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  1. K

    Unit 204 practical exam materials list

    Hi guys I am doing the practical bay assessment at college. I have already done the bay assessment before covid 19 came about and haven’t had chance to finish it. My tutor has asked I do a materials list and have done one to the best that I can remember. I was wondering if anyone else had done...
  2. K

    City and guilds unit 204 practical exam

    I am due to take the following unit 204 exam city and guilds in a month and I’m wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for the exam, I’ve attached the image off the exam piece, I just need the wiring diagram, thanks
  3. J

    Written science exam unit 302, L3 2365

    Anyone get any good info/resources for learning more on this exam or any previous experience of it?
  4. happyhippydad

    Where to do 18th exam only in Gloucestershire or Bristol?

    My assessor has this time said I must do the 18th, managed to get away with it last year but not so lucky this year. I'm not interested in spending £400 on course telling me how to read a book so I will just do the exam only. So far I can only find one place near(ish) me that is charging £132...
  5. OfficialAsh

    UK Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam next week, need advice

    Hello, After my post back in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and complete the level 2 electrical installation course from City and Guilds. My local college was super helpful. Anyway I am doing the 10 hour practical exam next week, and I am curious to know what suggestions you guys may...
  6. T

    UK 18th edition Exam layout

    Hi all. Currently awaiting to sit the 18th edition exam however I am doing the Exam Only as opposed to the course & exam. Could anyone tell me if the layout of exam includes the part of the book beside the question? I've included two pictures of the same question for reference, is the...
  7. R

    2391-51 Online Exam

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for any advice at all on passing this online exam. I have completed everything else without any problems including the 2391-50 but have failed this one three times now and twice only one question away. I am not an electrician so probably found it harder than most...
  8. R

    Continuity of protective conductors...Initial/Periodic exam.

    Hi, With Referance to the current Initial verification and periodic practical exam. Continuity of protective conductors, including main and supplementary bonding. I understand using method one with circuit c.p.c, Connect line/c.p.c in connector blocks. Results provide, continuity, R1=R2 and...
  9. G

    18th edition wiring regulations update exam in Worcestershire wanted

    Does anyone know where I can book the 18th edition wiring regulations update exam. I live in Worcestershire, I want to just sit the exam, I do not need a course as I only passed the 17th edition last year.
  10. XS Training

    AM2 Exam Preparation Training - Online - £125 - 14 Days Access

    XS Training Ltd have recently produced a comprehensive online course covering all aspects of the AM2 and AM2S. The course is available for a period of 14 days for £125.00 and provides a real alternative to attending a classroom based environment which is typically take over one or two days and...
  11. B

    Any advice for 18th edition course and exam

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get 18th edition certificate and booked a 3 days course and ordered the blue book. Once the book arrive us, I will start to study and my course will start on 1st July. I am new in England. Before I came to England, I worked 5 years in Turkey and 6 months in Italy as...
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    Sat the 18th Edition exam today

    Well sat the 18th today and passed top of my class(8 people) with 90% so I'm happy with that:).Most people on my course got between 70-80%.One lad only got 60%:( I did find the 18th exam harder than the 17th in which way the questions were worded.Also there seemed to be trick questions put in...
  13. M

    Online 2391 exam and a little help to get pass

    Hi I just had a 2391-52 exam which I couldn’t pass,I failed with 68%. Can anyone recommend some online questions simulator for this exam?Which to be close enough for the real one? Thanks
  14. M

    2391-52 practical exam help

    hey everyone, Wondering if anyone has done there 2391-52 practical exam lately i have mine this week just wondering a few things. Rcd tests if i have a lighting circuit protected by a 61009 rcbo which point should the test be carried out at the distribution board or the accessory its self as i...
  15. P

    18th edition exam - my thoughts

    I Just did my 18th edition exam and I will share my thoughts with those that haven't yet taken it, and although I ordered the 18th bs7671 book last summer, it sat in a cupboard still wrapped in the cardboard it was delivered in until about 5-6 days before my exam. I watched the sparkyninji...
  16. A

    NVQ Level 3 unit 15 and 38 Exam papers/questions.

    Hi, I'm currently doing my NVQ level 3 and would like to practise with old mock exam papers/questions Does anyone know of any sites with them on or pheraps have some they could send via Email. My Exams are the start of next month and I would like to get as many mock papers done as possible...
  17. J

    2391-52 past exam papers with answers?

    Hello, Has anyone got any previous 2391-52 exam papers? Haven't got much luck online (without paying). Done one on 'Sparky Facts' but that's about it. Also anyone got any experience on the course and can recommend me what to revise more on? Feel comfortable with the testing itself...
  18. S

    Electrical Engineering exam papers from 1920's and 30's

    Hi everyone, came across these old Electrical Engineering exam papers. Thought they may be of interest to somebody. Honestly how many can you get correct? They are incredibly difficult. Enjoy
  19. J

    18th ed exam format questions

    I've booked to do the 18th edition exam, i have to do the 3 day course as i never did the update, i'm sure i could have passed just doing the one day course or just the exam. Anyone done the 18th course/exam is the format of the 18th edition same as the 17th, 60 question, so many questions per...
  20. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  21. A

    302 principles of electrical science written exam

    Need help with 302 principle of electrical science written exam 2hours
  22. B

    18th edition exam only

    Hi everyone does anyone know if its possible to do pay and sit exam only for the 18th edition in kent/essex/se London or East Sussex area? I don't have amd3 upgrade to my 17th qualification any help appreciated
  23. P

    18th Edition - Exam only

    I received my 18th edition books a few days ago and found only a few training providers that allow you to sit the exam only. I contacted Oakley Services UK knowing that they had an 18th exam this evening but if they had a cancellation, could I sit the exam, surprisingly they said that they had...
  24. T


    To all, When the 17th came out I did the C & G update course and exam rather than the full course and exam as it was within a number of years from which I did my 16th. Does anyone know if this is still the case? I know that if it still is I would be outside that timeframe as I can't see any...
  25. T

    Compex ex03 & ex04 multi choice exam help

    hi, recently sat my compex in Aberdeen and since found out that i had failed the multi choice exam, getting this email. Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in the Ex03 & Ex04 units of the Multi-choice exam– see attached fail sheet. It was much harder than I anticipated and am now worried about...
  26. Seath

    2391-52 exam question

    Hello, Would anyone be able to help with this question I do not seem to have the knowledge to answer please? 44 Questions 40 to 46 relate to the following scenario. Insulation resistance has been tested on five new lighting circuits in an existing large distribution warehouse. These circuits...
  27. M

    Am2 online exam.........20 characters

    Hi guys Ive been booked in for my am2 for the 2nd week of october. My employer and college have been really big helps in sorting me out for the practical side of it by going over everything with a fine tooth comb so its really drummed in. But im also concerned regarding the online exam. I...
  28. D

    Help needed am2 exam coming

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has any infomation that could be helpful as i am taking my am2 in the next couple of months. Many thanks Simon
  29. rolyberkin

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma 18th edition exam

    So having spent the last three or four days adding quick find tabs to my new 18th edition book and highlighting relevant passages it was taken off me by the Stroma invigilator and I was given a brand new book for my exam!:-( I was told that Stroma do everything by the book and above board so...
  30. S

    Will 18th edition have any impact on the am2 exam

    I have almost finished my NVQ Portfolio and will soon be booking my place at an am2 test centre. I know there is a long waiting list at some of these places and I wonder if the exams will be changed at all by the time I take mine? To be more specific, does anyone know whether there will be an...
  31. A

    AM2 help. I have a few questions regarding the exam and any help would be appreciated.

    Hello all, new to the forum and everyone seems to be quite frendly and happy to help out. So.. i have my am2 in a few weeks and am pretty gemmed up on everything but there are a few things bothering me. And have checked all forums regarding am2 prep and can't seem to find anything. 1.When...
  32. P

    Approved electrician exam resit

    Hi new to this quick question ,can anybody give me any possible advice on the risk assessment part of the Aca test (approved electrician exam ) I failed on that part last week but can’t think for the life of me how I failed as I thought the exam was pretty straight forward, is there something...
  33. A

    Inspection and testing

    Hi all , new to the forum today just looking for a bit of advise ,iv got my 2391-52 inspection and testing booked in for September , Iv Just ordered the guidance note 3 with the new amendments. Can anyone else recommend any more books that has helped them for revision. Cheers lads
  34. R

    Advice on Level 2 2365 exam preparation

    Hello, So this year I decided to enrol in a Level 2 Electrical Course. The course is going well, some bits I am struggling with, but I think that is part of the learning process. As with anything, it's a bit daunting. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on exam preparation? I think its...
  35. Joshua

    18th Edition (2382-18) Exam simulator

    18th Edition Exam Simulator | - Not sure how accurate this exam simulator is but it's the first simulator I've seen for the new regs course. Hopefully it'll help someone. Might be worth posting in the...
  36. Dan

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2018 Online 18th Edition Course – Available From July 2018 This course has been developed with the aim of enabling the candidate to demonstrate that they are...
  37. R

    Another exam question

    What's the easiest way to get PFC Enquiry Measurement Calcs
  38. rolyberkin

    Driveway/Patio Lights

    All, looking for recommendations for a driveway light or mini LED to put on my patio to be sunk in a limestone slab? Saw some in london which were really small but cannot find them online?
  39. P

    C&G 2365-302 written exam

    Hi all, Been looking through the forum for any help regarding the 2365 - 302 written science exam, i have the test coming up and have been searching for old past papers or something equalivent, only ones i could find any been multiple choice, any help regarding this test would be appreciated...
  40. R

    18th Edition Regulations exam study

    Taking my 18th in a few weeks, studying 17th past papers and know the book very well as most of scope will be on that I assume, however anyone familiar with the new additions concerning under floor/wall heating elements bonding requirements and energy efficiency regs.
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