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  1. J

    Written science exam unit 302, L3 2365

    Anyone get any good info/resources for learning more on this exam or any previous experience of it?
  2. A

    302 principles of electrical science written exam

    Need help with 302 principle of electrical science written exam 2hours
  3. sham

    The same written paragraph in different sections.

    Hello, I'm going through my 18th edition regs book and discovered two paragraphs that are identically the same. It is regulation 422.3.1 and 422.4.2. is this deliberate because it matters in both section. I brought this book from IET itself.
  4. P

    C&G 2365-302 written exam

    Hi all, Been looking through the forum for any help regarding the 2365 - 302 written science exam, i have the test coming up and have been searching for old past papers or something equalivent, only ones i could find any been multiple choice, any help regarding this test would be appreciated...
  5. James bishop

    302 written exam on the city and guilds 2365

    Took my Lvl 3 electrical installation, 302 science exam paper A and failed it. I get a resit and it's going to be on Paper B. Does anyone have any info on what type of questions to expect on the 302 written exam please? many thanks
  6. A

    2394-2395 course

    hello writing on this section because i dont know where to write for qualified on city&guild 2330 and im looking to do and inspection and testing..before couple of years i try to pas this course but i fail on 2391 theory test..its not problem for 2392 and 2392 practical test...
  7. 2nd best

    2394/5 current coarse

    ive just passed one test exam on this coarse however with 2 written test and a practical left to go i still have a lot to do roll on Thursday i say
  8. rustynails

    2394/2395 to be scrapped!

    I read today that the 2394/2395 will be replaced with a 2 hour short answer online typing exam. I appreciate that it must be a nightmare to mark all the written papers but from my point of view the whole point of a written exam was that it made it tougher for the people taking the exam. I took...
  9. M

    2394 2395 4 day intensive.

    Good evening everyone. I finally convinced my company to put me through my 2394 2395. I wanted to take this as an evening course over 6 months however the provider messed me around and the course fell through. I've had to commit to a 4 day intensive with the written exams 8 weeks later and...
  10. D

    2394/5 tomorrow

    Hi guys got my 2394/5 written exams over the next two nights, wish me luck!
  11. S

    2394-95 information

    i vent to local college to ask for this course but the business agent who care for recruit students for this course didn't have clue if this course have writing exam or just on-line exam.. please can any one who past this course explain what kind of exams we have to do on this course..did they...
  12. A

    2394+2395 combined course

    I've enrolled on the above city&guilds course which I'm doing 2 evenings per week for several weeks. I have little prior testing experience only really cont tests and IR tests. I'm looking for practical advice from anyone who has done the above courses before, (not neseceraly combined) hints and...
  13. M

    MCS NCR's

    Hello all, I have been lurking here for a while and have found the forum amusing and informative but this is my first post. We recently had our MCS inspection for solar pv. The inspector gave us a few NCR's, mostly to do with the QMS and easily sorted - I showed him what he asked for and am...
  14. infinity

    Works Contarcts

    I require a works contract for some jobs coming up where we will be carrying out electrical installs for a main contractor. I want to make sure i have covered my back and have some comeback when it comes to payment terms etc. Someone has mentioned JCT minor works but I'm not sure its relevant...
  15. L

    Comments on existing installation

    Hi Everyone, I have gone back to using hand written certs a lot easier and all completed on site. The problem is with the elecsa certs when doing a consumer unit upgrade the comments on existing installation box is too small to fill in all observations so I have seen a observation continuation...
  16. T


    Alright lads, anyone done the new testing course? Is it harder to pass then 2391? Got a feeling my reg books are going to have to be my new best friend for a while
  17. V

    Deborah Meaden Campaigns For Investment In Renewable energy

    BBC News - Deborah Meaden campaigns for investment in renewable energy
  18. S


    Hi Guys, As work is quiet, at the moment (unless you are MCS and in that case your going to be really busy for a few weeks) I'm getting around to writing my own website. how many of you guys have written your own websites? had one written for you by another company? what sort of responses do...
  19. R

    periodic testing

    hi can anyone tell me what an average price for a periodic test would be cheers everyone
  20. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Any 1 else had a random company ring you on behalf of NICEIC?

    Im with elecsa? Loads of Ques on was i happy with Elecsa etc etc Im guessing loads of people are leaving them and there trying to find out why. Why didnt i join NICEIC? Would you recommed Elecsa to other spark? Answer from 1 to 10 10 being very happy lol
  21. zone77

    1st assessment help

    i have my 1st periodic assessment coming up and must show that my buisness has a written health and safety policy statement??. i have seen the one available to download on niceic website but i am a soletrader with no employees. is it still suitable for me? also i need prove that risk assessments...
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