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  1. M

    I have an old reddifusion switch on a wall which i want to remove but its still live..can anyone advise please

    How can I remove an old reddifusion switch from a wall which is still live..thanks
  2. Z

    Remove plug from a 3 way switch

    I have a plug that is on a switch, but I want to make it always hot. It is also a 3 way switch, so I am not 100% sure what to do. I'm somewhat experienced with electrical, but I can't get an electrician to my house due to the quarantine.
  3. I

    Remove Halogen Dimmer to use lamp with LED

    Hi there, I was going to remove the dimmer and transformator from my halogen lamp so I could use it with LED bulbs (not dimmable). However, when I opened the little electronics box I overwhelmed. I would appreciate some advice as to how to proceed with my plans. The lamp holds 2 separately...
  4. justcurioustwo

    Should Congress remove Trump a.s.a.p.?

    Should Congress remove Trump a.s.a.p.? And publicly say Trump is being removed because he is unfit to remain “president”. The people of America are deeply saddened by the loss of Human lives. Trump is “FIRED” !!!!! As an American; I ask you Iranians, please forgive us - Anyone...
  5. S

    How to Remove Box From Concrete Wall

    How can I remove this box from the concrete wall?
  6. C

    Remove bolt that is snapped of in brickwork?

    i was fitting a set of gates and the bolt snapped. i have tried drilling the bolt in the brickwork but my drill bits are not touching it. any ideas on how to get this out, if its possible? thank you
  7. happyhippydad

    Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement

    Does everyone get the adverts at the top of the page on nearly every page? Under the advert is written "Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement", but it doesn't. As members we never used to get the adverts but now we do! I can understand the electrical adverts on the...
  8. K

    How to remove wire form Parker VFD

    Hi Have a Parker Integrator 690 series AC VFD drive. cannot take the wires out of push terminals. Any ideas how to take the wires out? Tried screw driver etc but not sure how they will come out. Pic attached
  9. happyhippydad

    Night storage heater, how easy to remove bricks?

    I need to get a night storage heater up the stairs. I was planning to get a helper but I just wondered how easy is it to take the bricks out? Is it just a few screws on the front cover or is it more time consuming? Its one of the older types if that's any help at all. I haven't got a picture...
  10. littlespark

    "Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement"... No it doesn't

    Adverts are not the problem. I totally understand using them as a revenue stream for the forum, however the big banner ad at the top of the screen is starting to get ridiculous. Yesterday, I was told by the advert that Match Of The Day presenter Gary Linekar had been arrested, no details, but...
  11. KeenPensioner

    Domestic DNO fuse - who can remove it?

    Hi, as my profile says I'm not a sparky but I've wired up the odd light switch and socket! I know my limitations and take safety very seriously but I like learning. I have no intention of ever doing this but can someone explain who can remove the 100 amp fuse to a domestic CU. What is a...
  12. HandySparks

    Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement

    "Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement" Really? Why doesn't it work for me? Suggestion: If posting doesn't remove the advert, at least get rid of the text saying that it will.
  13. D

    RCD Testing - Remove devices prior to testing

    I've got a 3 phase DB with individual RCBO's supplying various equipment, Fire Alarm Controller/Water Heaters/Office Sockets/Office Lighting/Air Conditioning Controller. GN3 suggests "Any load or appliances should be disconnected prior to testing", would it be ok remove the supply at the RCBO...
  14. Hellmooth

    Need help with alarm system!

    Hi guys, I've got an alarm panel at a job I'm doing, not sure what it is as don't really do much alarm work, I've attached pics though. I have a pir that I need taken out of the system, just wondering if anyone can help me out with how best to do it? I have pics of the panel, the manual and...
  15. R

    Pv install

    Hi I'm new on here I don't do Pv installs, but have been asked to clean up 3 DB's which has to be messiest install I have ever seen. I have not been to property yet just received pictures tonight. I'm just need confirmation of layout of Pv before going to have a look all the other ones I have...
  16. Jurassic Sparks

    An interesting email I have juist received

    My Brother send me this, awaiting photos my reply was curt and informed the tenant of his rights, sounds like the sparkie is a muppet Someone at work has just moved into a rented flat, he's just shown me pictures. It has an electric shower, and when they switch it on sparks come out - between...
  17. D

    Domestic Removing MEM breakers

    Hi folks, Well today I attended another house to perform a bathroom upgrade. Upon visiting the mains board I noticed it was a MEM. Not ideal I thought as my previous experience taught me that RCBOs were not possible with these mcbs. I then noticed that a previous spark had fitted a hager RCBO...
  18. M

    Commercial Tips on how to remove the Clear Light Diffuse suspended ceiling Florescent light fitt

    Hi, I need tips or links on how to remove the Clear Prismatic Light Diffuse from suspended ceiling Florescent light fittings the size is 595 x 595, I am unable to lift the units and remove from the side due to a new air duct installed directly above all 4 fittings which are in a Hallway about...
  19. happyhippydad

    Do these fuse linings contain asbestos?

    Evening... I have this fuse box to replace shortly but am unsure if these mem fuse carriers would have asbestos fuse linings. Would anyone be able to tell me? Also, are there any dangers involved in removing the fuse carriers from the board if they do contain asbestos? I may just remove the...
  20. H

    Domestic asbestos fuse carriers and flashguards

    Is it safe to remove a fuseboard containing asbestos or does it require a specialist to remove and dispose of it safely? Obviously I would have to disconnect everything first.
  21. B

    Domestic Is it legal (and safe) to reset a jumped installation

    I'm a 17th ed. qualified part-timer, I work in a college during the week and take on electrical work for friends and such - I am therefore aware that this does not put me on a par for the knowledge of lots of you who use this site. I'm also aware that I may not use the right terms so I'll do my...
  22. R

    Veritas Alarm System Help (Remove Personal Alarm)

    I've recently moved into a new house with a Veritas R8 alarm system fitted. In one of the bedrooms, there's a wire coming out from one of the walls with a small (the size of a matchbox) white plastic box with a key sticking out of it and a big red button which I'm guessing is some sort of...
  23. P

    Board change?

    Hi, Recently been to a property that requires a board change but got no main switch. Usually the service fuse has no tag (lol) so i simply remove fuse crack on an re insert. today i came across one were it had a big steel covering. On the PIR it had been picked up as "unable to access supply...
  24. S


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  25. F

    Legal rights to materials when customers don't pay?

    I hope someone can help. I've taken on a large project, new build oak frame house. Customer happy to pay deposit and then money at completion of first fix. Completion of second fix has been delayed as they've run out of money to complete parts of the building but a large part of the second...
  26. K

    Testing question

    Hi I'm about to start my testing course and started looking though my GN3 and I've got a question one of you lads could answer for me. when doing insulation resistance test it states that all neon, dimmers, lamps and other sensitive equipment should be removed. My question is do you remove all...
  27. N

    Pulling fuses

    Hi guys what's your opinions in pulling main fuses to replace d/b's? I am against it and always fought it was ilegal etc.... But checking other forums the majority of ppl say the just pull it, any1 else just pull it?
  28. M

    PV solar surplus energy to immerision devices

    Hi Im a install solar for a small company and a new customer has asked about devices that put any export power into the immersion instead of back into the grid, have looked at several devices like solarimmersion and they say you just clip onto the main incoming tails, put it on a new 16A...
  29. W

    Domestic Breaking Main Fuse Seal..

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this topic has been risen plenty of times. I'm a qualified electrician and I am going to replace a consumer unit for a relative. I am not registered with NICEIC or NAPIT so will be getting it tested by the council. Can anyone explain the procedure for removing the main...
  30. D

    Installing a 200a MCCB in a proteus 3phase board.

    Hi everyone, I'm a newly qualified electrician and im working for a company that have asked to the fit a mccb, my boss sent me this email today and im not completely sure what he means, any help would be great as I really dont want to call him tomorrow asking how to install it. Any help would...
  31. C

    Domestic Problem with IR/touch light switches

    Hi Everybody, I have several light switches in the top floor of my flat which are the touch/IR controlled dimmer switches. After having them for 6 months they have randomly started to turn themselves on & off. At first we thought it was a conflict from TV/Wii/AV etc, but more recently they have...
  32. i=p/u

    insulation resistance testing stanless steel

    in a cafe at present working and is a load of stainless steel in one corner for washing up etc.. i want to do a test to see if needs bonding im nearly certain i I r test from earth isco to stainless steel in question and test @ 500vdc and if under 22k ohms it should be bonded, is this info...
  33. R

    Redundant socket

    Builder has asked me to remove a ring socket and put it in a maintenance free joint to keep the continunity as it's no longer required and in the way, he wants to plaster and decorate over it and doesn't want a blanking plate. I'm not happy to do this as there is no indicator that there is a...
  34. ebow72

    Moving a Fused Outlet

    A friend of mine who has a shop has asked me to move his oversink water heater (I have no idea why either). He has moved his sink though but again not sure why. The problem is he doesn't want any disruption to the walls etc, so am I ok to use a crimped connection, there is no room for a...
  35. whinmoor

    Eversolar TL4000 - G83 or G59?

    We planned to install 20 x 200W panels using an Eversolar TL4000 in Norfolk. We applied for G59 permission but the DNO (EDF Energy Networks) hasn't yet responded to us. Can this inverter be installed under G83 as most of the documentation supplied with it refers to G83? Or can we remove one or...
  36. S

    Bath and shower with 13amp plugs ????

    Just done first fix on a new bathroom and customer has a new whirlpool bath being installed and a steam shower very fancy and both with radio etc etc. However they have both been purchased on web from abroad. Both have come with creepage protectors fitted inline with a 13A plug on each. My...
  37. 3

    Help. Socket removal

    I have been asked to remove a few sockets which are to be plastered over. It's part of the ring main so it would be easiest to connect them up box in tape up and plaster up.Is this ok? Is it the best practice? Can I do it a better way?Cheers
  38. N

    Idiotic instructions did make me laugh

    5ft light fitting opened the box , removed end caps ,removed diffuser , removed center contol gear tray found instructions and it read !! Firstly unpack your light fitting ....... Mmmm instructions are in the fitting how can i do that second remove end caps ...........Mmmmm instructions are in...
  39. J

    Changeing CCU and removing main head fuse

    Hi all, I am just finishing my Level 3 City and Guilds level 3. I am going to replace an old re-wire-able fuse type CCU with a dual RCD CCU. When replacing a CCU in the past i have just removed the main head fuse to disconnect the supply going to the CCU. But someone at my collage has...
  40. J

    Earth leakage trip minor works

    Hi Looking at a minor works job in a flat, board which isn't split has a BS4293 RCCB as a main switch fed from an Earth leakage trip. I know both are obsolete and the SSC for the RCCB is 1500A. Am I right saying I can't just remove the earth leakage trip and replace the RCCB with a BS61008 as...
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