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  1. AJshep

    UK Bs7671 Ammendment 2 DPC now out

    For those that are interested ammendment 2 got released earlier today.. https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/Projects/2019-02917#/section From a quick glance it looks like we will be installing AFDDs for AC final sockets and final circuits upto 32amps with the exception of some safety...
  2. D

    Band 1 cabling covered by BS7671

    Hi All Just wondering if the installion method of band 1 cabling is covered by BS7671? I'm pretty sure it isn't but just been told that alarm conduits have to be secured with metal fixings. Just need to find some evidence in the regs to support this. Cheers
  3. L

    Max Zs Permitted by BS7671 value

    Hi All, Thank you for welcoming to this forums I just want to clarify that the Value I need to enter 100% or 80% in the last column "Maximum Zs Permitted by BS7671" is it 80% from the table 41.3 from 18th Edition Regs - Page 62 or the value from Pocket Guide 18 Thank you Loges
  4. N

    BS7671 Longest Reg Number

    Hi the longest reg number I’ve found in BS7671 2018 is pg 318 722. & .2 respectively. Anyone found a longer reg number? Nick
  5. Chinese Dave

    Protection to be used on a 5KW motor???

    Hi, I'm Dave and I was wandering if I could have help with something. If I were to wire a 5KW motor what means of protection should be incorporated into the inverter for compliance with BS 7671? Thanks! :)
  6. N

    BS7671 18th Edition 1st Ammendment

    So what do we think about this then?
  7. happyhippydad

    Old copies of BS7671?...

    I'm after some old copies of BS7671. No real reason, I just like collecting them. I'm just wondering if anyone can find any on the net, or if anyone fancies selling them? The earliest I have is BS7671 : 2001 incorporating Amd 1 and 2 (2004) (Brown cover). There seems to be lots of these...
  8. MJTraining

    New member electrician with a training company

    Hi All, Just joined the forum. As a practising electrician looks like their is plenty of useful info so looking forward to getting into some of the threads. Also we have a small training company which focuses on the 18th 2382 and the Part P 2393 qualifications. We have just started a blog with...
  9. happyhippydad

    old copies of BS7671

    Afternoon all.. Every now and then I have a look for old copies of the regs. I have them all back to 2004 (i.e the brown one), and am looking for any before that? Does anyone have any that they'd be willing to sell? Cheers chaps :)
  10. happyhippydad

    The 18th Edition BS7671, I'm so excited!

    I have just received my new copy of the 18th. I am excited to read it as it will be so very different to the last one. I would have bought it anyway just for vast amount of new information, regardless of the fact that I am forced to buy it otherwise I cannot be registered as competent. I'm...
  11. Gary Tollison

    Earth fault loop impedance - textbook values vs BS7671

    Hello. I'm in the final stages of completing my electrician course, and I find myself confused (again) by EFLI. In the textbook provided is this: Uo 230V see below for each circuit. Calculate the maximum Zs for each circuit: Complete the table. The answers given in the textbook are said to...
  12. haptism

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating where it is not required to offer overload protection ?? As in the case of a 100A fuse/16mm tails: supplying a CU with just a few final rcbo circuits ?
  13. sham


  14. Ian1981

    Coding of non bs7671 cables

    As title suggests, how many people carrying out EICR code the use of non compliant cables or at least cables not included in bs7671 for fixed wiring such as SY, YY cables. I see more and more of this type of cabling used for the fixed wiring to anything as a supply to a socket outlet, to a...
  15. happysteve

    Editable IET model forms - full set **UPDATED 2019**

    I've done a full set of the IET model forms, as editable PDFs, now available in the Resources section: EIC (including schedule of inspections and one test results sheet): EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model form -...
  16. Lou

    Schedule of Test Results: editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-07-31

    This is a standalone Generic Schedule of Test Results, that goes either with an EIC or an EICR, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at...
  17. Lou

    EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report): editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-01-01

    This is an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), complete with Schedule of Inspections and General Schedule of Test Results, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at...
  18. Lou

    EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model form 2019-01-01

    This is an EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate), complete with Schedule of Inspections and General Schedule of Test Results, in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from, and pretty much identical to, the IET model forms, at...
  19. einstein

    The difference between a registered scheme & standard bs7671 condition report

    Whats the merit between a niceic/napit/elecsa certificate vs a standard bs7671 certificate (available online) for a condition/periodic report? Why join a scheme when its not statutory?
  20. happysteve

    Intended departure from the Regs

    As the designer of an installation, anyone put their name against an intended departure from the Regs (120.3)? If so, and you're willing to share, what were the circumstances? Just wondering how common/rare this is. Cheers! :)
  21. B

    BS7671 & Fire Safety Building Control Approved

    Hi, Just need some advice. bs7671 Says about cabling above head height, in ceilings etc. must be in tray above route of escape...... So if you come across cabling which isn't in tray or tied up or Round band up - would you leave it or fix it? Does it say anything about what you need to use to...
  22. B

    Swimming pool help

    Could someone please give me some advice on a friends swimming pool installation. It is an indoor pool, one Side wall is approx 1.5m from the edge of the pool and the other is just over 2m from the edge. He wants to put some heating in and is talking about haverland rc12e electric oil rads...
  23. happysteve

    DEPRECATED/REMOVED MEIWC - PDF form - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015

    happysteve submitted a new resource: MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form - PDF form, with fields you can fill in using a PDF reader. Details of up to 3 circuits can be entered Read more about this resource...
  24. Lou

    MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model Form 2019-01-01

    This is a MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate) in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from the IET model forms, at: electrical.------.org/wiring-regulations/forms/2015-amd3-forms.cfm?type=pdf There is a copyright notice on the...
  25. M


    Hi all, just joined this evening
  26. H

    High Tower Electrical - Durham

    High Tower Electrical are reliable and friendly NICEIC registered domestic electrical contractors based in Stanley, Co. Durham. We provide free estimates and offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. All our work is fully insured and compliant with BS7671:2008 Amendment 3.
  27. Lou

    An Electricians Safari -The Part P Doctor's Tour of BS7671

    New 2015 - It is finally here, after a few years work. This book is an autobiographical account of my personal safari in relation to that mysterious book BS7671. I have been a teacher a long time now and have come to realise that the best way to relay a lesson is to intertwine it with real life...
  28. D

    How to work out min cross sectional area of live conductors?

    Hey need some help with some homework the question is 'Determine for one of the high bay lighting circuits within the workshop, the minimum cross sectional area of live conductors for current carrying capacity and voltage drop.' So if I have a lighting circuit with 5 high bay 150W luminaires...
  29. spamwize2

    Industrial voltage labels

    Hi Im in the panel wiring industry at the moment and was asked if I have to put voltage supply label next to isolator on the front of the control panel or will a flash label with danger hazardous voltage do? I cant find anything in the regs. Thanks in advance
  30. A

    Hmo testing

    I've recently been to look at doing a eicr at a number of hmo buildings they originally were houses about 20 years ago they were tested 5 years ago by an Nic registered company ive noticed that most of the consumer units have no rcd protection and a lot of the circuits have shared cables one of...
  31. E

    residual current rating for an RCD where the Zs exceeds OCPD limit.

    Hi, quick question....long answer!! An RCD has been installed in a single phase circuit as the measured Zs exceeds mcb. Circuit's wired in thermoplastic T&E 2.5/1.5, length of 58m. Ze is 0.33 ohms on TNCS system.The OCPD is C20 60898. How do I determine what the residual current rating of an...
  32. S

    eicr question

    Hello, I am a new spark and even though I do not want to (and shouldnt do) eicr yet as I am not yet that competent, I am just really trying to expand my knowlege and be the best I can. My question is I have been reading the onsite guide on page 170 there is a list that one must inspect eg...
  33. W

    Guidance Note Books

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one uses the IET guidance notes 1-8. I mostly refer to my regs books or on site guide and I'm wondering if they are worth buying?
  34. T

    regulation for 80amp fuse and 16mm meter tails

    Clarifiation please ! I have read somewhere, maybe in BS7671 or on a forum site regulation that states that 16mm meter tails can or should be used on supplies rated at 80amps or under and 25mm tails on supplies rated at 100amps. I have scoured BS7671 and various forums but cannot find this...
  35. G


    Q, The earth fault loop impendence measured for a circuit is L1.1 0.61 determine showing all calculations weather it complies with Bs7671 what do I need to do
  36. G

    Kitchen sockets

    Do kitchen and bath sockets require RCD?
  37. driverman

    Eicr reports

    Is it a statutory requirement by law that Caravan (touring) Parks and Marinas be inspected / tested each and every year? If so, who implements that this must be done? The reason I'm asking this, as you know BS7671 is not statutory. I know it carries a lot of weight if any thing should go wrong...
  38. S

    going for my 2394/2395 any tips?

    I am doing my 2394/2395 on Monday on a weeks course I was wondering if anyone had any tips or information to give me a help on this. thanks
  39. H

    Help with EICR code!

    Hi, just wondered what your thoughts are on this, 3 bed town house Whole house ring final, mixture of 2.5 / 1.0 & 2.5 / 1.5 twin and earth cables, End to ends = 0.78, 0.78, 1.6. R1r2 = 0.61 (spur). ZS = 0.66! BS7671 recommends a max of 100 square meters which using 2.5/1.5 = an r1r2 of...
  40. G

    Eicr Barge/Canal Boat

    Hi guys, after some guidance, gonig to be doing an Eicr on a Canal/Barge... anbody ever done anything to do with installations on this? Anything in the regs which i need to be looking at? Everything needs to be RCD? Earthing arrangements etc

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