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ok so let me begin with i bought this mini fridge off walmart and now im in israel where the outlet is different andi wanted to use the mini fridge and a friend told me if you have a ps4 cable that should do fine and when i plugged in the mini fridge it worked fine but after 5 mins or so i heared a "puff" sound from the fridge and a smoke came out i immediatly disconnected it so my question is it possible to fix it? or maybe change its circut to another one or what exactly broke in there maybe i can find a electrician to fix it? please help
From the picture on Walmart, 120v ac input.

from google, israel electricity is 230v ac.

it sounds like the best thing to do is hold a small funeral for your robot fridge and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Or use it as an ornament or door stop.
It is worth noting that many of the devices you have purchased in the states will be destroyed if you plug them in to the mains in israel.

you need to check that each device (look at the specifications label) lists 230v 50hz as one of the options.

often it is written as a range I.e. input: 90v to 240v 50/60hz
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