1. J

    UK Practical exam question

    At the end of electrical level 2 exam do you have to screw on all the switches and plugs or leave it open so your wiring shows ? same with the switches and celling rose
  2. A

    2391-52 written exam

    Hi Guys. Just wondering what people used to practice the written part of the 2391-52 exam? I have the iet exam prep book, which seems more geared towards ghe online exam. But can't seem to find much on the written side. Just wondering what people used in there prep? Any books or online material...
  3. AngelLaHash

    18th Edition Exam ONLY

    Im looking how to do the Exam only as YOUTUBE is dam good course i paid for ONLINE course and EXAM but the ONLINE Course was Rubbish and got Snotty email form them after complaining I had to Complain that when i went to do the Exam i couldnt get Reg because C&G updated their system so i...
  4. J

    Calculate the appropriate size of the protective conductor exam question

    fault = 400 A Operating time of protective conductor = 0.15 s Constant k, for the material of the conductor = 134 a 1.5mm b 2.5mm c 4.0mm d 6.0mm Just want to make sure I've got this right,
  5. awmartinn

    Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam in the new year.

    Hey all, As the title suggests I'm taking the final exam in the new year. I have my sheets to go through ready for the exam and over the Christmas period I want to look at prepping my wiring diagrams out. I understand what we need to be doing on it. I was just wondering if anyone has any...
  6. R

    Compex ex11 exam help

    Hi all been trying to find help I’ve failed my compex exam twice now and have one go left They don’t tell me what section failing on all I know is it 60 questions and don’t tell you how many you need to pass I have asked for print out what questions got wrong ect but don’t seem to like to give...
  7. Q

    C&G 2919-01 EV practical exam advice

    Good evening all, I have been doing the C&G 2919-01 EV course via an online platform and have need to get the exam booked in...been quite busy and so keep forgetting about it all. I understand theres a theory based assessment and then a practical part. I know theres a basic design section...
  8. L

    Am2s online exam resit

    Can anyone send me anything to revise for am2 online exam as passed everything accept this by one mark
  9. G

    2391 Mock exam answers?

    Good afternoon, I need some help please, I want to book my exam for 2391 but my teacher is not allowing me as I need to pass the mark he set up for the mock exam. Im getting 70-72% and i just need 3% more percent but i dont know which ones are correct and wrong. If someone can answer some...
  10. E

    BS7671 (18th) "Exam only" providers

    Can anybody recommend any reliable training providers which offer the option of just sitting the exam? The usual local providers will only offer it as part of a 3 day course. The nearest college I've found which does offer "exam only" is a 4 hours away. Ironically, I've noticed the IET offer...
  11. H

    UK 18th Edition / BS7671 Amendment 2 Exam tips

    Hi Could someone please help me with how to navigate the 18th edition amendment 2 (Brown) book in the most time efficient way for the exam. I have an exam in 6 days and currently I'm taking way too long to find the answers and I fear I will go over the 2 hour time limit and probably still fail...
  12. Jackdevlin_

    electrical level 3 302 exam paper b

    Does anyone have the questions for science exam paper b?
  13. H

    304 written exam 2357

    Hi all , I have a 304 written and multiple choice exam coming up and I was wondering if any my colleagues here know roughly what kind of question normally get asked , or if any of you got some mock test and are able to share it with me I'd be grateful.
  14. cliffed

    2391 exam how does it differ from original exam

    Got a couple of sparkies doing the 2391 exams, now split to make it easier. Seen some of the questions exam sheet… interesting reading for us say mature electricians. Which test may be unnecessary on any existing circuits for which previous test results are available. When a EICR is required...
  15. HWS6969

    Level 3 unit 305 625 exam

    Hi, Today I failed my first exam on level 3 2365 unit 305 - 625. Gutted Failed by 1 mark, my downfall was the simple questions about distance saddles, types of cable, tray systems etc which I forgot all about. I just want to know if this will affect my overall mark at the end of the year...
  16. R

    2391 52 photo section of exam.

    Could anyone point me to somewhere online I can go through some fault coding photo examples for 2391 52? I've passed everything else, just have to go back and do my photo resit on Wednesday afternoon. The photos seem very subjective and not that clear. I had a 54 year old brain fart last time...
  17. B

    Study for 309A electrical and maintenance Exam

    Hey all, Figured id ask, im about to write my 309A license second attempt. having issues with Motor diagrams, is there any sort of diagrams i can find anywhere.
  18. R

    Initial verification exam help

    Hi this is my first post, I’m looking for some advice I’m doing my Inital verification course as part of my NVQ. I’ve passed the practical part but I’m on my third resit of the 90 min exam. There’s a particular section towards the end based around, “ Being able to test electricial instalations...
  19. F

    Is Brown BS7671:2018 necessary to pass the 18th Exam?

    Hi all, I am 17th Edition trained (although I've been out of the industry for a few years.) Looking to sit 18th Edition course and exam to get back into it. I'm wondering though do I really need the new BS7671? I know the test is open book, but I'm trying to see if the £80 something is worth...


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