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  1. Dan

    Who wanted to remove the 'Install to Homepage' notification?

    I was in a thread the other day and somebody showed me a screen shot of a, what I think if I remember rightly was, the "install EF to homepage" on mobile devices. I had the notification and just swiped it away. However, just in case it wont move on your device, you can now edit your forum...
  2. A

    How do I remove the conduits

    I have a switch box, I believed is from the 63 installed, that I want to remove but couldn’t because the conduit connection to the box looks like it’s press in. There is no nut. How would I go about removing it.
  3. jgy2001

    How to remove this old smoke detector?

    Our Northern California home built on 1977 has a built-in Gard-Site Smoke Detector model 081-612. It does not has battery. Its mounted on the ceiling. We assume its AC hardwired, correct? Its making false alarms. How do we remove it? Thank you very much for your help. It's made by CASADY...
  4. Ericsson

    Can I remove gas earthing?

    We had our gas disconnected last week and the meter removed. We need to start removing the redundant gas pipes in inside the property. There is earthing connected to the main gas pipe 1 meter after it enters the property. Can we go ahead and remove all the redundant gas pipes including the...
  5. TonyandCheeny

    How to remove old ceiling rose

    I need to change the light to led and the traditional ceiling roses are stuck to the ceiling so how do i remove this without damaging the paint.
  6. S

    What is this bulb and how do I remove it?

    Dear all, would appreciate your help in identifying what this and how do i replace it with another one. As it won't unscrew clockwise or counter clockwise and doesn't pull out either. Many thanks, sosodef
  7. kreatiff63

    How do you decommission a light switch? Any ideas?

    How do you decommission a light switch? I don't want to use a cover plate. Any ideas ?
  8. R

    Remove and hide this

    Evening all. Following some brilliant help yesterday I have returned for more advice 😂. I currently have this horrendous live point randomly situated in the middle of my wall. I would ideally like to remove this and cover it. My question is, can you please recommend something to isolate...
  9. M

    How to remove integrated Neff fridge freezer

    I have a 7 year old integrated Neff K42 fridge freezer and I need to replace a couple of the attached kitchen cabinet doors hinges. In order to do so I need to remove the appliance from the casing but cannot figure out how to do it. I have removed all of the visible screws on the...
  10. J

    Generac GP8000e/Need to be grounded? Remove Neutral?

    I have a Generac GP8000e generator that I plan on back feeding the main panel of my home with the portable generator, power inlet box L14-30a and breaker. First, I will install an interlock between the utility main breaker and the generator back feed breaker. I will only use the L14-30...
  11. J

    How do I remove a superglue from a dimmer?

    I have a dimmer switch in my dining room. My son was begging me to remove the dimmer switch because he thinks it will burn out the ceiling fan motor (yes it controls both light and ceiling fan together). I told him many times it makes no sense but he never listened. Then one day he decided to...
  12. N

    Can I remove the Economy 7 Board?

    Hi all, I got Economy 7 and 2 consumer boards, but only want 1 consumer board as it'll look a lot tidier and save me replacing the E7 board as its very old and needs replacing. The E7 board only runs the immersion tank, used to run heaters too but I moved those circuits to the main consumer...
  13. S

    USA need to remove ballast and wire for LED lights.

    I have a 4-bulb fluorescent light, previously wired for T-12?, now wired for T-8, with a bad ballasts. I think my tombstones are non-shunted. It looks like I can just remove the ballast, direct wire the whites to one side of each of one end's tombstone, and the blacks to the other side of the...
  14. R

    How to Remove Top of Electric Range

    I have an electric, slide-in range, GE model JSP42DN2WW, that continually shows a hot surface light on, although the surface is not actually hot. After going to YouTube, I can see that the problem most likely lies in one of the burner's limiters being stuck. The YouTube video is a good one...
  15. K

    How to remove STUCK SCREW CAP from light switch

    Hello I'm trying to change a light switch but the screw caps are stuck. I've tried all the tips I can find including blue-tac, sticky tape, levering with a stanley knife and a small screwdriver. Any other tips anyone has please? Thanks Karl
  16. S

    Remove Gas Hob Add Electric Hob

    Good Afternoon Team, In this current climate of gas prices going through the roof, I want to change the Gas Hob to Electric. Gas hob needs capping off I have an electric oven in an other area of the kitchen, Can I Parallel the Hob and Over together The Oven, is, one main oven, and a...
  17. G

    Can I remove this recessed bracket?

    Can anyone let me know if I can remove this recessed bracket? I recently had someone close off the wiring so I could patch up the hole but now it’s in the way when I go to put the drywall in.
  18. J

    How do I remove this 6v ride-on battery

    I bought electric scooters for my kids but left them in the back of the garage for over a year - totally forgot about them - anyway I charged them up and they lasted about 5mins. I assume the batteries need replacing? But they seem to be soldered in. I checked online to revive lead acid...
  19. N

    bosch router repair, suppression capacitor replacement or remove?

    Hi all, I have an Old bosch router that has had a suppresson capacitor fail. I can't get a replacement part to match and was wondering if i could just remove it and carry on. Would this be safe? It is an 0.1uF X 2 x 2500nFY and has three wires, its inline with the negative wire from the...
  20. J

    how to remove a pir.

    Hello. Could anyone tell me how to remove this type of pir on an optima xm6 system. As shown in the attachment the pir has a hole underneath the cover. However, when checking this there appears to be no screw to release and remove the front cover . The pir appears to be attached to a bracket at...
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