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Need help with 302 principle of electrical science written exam 2hours
You need to be more specific, to get a meaningful reply. Perhaps detail the mock exam questions you are struggling with, along with your answers, for others to comment on. What you won't get, is your homework done for you.


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Shirley agua khan should be asking is tutor, if having difficulty with the questions .


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You will no doubt have questions on resistors in series and paralell. Questions which will require you to transpose ohms law in its various conjugations. Perhaps adiabatic equation. Volt drop usually figures in principles. I should imagine Kirchovs law may pop it's head up with transformer windings and input output calculations. Identification of systems such as TN TT IT with diagrams. I guess bit of power factor. Rho x L / A for resistance and no doubt some question around resistivity involving capacitance and inductive properties of copper etc. Just a guess mind you. But I think they are the core areas of basic electrical science so I imagine you should know those areas quite well in order to pass.
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