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  1. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge on a 32amp breaker. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to a double gang socke

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  2. DRM

    UK Where should sockets be fixed for integrated fridge and freezer?

    Happy new year anyone reading this! First thing on the agenda this year is a new kitchen which is being fit by ikea. Part of it is a free standing breakfast bar that has integrated fridge and freezer and I'm wondering where the sockets will need to be mounted for them because there's no wall...
  3. K

    need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654

    Hi, i broke my freezer drawer and need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654 Thanks
  4. T

    Commercial fridge Titan XTO-40-G power supply

    I'm having a hard time reaching this manufacturer for answers. Can someone help me try to use the following product? Titan open air refrigerator voltage 220 amps 8.5 hz 60 phase 1 plug type NEMA L14-20 I'm facing 2 issues, the plug type is not common, I believe it is a twist and lock type and...
  5. littlespark

    Lights not working in fridge freezer

    My sister in law has a Zanussi intelli set fridge freezer... I can’t see the model number. No sticker inside, and I’m not moving it to look behind. She changed the lamps herself, but the lights still don’t come on when the door is opened. I’ve had a quick look, but I don’t see a switch around...
  6. M

    Plug availability behind built in fridge freezer

    Hello. We’ve moved into a relatively new house (4 years), and want to get a water softener fitted. However, it needs to go in a cupboard next to a built in fridge freezer. The softener will need a power supply. The fridge freezer has an isolation switch above the counter. My question is, is...
  7. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  8. A

    Commercial Fridge tripping

    Hi My name is Allen Brauteseth from Cape Town South Africa. I am a Qualified electrician and am sitting with a problem being I have a commercial fridge for cold drinks that trips out the earth leakage after running for 10 minutes please could someone help me as the supplier says there isn't...
  9. C

    Need some advice. - 12V to 240V

    Hello! I've just joined the forum and am looking for a little advice. - As what I am attempting to do will never be attached to the electrical grid (and why this is relevant will be obvious in a second) it should bypass any laws around such. (and if it doesn't, I have a licensed mate who will...
  10. I

    Rewiring fridge to bypass thermostat (for external control)

    Hi, I'm attempting to adapt a fridge into a homebrew fermentation chamber with a digital thermometer controlling the compressor via an arduino and relays. Initially, all I need to do is take out the thermostat and rewire so that the compressor always runs when the power is on, ideally with the...
  11. J

    Only 1 Fridge door tripping electrics help please

    Hi all Hotpoint American style fridge freezer model FFA40X keeps tripping the electrics not the lights when the left hand door is opened. It doesn’t do it if the ugh hand side door is opened. It trips if both doors are opened at the same time too. The fridge has been tested and all good. What...
  12. J

    Mini Fridge causing TV to black out !

    Hi all, My apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong category, there were a few options it could've potentially fallen under. We have just completed our garage to home cinema conversion, but having a small (major!) issue. In the Cinema we have all the usual tech you'd expect, a...
  13. L

    Running a 240v fridge in a vehicle, unusual situation

    Hello Folks, I have a query regarding running a 240v fridge in vehicle. Any advice would be welcome. I have a catering business and I'm fitting out my vehicle. It is a single cab chassis with a large square steel canopy. I want to be able to carry hot and cold food, so getting a standard...
  14. littlespark

    Fridge Freezer died. Recommendations?

    Ok guys, I'm sure not your usual points of interest. The fridge freezer?. It lives in the kitchen and the beer is stored inside it. Well, ours packed in while we on holiday. 15 year old hotpoint, so not a bad run. Looking at a Beko, as its in our price range. What are peoples thoughts? We know...
  15. S

    I'm sure there is an easy answer!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!! In short ... I've had a mid life crisis and bought a catering van. It has a full size domestic fridge onboard. I need to keep milk cold from home to event site. I'll hook up at home and chill fridge till I leave. Am planning on using an inverter to keep fridge...
  16. gazdkw82

    Fluorescent tube spares - fridge

    went to the shop up the road and was approached by the owner. He asked if I could help fix the lighting on his open beer fridge. Basically is 2x 58w 5ft tubes but one of them has burnt out at the end and has stopped working. Iv took the tube out but it will need a new connection at the end. Is...
  17. plodder1

    New fridge keeps tripping circuit.

    We recently purchased a new fridge and connected it to a different circuit to the one the old fridge used. It keeps tripping the circuit, can anyone advise what may be causing it please?
  18. A

    Fridge Lamp 120V Replacment Anyone?

    Hi There. I've got a customer with an American huge fridge freezer. The interior lamp has gone and she can't find a replacment. It's a 120V 40W lamp, but the cap looks like something in between SES and ES. Has anyone got any idea of where to get one? I've googled it for hours with no luck...
  19. SparkyChick

    Under counter fridge earthing - Quick sanity check

    Morning all, Did an EICR a couple of weeks ago and one of the things I commented on was the fact that the metal work of an undercounter fridge (the door hinge/skin mounting arrangements) did not have any continuity to the CPC of the circuit supplying it. I can find no indication of it being a...
  20. I

    3ph fridge problem.

    Hello Guys. Got a situation here. Installed a 3 phase circuit for a commercial fridge. Bang a 20 amps 3ph Type C MCB at C.U and wired in the fridge via a comando 16a socket. switched on fridge and we rolling. After a week Fridge people turned up to do some more work. Something went wrong and...
  21. vini

    Medical Centre

    I had a customer (doctors) whose DB has an ELCB main switch which tripped over night causeing a fridge which is plugged into the ring main to be off and ruined various vaccines. Is there any way to have the fridge isolated from the ring main and ELCB other than install a garage unit RCD for the...
  22. R

    007 Electricians Coventry

    007 Electricians are a fully certified and insured electricians providing professional and reliable electrical services and testing in Coventry, Rugby, Southam, Daventry, Warwick. We make a significant effort in quality management and are well recognised across Warwickshire. From a simple new...
  23. telectrix

    Tidy Work Bench... Not.

    just feeling lazy, can't be arsed at the mo.
  24. L

    Blown Fuse

    My UK fridge of 5 yrs stopped working. I was told the fridge had blown a fuse so I replaced it myself with a 13A fuse. The fridge started working again from a different socket but when I connected the plug back to the original socket per the photo attached it doesn’t work. Seems like something...
  25. P

    Generator Vs Combi Fridge/freezer

    Hi I am currently out in Africa experiencing horrendous power outages. I therefore have the need to hook up my DEFY combi fridge/freezer (model DEFY DAC512) to a small standalone backup generator from time to time. It is important to have the backup power option as the fridge houses livestock...
  26. S

    Sockets for built in Fridge

    My question is about regulations for installation of sockets for built in fridges. I believe that the regulation states that the socket should be accessible and that the common interpretation of this is that the socket is normally placed directly behind the fridge mounted on the the wall with a...
  27. C

    fuse rating moulded plug

    I PAT tested a Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge freezer RFAA52. The CE plate on the back said 150W but the moulded plug said 13Amp. I looked up the instruction book on the Hotpoint web site and it said 13amp. I left the 13 amp fuse in the plug but it just seemed to be wrong. I sent an email to...
  28. P

    Fixed Appliance Testing Problems

    Hi Guys I had the joy of testing the kitchen appliances in a new rental. The fridge, freezer and washing machine were all free standing under the worktops and couldn't be moved on account of the floor tiling laid down in front of them. Only way to test was at the individual FCUs. I could only...
  29. S

    rcbo leakage tripping

    Hi guys I have a client whos rcbo keeps tripping, never when I am there and at all times day and night.i have stripped circuit down insulation readings all over 200meg ramp test on rcbo is 21ma . should this be higher or is it ok thanks paul
  30. D

    Is this a plausible wiring diagram for a 12V DC timer?

    Hi, I want to wire up a 12V DC timer (CN101A) to turn an appliance on and off. I have the found on the internet the following wiring diagram for the timer and not being too experienced I was wondering whether it will work if I make the connections as shown: The timer does not show + or - so I...
  31. D

    Domestic Switch spur behind fridge what can you do

    I installed a switch spur behind fridge customer was not impressed, but what can you do in this situation I assured him it was perfectly fine, no cupboards next to fridge only way round it to make the fridge sit flush anyone else had a situation like this.
  32. M

    RCD tripping problem

    i've been asked to look at an installation that was rewired a couple of years ago. it is a split board and the RCD has started tripping out. the owner said that previously he would maybe have an issue if a standard lamp blew etc but now something is leaking to earth. it all tests out fine. i...
  33. G

    Domestic my house rewire kitchen circuits help

    Hi guys started a thread recently about my house rewire which im starting soon but i still have some issues, as ive said in the past i very rarely do domestic work so thats the reason im asking but here goes... im just after a bit of info and reassurance on kitchen circuits im getting an...
  34. B

    Domestic Faulty integrated fridge freezer

    Hi all Hope someone can assist? I have an integrated ariston fridge freezer model bcb 3111 that is just over 7 years old. The freezer functions normally. The fridge is cold but not cold enough for milk to stay fresh till it's use by date. I clump of ice forms near the top of the...
  35. C

    Freezer On Rcbo Etc

    Evening, my first post with diagrams knocked up in AutoCAD - hopefully, fingers crossed it doesn't all go horribly wrong! OK, my own kitchen, planning to re-route the ring so all sockets central about the new cupboards etc. The problem: I like the idea of having the freezer on its own RCBO. I'm...
  36. C

    rcd tripping

    Hi All Called in to see a friend today and was asked to check out an rcd fault. The house has a 16th edition board with kitchen, downstairs and upstairs sockets on the rcd side,all on 3 seperate 32A mcb's. He regularly has the rcd trip out which resets straight away and then trips out about...
  37. Golden_Boy

    Seperate Circuit For Fridge/freezer !!

    After returning from Greece after a two week break I found my Kitchen RCBO had tripped.:icon9: However as I had the forsight to provide a dedicated circuit for the freezer all is well.:) Why dont folk heed the advice and do this when having a rewire as a matter of course?
  38. R

    Standalone system in a mobile catering unit ideas please

    Hi, So far I have only installed grid tied PV systems but the son of an existing customer wants to have a PV system on his mobile catering unit. Does anyone have a suggested solution, supplier or advice please? Looking to run a fridge and a microwave as well as some small lights, no big...
  39. T

    Light switches as isolators

    Doing a load of work in a ground floor flat (will post some pics as cannot believe what people will do) lady upstairs asks me to have a look at her built in fridge as it had stopped working. The house was converted just over 1 year ago. I could not find any way of turning off the power anywhere...
  40. A

    solar powered fridge?

    I am very interested in this chest fridge idea, but I want it to be fully mobile. Would it be possible to power if using a solar panel and battery if it uses 0.1kWh each day? And I am based in the sunshine capital that is Glasgow? I am a complete novice with electrics so apologies if this is...
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