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  1. happyhippydad

    Is there a standalone weatherproof timer?

    I am looking for a weatherproof timer to switch a 2 gang socket on/off. I can find plenty of single sockets that incorporate a timer but I cannot find one with with 2 sockets, or just a separate weatherproof timer (suitable for sockets, 16A) that I could then use to switch a standard 2 gang...
  2. D

    Extractor fan to timer type

    Hi I’m thinking of changing an extractor fan (in a WC) to one with a run on/timer. The current set up doesn’t have an isolator, and wiring runs from the light bulb to the fan, which is sited in the ceiling about 18” away. The fan is vented through a flat roof above. Now, I realise that i’ll...
  3. D

    Timer for contactor control

    Hello all, I am needing a din rail mount timer which will control a contactor. It will need to have a function which will allow me to have the contactor energise for 30mins. Off for 30mins. On for 30mins and repeat forever. New to this and i am getting confused with On delay, Off delay timers...
  4. Lwols

    a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch

    Hi all, (Just reposting, there was some confusion, I was mistaken for a domestic electrician, I'd like to think I have basic understanding, but I'll stick to carpentry!) There were some great replied on the original thread, but I thought id post again, with the info I posted, you never know...
  5. Lwols

    Fused Digital Timer Spur Switch

    Hi all, Would somebody draw a diagram of how they believe a Fused Digital Timer Spur switch should be installed. A bit of information; There are 6 floor standing outdoor LEDs. 1.5mm SWA feeding each and routed back to the consumer unit. Shall be protected by a 6amp Wylex RCBO. Thanks in...
  6. D

    Bizarre fault today immersion timer

    got a phone call from my brother at about 1.30pm to say his immersion timer had caught fire and completely melted. I thought he was exaggerating so popped round to take a look. And yep it had completely melted into a big ball of moulded black sticky plastic...:eek: This timer was fitted when he...
  7. T

    Humidistat or Run on Timer

    Evening all. I have a customer whose bathroom is soaked with condensation after the shower has been on. its worst I have seen. I am going to install a 4 inch 60litre/sec fan but would like an opinion on whether to go with a humidistat or run on timer. I would appreciate your expertise. Thanks
  8. J

    Wiring extractor fan with timer

    Hi all I have just moved into a flat and my extractor fan doesn't work so i have bought and fit a new one but I cant figure out how to wire it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. N

    Weatherproof timer ans Spur Unit

    Hi Does anyone know of a weatherproof simple on/off timeswitch and Switched Spur thats available? Its going to be undercover, so not in direct contact with rain/sun etc but there will be moisture. Thanks
  10. S

    Timer Circuit Help Needed

    I need to install a timer circuit to activate a solenoid valve so it operates for 2 minutes every hour. I was thinking of using either a mechanical timer (but the increments are often not small enough) or a digital din rail mounted timer but I'm unsure if I can program one to these...
  11. M

    Boiler timer doing my head in

    Hi is anybody willing to talk me through wireing up my boiler controller ...
  12. D

    Someone replaced a light switch with a timer..

    Bit of a first for me. Looking around a house to tidy up as a buy to let and couldn't find the light switch in one of the bedrooms. Some searching later revealed the previous owners had replaced the switch with an analogue timer o_O It was the front bedroom so best guess is they had it to give...
  13. P

    How turn off OFF PEAK option

    Hello everyone . I've got some problem with boiler timer . He turns on ,, Peak off " option in the night time and start heating up the water cos He thinks that my electric meter is in the night tariff but It's not .. I've got standard meter. How can I turn it off or What Can I do ?? Everything...
  14. rolyberkin

    Sangamo timer clock not working

    I have a client who has one of the below, I have never worked on one. He states that it is not switching on the lights although the emergency light part of the lighting is apparently being charged, he has re set the timer etc. Does anyone work on these a lot and is there any quick solutions or...
  15. P

    Help with Danfoss Service Interval Timer

    I have the same problem as the OP in this old thread service interval timer help! - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/service-interval-timer-help.100630/ I tried the solution offered there but unfortunately the instructions must be for older models of the thermostat. My model is...
  16. J

    Timer Switch on E7 system

    Hello all, I hope you might be able to help me solve an issue. I rent a flat with storage heaters and E7. The Timer Switch for the cheap periods has never worked, so in the past I've just had to move the sliders manually to use the heaters, but now even that doesn't work, as some electrical...
  17. littlespark

    Adding a run on timer to an existing fan

    Is there such a thing? Job i'm looking at has a bathroom with no window. There is a 230v inline fan in the roofspace, vented from above the shower cubicle to... well... the extraction doesn't go anywhere, but that's another problem. Taking the grill down I can see the fan, but its screwed to...
  18. S

    Can I join the black wires? Need to improve some hacked French wiring to restore timer control

    So, I'm checking why the heating won't work in a little apartment in France. There are 4 wall-mounted electric heaters and there is a timer on the wall which should be controlling them all via a pilot wire. There is a note on the timer in badly scrawled French about the new heater meaning the...
  19. pirate

    Recommendations please for a good quality immersion heater timer

    Hello all. As the title says, I am looking for a good quality, robust switch/timer to control a 3kw immersion heater. At present it is simply plugged into a socket in the loft, but needs to be controlled from the kitchen below with a decent timer, preferably one that will fit onto a single...
  20. M

    Extractor fan, hourly timer....

    I have a customer who has a extractor fan in a storage container used for ventilation. They would like a timer fitted which enables the fan to come on for 10 minuets every hour. Im struggling to find an off the shelf timer that would let me do this? Anyone got Any ideas? Cheers