1. KevinH

    Floor sockets + Building Regs

    I am 1st fixing an extension and in one area there is no wall space (glass walls like a sun lounge) for any sockets although customer insists he wants a power point in the corner. I suggested a floor socket as the floor is due to be insulated and screeded. The customer sounded happy with that...
  2. J

    Containment spacing regs???

    Hi fella's, Does anyone know the reg number for containment spacing? I've just knocked up a shed load of containment giving a 50mm space between the trunking, tray and basket as told to do so. But I was wondering if there is an actual reg number according to bs7671;2018. The only reg I can...
  3. P

    18th Edition Regs, Onsite Guide & GN3

    Hi, not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I'm giving up the trade as I'm sick to the gut with crooked employers. I bought the 18th edition Regs, Onsite Guide and g.n.3 from the NICEIC over a months ago for £144, can't return them as it's over 30 days, I'm going back into the automotive...
  4. Doomed

    Regs book at office

    Looking at some work for a lady who has recently had a new fitted kitchen. She was concerned about some bits so I had a quick look and found a 3.5KW oven on 1.5mm T&E to a 13A plug top. Can anyone tell me the reg numbers for loads over 3KW needing thier own circuit, not using T&E into a plug top...
  5. darkwood

    New BS5839 regs out now.

    Just a heads up guys, my E-mail got pinged by BSI and we now have a new updated version of BS5839-6 (2019) to add to your shopping list so if you are in this field you may want to check it out. :)
  6. Sean Kennedy

    New Build regs on insulation

    Hi Has anyone had any experience regarding insulation in walls on new builds as to what size mcb they are using for ring main circuits. I have checked the regs and seen that 100mm > insulation derates the cable capacity a fair bit. The builders are using 140 mm in the walls. I have pointed this...
  7. The Flyinhos

    Old IEE / IET Regs guides wanted 15th 16th

    Hi gals n guys I'm looking for some old copies of regs, namely 15th and early 16th. Others will be considered. If anyone has any and wouldn't mind parting with them would be appreciated. Already have 16th Am2, 17th & Am 1/2/3, 18th. Regards Flyinhos
  8. R

    Zs reading does not meet current regs

    Doing some prior tests befor installing a fused spur from a radial circuit, and have found the Zs reading higher then the current regs, obviously it complys with a past reg, but as I’ll be doing a minor works for the job, when filling out their cert would I just put it down as an observation in...
  9. Simon-0116

    Building regs part p - latest.

    Anyone no latest list/ edition of noticeable work to building control, part p. Newest one I can find after a quick Google is 2013. I'm sure it was updated 2017. If so can someone post a link, Thanks.
  10. sam400

    For Sale [South]: Current Regs book for sale

    Blue one for sale in the celophane, purchased from Denmans so genuine book. £50
  11. T

    Is LSF spec or regs?

    Hi all, Can someone point out to me in the regs where it states that LSF is a must? Been working with a sparky who asked why I was using LSF instead of standard PVC. He said that the use of LSF is a spec thing and not a regulation - would he be correct? Thanks all!
  12. J

    Industrial 13th - 16th Edition IEE regs for Sale

    I have 13th (front cover missing), 14th (2 editions), 15th & 16th (3 editions) of IEE Wiring Regulations for sale.
  13. Savdar1810

    IET Wiring Regs 18th Edition App

    Has anyone used the IET wiring regs 18th Edition app for android? Just wondering how useful it is and how legit it is, the mock questions in it are in a totally different written format from the other virtual mock exams I have done online recently.
  14. T

    Hi, Qualified on old electrical installation regs

    I qualified in 2009 on the old Electrical installation Regs but was unable to find an apprenticeship so diversified and became a lightning conduction engineer for a few years. I am now working on site assisting electricians and want to get my gold card but am unsure if my certs will be...
  15. M

    New rented sector regs what’s your thoughts on this

    Housing Minister tightens up rules on electrical safety to better protect renters - Well they are going to bring English housing in rented sector into line with the current...
  16. J

    18TH Regs Chapter 46 - 46.2

    Hi This reg states that TNCS or TNS systems do not need the neutral isolated. Is that at sauce or generally? Why? What about TT systems? Thanks John
  17. Thomas Connolly

    Clarification on the Regs...

    Hi Chaps, This may be something simple but I'm not sure I understand it correctly. Regarding spurs... "The total number of Fused spurs is unlimited but the number of non Fused spurs should not exceed the total number of socket-outlets and items of stationary equipment connected directly in the...
  18. A

    Domestic AFDD, Building Regs and Insurance

    Hello all. New here so i may get flamed if this is covered somewhere else, but I've been scouring google for ages without any conclusions. I'm of the understanding now that AFDDs need to be installed in certain locations, sleeping accommodation being the one I'm interested in as it constitutes a...
  19. C

    Domestic Bringing ring to regs standard, and other things

    Hi all, new to forum but excited to get in the thick of it. I've done some domestic electrical work in the past as my dad was a HV sparky when he was younger, and I have done a fair bit of LV microelectronics in my line of work. I have just bought my first house and done some things already...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Part F building regs...................

    Had an email from some outfit suggesying to keep building control happy we sparks should do a course to certify our extractor fans, cooker hoods etc.. never been asked for one yet but maybe one day i will. If i recall in the niceic online portal there is a form dv1 for certificating such things...