1. Yellowhammer

    UK First time NAPIT assessment

    Hi, There are a few variations of this question here so apologies if its a bit of a broken record but I can't quite find the exact answers I'm after. Straight to the point: Has anyone recently had a first time NAPIT assessment? If so, were you able to show work in your own home? I know this...
  2. EricMark

    An odd question, but what is the time from radio 4? Looking at duel tariffs and when they change high to low rate?

    I have read all I can find about radio 4 and tele switching, but can't find if this changes when our clocks change. It all started when I decided to get a smart meter fitted, and once fitted may as well get duel rate and recharge my 3.2 kWh batteries over night as well as using solar, this seems...
  3. D

    Long Time Lurker

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker here, my project is simply my late 1800s house with various horrors hidden on every supposedly simple job. Although not all horrors are electrical I do find this forum great for trusted reference when I encounter anything untoward and can usually find what I need...
  4. J

    Daylight saving time

    Why is it that so many timers, programmable thermostats (and the like) are still manufactured without the ability to automatically change the time between GMT and BST at the right moment, despite being sophisticated in so many other ways? OK, a rhetorical question and I know there are some that...
  5. M

    First time doing an EICR on a flat

    Hi all Done a EICR on a flat which had the link fuse in the service head .. had an earth wire coming off the orange cable to an earth block. Carried out a ZE test got 14 ohms and got same reading when did ZS on the board (yes did disconnect earth for ZE) .. the main earth is wired into the...
  6. T

    Time delay relay

    I want to put a code pad via a time delay relay on a shutter door, any recommendations?
  7. RichardIStone

    First time I've seen a melt down

    Hello, as a relatively newly qualified electrician (mature trainee who completed his NVQ in 2023) today was the first time I've seen a melted plug. It was at a rental property and the tennant had a fan heater hanging on to what was left of the plug. I'm guessing that the fan heater had been...
  8. A

    Adjusting tripping time.

    Hi all, Curious one and hopefully some one of you could give me some advice. A customer has had a steeltech shed installed at their premises. A large one. Wants 3x light fittings and 5 double sockets intalled. There's an electric roller shutter door on the shed also to be plugged in. My plan...
  9. S

    Time to do the 18th...... online

    Hello all Well, been putting it off, but I need to upgrade my 17th edition to the 18th. Not been a practising sparky for over 5 years, but I have been unemployed for 6+ months and hatefully... I'll have to go back to what I know (well, used to). Not ideal but hey ho. Found a couple of online...
  10. P

    How to add a time delay to a bathroom fan

    Hi I'm looking for some advice for adding a time delay on my parent's shower room fan. My parents had a section of their garage converted into a shower room with toilet. But the builders did something a bit odd. They fitted a pull cord light switch by the door and then a separate pull switch...
  11. D

    UK First time DiY post - trying to find a 2 pin connector for some lights

    Hello, 1st time post from an amateur. I have some old Habitat decorative lights that are powered by a transformer. There seems to be a break in the wiring as the lights go off when the wire is moved around so I was going to shorten the wire. The problem is that I can't find a replacement...
  12. RF Solutions Ltd

    Competition Time: RIoT-FOB Remote Control System and £100 Off Outdoor Lighting - Lighting Legends

    Autumn is now here, it's that time of year where the clocks go back and lighting control moves forward. A time when UK customers with gardens want to light up their outdoor spaces earlier in the evenings; meaning they'll be looking for new lighting and a reliable method of wireless switching...
  13. Leesparkykent

    Hi all…..been a long time

    Hi all, my first time logging in for a very long time. Life got in the way a bit but glad to see some familiar names still posting.
  14. JgeorgeBehringer

    Need the right Time Delay Relay

    Having to wire around a messed up output for a month or so. Some sort of program corruption is keeping the central lubrication system from operating at the correct intervals. I've never had to do this so I'm not sure which sort of On Delay/Off Delay setup could be used. But I need a 1 minute...
  15. M

    C type MCB time and Log logs

    Hi guys Have a circuit its OCPD is a C type 80A 10ka 60898 MCB with a pfc of 1.11ka. On the log log graph for this device I’m struggling to understand the time for it. It only goes to 800a? I’ve spoken to the NICEIC who say it would operate withing 0.1 seconds but I’m struggling to see how...
  16. R

    Electrician Jobs Seeking Full Time Electrician at HMP Northumberland

    Are you a skilled electrician looking for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity? We're seeking a dedicated Electrician to join our team at HMP Northumberland. In this role, you'll play a crucial part in maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the prison, ensuring its safe and...
  17. O

    40A shower disconnection time

    Bathroom with an electric shower wired to the latest regs with a 40A MCB and RCD protection. Is the disconnection time 0.4s or 5s. Looking at the regs it states fixed equipment up to 32A is 0.4s so everything after that unless it has a socket outlet can be 5s, but its a bathroom where...
  18. RF Solutions Ltd

    Competition Time: WIN a FERRET Remote Control System & WISKA Goodies from RF Solutions Ltd

    Wireless switching can really simplify an electrical installation. The FERRET is an RF unit that can add remote control to applications. It's tiny size makes it perfect for fitting in small enclosures like the WISKA range. This month, @rfsolutionsltd have teamed up with @wiskaukltd to give away...
  19. D

    Time Bell Cable Potential Usage Doorbell/Security Camera (USB)

    Hi, I purchased a Time twin strand bell cable with a rating of 12-30V, 2A, low voltage, not for mains use. I wish to use this for installing our new Ring wired doorbell. We don't have an existing doorbell wired setup so it would need to conform to a DIN rail transformer specification of 24Vdc...
  20. Z

    I Need Work Hi I’m looking for part time electrician mate/ improve jobs around we Midlands

    Hi I’m 40 years old, finished Level 3 diploma college. I’m looking to find electrician company in the Midlands to improve my skills and to be full qualified electrician in the future. I’m ready to work on minimum wage, couple days of week . My phone number is 07561389603. Any news send me...


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