1. D

    New member

    Hi all new member here currently retraining to be an electrician 18 months in so far after being a plasterer since leaving school enjoying the journey 😎
  2. T

    Hello all, new member here

    Hi new member, retired, apprentice trained and HNC qualified post City and Guilds trade qualification.
  3. Brownie91

    Hi everyone, new member here :)

    Hi everyone. Been popping onto there forums over the years and happy to have finally signed up. Got my AM2E assessment coming up, the final hurdle to taking over the family business and becoming QS. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Pretty confident in most areas but the central...
  4. S

    New member posting and saying HI

    Hi there : I am just posting to introduce myself, stop lurking (!) and to thank the many sparks who so freely share their expertise on this great forum. I am in my 50's, based in the South West near Gloucester, and am approaching electrical work as a second career. I have my 18th regs...
  5. J

    New member to the forum

    Hi all, new to the forum. currently doing my NVQ LVL 2 in electrical and hoping to move onto LVL 3. Been browsing the forum and finding a lot of useful information.
  6. M

    New member - Hello from Cumbria

    Long time reader, first time post. Thank you for all the excellent advice the forum offers. :)
  7. T

    New Member saying hello :)

    Hi that was all, just saying hello as I got a nudge to do so via email 😂🤣
  8. G

    New member saying hello

    New member saying hello to everyone.. going for my AM2 on Monday.. hopefully going to pass 1st time... Garry A
  9. A

    Hello from long-time member, first-time poster

    Signed up ages ago; I can't even remember why! DIYer when things need fixing, and generally interested in how things work, how things are done, and repairing things. Posting a thread as requested by an email from the forum just now. Thanks for all the useful content on this forum from people who...
  10. Electreacle

    Gold Card Fresh Meat Member

    Hi there, firstly wishing you all good health and happiness 🙂 Just a few questions if you all don’t mind answering for me please.. I’ve just recently passed my AM2s.. still awaiting my gold card in the post.. I’m wondering what options will be open to me now as being newly qualified?.. the...
  11. C

    New member thanks for accepting me

    Good morning newbee here , avid do it yourself person ,
  12. C

    Hullo from a new member.

    Thanks for allowing me to join this merry band of fellow Electrical friends. 60+ year old, heading into semi retirement (full retirement(ish)), but still keeping my hand in. Already enjoying reading the forums, and even at my age and experience, every day is a school day.
  13. L

    Hello From a New Forum Member

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. I'm in Chicopee, MA, USA for reference. I am not an electrician currently and will likely never be a professional working electrician again. I did my time in high school as an electrical student in vocational, two work study jobs in...
  14. J

    New Semi-Professional Member, Hi!

    Hi All, I am a practicing live event Lighting & Power Tech working mostly in Manchester working on temporary power installations. I am also, at the request of some of my clients, taking classes one day per week at a college. I am training in 18th edition, inspection and testing as well as...
  15. A

    New member from Newport Pagnell.

    Hi All! I'm Al, I'm a sound, Lighting and Event's Engineer. Most of my electrical work is in temporary power distribution, but I build distros and panels too. Considered formally training as an electrician, but frankly, I hate twin and earth!
  16. D

    Any mcs member on here?

    Hi I’m in the process of registering for mcs. I’ve done pv and battery course and done a fair amount of solar and battery installs. As part of mcs you need to consider roof loads for basic roofs like a truss roof you don’t need a structural engineer and they give you figures for the...
  17. P

    New member seeking advice on spurs ring mains

    Hi, I'm new to the site and wanted to seek some advice thanks, relating to adding fused spurs to existing ring mains in a commercial premises. Some of my other colleagues have been asked to explore ring main alterations, but they look after some site based kit and this is more related to...
  18. Twincle

    Hi all, new member and enthusiast

    Here to say Hi from Byfleet, Surrey! I've retired from my last job at 52 and sitting on my laurels has me itching to get on with another job. I'm looking for working with my head and my hands and I have picked up a passion for doing electrics. I'm a keen DIY'er so have done smaller jobs...
  19. P

    Self cerification of work but non member of ECA

    After a bit of advice as it seems starting from scratch and becoming a member of NIC or similar has mixed reviews on here.... Looking at starting up self employed again when on leave from work, after a few years working offshore. Im Getting my tester sent off to be calibrated and over the next...
  20. A

    Hi all, new member from Stratford-upon-Avon

    Great to be a part of this community. Experienced DIYer but usually prefer to get in a Pro for the electrics!


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