1. G

    Spent a few hours stripping today

    Spent a few hours stripping today Hate all those part rolls of x cable have bean on the shelf for years so the wife and I spent a few hours striping hopefully it will be worth something
  2. pirate

    Have you, or a relative, had to wait hours for an ambulance, or spent hours on a trolly in A&E?

    Just a bit of a rant, but it's clear we don't have enough ambulances and staff, people spend hours in A&E waiting treatment, the stories are legend. I was just idly wondering if it might be better spending the billions for HS2 on the NHS instead. More doctors, more nurses, more beds....or shave...
  3. Dan

    Last 24 hours; The spread of members who posted

    4 American, 1 Malaysian, 2 Australian, as well as dozens of UK members, have posted new threads. :) That's really nice to see. I think we're a refreshing change from what is out there already. Keep on topic and friendly peeps. :D I think it's working. Thanks so much to all of you for...
  4. B

    Industrial Nearly 72 hours have past ........

    On the 1st. jan. 2019, the introduction of the 18th. edition,my world has yet to change ! However,on visiting 4 reputal electrical merchants recently,they all looked blank at the mention of SPD,s (surge protection devices)or should I say insurance co. protection devices and AFFD,s (arc fault...
  5. A

    302 principles of electrical science written exam

    Need help with 302 principle of electrical science written exam 2hours
  6. L

    Free labour for your knowledge and expertise, 40 hours a week.

    Good morning. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. Having already done 2330 level 2/3 and 17th edition. I have some knowledge but would need refreshing. Working with someone with experience I'm sure I would recover knowledge. I'm more than happy to come and see you. Happy to start...
  7. Leesparkykent

    Hours spent pricing and doing customer site meeting....

    Just a bit of a rant really....This one job that is pretty much mine as do all the builders work and the customer has confirmed that I'm doing the job. 6/7 bed house just around the corner from my house. 1st site meeting I Sit down with the customer for 2 hours and went through what ideas they...
  8. G

    Pricing advice

    Hi, I am fitting out a new cattle shed with 12 led tube lights in 3 rows each switched separately, 2 led floodlights switched separately, 2 way consumer unit, 7 double sockets, conduit running between every light light and socket, approx 120 meters of conduit fitted, power done by previous...
  9. M

    Typical earnings in First Year

    Hi, I am currently employed full time. However i have been self employed before for several years and i used to work as a labourer for 5+ years. I am considering going back to being self employed and on top of my other business in IT, i was thinking of becoming a fully qualified Sparky...
  10. R


    Evening all, Do you have to pay apprentices while being in college (if so, how many hours). I know they don't do 8 hours a day. Anybody know the Law on apprentice's and pay. I'm not a tight arse but have an appy who is taking the mick in working hours. Cheers
  11. chudson

    Electrician Full time permanent electrician required - South London

    Electrician required to work within London and surrounding areas. Will be provided with a van, power tools and an apprentice. Must have NVQ level 3 in Electrotechnical services - electrical installation or equivalent old/new type. 17th edition 2382 A minimum of 2 references A full clean...
  12. K

    Rates for domestic periodic.

    Hi everyone , just starting out have done 2 domestic periodic for £60 each , only took 4 hours .Is this a reasonable rate , thanks.
  13. Sintra

    Electrician Electricians Jobs SW6 - Electricians needed London SW6

    2 x electricians required for high end commercial project near Earls Court. Would prefer self employed but PAYE can be considered. This work will last for 6 months for the right people. Must have completed a full apprenticeship and hold a valid ECS or CSCS card. C&G 2391 would be desirable...
  14. H

    Commercial The watchers

    So.... I'm on a job at the minute working and the owner is constantly watching me. I've been working at the boards and he decided to pull up a chair and sits there for the full 8 hours just watching! Bit creepy if you ask me. My only escape is tea time when I get half an hour away from the job...
  15. telectrix

    Domestic Too Expensive?

    just been knocked back with an order cancelled as too expensive. wanted some opinions on my quote, all except the IP sockets just swapping accessories: customer wanted 15 x double sockets, 8 x 1 gang light switches, 4 x 2 gang light switches, 4 gang grid with engraved switches, 1 pull switch...
  16. R

    Electrician in awe.

    Electrician in awe of last electrician’s work - http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/science-technology/electrician-in-awe-of-last-electricians-work-20161007114965
  17. F

    On call pay rates?

    Hi all. Given up being self employed after 25 years and got a post as maintainence spark on a mixed office, light industrial and accommodation site. Rate of pay is in line with jib so happy enough there, but been asked to go on call. Week at a time. Covering mon to Friday 5pm to 8 am, 24 hrs sat...
  18. Pete999

    Garage Electrics

    For all those DIYers who want to add some sockets in your Garage (I know it's American) but its still funny
  19. G

    What would you charge?

    Hello all, Have been on here for a while so be easy on me! I'm an electrician by trade and started out doing domestics and working my way up. This last year or so I've found my biggest contract (practically full time). Is on tanker ships carrying oil, I went on as an electrician but now do all...
  20. C

    Job oppurtinity

    Just saw this advertised https://theroyalhousehold.tal.net/vx/mobile-0/appcentre-1/brand-2/candidate/so/pm/1/pl/4/opp/1101-Maintenance-Electrician-London/en-GB Please form an orderly queue.:p
  21. M


    Hi All I'm in the beginning of trying to build a business for myself after 14 years in the trade. I'm struggling a little bit on trying to formally a pricing structure. I want to be competitively priced while making a good profit. Any tips on how to go about this. I'm currently going in at...
  22. Soulsurfer

    Call Outs and pricing !

    Hey all, just been scratching head while playing with Quickbooks at this hour ! and just thinking I haven't been charging a callout fee up to now and customers are a bit confused as they have said a few times now they have always been charged one before especially for night hours. Am I missing a...
  23. uksparks

    Working in a school

    Hi, ive managed to secure one work for a school, nothing big, just a number of accessory changes etc and a couple of additional sockets. ill be up front, I've never done any work in a school. is there anything I should know about? Work will be done out of school hours. my main query i...
  24. C

    finished and Passed AM2 today was pretty intense ... feels good.. Sept 2015

    Finished and passed my AM2 today... Finshed it at 3pm had result via email at 8pm... Feels good. The forum helped me with elements so im happy to add any tips i may have picked up for people who are looking.. I thought it was a good and adequate exercise... i understand the frustration with...
  25. G

    Working times

    Hi guys Does anyone know what between what times of day you are allowed to work and make noise etc including the weekends. In domestic commercial sorts of premises where there are the public nearby. Always feel bad working late and making noise but was told that on a weekday between 7-9 was...
  26. haptism

    Does a non-maintained emergency need a key switch

    Hi hope someone can help. A friend of mine (a builder) has asked me because I used to be an electrician (im not working in the trade anymore) if a non maintained emergency light in a small shop has to have a key switch (as per regulations). I realise the benefits of having a key switch but is it...
  27. C

    Veritas alarm system

    Hi All After a bit of help if poss. I recently had a new boiler installed and during the removal of the old water cylinder the plumber ripped out feed for the alarm system by "accident" and now it is not working at all. I put in a new t+e and have disconnected the battery and mains and then...
  28. A

    price work rewires

    hey guys just want to ask are those one day rewires worth it in terms of money...they seem pretty good to be honest.. yes i know ur a tool and the rest of it. but like 550 for 1 bed could be split like this 2 sparks 250 each mate/labourer 50 quid and the job can be done in one...
  29. N

    Working out charges

    Hello, just wondering how folks are working out their rates. I realise you work out what you want to earn per year and the total overheads of your business, add these two together and then divide it by the amount of hours you will work per year to arrive at an hourly rate. My questions are: 1...
  30. darkwood

    The Witcher is now waiting on my PS4 for after work

    Been waiting for this title for a while ... it will keep me out of the pub a while I dare say :yes:
  31. N

    Computer Software

    Hi all, I'm currently a small company with myself, an apprentice, and another electrician and currently i write down all apprentice, electrician and job hours in a book. As work is getting pretty manic i'm in the process of taking on another electrician and a electricians mate and so was...
  32. M

    nice view at work today

    A nice 33 degrees today in perth. Not a bad view from site either
  33. T

    Working away 5 days a week

    What rates should I expect to work away in UK 5 days a week? Flat rate + (ex amount per hour). should I expect to work 12 hours a day? If only allowed to work 8 what hourly rate is fair? £20 a day for food and Also accommodation paid for. Ps I'm on the books, JIB Approved. Cheers
  34. F

    Anyone a spark for British Gas????? What are they like to work for.

    Hi was just wondering what british gas are like to work for? A mate of mine is going for an interview they have promised him loads inc working your way up etc etc. What are the hours like?
  35. C

    Working away rates

    Been offered 2 trips to the continent with a firm I subby to installing and commissioning some plant that's been shipped over from a local factory that's closing, all the travel, food and digs are been covered by the client and I've been told to name my price for going over, I've got an idea of...
  36. M

    Nightshirt work

    Iv been pretty fortunate to have never had to do any nightshirt work but have been asked to do some out of hours work changing some switchgear over in a substation... My question is do you get paid for missed time the next day ?.. Thanks
  37. T

    Overload fusebox

    Wylex bs5486 4 way 60 amp max?
  38. F

    Domestic Minimum ground needed for Ground Source Heat to work?

    Hi, This is my first posting here so apologies for any transgressions, upsets, etc. I'm going to renovate a house and it's got a fairly large garden. I want to install a Ground Source Heat Pump/system but I've no idea of the minimum size/shape I need to make it work. Can anyone answer my...
  39. S

    Is 2394/2395 changing

    Hi everyone, can anyone confirm if the time scale on doing the written exams is going from hour and a half to two hours soon or is not true.
  40. E

    No one working over the Christmas holidays this year then??

    I'm surprised no-one has come on to the forum telling us how many thousands of £££ they will be making this year!! lol!! I can remember last year i think it was, when one guy was insisting his mate was going to make £13K for a week of being on call. Any better takers for this year?? lol!!
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