1. J

    New Semi-Professional Member, Hi!

    Hi All, I am a practicing live event Lighting & Power Tech working mostly in Manchester working on temporary power installations. I am also, at the request of some of my clients, taking classes one day per week at a college. I am training in 18th edition, inspection and testing as well as...
  2. A

    New member from Newport Pagnell.

    Hi All! I'm Al, I'm a sound, Lighting and Event's Engineer. Most of my electrical work is in temporary power distribution, but I build distros and panels too. Considered formally training as an electrician, but frankly, I hate twin and earth!
  3. D

    Any mcs member on here?

    Hi I’m in the process of registering for mcs. I’ve done pv and battery course and done a fair amount of solar and battery installs. As part of mcs you need to consider roof loads for basic roofs like a truss roof you don’t need a structural engineer and they give you figures for the...
  4. Twincle

    Hi all, new member and enthusiast

    Here to say Hi from Byfleet, Surrey! I've retired from my last job at 52 and sitting on my laurels has me itching to get on with another job. I'm looking for working with my head and my hands and I have picked up a passion for doing electrics. I'm a keen DIY'er so have done smaller jobs...
  5. P

    Self cerification of work but non member of ECA

    After a bit of advice as it seems starting from scratch and becoming a member of NIC or similar has mixed reviews on here.... Looking at starting up self employed again when on leave from work, after a few years working offshore. Im Getting my tester sent off to be calibrated and over the next...
  6. A

    Hi all, new member from Stratford-upon-Avon

    Great to be a part of this community. Experienced DIYer but usually prefer to get in a Pro for the electrics!
  7. S

    New member introduction

    Hi everyone I’m Julie. Just introducing myself as a new member. I’m not a qualified electrician but have enrolled on a level 2 domestic installers course for September at my local college as I love making lamps and have done some basic wiring. I make furniture as a hobby but would like to get...
  8. StageMan

    Introducing myself as a new forum member

    Hello Forum Members, I'm new to the forum. I'm a 64 year old Disabled Vet that's on a very meager disability compensation, and at this late date in my life, I have now got to fix things myself again. What I used to be able to fix and what I knew about fixing things is a lot harder and a lot less...
  9. E

    New ,late Member arrived.

    Hi everyone.. My name is Eric...I'm a new member..will hopefully in the future be able to get help with my D.I.Y Projects ... My latest project was making, and having to tank a Pond, which for some reason will only fill up to have way, even though i have coated the dam thing with Tank slurry 4...
  10. S

    New member introduction

    Hi, New to this forum so just an introduction
  11. J

    New member introduction

    Hi, New to this forum so just an introduction. Used to be a theatre electrician / lighting designer. Main interest (and reason for joining) is in solar PV and battery storage.
  12. E

    New Member Introduction

    HI all, Just a newbie, Introducing myself. Kind of electrical products suppliers, looking to learn about new products
  13. P

    Hi All, New member

    Hi All, New member here. Hope to be of help in the future. ?
  14. S

    Good afternoon all - New member here!

    Good afternoon all, I have just joined this forum so firstly hello! Just about to have a little nose around the site, so hopefully easy to navigate. I am after electrical work, I'm based in Rayleigh, Essex, I'm sure there is a section for this though somewhere Hope we are all doing well happy...
  15. H

    New member, got an electrical puzzle I just can't figure out. Help!

    Howdy folks, new member here. Homeowner, been doing my own electric for 40 years or so, from swapping out plugs to installing an entire circuit panel. Ran into a problem a while back that I still can't figure out, I'm hoping it's something that someone out here has experience with. A couple of...
  16. C

    New Member

    Hi folks First post, just signed up. Finished my apprentice in 1999. I’ve been living overseas for years and just moved back. Got up to date with the 18th edition and 2391. I intend to go out on my own and thought this forum would be useful for help and advice.
  17. Netherwhere

    New Member

    Hello, my name is Cris. I'm an older fella looking to get into the trade. Joined this forum to get opinions and advice on electrical training courses and whether they are worthwhile. Cheers.
  18. G

    New member intro

    Hi, my name is Peter and I'm interested in this forum to get advice regarding my renovations for my home in Balmain, Sydney. I most definitely will not be trying any of the work I am enquiring about myself :)
  19. T

    Hi new member doing campervan project and more

    Hi, doing a camper peoject and various others so hoping i can share and get help with info. I am mainly a hobbist with some previous expierience in various things, restoring vw's, doing a camper build and a welder by trade
  20. L

    New Member

    Hey, y'all! Leo here from Fort Worth, TX. I joined because I'm working on redoing my truck's engine harness and need some advice. I look forward to learning here!
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