Boxing. Looking to join forum discussions relating to electrical...
  33. K

    Hi everyone (new member)

    Hi all, I'm new here - thought I'll say hello before asking any questions. I'm Kuba, 30 and I live in London. I’m doing a City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 course and hopefully going straight to work after I complete my training. I've been a pub manager for last 5 years and decided for a career...
  34. J

    Evening from a new member

    Evening everyone, tired ageing sparks, trying not to beat my NICEIC assessor to death with my pristine blue book. Come here to hopefully find some sensible people
  35. Weezy

    New member to the forum!

    Qualified electrician for 9+ years, ever since i left school. I forget how long ago that was...
  36. P

    New member just saying hello

    Hi everybody new to the forum thought I say hello before I start asking my questions cheers cheers paul
  37. L

    New member with maths question

    New to the forum so hi everyone. I'm due to start an electrician course in July so I thought I'd revise some maths as it's been some years since I've done any. I bought the book 'Electrical installation calculations'. I've flown through resistors in series and parallel so far but have come up...
  38. T

    New member saying hello

    Hello everyone I'd like to introduce myself a little bit I have been an electrician for about 15 years starting in the military and have been working mainly for factories as an electrically biased maintenance engineer. I have just decided to take the plunge and register with a part p scheme and...
  39. M

    New member Hello all

    Hi everybody have one week left on my level 2 2365 and moving straight onto the level 3 so just browsing the forums for info and help. Thanks very much
  40. S

    Hello everybody. New member just saying hi.

    Hello. I have been reading the forums for the past few days and have finally registered.
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