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  1. Edward Pearson

    Hi! Posting to prove I'm not a bot.

    Yes, I admit it, I've been lurking here for years looking for advice and reassurance. Edward (NICEIC Domestic Installer over 10 years)
  2. S

    New member posting and saying HI

    Hi there : I am just posting to introduce myself, stop lurking (!) and to thank the many sparks who so freely share their expertise on this great forum. I am in my 50's, based in the South West near Gloucester, and am approaching electrical work as a second career. I have my 18th regs...
  3. R

    Sorry.. Just posting an introduction as a Old but New user member!

    Hey all.. Electrician based in Bristol! The best city in the UK! I hope all my fellow Sparks are battin above average and rockin life presently! Cheers!!
  4. Andiman

    Posting a thread

    Just posting to keep my account open
  5. L

    Very sorry for posting here but need help

    I feel very very stupid but I started to hammer a small nail Into the wall and heard a clang when I hit with the hammer (not hard) I immediately aborted everything. However I am absolutely panicking I have hit something behind the wall and feel as though I could faint that I'm going to have a...
  6. Poolworx

    Posting and attaching pic

    Hi anyone know what I'm doing wrong. When I post and attach a jpg it hiws up and all black background Thanks
  7. I

    I could be wrong posting here but i need help

    Dear All, Newbie here, not sure if this forum is for those who specifically electricians only or if general people can join for help and advice, so im taking a shot here, if this is the wrong website then please let me know and ill just copy and paste it there or wherever is appropriate I...
  8. Spoon

    Site freezing up when posting web sites.

    What's with the site freezing up when posting web sites. Then when it does post them the web site is not in the post, but them appears 5 mins later? Happened on Pete's holiday post. Probably why Tel posted the same thing 5 times as well.. :) Or is it just the cpc web site..:)
  9. S

    Anyone in Wales, posting this up for an old boss of mine,

    Some young lad looking for a chance in Wales.....
  10. SparkyChick

    Problems Posting - 25 chars

    Hi @Dan , For some reason I seem to be having a hell of a time trying to post. It keeps timing out and nothing new appears (normally, when I refresh the thread I see my post has actually been posted, but the UI didn't update properly). Yesterday I used this refresh the thread approach to see...
  11. HandySparks

    Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement

    "Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement" Really? Why doesn't it work for me? Suggestion: If posting doesn't remove the advert, at least get rid of the text saying that it will.
  12. Spoon

    Double posting..........................................

    I've noticed that there is a lot of double posting going on. I presume its down to the same problem I have, which is, once I've posted something the texts stays in my Comment box... Making me think it hasn't been posted. Is there a setting or something where once you have posted a comment you...
  13. K

    Introducing Karnuvap

    Hi everyone, I am really happy to be here on the Electricians Forums. Despite my weird sounding handle I can assure you I am English born and bred. One day I'll explain the name but in the meanwhile let me say that I've been doing electrics for most of my life and I run a small domestic...
  14. Pete999


    Where is everyone? been a bit quiet lately
  15. Leesparkykent

    posting pics

    sorry about this, but how do you post a pic on a new thread?
  16. Darkwood

    At the time of posting the clock will strike......

    6000th post OMG I need to get a life lol... On another matter Ive just had a great idea the 6000 club :):hurray: Tin hat on!
  17. G

    new member trouble posting

    Hi I just signed up today but am unable to post in the DIY section. It has a locked sign next to it. I was wondering if there is something I have to do to gain access? Any help appreciated. Cheers Ben
  18. A

    Long time looking first time posting! hello -

    Hi, would be very grateful for some advice please. Can anyone advise me as to the best dimmer switches to buy for the following set -up. I would like to control 3 lighting circuits from 3 locations in the master bedroom. I would prefer a wired solution. All advice/recommendations appreciated...
  19. tazz

    Posting problem

    Is anyone else having problems attaching jpeg picture files...? Never had a problem till today.
  20. S

    I couldn't resist posting this one

    This really isn't helping but I had forgotten just how much the anonymous like the sound of their own voices when there is no direct accountability to those affected. Okay I give in, you are completely correct and I in my line of work know nothing about how the infrastructure of networks work...


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